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June 20, 2010
Posted by Paul Klomp on 06/20/2010

The Holland-Japan match probably was the most boring match until now, at this already highly disappointing World Cup. Holland's 1-0 win that made them the first country to qualify, emphasized the unexpected characteristics of this team: hard-working, controlling and highly efficient. If that sounds more like Germany than Holland, you might just be right. With Holland playing like Germany and Germany playing like Holland, the possibilities are seemingly endless.

June 15, 2010
Posted by Paul Klomp on 06/15/2010

Some thoughts on Holland - Denmark of yesterday. Because it wasn't a match worth writing a lot about. The Dutch disappointed with their display but got the result anyway. The Danes were strong enough to keep the Dutch from scoring for 46 minutes, but too weak to create any major opportunities for themselves.

June 13, 2010
Posted by Paul Klomp on 06/13/2010

In less than 24 hours Holland will kick off what we all hope is going to be the most successful World Cup in Dutch history. Traditionally, we Dutchies are highly confident that this year will be the year of our ultimate victory and the 2010 World Cup isn't any different. With our Fantastic Four in place, Holland could go all the way, but let's start with Denmark first.

June 9, 2010
Posted by Paul Klomp on 06/09/2010

On Sunday, Robben-mania officially descended on Holland, and maybe even the rest of the footballing world, after he misplaced a back-heel ball during Holland's trashing of Hungary to pick up what seemed like a serious injury to his left hamstring. Everyone was left wondering; would Robben be able to make it to the World Cup, or would we lose him, just like the Germans lost Ballack, the Ghanians lost Essien, England lost Ferdinand, Portugal lost... oh well, the list is endless. Here is how I survived 24 terrible hours of waiting for The Verdict.

June 2, 2010
Posted by Paul Klomp on 06/02/2010

In the build-up to Tuesday's match between Holland and Ghana there was one thought that I couldn't shake: please lovely Ghana, spare our vulnerable stars and let them leave the pitch unharmed.

The nightmare unfolding in my mind had something to do with Wesley Sneijder or Robin van Persie leaving the field in heart-breaking agony. Luckily, that didn't happen and Holland went on to win quite easily: 4-1. Since friendly games in which Holland participates usually bore the average football lover to death, or at least unconsciousness, I wasn't planning on paying any attention to this match on the ESPN Netherlands Blog.

But then I read the article on the Ghana blog about the match in which their players are being graded, and more specifically the polite announcement of my Ghanaian colleague that for those readers interested in the grades of the Dutch players, they would have to visit the Dutch World Cup blog, and I thought to myself; someone just forced me to actually write something about a friendly match involving Holland! Thanks, Gary Al-Smith for making me do this!

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