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June 26, 2012
Posted by Matteo Bonetti on 06/26/2012

They say all good things must come to an end (or in Inter's case: all bad things must never end, but that's neither here nor there).

When ESPN Soccernet gave me the opportunity to run this blog three years ago, my first thought was: how do I avoid getting fired after my first article, and: how much time before an Interista places a bounty over my head? As many of my regular readers know, I haven't shied away from one controversial topic, and I certainly have tried to carry my own personality into the 'blogosphere' as much as possible. Doing this certainly leapfrogged me into the social media scene, got me an added bragging card with the girls, and gave me a speckle of credibility at parties when football conversations became so intense, I was actually worried about receiving a beating so brutal that it would give me a permanent Inter face. But most importantly - I received credits at the University, and it opened the door for many more possibilites. Thank you ESPN Soccernet.

April 22, 2012
Posted by Matteo Bonetti on 04/22/2012

The English translation of zero titoli is zero titles, the dubious distinction Milan can claim starting today. Gutted out of the Champions League by the band of magical elves, trumpeted out of the Coppa Italia by a relentless Juventus side, and falling behind in the Scudetto race for a multitude of errors, injuries, and gaffes by the venerable Allegri.

Individually however, let's give recognition to the only award that will be handed out to a rossonero this season. With 24 goals on the year, Zlatan Ibrahimovic is sure to take home the Capocannoniere title. The title honors the Italian leagues top scorer, which ironically is half the amount of this years La Liga's pichichi. Well done Zlatan.

March 26, 2012
Posted by Matteo Bonetti on 03/26/2012

At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if the main surgeon at the MilanLab looked like an extra from Freddy Kruger and changed tendons with a rusty scalpel in a dimly lit operating room.

How can you explain the current situation at Milan without feeling some sort of betrayal from the heads up top. Is it simply a sheer coincidence, or are we witnessing one of the most infamous health botches of all time. The questions circling the mind of many people (and players) around the club is: who's responsible for the mayhem? Well, let's take a quick look at the possibilities while discounting the naive myths.

January 30, 2012
Posted by Matteo Bonetti on 01/30/2012

Imagine this: You're a teenager from an extremely wealthy family. One day, your father calls you to his work room and unexpectedly proposes the following scenario: "Son, I've thought long and hard about this, and have come to a decision about your first car, I will either purchase you a brand new Porsche 911, or lease a used Mitsubishi Eclipse." Mouth agape and puzzled at the bizarre variety of options thrown your way, you proceed to question -- but he stops you mid sentence and utters, "That is all, no questions asked. Go back to your room."

A week later, you arrive home from school in the bus, and see a yellow Mitsubishi Eclipse parked in your driveway. That is Maxi Lopez. Maxi Lopez is a Mitsubishi Eclipse. And a Mitsubishi Eclipse looks a bit out of place parked in the driveway of a multi million dollar mansion. Sure, it might look sleek from the outside, but inside, the smell of cloth runs rampant, and one of the cupholders is broken, and certainly being parked next to a Ferrari & a Range Rover doesn't help its overall image.. And Wanda Nara.. I'm getting off track, this literally makes no sense anymore... Anyway..

January 11, 2012
Posted by Matteo Bonetti on 01/11/2012

There is a rather eerie sense of change approaching the club. Players we once thought were indispensable are suddenly being shopped around to the highest bidder. Unexpected superstars being linked with the Rossoneri, and all this taking place a few days before the most important match in Italy. It is almost enough to drive a sane man into a spiralling state of lunacy.

It is the day a city becomes divided by two fervent, rival sides. Black bleeds with either red or blue this weekend. Palpitations grow rapid before the match, and you better believe a few seemingly ordinary household objects will be turned into high speed projectiles, obliterating anything in their wake throughout the course of the match. Needless to say, I lose a few years of life every derby. It is a brutal exercise for my heart, which is ill-equipped to handle such a potentially traumatic event. The derby is not even an enjoyable experience for me - there is too much anxiety involved, even if we're up by a handful of goals. Too much at stake.

December 26, 2011
Posted by Matteo Bonetti on 12/26/2011

As the first half of the season wrapped up last week, we learned a few valuable things from the current trends sweeping through Serie A like a rabid, uncontrollable typhoon. Milan is the capolista despite having seen a run of poor form throughout half of their games. Intergentina has sneakily crawled up the table with an unfortunate slew of positive results that has caused me to mutter the now infamous phrase WHY..IS..INTER..SO.... you know the rest.

Surprises have been abundant. From the overachieving Atalanta, to the domestically challenged Napoli, who haven't been able to replicate their sparkling Champions League form in the Serie A. So, with all this being said, it's time to move on to the mid-season awards!

November 16, 2011
Posted by Matteo Bonetti on 11/16/2011

Love him or hate him, one thing is for sure: everyone in Italy has an opinion about Milan's owner, Silvio Berlusconi. The Italian businessman who has served three terms as the Italian Prime Minister has one unique, albeit odd trait - being the owner of one of the most important football teams in the world.

Rarely have we seen a man with such an important political connotation also try and lead a team to European glory. It makes for an interesting story line, many intertwined subplots, and plenty of headlines in newspapers around the world.

November 9, 2011
Posted by Matteo Bonetti on 11/09/2011

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of emotions for Milanisti throughout the world. We endured Antonio Cassano's heart wrenching (literally) sickness, we've witnessed Silvio Berlusconi's tumultuous time as the Italian Prime Minister come to an expected end, and we've been entertained by Milan's impressive five-match winning streak in Serie A, capitalized by a flurry of goals in each game.

Every positive piece of news is weighed down by a negative one. Milan have now qualified in the Champions League group stage, and the game against Barcelona at the San Siro will be decisive to see which of the two sides comes out in first place.

July 13, 2011
Posted by Matteo Bonetti on 07/13/2011

UPDATED: August 8

NOTE: This article will be continuously updated throughout the summer! Check back to see who Milan has purchased, as I'll be writing all of the information as well as my thoughts on each deal.

Latest Milan Transfer Podcast!

Ahh yes, the summer transfer window rears its beautiful head once more. It is a time when Milan is linked with everyone from Cristiano Ronaldo to Barack Obama. A time where Allegri flirts with our minds by listing the characteristics of this mysterious superstar signing. So what can we expect? Below I will list every single OFFICIAL Milan transfer signing; no speculations here as you have about a thousand sites online that will feed your undying craving for rumors (including my twitter).

May 11, 2011
Posted by Matteo Bonetti on 05/11/2011

Over this past weekend, the Rossoneri were able to snatch up Scudetto #18 following a 0-0 draw against Roma. While the party after the final whistle showcased some of the finest moments in the history of unintentional comedy, the squad proved to have the necessary firepower to dominate Serie A this season.

If we're referring to trophies as silverware, then Berlusconi just won a spoon. The Coppa Italia could be viewed as a napkin while the Champions League is the entire plate. The Milan Owner has made it very clear that Milan will replicate their domestic form in Europe next year. Some pieces are needed if this dream would come to fruition.

April 24, 2011
Posted by Matteo Bonetti on 04/24/2011

After nearly ten years of drawing a blank in Serie A, Milan are closer than ever to a Scudetto trophy that is seen as the bread and butter of success for Italian teams. The last time Milan lifted the trophy, HD T.V. did not exist, (not to be confused with Rai International, which still has no clue about the existence of HD in the year 2011) Shevchenko was still alive, and Favalli was only 49 years old.

A 1-0 win over Brescia, made possible by the improbably finish of Robinho, who made good on one of his 4,391 chances throughout the past few weeks, and basically sealed the scudetto as Milan are now +8 over Inter. (+9 actually considering we'd win in a tiebreaker.)

April 18, 2011
Posted by Matteo Bonetti on 04/18/2011

Whenever I write a column I usually tend to focus on one particular player who has stood out in recent weeks. What we've witnessed recently is the emergence of one of the old horsemen. Although it looks as if he's running in Birkenstock sandals when he plays, The Clarence has rolled back the years and given us a taste of the sort of vintage that has seen him manage to lift the Champions League trophy with a staggering three different teams.

The Clarence - despite being immobile, he is absolute class.

February 7, 2011
Posted by Matteo Bonetti on 02/07/2011

Two points in the last two games has seen Milan allow the rest of Serie A to creep closer. After an unfortunate string of mediocre results, CavaNapoli are within three points and Intergentina threaten to go within two, assuming they achieve a positive result in the game they have to make up against Fiorentina.

UPDATE: Milan Insider Podcast #2: LISTEN HERE

Who is to blame for these meagre results? Can we simply point the figure at our laundry list of injured players, or take the valiant & unbiased route and admit that Milan have simply been underperforming and playing poorly considering the plethora of talent upfront.

January 25, 2011
Posted by Matteo Bonetti on 01/25/2011

Zlatan Ibrahimovic. We loathed him when he donned the serpentine kit of Inter. We mocked him when he failed to show up consistently on the European stage, causing Inter to exit the Champions League prematurely. Finally, we laughed even more when Inter sold the Swedish hitman to Barcelona because Ibra felt that he had a better shot at the Champions League playing for the Catalan side - and we all know how that turned out.

Barcelona holds a prejudice towards any striker hovering above 170cm, so naturally Ibra wasn't the missing piece to the metaphorical puzzle of Barca's Champions League trophy aspirations. Now, Milan have acquired him for one third the price, and he has been performing better than any other pure striker in the world.

January 12, 2011
Posted by Matteo Bonetti on 01/12/2011

Hope everyone enjoyed their Holidays but now it's time to embark on another roller coaster ride of emotions through the second half of the Serie A season. I don't remember writing another article where I feel like I have so many topics to cover.

If you didn't catch the Milan 4-4 Udinese match, you missed out on one of the most enthralling Serie A matches in years. See the HD highlights here. Milan remarkably managed a draw despite the best sabotage efforts of Bonera & Amelia.

December 20, 2010
Posted by Matteo Bonetti on 12/20/2010

UPDATE: (1/9/11): Milan Podcast Released - Listen Here!!!

Half the season has flown by and Milan sit atop the table with a three point lead over second place Lazio and Napoli. So what has the first half of the season taught us about Milan and the Serie A? For starters, the league this year has the most parity that we've seen in a long time. I can't remember the last time the leader before Christmas break had a meager total of 36 points.

We've also learned that the four teams who hover above the table are the ones that made significant quality signings over the summer. Milan with Ibrahimovic, Robinho and Papastatonegfnjregnier... Napoli with Cavani... Lazio with Hernanes... Juve with Krasic and Quagliarella

November 27, 2010
Posted by Matteo Bonetti on 11/27/2010

As the season moves on, a few things are becoming clearer. Some of the players we've been accustomed to seeing over the years are being slowly fazed out of the starting eleven.

Today's 1-1 tie with Sampdoria showed a team with a newfound sense of confidence. Allegri (despite some curious flaws which we'll talk about later) has the team at the top of the Serie A with a three point lead over Lazio.

October 11, 2010
Posted by Matteo Bonetti on 10/11/2010

For those of you who have been following me for a while, you know I hardly ever report on transfer rumors. Recently I read a quote on the Internet that I enjoyed:

Being a good writer is 3% talent, and 97% not being distracted by the Internet

I take this quote to heart. Most of the news we read online comes from shady sources that always list "our insider information reports" or "according to sources".. Which sources? What insider? Who, what, where, when, why? We're temporarily transfixed by a column which reads: "Manchester City to offer Milan €45 million for Ignazio Abate." (Wait, they might actually do that) While we all know there's a better chance Oddo will be Capocannoniere in the Serie A than that happening, there's always the lingering excitement of "what if"..

August 13, 2010
Posted by Matteo Bonetti on 08/13/2010

Milan's training ground of Milanello has been temporarily renamed due to obvious reasons. My negativity sprouts anew after a lackluster summer where the prime excitement revolved around the signing of a mediocre Greek defender whose name I will not even dare to pronounce. His last name contains a whopping 94 syllables, we'll just stick to Sokratis.

It seems that most other teams in the Serie A strengthened, while we remained virtually untouched. If anyone here is an NBA fan, they'll know about three of the premier players of the league getting together in Miami to form a dynasty (Lebron James, Wade, Bosh). But little does the casual fan know that a similar situation took place right under our very noses..

July 15, 2010
Posted by Matteo Bonetti on 07/15/2010


After being rendered mildly insane by the constant drone of the Vuvuzela, I've decided to step outside the psych ward and run a continuously updated Transfer blog that will shed fact and opinion on all of Milan's OFFICIAL SIGNINGS/SALES. No rumors here, you have a million websites to go to for juicy Milan related gossip that will never actually materialize (including my twitter account).

May 29, 2010
Posted by Matteo Bonetti on 05/29/2010

Each year as the season comes to an abrupt end, the transfer rumor mill goes into fifth gear. It's a rather annoying period. A time where nearly every player is linked to several hundred teams. A time where fans argue with each other, disputing the legitimacy of each article released by websites starving for attention.

This year Milan finished third in the Serie A, guaranteeing them a spot in the Champions League. Most fans (myself included) are quick to bash Berlusconi, urging the owner to sell the very team he helped guide to elite status. After all, we support a team that proudly labels itself as "La squadra piu titolata", the team with the most trophies. Yet after a few years of no silverware, fans bring anti-Berlusconi/Galliani ads to the San Siro, and whistle management mercilessly. These loyal supporters craving for trophies are comparable to a drug addicts craving for cocaine.

May 4, 2010
Posted by Matteo Bonetti on 05/04/2010

If there's one thing an elite club needs, it's stability in the head coaching position. I've never understood sacking a coach midway through the season. Unless the squad is seriously underperforming or there is legitimate turmoil between the coach/player, doesn't switching tactics halfway through just disorganize the team and set them back to step 1?

A team like Chelsea has had four different coaches in the past four years on the search for the metaphorical Holy Grail known as the Champions League trophy. Owners that are salivating at the mouth for silverware utter the phrase "you're fired" more than Donald Trump in The Apprentice.

March 25, 2010
Posted by Matteo Bonetti on 03/25/2010

Milan failed to capitalize on Inter's recent struggles by tying 1-1 against Napoli over the weekend, and losing 1-0 against Parma yesterday. Instead of surpassing Inter and leading the table for the first time this year, we are now tied with Roma for second place (-4 behind Inter). So what went wrong? Why does Milan seem to have such a difficult time against small provincial sides?

A part of it has to do with the Serie A being the toughest league to play in. Now before all you EPL supporters have a heart attack, let me rephrase myself. I'm not saying that it's the BEST league, but definitely the one with the most parity. Results from this year have shown us that any side can defeat another on any given day. We witnessed the relegation all-stars of Catania dominate an Inter side 3-1 (which subsequently went on to defeat Chelsea in the Champions League.) Milan on the other hand, has struggled against nearly every side from the bottom half of the table.

February 15, 2010
Posted by Matteo Bonetti on 02/15/2010

I've coined a new nickname for Klaas-Jan Huntelaar. Call him the cobra. In true serpentine fashion, he strikes unexpectedly and proceeds to retreat back into oblivion. The more I see him play, the more he reminds me of poor-man's David Trezeguet: a tall, lanky player who you might not even notice is on the pitch until he scores.

Due to another Borriello injury, sources claim that the Dutch striker will indeed be our target man against Manchester United. Now the most important question is: will the venomous Cobra strike? Or will he slither around the pitch unnoticed for 90 minutes?

February 2, 2010
Posted by Matteo Bonetti on 02/02/2010

A win against Siena. A loss against Inter. A tie against Livorno. Does this sequence seem oddly familiar to anyone? If you nodded, it isn't because you hallucinated this event - it is the exact way we started off last year.

The excruciating pain has not fully subsided from the traumatizing derby defeat, which led to the lackadaisical display put on against Udinese in the Coppa Italia. The mental blow from the derby was astonishing, the fire and passion that guided the Rossoneri to a successful spell in the past few months dissipated faster than you can pronounce Salihamidzic.

January 19, 2010
Posted by Matteo Bonetti on 01/19/2010

It's that time of the year again. The day where my high blood pressure peaks to historic levels. The day several remotes will be smashed against hard, unforgiving surfaces. This Sunday marks the most anticipated match of the Serie A.

Milan vs. Intergentina. Round #2.

As you may recall, the first encounter ended in an embarrassing 4-0 defeat, with things spiraling out of control after the snarling dog Gattuso was sent off with a rugged tackle. But then again that was a completely different Milan team. Comparing it to this current squad seems like night and day. Leonardo was still tinkering his formation back then, trying to figure out what puzzle pieces fit in his master scheme.

January 13, 2010
Posted by Matteo Bonetti on 01/13/2010

Has anyone noticed the absence of Pato? If your answer was "not quite", then you're not alone. David Beckham's arrival has finally provided us much needed depth on the wing of Leonardo's favorite 4-3-3 formation. The Juventus match showed the grit and character that has come to characterize our team in recent months.

The first half was more painful to watch than Gattuso's D&G underwear ad (a disturbing image that has unfortunately ingrained itself into my long term memory forever.) The match was a summary of everything wrong with the Serie A: too many fouls and whistle-happy referees not allowing the game to flow naturally. With aggressive midfielders like Felipe Melo, Poulsen, Salihamidzic, Gattuso, and Ambrosini, the match was starting to look more like an English rugby competition instead of a technical battle between two Italian soccer giants.

December 17, 2009
Posted by Matteo Bonetti on 12/17/2009

The past few games have been a glimpse into the Achilles heel of Milan throughout the season. The lack of depth will eventually haunt us if the issue is not resolved during the January transfer window.

Adriano Galliani has repeatedly stated the past month that his squad is not on the market, and that fans shouldn't expect any new signing. Right, just like the comment he made that Kaka wasn't leaving (which was seen in the media two weeks before we saw Kaka unveiled at the Bernabeu.) At this point I am skeptical to any remark made by Galliani.

November 16, 2009
Posted by Matteo Bonetti on 11/16/2009

Sunday's without the Serie A are lonely, cold, and oh so bitter. I find myself mindlessly flicking through the vast array of channels available on my satellite, desperately trying to find another sport that can somehow compare to the religion that I call Calcio. Living in Miami, I've grown accustomed to watching soccer as I eat my breakfast. My Sunday's are devoted to the Serie A. I watch the morning games on Rai International, which also does a great job of broadcasting every single goal in real time. Then, the "afternoon" game (which is nighttime in Italy) is at 2:45pm, and La Domenica Sportiva airs at 10:30pm. That's about six hours of soccer I digest every Sunday, so you can imagine the emptiness I feel inside waking up to College Football. The withdrawal symptoms yesterday were horrible.

September 28, 2009
Posted by Matteo Bonetti on 09/28/2009

The bitter Rossoneri fans that ventured to the half empty San Siro whistled mercilessly after another 90 minutes of frustration came to an abrupt end. A disheartening goalless draw against a team that last year was playing in the Italian Serie B. Bari outclassed, outplayed, and embarrassed Milan on their home turf.

As the whistles died down, images showed fans slumped in their chairs in disbelief, probably asking themselves how one of the world's proudest, most storied franchises could have ever fallen to such low standards of play.

September 2, 2009
Posted by Matteo Bonetti on 09/02/2009

Kaka entering the San Siro donning a foreign jersey. The two most storied clubs in the world facing off twice in the span of several months. This could not have been scripted any better. Destiny just had it that Milan first opponents of the Champions League group stage were the new Galacticos of Madrid: a team that over the summer spent nearly a quarter billion Euros to revamp its roster, and purge any Dutch player in the process.

At first thought, this is a great challenge for us since it's more convenient to play Real Madrid in the group stage as they're still gelling as a unit, rather than in a direct elimination face off later on in the contest.

August 26, 2009
Posted by Matteo Bonetti on 08/26/2009

Only a few days before the famed city derby, (also the same day the entire city of Milan temporarily shuts down) Milan owner Silvio Berlusconi has once again undermined the tactics of one of his coaches.

At the end of a disappointing campaign last year, the Italian Prime Minister unleashed a scathing attack on former coach Carlo Ancelotti, blaming him for Milan's failures, and pointing out that the current Chelsea boss did not play the seemingly unmotivated and overweight Ronaldinho nearly enough. Also mentioning that the fans paid their tickets to see the former Ballon d'Or winner gracing the pitch rather than the bench.

Matteo Bonetti Born and raised just a few kilometers away from The San Siro, Matteo Bonetti has been watching the Rossoneri ever since childhood. The passion was instilled by a family whose fanaticism for the team dates back to the early 1900's. Instead of bursting with an obscenity laden tirade, or turning any object around him into a projectile weapon after a disappointing Milan outing, Matteo can now channel his emotions into a more effective, and most importantly: safe, manner - writing on a global platform. He is a young journalist whose grandfather was the Vice President of Milan nearly four decades ago. E-mail him:, and follow him on twitter: @TheMilanGuy

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