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Posted by Matteo Bonetti on 06/26/2012

They say all good things must come to an end (or in Inter's case: all bad things must never end, but that's neither here nor there).

When ESPN Soccernet gave me the opportunity to run this blog three years ago, my first thought was: how do I avoid getting fired after my first article, and: how much time before an Interista places a bounty over my head? As many of my regular readers know, I haven't shied away from one controversial topic, and I certainly have tried to carry my own personality into the 'blogosphere' as much as possible. Doing this certainly leapfrogged me into the social media scene, got me an added bragging card with the girls, and gave me a speckle of credibility at parties when football conversations became so intense, I was actually worried about receiving a beating so brutal that it would give me a permanent Inter face. But most importantly - I received credits at the University, and it opened the door for many more possibilites. Thank you ESPN Soccernet.

Anyway, enough about me - this is a Milan blog for Christ's sake.

Apparently, Milan is looking to take on the theme of the Miami Heat and tease potential customers into buying into the new 'Big 3' concept. Postcards have been sent out showcasing the new Milan triumvirate of Bakaye Traore, Riccardo Montolivo, and the immortal Kevin Constant. Ladies and Gentleman, your Champions League midfield for the 2012/2013 season! Also, would you take a +1000000 over on Constant being one of the prime candidates for the new Dolce & Gabbana underwear spread?

All jokes aside, there's no reason for panic. Galliani meticulously crafted this whole Silva circus to appease fans who were chanting for yet another superstar to join the ranks of elite players like Didac Vila and the 14 year old goalkeeper they recently signed from Cruzeiro. Now that Silva's staying, fans are satisfied, like a well placed appetizer that makes you forget about ordering a main course all together. In reality, it was a 40+ million euro signing.

While Milan have signed Chievo's Francesco Acerbi, details are still cloudy about whether or not they've decided to buy out the clause on Francesco Acerbi's mole, who had an option of riscatto until 2015. I'm sure the next correspondent will happily delve into this pressing issue. It's only a matter of time before Acerbi takes Mexes' place in the lineup, as he's considered one of the bright young central defenders in Italy, and was actually voted on a top Serie A XI by fans on La Gazzetta alongside Thiago Silva last year.

Moving on..

I'm confident that my heir on this blog will post more, give you perplexing tactics, formations, pre-match analysis, and intricate details such as passing ratios, and the percentage of times Christian Abbiati can make a save if the shot is from 38 meters out with a northwest wind factor. See? Not so bad is it.

In all honesty, I will miss writing this blog terribly. The jokes that came along with it. The car comparisons of Maxi Lopez. Slowdorf, Boneheadera, the Pato Corollary, the unyielding Inter face, Captain Yellowtooth, the Cobra Huntelaar, Digao being exchanged for a $5 Apple Store gift card, and L3-0. We've had many laughs together, and you've all been great. I've enjoyed writing these columns as entertainment pieces - the way an opinion piece should be. We have enough robotic columns out there on the web, anyway! I'm not a real journalist, just a fan like most of you who tried to talk about his favorite team in the same way he would at a party, and I think for the most part, that's why many were able to relate.

Many of you have been writing your thoughts all three years I've had this position, and we've gone on to interact much more over Twitter. It has been an honor to connect with Milanisti throughout the world, and see the incredible support that each and every one of them feels for the red & black colors. Whether it's a dispersed Italian in Singapore, an Indonesian girl, or an old man in Fiji. Milan really does have some of the most loyal fans, and I've witnessed this first hand.

However, new roads have opened up and it's time to focus on my career full time.

For the few of you who see me as nothing more than a living example of Cambiasso's curl, a stagnant, awkward mane of hair that simply wouldn't go away, no matter how much we wanted it to (especially when the broadcast was in HD), here is your time to rejoice. For the rest of you who want to keep in touch, however, I'm always on twitter. Shoot me a message anytime. @TheMilanGuy

Forza Milan. Inter Seconda.

Forza Milan. ©AP

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Posted by HarryMilan on 06/26/2012

I remember the first time I came across this blog. Unfortunately, it was in public and I went back and read all the previous posts and I laughed so hard that my face hurt. That was in 2010. Since then I haven't missed not one of Matteo's posts. Whats more, it was like an armoury where I could pick up any kind barb for any kind Thank you Matteo.Wish you Godspeed..

Posted by matt on 06/26/2012

thanks matteo for your work! best of luck in the future and forza milano!

Posted by Landon on 06/26/2012

Thanks for the great articles. I became a Milan fan around the game @Napoli in 2010-11 and have enjoyed your blogs ever since. I honestly new nothing about Milan before I read your blogs, I had no idea Bonera wasn't a great defender until Boneheadera and I thought Ronaldinho was the greatest player ever. I had no idea the champions league was more important than the coppa italia. I have learned everything about Milan's history from your tweets and articles.
Forza Milan

Posted by Ali on 06/26/2012

Unfortunately it was just last fall that I started reading your blogs and I really regret not following you since you joined. Your articles have always been a joy to read. I almost everyday checked the AC Milan ESPN page to see if you've posted a new article. Its sad that we'll not be able to hear from you from here.

Wish you the best of Luck Matteo.

Posted by Mirella on 06/26/2012

Matteo, è stato bello stare in tua compagnia in questi anni, la maggior parte delle volte hai dato voce ai miei pensieri. soffrire e gioire insieme è stato unico. mi mancherai.

Posted by Derby Indonesia Milanista on 06/26/2012

Indonesia will miss you Matteo.. wish you all the best.. Godspeed..

Posted by Julie on 06/26/2012

I will miss your articles so much. I love your sense of humor. Whoever takes over your blog will have very big shoes to fill. I do wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

Posted by Mr Goph on 06/26/2012

Am crying and laughing at the same time. Crying cause am going to miss Matt's writing and laughing cause my mentor is going to a higher place.. Goodluck on your future dealing and i will definatly be reading your up date on twitter. Forza Matteo

Posted by Australia on 06/27/2012

Matteo you will be missed! Great job in the past 3 years... The next guy has very very big shoes to fill.. Good luck with your next role and please keep doing your podcasts!

Forza Matteo

Posted by Milan 1963 on 06/28/2012

Cazzo Matteo, that's a very bad news, especially now in the heat of the transfer season.....we will miss the wittysarcasticomical comments from our favorite blogger!!!
Forza Milan forever.
p.s. are you coming to Singapore in the end? Would love to meet you in the flesh and magari play some football with you.

Posted by Milan 1963 on 06/28/2012

Sorry forgot to mention that if you indeed come to Singapore you won't risk any bad experience with Interisti....first there aren't many here and the few I have seen are approximatively the size of Giovinco....for sure there are more Milanisti, which is normal. Juventini are even more scarce, that's why it is a non polluted country :-)
Whatever your destination keep well.

Posted by Nate on 06/28/2012

This was simply the most entertaining English language football blog on the planet. You will be missed.

Posted by Afanofmilan on 06/29/2012

Really sad as I just stumbled across this blog last season.. Hoping pete could take over, 2 many legends are leavings this summer . Have a great new chapter .

Posted by John on 06/30/2012

Thank you for making the losses easier to take and for making the wins seem as if we had just won the Champions League. I will miss your writing for sure. Best of luck in the future!

Posted by huj on 06/30/2012

you : basically the funniest blogger in the internets ({gw bush}lol :) hope you come back we'll miss ya boy

Posted by California Milanista on 07/01/2012

Grazie mille fratello Matteo!
Forza Milan forever!

Posted by Debashis Kundu on 07/02/2012

Dear Matteo,

All the best for your future. You built a successful WEB-ULTRAS. Someday, I will go to San Siro and Milanello to see my Childhood superheros.

Posted by milanforever on 07/02/2012

I've dreaded this day...and now it has come! You will be missed! I hope the next guy can at least fill half the massive void that you are going to leave. Forza Milan Forza matteo.....and now something my father told me randomly...mangiare bene, duro merda, e non avere paura della morte! ciao!

Posted by Sintechness on 07/02/2012

Matteo is all grown up now, well you had a longer red and black stint than Ronaldinho. Thats a positive. Reading your articles have made my days at work in a bank in nyc go by faster, and waiting for one of my post's to get on this page well that took forever. All the best to you...

Posted by Matteo Bonetti on 07/03/2012

Thank you for all these replies. Very humbling.

This has been the most fun writing, and nothing in the future will give me the same sense of freedom & expression

Love all you guys ;)

Posted by Gus on 07/03/2012

What is the size of your shoes man... Because the next guy had better had big feet to fill the space you are about... well not about.. i guess you already left.
it became a ritual reading your blogs both here and on themilanguy.
wish you all the best in what you are about to or will do.

Posted by Pagliuca on 07/03/2012

Fra! Good luck and all the best to you. I will miss the blogs!! Forza Milan!! Ciao.Ciao.. ;)

Posted by punditguy on 07/03/2012

Wait...what??? You wont be blogging anymore in here??? Sigh............well thats depressing. Oh well i gues i dont have a choice but to join twitter now..... :s

I will surely miss your blogs Matteo. This was the one place where i could have come to vent and reason after our games. Thank you for those wonderful years and great articles! I wish you all the best in your future endeavors and i know you WILL be successful in what ever you do!

All the best to you and thank you very much again! God Bless you Matteo.


P.S. The Cruziero kid 19. lol

Posted by aditya bajaj on 07/05/2012

Thanks Matteo. I think the fact that you write blogs just like we'd talk about teams at a party, kidding around, being sarcastic about Milan but at the same loving it more, really got you into our hearts. Going to miss your blogs terribly, also the accurate rumors you came up with every once a joke a while! good luck for your future mate. The next guy, surely won't be as interesting as you.

Posted by CalvinAndrea on 07/06/2012

All the good things always have an end.
Will miss every single writings of yours and all the jokes around..
Good luck with your career matteo!
See you on twitter..


Posted by vperezpriego on 07/10/2012

This is a sad moment to me, legends leaving milan and now you leaving this blog, you will be missed Matteo, i think your colums were unique because we all cherised that fan flavor you used in them, a really true milanista, good luck on your new adventures and hope to see more from you soon. Forza Milaaan!

Posted by Milanesta Per Sempre on 07/13/2012

Sorry that The End is here, but on a positive note you leaving as Milan and all Milanista are losing top players, like Silva, Ibra and other 6 that left, so perhaps this is the dawn of new beginings altogether, Milan is in deep trouble both financially and player wise, so I think is a good time to leave and keep some good memories of the single Scudetto acievment in past 7 years.

Posted by pikachucards on 07/13/2012

Would have loved to hear one more rant about the sales today. @#$% Berlu!!!!

Posted by BARNEY on 07/14/2012

Why?????????? Does it have to do about the post on barbie and Pato? Why?, does it have anything to do with the Jab on old man Silvio? Why? Have you become a traitor like Leonardo and turned Blue? Why? You can write your blog no matter what carrier path you have choosen. We don't want a writer with computer generated accurate stats like Wenger, we need a human feel to write- ups. Its painful but..... i respect your decision. Thanks and best wishes matteo. Forza Milano, Inter seconda.

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