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January 30, 2012
Posted by Matteo Bonetti on 01/30/2012

Imagine this: You're a teenager from an extremely wealthy family. One day, your father calls you to his work room and unexpectedly proposes the following scenario: "Son, I've thought long and hard about this, and have come to a decision about your first car, I will either purchase you a brand new Porsche 911, or lease a used Mitsubishi Eclipse." Mouth agape and puzzled at the bizarre variety of options thrown your way, you proceed to question -- but he stops you mid sentence and utters, "That is all, no questions asked. Go back to your room."

A week later, you arrive home from school in the bus, and see a yellow Mitsubishi Eclipse parked in your driveway. That is Maxi Lopez. Maxi Lopez is a Mitsubishi Eclipse. And a Mitsubishi Eclipse looks a bit out of place parked in the driveway of a multi million dollar mansion. Sure, it might look sleek from the outside, but inside, the smell of cloth runs rampant, and one of the cupholders is broken, and certainly being parked next to a Ferrari & a Range Rover doesn't help its overall image.. And Wanda Nara.. I'm getting off track, this literally makes no sense anymore... Anyway..

January 18, 2012
Posted by Matteo Bonetti on 01/18/2012

The derby della madonnina. A name synonymous with hyperventilation, uncontrollable anxiety, and palpitations furious enough to disintegrate an elderly heart.

These are just some of the feelings associated with the annual match between the two Milan sides. And I use the term 'Milan sides' loosely, considering one of the teams is based out of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Bragging rights are given to the victor for the next few months, where the person will ridicule/mock/physically assault the fan of the other team upon every encounter. It has caused friendships to split, marriages to end, and Cristiano Doni to place his wager.

Moving on..

January 11, 2012
Posted by Matteo Bonetti on 01/11/2012

There is a rather eerie sense of change approaching the club. Players we once thought were indispensable are suddenly being shopped around to the highest bidder. Unexpected superstars being linked with the Rossoneri, and all this taking place a few days before the most important match in Italy. It is almost enough to drive a sane man into a spiralling state of lunacy.

It is the day a city becomes divided by two fervent, rival sides. Black bleeds with either red or blue this weekend. Palpitations grow rapid before the match, and you better believe a few seemingly ordinary household objects will be turned into high speed projectiles, obliterating anything in their wake throughout the course of the match. Needless to say, I lose a few years of life every derby. It is a brutal exercise for my heart, which is ill-equipped to handle such a potentially traumatic event. The derby is not even an enjoyable experience for me - there is too much anxiety involved, even if we're up by a handful of goals. Too much at stake.

Matteo Bonetti Born and raised just a few kilometers away from The San Siro, Matteo Bonetti has been watching the Rossoneri ever since childhood. The passion was instilled by a family whose fanaticism for the team dates back to the early 1900's. Instead of bursting with an obscenity laden tirade, or turning any object around him into a projectile weapon after a disappointing Milan outing, Matteo can now channel his emotions into a more effective, and most importantly: safe, manner - writing on a global platform. He is a young journalist whose grandfather was the Vice President of Milan nearly four decades ago. E-mail him:, and follow him on twitter: @TheMilanGuy

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