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Posted by Matteo Bonetti on 10/24/2011


This is the phrase we heard approximately 213,493 times from the legendary Tiziano Crudeli after Kevin Prince Boateng netted an improbable hattrick in 15 minutes versus Lecce. Not only was the Prince's performance one of the greatest we've seen in recent times, but it paved the way for Milan to climb back atop the upper half of the Serie A table.

If you think this article will be a praise-laden, filled with stories of delight and majestic unicorns, you're sorely mistaken. It'll have a few story lines depressing enough to cause spontaneous ulcers. That's right, spontaneous ulcers, they exist.. The weekend's 4-3 win over bottom feeders Lecce was yet another alarming reminder that our defence is more porous than the Panama Canal. Abbiati, fresh from a world class season, has changed his philosophy and attended the Dida School of Goalkeeping (also taught by substitute teacher Zeljko Kalac, who came out of retirement at age 67).

For Full Highlights of the 4-3 victory, click here and make sure to LIKE the page.

World Class Prince ©AP

Random Notes:

- As many of you know, Milan were trailing 3-0 at the half after a disastrous first period which saw the Rossoneri lethargic and unorganized at the back. Granted, Thiago Silva wasn't playing so we can easily use that excuse during a bar conversation with fellow Argentinian Interisti. (Speaking of Silva, enjoy him while you can as he will be gone next year.. More on this in a moment).

- Knowing that his initial formation had failed miserably, Allegri turned to a more creative and dynamic midfield by inserting Boateng and Aquilani in the second half. This move turned out to be a masterstroke as the Prince instantly brought a spark with a dangerous shot within the first few minutes of his entrance. After a few more attempts, Boateng broke through with three thunderous bolts of brilliance in only 15 minutes of play. His orgasmic hattrick not only changed the tide for Milan, but led to the improbable winner coming from our resident Apocalypto, Mario Yepes, who dealt the final blow to a shocked Lecce defence.

- A subplot no one has been talking about was the historic matchup of fullback incompetency between Massimo Oddo, who last made his Milan appearance by running around the Olimpico track naked with shaving cream on his head, and Luca Antonini, who needs no introduction. Ironically, Oddo scored against Milan.

- If you didn't think Rino Gattuso could look any more barbaric, think again. He now wears a prescription pirate eye patch. The Head Butt King is OFFICIALLY out for 4-6 months with a serious nerve problem in his left eye which has caused temporary blindness. Gattuso was quoted as saying, "It's going to take a lot more than this to stop me from coming back on the field." Even though I respect his brave comments, I fear this might be the beginning of the end in Rino's legendary career with Milan.

Gattuso sporting his new prescription glasses ©Gazzetta

- Here's the question I pose to everyone. What is Milan's best formation? Our favourite club is one of the few elite teams in Europe that don't truly have a set starting eleven. Many players in different positions are interchangeable. As you can see, Allegri has the unenviable task of figuring out which pieces will work each week vs. different opponents. If you suddenly became the coach, who would you field as the best starting XI barring injuries?

Champions League Update

- Is it a bit premature to say Milan is qualified already? With a commanding 2-0 victory over minnows BATE Borisov, the Rossoneri are tied for first in the group alongside the army of elves known as Barcelona. The determining game will be in November at the San Siro, as the mouth-watering round #2 of Milan-Barcelona will take place.

The Surprise:

- I like to think one of the reasons I was handed this correspondent position from the start was not because of my C+ humour, but because I actually have a few noteworthy connections back in the old country. With my grandfather having been the Vice President of the club under Sordillo four decades ago, my family has maintained some great contacts in Italy who sometimes provide me with golden information. As you may remember, I broke the news about Ronaldinho joining (and leaving) before it was on the Internet, as well as the Robinho rumours from last year. Point being, the few times I do report rumours, it's because I heard them from people who have very close ties to the organization. (As you may remember I also wrote that Kaka would be coming to Milan. I am still 100% convinced this WOULD have happened had Cassano not insulted Sampdoria's owner, causing Milan to acquire him for free.) Anyways, moving to the point: a source who knows most players in the Serie A, and who is also an important media figure in Italy told my father that Thiago Silva will be sold to Barcelona next year. Before panicking keep this in mind - I am wholeheartedly convinced Milan would be doing this because their wonderful scouts have found a suitable replacement in Brazilian who happens to be a lot younger than our Silva. Either way, it's still a shame that we can't hold on to our most prized assets. Still crossing my finger that something gets in the way of this looming deal.

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RIP SIC. Marco Simoncelli.

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Posted by Arron Duckling on 10/24/2011

Rino is a warrior, it is literally the worst injury I have seen, imagine not being able to see your children properly. Gattuso has football to motivate him, but this is a human thing as well, so I am sure he will return one day, or retire with his head held high and recover for his family.

I hope Thiago Silva does join (Barca fan) though you are right that Milan will be looking/have found his replacement. Any ideas who though?

Posted by tarikio on 10/24/2011

Nice article. I had a feeling we would lose Thiago Silva. I think a really good run in the CL would keep him at Milan but I'm not sure we'll get to the semis. He also requested a transfer while I was playing fifa 12 the other day.

In terms of starting 11, why do Milan managers insist on playing 3 defensive mids at the same time? Van Bommel, Ambro and Nocerino? Only one, maybe two are necessary. I think my starting 11 at the mo would be: Abbiati, Abate, Nesta, Silva, Taiwo, KPB, Van Bommel, Aqualani, Robinho, Cassano, Ibra.
I didn't include Pato because he is probably going to be injured.

Posted by john on 10/24/2011

How can MIlan sell silva. no matter the price it is not worth selling the worlds third best central defender in the game today, if we do sell him they better get two world class defenders like otamendi and david luiz or shawcross. great post as always but if Milan should sell silva i will be forever pissed.

Posted by Kevin on 10/24/2011

Its one thing to sell Thiago, but why do we have to sell him to the BEST team in the world? There is no reason to sell the best defender on Earth unless you need cash and if thats the case than we can sell Robinho or Pato instead. I love them both but world class defenders are harder to find than injury prone forwards who show flashes of genius. I very upset at this. TS33 is one of my favorite players and the only selling that would hurt me worse would be the sale of Boateng. Like all other Milan fans he became a favorite of man long before his Legendary Lecce display.

Posted by Metro Landon on 10/24/2011

Yea right. The same source that told you that Lamela to Milan was a done deal in the summer right. Its too early for transfer rumors man. We wait till Summer.

Posted by Mark Carotenuto on 10/24/2011

The loss of Rino for months means we will definitely be signing someone in the midfield. We really need to shake off some of our players on 1 year contracts this summer. Maybe Rino, Van Bommel (who has made numerous terrible mistakes along with Nesta), Ambro (although as captain I imagine there is a small chance in this, and Zambro. Their huge wages could pave the way for younger, more consistent options. The news of Thiago Silva hit me hard a few days ago. I can't really blame him for wanting to leave though. Who wouldn't want to play on one of the best teams of all time? However, I expect that Milan will aquire replace him as best as possible and command a large transfer sum for him- around 50 million euro, or else we will suffer greatly from this loss. He's one of the top 3 CB's in the world along with Vidic and Pique. Abiatti has been frightening in the net, but that penalty was a dive. We need 1 or 2 Winter signings, and I think we will get Montolivo.

Posted by jedifunk on 10/24/2011

Our best formation.
Abate, Silva, Mexes, Taiwo
Aquilani, Nocerino, Boateng
Cassano, Ibra

I would also consider slotting Merkel in there when he comes back in January ;)

I'd really prefer that we NOT buy in January and give our youngster the chance they deserve. I'm talking about Strasser, Merkel, and El Shaarawy

Posted by Greg McDonald on 10/24/2011

I'm really saddened by the Thiago Silva news, firstly because he's the best defender in the world. Secondly the fact that Milan are confirmed as a selling club, Tottenham refused 30m for Modric, surely Milan have more money than them?

Posted by kelon on 10/24/2011

thats some really disturbing news matteo,that makes this ur worst artical yet lol,but hey they sold kaka so being disappointed wont hit as hard, for me anyways,i like tarikio"s line up is ideal with the exception of pato
really down about that news ,hoping ur wrong an jus as i saw things lookin up they seem ta get worse hope to get erikson,fernando and merkel comes back

Posted by Milan 1987 on 10/25/2011

If what you say is true about Thiago Silva, I am so PISSED off right now!In my opinion,Milan are selling an IRREPLACEABLE member of the team that in my view is our BEST player.Have we become a SELLING club,if this deal goes through,I would say 100& YES.Sheva wanted to leave and Kaka was sold to balance the books,but to let T.S go when there is ABSOLUTELY NO reason too is after just SUICIDAL and it raises serious questions about the AMBITION of Milan's management or should I say LACK there of.As far as Allegri goes, I have always said I don't have much faith in him because he he starts games with a negative boring slow attitude, and if Lecce were only 5% a better team,we would have LOST that game.The midfield should ALWAYS have Boetang and 2 others,plain and simple because he is our ONLY midfielder with ENERGY.

Posted by Jerrod on 10/25/2011

@Milan1987, you are absolutely correct about Silva. He is Irreplacable and if we sell him, I have lost almost total faith in Milan management because he is the clue to this team. Silva plays the game right and is the best at his position. Everyone else is just a downgrade. Sell someone else of high value. If we become a selling club, we will end up like Ajax who always gets talent but then shovels them off to other clubs. And the thing about Boateng and other midfielders is spot on too. But i personally think Milan need to get a good passing midfielder who will track back to get the ball and then distribute it forward. That seems to kind of be a problem with Milan sometimes. They are missing that link. but absolutely silva MUST stay. He has too

Posted by Pagliuca on 10/25/2011

Well...the game was lopsided. The first goal, Yepes was asleep but Abiatti should of boxed it out. Second goal-a PK? For that? There was no penalty deserved this time Abbiatti was not at fault. Third goal--looks like Lecce got Moggiesque. He was so off-sides Ray Charles could of seen that. Allegri? The "Clueless" one lived up to his hype in the first half. The second half, the "Tactican" came out. Why did Ambro start and why have Antonini(Bonera light) do the same? Just proves the fact that Boateng should start. I think Robinho just a had a bad game on this end, give him another start and he'll do fine. Cassano was great, as was Acqua. Lastly, regarding Thiago? Did management lose thier minds? We don't know if this new replacement will be better than Thiago? And if we do sell it BETTER be to get money to buy world class replacments, not these so/so duds that we get. In the end,totally against selling him. It's not a good move.

Posted by victor on 10/25/2011

We CANNOT sell T dot Silva. That would be so idiotic. As many have already pointed out he is irreplacable. The number would have to be 70 million legit. There are only a handful of masterclass centerbacks. Selling sheva and kaka were the right moves, even if some don't want to admit it. Look what both has done since. Injuries and poor form. Both clubs paid much more than what they got.

However with Silva, unless the price is super high they will be getting a steal! Center backs can play well into their 30s (look at milans history there) and still be great. This would be a massive mistake. Sell pato if need be, bring in super mario and the younger brazilian defender to pair with silva. Bring in montilivo and that is a VERY good side!

Posted by Jo Milano on 10/25/2011


Posted by Lando on 10/25/2011



------Van Bommel----




Posted by Dohner on 10/25/2011

if T.Silva leaves, I will only be happy if we snag up Hummels, an AMF, revamp our midfield to give more energy and a new keeper (unless Abbiati steps it up again)...and trade Pato for Balo. makes sense. both young but Balotelli is bettter in my opinion. He also does not spend most of the season hurt while getting massages from Barbara.

Posted by Derek on 10/25/2011

I was rather surprised to see 3 holding mids in the lineup. I would have liked to see Aquilani, Boateng, and Van Bommel to start at mid. We had very little attacking options with the 3 of them in there.

Posted by Julian on 10/25/2011

I agree with everything said. Boa is amazing, out defense is shit without thiago and we need a good leftback. taiwo has potential but I am unconvinced by him so far.

The news about Thiago seriously saddens me. He is my favorite Milan player and he is our best and most valuable player. If he leaves there will be a huge gaping hole in our defense for years to come.

Brazilian youth? Is that trustworthy? Are they as reliable as the best defender in the world? No. It would take years to mold this "prodigy"into what we need in the heart of our defense. Thiago made us win the scudetto. When ibra and pato failed up front he continued in the back, not letting anyone through be it cavani or eto'o.

I personally think that the only worthy substitution on the market is Hummels from Borussia Dortmund. Young, talented, good with the ball, and runs forward when need be. he just won the Bundesliga, a league that just took over the Serie A in CL slots.

Thiago's departure would be a catastrophe.

Posted by Ryo on 10/25/2011

starting eleven:
Abate Nesta Silva Taiwo
Van Bommel
Aquilani Cassano Boateng
Pato Ibra

Maybe Taiwo is not ready for serie a, but the alternative are worst. Amelia is worth a try now Abbiati is error-prone. and with Cassano, hopefully he can link up the Pato and Ibra, solving their incompatible problem.

BTW, Flamini should be back around Jan? if so, we dont need to replace Gattuso.

Posted by Jevy on 10/25/2011

It is true as many have pointed out that Thiago Silva is irreplaceable. Of course he is not perfect (especially headers), but in my opinion we MUST NOT under any circumstances replace him with Hummels or David Luiz. What we should do is get either of them to play alongside Silva, as Nesta is getting too old and we need 3 CBs to rotate (Mexes, Silva and David Luiz/Hummels)
However, I strongly disagree with how many fans treat Pato. Yes he has shitloads of injury problems but that doesn't mean he will always be like that or that he is a bad player. At his best moments he can create miracles. Besides I heard that Pato's injury proneness is mainly due to the fact that his muscles grew faster than his body could keep up with...after he moved to Milan.
Starting XI
Abiatti, Abate, Mexes, Silva, Taiwo, MVB, Aqui, KPB, Cassano, Ibra, Pato

P.S. I really hope we bring in Ganso this january along with a strong left midfielder and hopefully a replacement for MVB. His slow pace costs milan a lot

Posted by Milan2Much on 10/25/2011

i wz kinda lookin forward to a T.silva & Mexes partnership after nesta retires at the end of this season.oh well we'll just wait and see...

Posted by Matteo Bonetti on 10/25/2011

Every time a rumor is reported, the backlash is always significant Let me reiterate that it was not me who said this Silva ordeal is happening. As far as I'm concerned, the only thing that's 100% is death. However, knowing the prestige that comes along with this person, it seems that a statement of this magnitude would not be made simply for sensationalism, because this person did not come out in the media and say it.

Posted by TheRealMilanGuy on 10/25/2011

So you didn't approve my comment? Figures...

Funny how you claim your source wouldn't make this statement for sensationalism, or to the media, but he told you and what did you do? Hypocrite...

You can keep denying to post my comments, frankly I don't need the publicity that you seem to crave, I am simply talking to you...and you my friend are a liar. Where was your "inside source" on the host of other deals, hell a baby could have seen the Ronaldinho deal the way Berlusconi lusted after him like an 18 year old hooker.

Let's just say you haven't exactly called anything of significance in my book...

Posted by Matteo Bonetti on 10/25/2011


Personal attacks and/or excessive profanity aren't approved.

Posted by trish on 10/25/2011

will keep you in my prayers.
can't imagine A C Milan without you.
do what your doctors tell you to do and you will

Posted by Anthony McPhail on 10/25/2011

I would love to see Milan try a 4-2-3-1 when Pato comes back. It will never happen, but we can dream: Abiatti; Abate, Silva, Nesta, Zambrotta; Van Bommel, Noccerino; Boateng, Cassano, Pato; Ibra

Posted by TheRealMilanGuy on 10/25/2011

Check my posts, I never use profanity. I don't need profanity to make my point. Nor do I need you to approve my comment, but you won't anyway, which is I said before I am simply speaking to you, and don't need the PR, but thanks for making me a mysterious commenter.

As for personal attacks, I wouldn't call them attacks, that's a strong word. I was simply looking for you to be accountable on your rumor mill, that's all. You claim to break news, but you don't break much that wasn't already known...

Posted by EdGesio on 10/25/2011

------Van Bommel----

Pato.. remember him!? I know! I forgot too!

While Ive told everyone on the planet that thiago silva is the best CB on the planet (get ready for blasphemy) he really hasn't been thaaat great this season (dating back to the summer with the selecao by the way) - not all the goals we've conceded have been the fault of abbiatti and injuries. So if we can get a kings ransom for him? I don't know, I wouldn't do it, but it wouldn't be insane.

Matteo ignore that guy, he is just trying to pick a fight with you - wait for it.... for attention. True rossoneri can have constructive discussions about their beloved red and black without the personal attacks.

PS: Seedorf I love you buddy, thank you for the years of service, stay as long as you want for the locker room presence, but never on the pitch again for the love of christ.

Posted by Lando on 10/25/2011

@TheRealMilanGuy, that is plain rude. This is not your blog. Mr. Bonetti gets to decide what is on HIS blog or not.

Posted by Radagast on 10/26/2011

Rumors are rumors guys. Don't panic. Here is my prediction: we keep Thiago Silva despite Barcelona's interest, we get Montolivo from Fiorentina since his contract is expiring and give them Cassano and Zambrotta since Fiorentina want them, we get Ganso since he wants to come here, we trade Pato and some pocket change to Chelsea for Torres since Chelsea want Pato and Torres will do better for us since he will find the Italian league easier than England and he is not injury prone, and we get Van Persie for Robinho and some pocket change because Van Persie will want to leave and waning Dutch strikers have always done well for us. We also get the goalkeeper from Espanyol (Kameni I think) for some cash (not much cash) if Abbiati still sucks. The future starting lineup will be:

Abbiati (or Kameni)
Abate, Silva, Mexes, Taiwo
Aquilani, Montolivo
Van Persie, Torres

Flamini won't be injured, all of our 32+ outfielders will retire, and backups will be . . .

Posted by Radagast on 10/26/2011

Boateng for Ganso, Nocerino for Flamini, El Shaarawy for Boateng, Merkel and Strasser (and other central midfielders I am forgetting) for Aquilani and Montolivo, Ibrahimovic and Paloschi for Van Persie and Torres, Antonini for Taiwo (I know he sucks but we have nobody else), somebody for Abate (we need to buy that somebody, maybe Zabaleta from Manchester City or someone like that), and that young Brazilian who was supposed to replace Thiago Silva as backup for Silva and Mexes (hopefully that young Brazilian that we buy turns out to be Dede from Vasco da Gama).

Now AC Milan will be a world class squad capable of winning many Scudettos (and leaving Inter in the dust!) with youth, speed, and depth rather than an ageing, slow squad on the downturn.


Posted by mark59 on 10/26/2011

it looks like this guy is taking the thiago silva rumors personally. i'd watch out if i were you !

Posted by Singapore Fan on 10/26/2011

Dear Matteo,

Very sad news regarding T.S. departure. In your opinion, who in the world today would you consider a suitable replacement? And would Nesta have enough left in his legs to coach this replacement the way he has done for T.S. the past 2 years? Lastly is there anything that can be done to prevent the sale from happening?

I can't help but feel that we are only halfway towards reviving the world-class back four of the early nineties (T.S. and Abate being the 2 pieces), and now we are shooting ourselves in the foot. Management's obsession with buying the best attackers while neglecting the backyard has led to only short bursts of success in the past 15 years. Every team with a sustained run of dominance is built on a solid defensive spine (e.g., Evra-Vidic-Ferdinand at Man U, Buffon-Thuram-Zambrotta at Juve) We need to build this in Milan again!

Posted by Matteo Bonetti on 10/26/2011

@Singapore Fan

What we know about the Milan organization is that they have incredible scouts who know talent when they see it in Brazil. I think they've keyed in on one mysterious young Brazilian central defender. Another option (I believe already mentioned) is simply to bring back Astori, who is a solid option, albeit not anywhere close to world class.

Posted by Pagliuca on 10/26/2011

I know about the talent of our scouts and here is the big question are they that confident and certain if this kid from Brazil will perform better than Thiago, be a long term replacement, and be consistant? Also does the board have a plan on getting replacements for the MF and defense? Our core has always been not a good defense but a world class defense. Astori would be good but we need players that will pass the ball around when pressured in our own half and dribbling out of danger comfortably. Did you notice when we had the ball in our end with Barca, we were passing around as an "in your face" to Barca. That's the type of defense that we have that few sides or any could really do(or who would play around with a team like Barca that way). This is what we need to continue and does management feel that Thiago and this replacement be the end all to our CL and Scudetto campaign. Milan in most ways are a cerebral team and I hope we put that into consideration.

Posted by Milan 1963 on 10/26/2011

Not too sure what to think about Silva's departure to Barca as i have not read anything in a long time about it in any Italian website. i hope you are wrong there mate.

Regarding the last game we have to consider that the sad news of Simoncelli's death in Sepang was given to the squad when they were in the bus going to the game. He was a well known Milan fan and good friend of Abbiati and Ambro among others, this could have had an influence on the wicked first half. Secondly it is now a proven fact that we can not play with Van Bommel and any of Rino, Seedorf and Ambro at the same time. they are no match for any of serie A opponents and they are one of the main cause of conceding many goals in addition to some defensive uncertainties. at the moment my ideal starting line would be Amelia, Abate, Silva, Nesta, Taiwo, Aquilani, Van Bommel or Boateng, Nocerino, Binho or Boaten, Cassano, Ibra with more space for El Shaarawy. .......

Posted by Milan 1963 on 10/26/2011

Ambro, Gattuso and Seedorf used sparingly one at a time in the last 30 minutes of important games or during Italian cup games.
Lastly rather than selling Thiago i would sell Pato and get Ballotelli who is stronger as fast and skillful but less injury prone. We have quality youngsters playing in other teams i.e. Strasser and Merkel and I would recall them back to slowly fit in in that squad. Not sure if we need Ganso as I am not convinced about him yet but with Aquilani showing that is the future Seedorf and Montolivo who is quality we should be fine. Sorry but i don't see the money to spend for a big gun in midfield (Schweini, Khedira) unless we sell big.

Posted by Daniel on 10/26/2011

the silva sale would be the dumbest move i have ever heard. What we need to do is get someone to play along side him...Nesta is getting slow and his stamina is slacking, Mexes is a good sub should the starting cb be injured. The fact that we play Yepes is proof enough we need a better cb. binho is too small and weak too play as CAM i would slot him out wide....Boateng is irreplaceable right now. I would love to see Cassano play behind Pato and Ibra since i regard him as a top playmaker but he still seems outta shape to me. Im still disgusted by the fact that ACM has Abbiatti as a starting GK. How did he even get into the seria A? We must have the worst GK choices out of the top clubs.

Abbiatti/Amelia(they are both useless so no diff)
Abate Silva Nesta(Mexes) Taiwo
Ambro or Van Bommel or Nocerino (just one)
Binho Aqui(Boateng if hes isnt CAM)
Pato Ibra

Posted by Matt Kline on 10/26/2011

Matteo, if what you are saying about Thiago Silva is true, then im going to be very very very sad. What is the upside of selling the best defender in game, let alone to Barca. unless we are gettting upwards of 50 mill for him, i just dont get it.

Posted by Mike Tooley on 10/26/2011

I don't mind Allegri, but I can't understate the amount of terrible decisions I believe he has made recently. It's been mentioned on here already but how in the world can VB Nocerino and Ambrosini be the 3 starting midfielders at the same time, they are essentially all the same player and 2 of them are over 30. Aquilani and Boateng should start regularly with either Noc. Ambro or VB between them.

As for Silva...He's fantastically gifted and I'd hate to see him go, but I can see it happening as well. If he does go we need to drive the price up and use the money to buy 2 young, mobile center backs. Nesta is almost done and Mexes can hardly be the long term plan.

Posted by Carlos on 10/27/2011

Come on Milan fans!
Matteo is sharing with us (Milan fans) from a correspondent position and I really appreciate that coming from a true Milanisti. TS is a world class player but we need to understand that football is also a business. I was very disapointed when Kaka was sold 2 years ago but fast forward to today he is not worth half of what he was then.
Time will tell also for TS if this transfer goes through.
To all Milan fans: FORZA MILAN!!!!!
Thanks Matteo great article as always.

Posted by Padula on 10/27/2011


Posted by Radagast on 10/27/2011


If we can get Ganso, Montolivo, and maybe Van Persie, what do you think of reviving the old Christmas Tree formation? Something like this:

Abbiati (or a better goalie if we can buy one)
Abate, Silva, Mexes (for now), Taiwo
Flamini, Montolivo, Nocerino
Ganso, Boateng
Van Persie (or Ibra/Pato if we can't get him)

Posted by Crazy Al on 10/28/2011

Smaller Teams:
Abbiati/(we really do need a new younger keeper)

Big Teams:
Abbiati/(New Keeper)

Posted by Williams on 10/30/2011

i am suggesting that milan should allow all our promisin youngsters a chance to replace our aging players milan4life

Posted by Milan 1963 on 10/31/2011

Another great win against Roma this week end. I am starting to believe that the combined injuries to Rino, Ambro and Seedorf are blessing in disquise as they forced Allegri to play Nocerino and Aquilani who are both becoming essential. They are showing how good they are and how Galliani once again has got the perfect players for Allegri's style of football at bargain costs. I am only worried of what will happen when the former players will return. They are still very useful to instill the Milan winning attitude to the new players but more off the pitch than on.

Posted by George on 11/01/2011

Does your "insider source" have any more info on Cassano? What a shame, he was in pretty good form for us recently.

Posted by Debashis kundu on 11/02/2011

Milan are in great form. We can win every match in Serie A until January 15 (Inter Milan match will be tricky but with present form we can wipe out Inter). in January transfer window Milan should go for Eden Hazard. He has already expressed his interest to Milan.

Forza Milan

Posted by Dylan on 11/02/2011

The sad reality about the Thiago Silva scenario is that Milan are simply not appealing enough to the best players in the world any more. All the top players want to play for Barca, Real Madrid or a Premier League team.
Milan - and to an extent Serie A in general - is now home to:
*Players who are past their peak and winding down their careers (Nesta, Van Bommel, Gattuso etc.)
*Players who were unwanted by their previous clubs (Aquilani, Robinho, Nocerino)
*Players who will use Milan as a stepping stone to bigger ambitions (Silva, Pato).
The paradox is that Milan need to be successful to attract - and keep - the top players, but they can't get back to success without first obtaining those players. Every time they seem to be on the verge of building a great team, a talismanic player will be lured away and the rebuilding process will begin again.
If Milan is to truly return to the forefront of the European game it needs to keep its best players and invest heavily in young talent.

Posted by Milan 1963 on 11/04/2011

you are completely right mate, however Milan won 2007 CL with a team considered by most old and on the decline. Kaka left us when he was already in his descending trajectory and it is not said yet that Silva is leaving. Last i heard he wanted to stay at Milan until the end of his contract. Things can change of course, we will know more in January I guess. Milan is now slowly becoming again a strong and young squad. I believe we have more talent with the likes of Silva, Nesta, Aquilani, Abate, Seedorf, Cassano,Pato and Ibra than teams like Chelsea, Arsenal or even Man U but we need to make sure they are surrounded with the right players. El Sharaawy is the future in attack and if Flamini and Nocerino are the future Ambro and Gattuso we still need to find a substitute for Ibra and Pippo who will not last for ever and bring back our youngsters who are doing well in other serie A teams i.e. Merkel, Strasser, Darmian and yes you are right invest in young talent.

Posted by Milan 1963 on 11/04/2011

I think the club still has its appeal to attract players, but sometimes the requests for good (not great) players are ridiculous and only Spanish or English teams are willing to spend that kind of money. I am very happy so far with how Galliani and Braida have worked on the transfer market and am confident that we will be back very soon as one main contender. I believe today we are one of top 5 teams in the world but need to be more consistent.
In the meantime i would like to send my best wishes to Cassano who will undergo a heart surgery this morning (in Italy)...Forza Antonio torna presto e ancora piu forte!!! Forza Milan!

Posted by andres on 11/04/2011

I would just like to comment that while Aquilani has played decently well so far... that our beloved Andrea Pirlo currently has a crappy Juve squad in first place. It's all him!

We would be crazy to let Silva go... I'd rather sell one of our forwards

Posted by D on 11/05/2011

Just catching up to the last few posts ... busy in the corner of the globe that M'63 and I play in.
Interesting to read about the despair after the first few weeks - particularly seeing where the club is now.
Punditguy and I have always been of similar opinions on 'Binho and I think we're seeing his pace help free up Ibra now that he's back.
Had higher initial hopes for Taiwo, but it seems he needed a few weeks to get familier with the club and the SerieA game.
Still think Mexes was a mistake - his proving to be more often injured than Pato.
@M'63 - you know I'm with you on selling Pato and buying Super Mario. He's a beast. Younger faster version of Ibra.
Nocerino is looking great in midfield.
As someone who pays a lot of attention to Fiorentina games I'm not sure Montolivo is the right answer. I'm much more in favor of something M'63 points out above - bringing in a player like Erikson.Holding out hope that Aquilani finds his groove.

Posted by D on 11/05/2011

... regarding Silva:
Agree it would be a loss if they sold him.
Agree it's a shame Barca is able to sign the level of talent they've been bringing in and ACM would seem to have difficulty retaining a player like Silva.
Said it in these posts before, and agree with Julian - bringing in Hummels as a replacement would be a great move.
Options that would make losing Silva less of a blow:
Ogbonna (but would need a season with Nesta or Silva)
Bonucci (know he struggled a bit at Juve but that may work in our favor. A season or two under Nesta would help him)
Ranocchia (normally Inter giving him up would NEVER happen, but maybe their struggles would play in)
Bocchetti (a less polished option but shows flashes)
Kompany/Vermaelon (not as excited about these two as a Silva replacement, but good players to have)
As far as possible replacements from Brazil ...
Dede might be an option.
Not sure who else ... don't have the scouting network in Brazil that Milan does.

Posted by Abiodun Ayodeji on 11/05/2011

These current milan team is 100 percent in a good form,i did'nt wish milan lose any player now.Hencefort,milan have most best players in the world & i think milan can win the scudetto and champions league this summer.

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