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Posted by Matteo Bonetti on 01/12/2011

Hope everyone enjoyed their Holidays but now it's time to embark on another roller coaster ride of emotions through the second half of the Serie A season. I don't remember writing another article where I feel like I have so many topics to cover.

If you didn't catch the Milan 4-4 Udinese match, you missed out on one of the most enthralling Serie A matches in years. See the HD highlights here. Milan remarkably managed a draw despite the best sabotage efforts of Bonera & Amelia.

For those of you who have not heard it, the kind folks at Beyond the Pitch interviewed me in a 35 minute podcast covering all subjects dealing with AC Milan. A great, candid interview. Listen here. Also available in iTunes by searching for Beyond the Pitch. So if you're ever at the gym needing that extra bit of motivation to kick you into 6th gear, I hope the sound of my voice emanating from your headphones can give you that extra inspiration.

Random Notes:

- Have you heard that song 'All I want for Christmas is You' by Mariah Carey? I was thinking of taping a remix titled: 'All I want for Christmas is to never see Daniele Bonera in a Milan strip again.' His performance against Udinese was historically atrocious, it had an eerie eau of Digao. Bonera was caught out of position on the Sanchez header, on the Denis goal in the 89th minute, and was embarrassed by Toto Di Natale on the one vs. one goal. I'm not a professional defender, but I know enough about football to notice a technical gaffe right away. Everyone in the world could have predicted Di Natale cutting to the middle of the box to strike it with his favoured right foot. Everyone of course, but Bonera. I might have overestimated him a bit in my podcast by calling him a bag of fritos when compared to the filet mignon that is Alessandro Nesta or Thiago Silva. He is now relegated to Eukanuba puppy chow status.

Thiago Silva desperately needs Nesta beside him in defence ©AP

- I'm going to take a page out of the Harry Potter series by referring to Leonardo from now on as the one who shall not be named. We've heard it all by now, former coaches calling him a traitor, little kids on TV insulting him. As we move past all that noise, the more pressing issue is that he really has improved Inter on a noticeable level. The energy they had against Napoli was something that was sorely missing the first half of the season under Rafa Benitez, or as I like to call him: the best gift a Milanista could have ever received. Round #2 of the Derby della Madonnina is going to be an absolute frenzy.

- One of my fellow statisticians on twitter provided me with the following fun fact: Cassano has three assists in 37 minutes for Milan. Once Fantantonio loses all the extra weight he put on from eating two pounds of nutella every day, how will Max Allegri incorporate him as a starter? It almost seems certain that Pato will re-injure himself, as he always does after a string of 2-3 quality games. It's very unfortunate however: Pato has three games this season where he has scored a brace. If only he could remain healthy, I have no doubts he'd challenge for the capocannoniere title. Moving on to Cassano, the most logical starting line-up to me is for him to be slotted as a trequartista behind Ibrahimovic & Pato. But under Title 8 in Article IV in the handbook titled The Pato Corollary it clearly states: Pato must not remain healthy for longer than three weeks. Under this rule, it has become obvious that the attack we'll most likely see is with Cassano & Robinho hovering around Ibrahimovic. What I've noticed, however, is that Ibrahimovic is often too isolated if paired only with Robinho. Max Allegri needs to stick with the 4-3-1-2 system and keep another attacker fairly close to Ibra.

- I'm very impressed by the progressions of the youngsters. Unfortunately they'll only play if half our squad is missing. The technical Alex Merkel has a high ceiling and Strasser has shown to be a versatile midfielder. I was pleased with his performance in the past two games, as he's shown enough quality to score, cross, and also track back to defend. I have little doubts that his future is in the Milan kit.

January Transfer Window Talk:

- Mildly surprised here. Ronaldinho was sold to Flamengo rather than Gremio, where he can dance Salsa all day & eat dozens of Pao de queijos. I wish the very best for him, always loved him as a player and a public figure. His smile every time the camera zoomed up to his face was refreshing to see, especially in this new football era where passion for the game may not be the number one motive to step onto the pitch and perform. Hopefully I'll catch a few Flamengo games in the near future.

- The talk was that Galliani & co. would bring in a central midfielder to replace the decomposing corpse formerly known as Slowdorf. The two main targets were Poli of Sampdoria, and Lazzari of Cagliari, who Allegri knows very well from his time coaching that team. Now it seems that both are still very distant, and Lazzari seems to be on his way out only if Cagliari can find a viable replacement. The talk has now shifted to Phillippe Mexes. Don't let his blonde ponytail or baby faced appearance fool you, he is a raging hothead if there ever was one, a red card threat who commits silly fouls and is a bit too inconsistent. However he is a tremendous upgrade at the central defence. Actually, even planting a palm tree next to Silva would be a major upgrade at this point. We'll see how this plays out.

- With Onyewu going to Twente, I'm puzzled at the entire situation. Why was he never given a chance? Why did I only see him play once in a Milan shirt for five minutes? Was he really that bad, or was his injury really that severe? Poor guy even told Milan that he'd play for free this year. Unfortunately 'playing' really became 'sitting' for free. Hope there are greener pastures in the Dutch Eredivise for Gooch.

As we conclude this article, the question I pose is: What player would you like to see come in during the transfer window? And let's not even mention the swirling voices surrounding a possible Pato - Balotelli exchange. This summer is about to get much more interesting folks..

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Posted by AJRS1 on 01/12/2011

have been a fan for some time and i gotta say i've been following you on twitter for some weeks now, and i have enjoy your tweets, constant updates, and the podcast with beyondthepitch was amazing. :)

Posted by Jerrod on 01/12/2011

Matteo, great article as usual but I completely agree with you in regards to our attack. I think the ideal formation is a 4-3-1-2 with Pato and Ibra up front and Cassano playing as a trequartista behind. But then mid field... Obviously Boateng but who else??? We could really use another mid. And we still need a left back too even if we get Mexes. I think Patrice Evra would be a top notch pick up for left back or maybe even Juan from Roma or Adriano from Barcelona. Changing the subject though, if Pato leaves.... That is going to be one the saddest days for me as a Milan fan and I bet that if he does leave, he'll stop getting injured hahaha just our luck. But I love Pato. Easily my favorite player. I agree with what you said in your podcast though, he gets injured too much and is a liability so Baoltelli has more promise for the future. Probably a smart move by Milan management as long as the can get Balotelli's attitude adjusted. What do you think Matteo?

Posted by Matt on 01/12/2011

Great article. Hit great points that needed to be brought out. It's been quite transparent for several seasons that we need a central defender to match Silva.

Posted by D on 01/12/2011

You echoed my comment to '63 from last article exaclty - Mexes is more trouble than most realize.
I agree on 'dinho's smile - but at this point it was time to go.
What player would we like to see? You mean we can't select player(s) we'd like to see come!
Most of my choices tend to be around 1. Potential, 2. Possibility of transfering, and 3. Value
By now you're aware of my penchant for italian defenders but at this point I'd like to bring in Hummels. He's looked great in the BL and is only 22.
If we're talking LB I'm looking at Criscito. At 24 another one with a good upside & he wouldn't break the bank.
In the midfield I like Poli but don't see Samp letting go easy.
Inler's a name we hear that might be available that would be interesting.
Either Honda or Kagawa would be a nice addition to add some creativity to the midfield.
Fan of Maggio - could play in midfield or RB.
But of course if we can only have one player show up this winter ... BALOTELLI

Posted by Kev on 01/12/2011

The LB position to me is easily the most problematic for Milan. Zambrotta is the best option, and even he is not that good. Antonini (who is currnetly filling in for the injured Zambrotta) is even worse; makes decent runs forward, but always seems to lose his man in defence. In this regard, I'd like to see Milan sign Criscito. The names I've heard tossed up include Coentrao, Cissohko, Bale (most ridiculous), Ziegler, Balzaretti, Capdevila, and possibly a few others. The first few (apart from being cup-tied) would require a fair bit of coin, and Capdevila is aging. Of those linked, I'd pick Balzaretti, but to me, Criscito has the benefit of age on his side. Plus, with Genoa having signed Antonelli recently, they'd likely be more willing to let go of their Italian international LB than Palermo (plus we seem to have a good understanding with Genoa - Papa, Boateng, Kaladze). So, with Criscito being a good, young, Italian LB who ISN'T cup-tied, question is, why aren't Milan making a play?

Posted by kadri on 01/12/2011

I ve been following you for a while now.really enjoy your update on twitter..cos sometimes I m not able to watch the matches live,so I just read your updates instead.I agree with you on our defence.when you said at the moment"planting a palm tree beside silva is a big upgrade for us"..ℓ☺ℓ.we should get a defender like zapata and for left back,I ve been hearing the name capdevila going around now.he ll be a good signing for us.with that said,I don't care if balotelli doesn't get injured as much as pato does.the simple fact is that pato is 10 times a better player than balotelli.he's my favorite player in milan.we really don't need balotelli and all his attitude...

Posted by Julian on 01/12/2011

I wonder if the doctors can give us a secret diagnosis of Pato then decided to trade him or not haha

Posted by Rene A on 01/12/2011

The 4th goal from Udinese was Strasser's and Bonera's fault, they both failed to do chase the ball or the person running with it down midfield.

Posted by Sam on 01/12/2011

Interesting article and attitudes here. I have been following the Balotelli trade rumours with interest and have always thought 'no way will milan fans want Balotelli for Pato' but here it is, seems heaps of you do. Not sure why. As an Inter fan I cannot imagine anything more excellent than Balotelli playing for Milan. Firstly a changing room containing Ibra, Robinho, Cassano, Balotelli and Boateng is a wonderful thought! How long will that last! What about the injuries. At Man City Balotelli has only played a handful of games, done alright in them but still, Pato, yep he is injured a lot but he is also proven to be a real team man. Skill wise I think both are similarly skillful.
For me it seems that most Milan fans believe that Balotelli will suddenly have an attitude adjustment when he is allowed to play for his favourite club. Good luck with that! Would def make the derby easier for Inter cos he would be sent off after two minutes!

Posted by pragathish on 01/12/2011

I only want Cissokho!That'd suffice this poor Milan supporting soul. :)

Posted by Pagliuca on 01/12/2011


Agree on all points. Leo will do better than Rafa but not on the level that Jose was for sure! Also, yes, Mexus is red-card waiting to happend but he would of stopped Di-Natale on that run, and we need him at CB. As for LB, Antonini is not what he was last year(but he never was..), Balzaretti/Capedevila would be great options. As for MF, Slowdorf/Pirlo's replacement have to come soon. Poli would be interesting, and I think Lamella from Argentina would be an ideal candidate. As for Pato, from what I heard they say he has a condition where his body can't take his fast paced running. If so, we should make the sell and buy Balo. If we get Nesta's replacement, fix LB, phase out Slowdorf/Pirlo. I see another CL and scudetto on the horizon.

Posted by Jose on 01/12/2011

why do you all question leonardo's decision to coach inter"merda"nazionale? is it really his fault? let's not forget that berlusconi practically drove him away. who in god's name can actually deal with this man? milan lost a good manager in leonardo, and now i have to watch him coach merda against us juventini. but about gooch, yes very troubling. maybe the league is just too technical for a physical defender like gooch. i think he should be playing in either the EPL or the Bundesliga.

Posted by Matteo Bonetti on 01/12/2011


Where to start. Leonardo came out and said three months ago that he'd never coach another team (when asked about Roma job) because it'd be disrespectful to Milan. When the money was too hard to resist, he went and coached our most hated rivals. And was Leonardo really treated that poorly? He was given the keys to one of the biggest organizations in the world (truly the opportunity of a LIFETIME) when he practically had no experience at all. He had never even coached the youth teams. Leo failed miserably in the games that count most to Milanista's: The Derby (both humiliating losses) and the Champions League (crushed by Man U). He had some technical gaffes. So why can't Berlusconi raise his voice? Maybe at times he exaggerates too much but he has all the right in the world to question the tactics of a manager, that clearly are not working.

Posted by RobStyles on 01/12/2011

I too can hardly wait to see a fully fit Cassano play with this team. Does anyone have a finite answer on whether or not he can play with us in Champions League? I keep hearing mixed responses on this topic. If he can play with Milan there is no doubt that we will challenge in the competition but we will still need to shore up the back line. IF Nesta (that is a big If) can stay healthy we will be fine in the middle but that LB spot needs to be addressed or we will get destroyed by a player like Messi.

I really wish the club would have given Gooch a fair shot, especially with all the injuries at CB. Surely he could not have been much worse than Bonera. I wish him the best at Twente, maybe he play well enough to impress Allegri to keep him for next year and actually play him.

I'd like to leave Balotelli alone for now and stick with what we have. I think our crop of forwards/strikers is solid at this point and one of the best in Europe.

Posted by Matteo Bonetti on 01/12/2011


Balotelli would be a great move for several reasons. I still think he has a higher potential peak than Pato because of his physical traits as well. Secondly, isn't Milan the perfect place for a headcase to go and receive 'cure'? Look at our senators, Seedorf, Nesta, Pirlo, Gattuso. These guys will straighten out any misbehavior and make sure it doesn't occur again.

Posted by RobStyles on 01/12/2011

I'm looking forward to seeing Merkel, Strasser and some of the other young'ins play in Coppa Italia later this month. Hopefully we can make a run and get these kids some action. I would have like to see Gooch get some burn in the tourny but he's better off in Holland for now.

Lastly, the podcast was great. I hope you can do it more often. As a NY Red Bull fan I listen to the Seeing Red weekly podcast that several bloggers put together and it's been a huge hit with the fans. I think you (all the inside scoop/superfan), Gianfranco from Offside (great tactics analysis) and Meytar from Rossaneri Blog (great news updates) should do something together after each match. It would be a huge hit with all of your English speaking fans.

Happy New Year!

Posted by Erik on 01/12/2011

midfielder! Balotelli is just another forward. Milan has two brilliant forwards and two that are slightly better than solid. There is no set up man, Pirlo is too involved in defense and Seedorf is too slow on the ball. Price fouls too much and finds himself diving at every opportunity he sees. As for a central defender... get Melberg out of the Greek league. He is tall and solid with a good club history and the Swedes have been kind to Milan in the past

Posted by abdil van the man on 01/12/2011

CB and LB is the emergency positions that definitely may jeopardize Milan Champaigne to end Trophies drought.

Surely Bonera always invites hearth-attack for Milanisti..enough is enough, pleace replace him. could someone tell Allegri to replace him with Sokratis or Yepes. If Galliani fancy new calibre for defender, it should be great. Mexes and David Luiz would be great investments.

And Luca Antonini is just not good enough. Capdevilla is a perfect short-term solution for Milan.

I don't think we need a new midfielder in Winter transfer,,please just try Merkel as Midfielder rather than Seedorf. Besides when Flamini, Pirlo and Kevin Price come back, midfield problems may be sorted out.

Posted by Mac on 01/12/2011

I think our defense is in the most glaring need of tending to. The s who I would like to see would be Radu from Lazio, or Zabaleta from Man City. They're both versatile defenders, with no citizenship issues. If Radu is available is a completely different question. In midfield, the speculated move for Mark Van Bommel seems silly to me. We have depth at defensive midfield, and Id like to see our funds applied to a more creative spark. What are your thoughts?

Posted by Rogue on 01/12/2011

Why do they continue to play Bonera with Yepes available? I want to see Mexes and Van Bommel join in January. Bosingwa in January would also be good as we certainly need better fullbacks than Antonini.

On Bonera, Thiago Silva also needss to accept some blame as he is the central defender who was nowhere near the centre of defence on all those occasions which is where he is supposed to be the entire friggin game!!

Posted by Zubin on 01/12/2011

Is there any way we can bring back Kaka and play him instead of Seedorf?

Posted by Marco on 01/12/2011

Mark Peter Gertruda Andreas van Bommel.
He may be a little old but he still has the wind to play week in and week out

Posted by Julie on 01/13/2011

You articles is the one good thing from ESPN a pity you can't take over commentating from useless Tommy Smith!

Posted by kelon on 01/13/2011

lol,i have no prob wid t.smit,other than he likes madrid an man u that we r all seein through the same eye on the gaps in the team,slowdorf shud be lucky the milan fans didnt break into his home for refunds on they money,any better than him right now..go van bommel,i like d.luiz ,not cheap but a great buy he an t.silva has an understandin similar to nesta in the national side so it shud work for milan too,an last benfica"s lb fabio c...

Posted by Anonymous on 01/13/2011

two things, papastathopolous should be the back up CB when either nesta or thiago silva is not available not bonera he is rubbish! and secondly we need to buy a new young CB! that is all

Posted by Van der Vasq on 01/13/2011

I actually think that van bommel's arrival is not gonna happen, how ever, he would be a great reinforcement for midfield, he is strong, tactically educated and knows how to orchestrate the defense. playing him along with gattuso and falmini would be quite interesting.
Stop saying that prince dives, or that he fouls too much. So far he has done an outstanding job.
Secondly, we DO need to reinforce our attack with a decent striker so ibrahimovic can rest more often, and given that pato is too injury prone, in case of ibra getting an injury who would play as a lone striker ? robinho ? he lacks shot accuracy and instinct facing the goal.
As for the defense, something is quite obvious, BONERA HAS TO GO. I never liked the way he plays. Don't get me wrong, he is a decent defender, but we need someone outstanding to take nesta's place. Just look at the past defenders we had for that position : costacurta, maldini, baresi.

Posted by Van der Vasq on 01/13/2011

In the case of thiago silva having some part in the last goal, I disagree. He is a defender who pushes forward, who tries to orchestrate the attack from the back. his style reminds me a bit of lucio but more tactical. When playing besides nesta, you can see how nesta covers the defense. As someone said, a defensive midfield should have covered his place.
The options for a CB are quite a few. I personally do not like mexes. He lacks character and technique. I would rather like to see someone more refined in defense. andre luiz is not really a true option since he is too expensive. Gaby milito is a great option, agger too, victor from espanyol.
For lef back, I can think of any right now, but we can do much much better than an old tired capdevilla.

Posted by Milan 1963 on 01/13/2011

Defense is really what we need fixing urgently. How the hell did we concede these four goals??? David Luiz, Coentrao mmh would be great but i don't think it will happen, in the meantime I agree to play more Yepes than Bonera and try Montelongo on the left, he played pretty well in Dubai. I like Bosingwa, very fast defend well and could teach Oddo how to cross. I agree with D on Kompany but will they let him go now that he is a constant starter? With the return of Flamini and Boateng and with the improvement of Strasser and Merkel I think we are well covered there. Van Bommel is a useful fighter but do we really need him, he will take space to the young guns and will slow down their progression. We rather need replacing Slow and Pirlo soon.
Galliani and Braida have spent quite some time in Brazil and Argentina recently so I would not be surprised of some great deals coming from there soon...let's see what the two old foxes have in their goody bags.

Posted by Eduardo on 01/13/2011

Nice interview and nice article.
I think we should be looking in the transfer market for a left back, Gareth Bale would be my first choice but he'll probably be overpriced because of his current form, plus the fact that Tottenham apparently will not be willing to sell him yet. If this move's not possible Milan should consider bringing a relatively young defender from one of the Serie A teams, to have at least a decent left back because of Antonin's poor form. Something else I hope I never see in defense is Bonera, he's awful, and Allegri should really give Yepes a chance over him. In midfield I still like the quality of Pirlo although he looses the ball too much, we have a lot of good midfielders and Strasser is beginning to play pretty well for a youngster. And we obviously have incredible potential in attack.

Posted by rudy on 01/13/2011

i am a juve fan do u guys think Amauri is a good player

Posted by RobStyles on 01/14/2011

Rudy....Quite simply, No.

Posted by Milan 1963 on 01/14/2011

Rudy...go watch some pole dancing and you will see a lot of Amauri....the poles;-)

According to some italian websites it looks like Criscito could be our next signing...sounds good to me.

Posted by Jose on 01/14/2011

rudy as a juve fan who has to see what others are talking about (i am very nosy and egotistical) i want to say that amauri is a good player but i have to agree with the milanistas and say no.
and matteo, regarding the "traitor" issue...i stand corrected.

Posted by Izzy on 01/14/2011

Eduardo: Gareth Bale is a horrible LB, he only plays well if playing as a LW.

I think we should go for Taiwo, or Coentrao. I personally think Marseille have one of the best organized defenses in the league, and I would take any of their defenders. As is though we only need a LB, Zambrotta's legs are giving out on him, and Antonini doesn't know which postion he is playing.

I think that we should be able to pick up the scudetto in the end as long as we patch up that troublesome little hole in our wall that is LB. I also think we shouldn't pick up Lazzari for I think he is a dud. Anyway good article still don't appreciate the way you speak of some of our players mainly Seedorf.

Rudy: On Amauri, I advise you go look up his stats then think about it again................the answer is no. He is terrible in fact I think Iaquinta and Amauri are horrible and don't deserve to be in such a prestigious side such as Juve.

Posted by RobStyles on 01/14/2011

Izzy...I agree with you on Bale. While don't think he would make a good LB in Serie A especially I do think he would be a nice addition to our team as a LW. This would give us some versatility on that side of the field.

Posted by travis christian on 01/14/2011

Why are we thinking about Balotelli? Don't we have enough suspects already? We have yet to see if Ibra would perform in big CL games, if things start to go wrong, Robinho turning back to a spoil child and Cassano who eventually falls out with anybody he feels like. Balotelli, (undoubtedly very talented) with his hothead. If all these elements erupt at the same time, what would be Milans' position? I think, like Pato, we need another young, FRESH face. An unknown who could light up the scene, who nobody knows about. Someone who the Fergies or Wengers might dig out and turn out to be big stars. I personally am fed up of seeing USED UP players come to Milan.

Posted by rudy on 01/14/2011

thx guys ;)

milan 1963: crisito is a pretty good defender replace bonera and put in crisito

Posted by D on 01/15/2011

For those concerned over Cassano's work ethic and to reinforce what some have been saying about the caliber of individual wearing the red & black, here's a quote from Cassano:

"I have never been a great worker in terms of physical effort, but seeing people like Alessandro Nesta, Rino Gattuso, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Clarence Seedorf working makes me think why shouldn't I train like them? I am working like a dog, but I am happy."

@travis c: The players I've been pushing for Balotelli, Criscito, and Hummels - with Criscito the oldest at 24 I wouldn't call USED UP. There are some promising FRESH faces within the Milan ranks. Many of the fans of this blog have been consistent in their desire to see those players get a shot. I think many of us would agree we'd love to see players like Strasser, Merkel, and Verdi given the chance to show what they can do. We're starting to see it with Strasser playing more. I'd even throw Montelongo in there over Bonera or Yepes at this point.

Posted by drew on 01/15/2011

Gooch was bought for having a good Confed Cup, being a Yank I've seen him play a lot and he is too slow and clumsy much of the time. He isn't that good at playing the ball out of the back either. His saving grace is being tall and a great header of the ball.
I've thought Robinho has been pants the past 2-3 matches. He was awful playing up top with Pato against Cagliari and it was until Cassano came on that Milan looked dangerous. Robinho has looked lazy as of late, much like when he didn't fancy it with Man City. I've never rated him to highly, and City massively over paid to get him from Madrid.

Posted by Prataf3st on 01/15/2011

Are we closing in on Criscito for real? Because that'll be amazing news. And would someone go talk to Galliani to re-watched Eden Hazard's game in Lille's 2-0 win against Nice? He was outstanding.

On a slightly more paranoid note; Inter pummeling Bologna 4-1, I certainly hope that doesn't mean they're gonna overlap Milan on the 2nd half of the season.

Posted by Marco on 01/17/2011

It appears that we will be signing Lazzari from Cagliari. They have agreed to give him to us and he wants to come as well.

Posted by Sweatcold on 01/19/2011

Papasthathopoulos should have been given half the games Bonera has played and he would have done a much better job. He's young enough, and would contribute more offensively than others might.

Now Milan want to pilfer Genoa's other great fullback when they didn't bother given the one they got enough time to feel comfortable in the new line-up? Ridiculous.

Posted by D on 01/22/2011

While Emanuelson's a good signing I hope the intent isn't for him to play LB. He is not a good defender and van Basten showed he is better suited in an attacking role. Play him on the left side of the midfield or as a left winger and he should do well.

Posted by Izzy on 01/22/2011

So we got Urby Emanuelson, I can dig it.

Posted by justin italiano on 01/24/2011

i enjoy these blogs. cassano is an assisting machine n ibra still finding the back of the net. if our midfield gets fitter prilo, flamini n KPB finally come back and also hav nesta n silva fit then im sure milan got another trophy to put with their terrific collection

Posted by supertjx on 01/25/2011

Very good read. Keep up the excellent work Matteo.

Posted by y2keleven on 01/27/2011

Matteo this is great stuff, thanks.
Mexes is solid and he will help if he arrives, but what about Simon Kjaer of Schalke? Is he out of Milan's price range? And I agree Van Bommel is a very short-term solution given he is 33. I wonder if Milan has any interest in, say, Fernando Gago this summer as Seedorf replacement. He is just rotting on the Real Madrid bench but is a serviceable player when he gets to play. Or Mascherano, Lass Diarra, or Inler?

Posted by Anabol 10 on 12/01/2011

I greatly appreciate every one of the informative read on I most certainly will spread the phrase about your site with people. Cheers.

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