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September 28, 2009
Posted by Matteo Bonetti on 09/28/2009

The bitter Rossoneri fans that ventured to the half empty San Siro whistled mercilessly after another 90 minutes of frustration came to an abrupt end. A disheartening goalless draw against a team that last year was playing in the Italian Serie B. Bari outclassed, outplayed, and embarrassed Milan on their home turf.

As the whistles died down, images showed fans slumped in their chairs in disbelief, probably asking themselves how one of the world's proudest, most storied franchises could have ever fallen to such low standards of play.

September 24, 2009
Posted by Matteo Bonetti on 09/24/2009

After consecutive wins stemming from inspired efforts, Milan succumbed to defeat at the Stadio Friuli against a tricky Udinese side.

Last week, Milan traveled to Marseille to take on the French giants in the first match of the group stage. As I imagined, Leonardo unleashed Super Pippo to go scavenging in his natural hunting ground: the Champions League. Inzaghi repaid the coaches trust in him by scoring a brace and earning the team three valuable points.

September 13, 2009
Posted by Matteo Bonetti on 09/13/2009

There is a popular saying in Milan about coaches who under perform with their respective clubs. Panettone is a typical treat enjoyed around Christmas time, popular in the Lombardy region. So as the saying goes: will Leonardo be kept around long enough that he too can indulge in this Milanese delicacy?

With back to back horrendous performances that had me reeling in agony, the pressure is mounting on management. If the string of uninspired play continues, some changes need to take place. But sacking Leonardo would basically suggest that Milan is raising the white flag and admitting defeat. Only time will tell.

September 2, 2009
Posted by Matteo Bonetti on 09/02/2009

Kaka entering the San Siro donning a foreign jersey. The two most storied clubs in the world facing off twice in the span of several months. This could not have been scripted any better. Destiny just had it that Milan first opponents of the Champions League group stage were the new Galacticos of Madrid: a team that over the summer spent nearly a quarter billion Euros to revamp its roster, and purge any Dutch player in the process.

At first thought, this is a great challenge for us since it's more convenient to play Real Madrid in the group stage as they're still gelling as a unit, rather than in a direct elimination face off later on in the contest.

Matteo Bonetti Born and raised just a few kilometers away from The San Siro, Matteo Bonetti has been watching the Rossoneri ever since childhood. The passion was instilled by a family whose fanaticism for the team dates back to the early 1900's. Instead of bursting with an obscenity laden tirade, or turning any object around him into a projectile weapon after a disappointing Milan outing, Matteo can now channel his emotions into a more effective, and most importantly: safe, manner - writing on a global platform. He is a young journalist whose grandfather was the Vice President of Milan nearly four decades ago. E-mail him:, and follow him on twitter: @TheMilanGuy

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