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Manchester United
February 23, 2009
Posted by Mark Payne on 02/23/2009

Having come through an incredibly challenging run with flying colours, we now face an even more daunting series of fixtures that will shape how our season will finish.

United’s defence, as is widely reported, has reached record-breaking levels of accomplishment in the period between November and February. But, if we are to keep in the running for major prizes then matchwinners need to start appearing further up the pitch.

November 10, 2008

It is the 10th of November and the basic notions coming from the press are that Liverpool are genuine title challengers and Arsenal's season is finished ... but it is the 10th of November. The vast majority of media coverage of the Premier League originates from the broadcasters and newspapers of the United Kingdom, in particular the BBC, so why are we hearing such absurd things so early on?

Simple. The press is full of ex-Liverpool players and fans who hanker back to the glory days of the 70s and 80s. Arsenal will never get the credit they deserve because they will never be forgiven for that last minute Michael Thomas winner and if Liverpool haven't completely ballsed up going for the title by week 10 then they are cast iron certainties to finally bag the trophy. All of this is, of course, complete rubbish.