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Posted by Mark Payne on 08/15/2012

Robin Van Persie’s transfer to United has been confirmed by a reluctant Arsenal, as Fergie finally gets his man. Reports put the final fee at £23m, less than the London club had hoped for but still a healthy figure considering Van Persie was keen to leave and out of contract in 12 months.

Sir Alex Ferguson was uncharacteristically frank when talking about Van Persie early in the week and suggested that Arsenal were holding out for a higher fee. The game of brinkmanship appears to be over today as terms have been agreed.

This is a big moment for United. After their last two summers were characterised by frustration in the market, this year they can unveil one of the world’s best players. Robin Van Persie is unquestionably that with 30 league goals to his name last year and a host of match-winning displays under his belt.

The idea of a forward line containing the Dutchman and England star Wayne Rooney is enough to make even the most hardy defenders quiver. It marks departure however, from the clubs stated policy of not buying players over the age of 27. Van Persie was 29 last birthday, and also has a history with injury that could worry some.

Nonetheless, United have bought a terrific player, who chose the club over its rivals and is capable of winning matches on his own. Although Robin Van persie is not the midfielder many united fans feel the team needs, he represents a serious sign of intent. This season, Manchester United can be expected to play some pretty entertaining football.

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Posted by David Smith on 08/15/2012

Welcome to Greater Manchester, RVP!!!

Posted by Peedo on 08/15/2012

Now there will be no unbreakable defence in d world for man utd if RVP is paired with rooney.

Posted by benny on 08/15/2012

welcome Van persie,at man utd u're gonna make 4o goals in 38 league matches.

Posted by shamsudeen Tanko. on 08/15/2012

RVS u are highly well come 2 united,I'm very happpy 2 c u.

Posted by irven on 08/15/2012

We'll don Firguson! Rvp you will become a champion this season, welcome to oldtraford.

Posted by Ben on 08/15/2012

Great job on the blog, Mark! I'm not too worried about United's midfield in light of the testimonial earlier this week, as Fletcher's return will go a long way toward shoring us up in the middle of the park. Assuming he regains his health, Fergie's summer dealings make United a team rightly to be feared this season. We'll see how things develop on the European front, but I don't see Fergie making the mistake of playing his youth team in the group stages this year. Fingers crossed!

Posted by joni on 08/16/2012

i think signing van persie is a terrible idea! he has a terrible injury record. last season was his only season that was free of injury. manchester united already have rooney and welbeck with hernandez waiting on the bench or even the likes of ashley young supporting a lone striker. throw in the likes of berbatov who i believe could still have an impact and now the promising talents of welbeck and hernandez look to be in threat and they could possibly leave the club

Posted by Kataka vincent on 08/16/2012

Hey Rvp neva regret 4 joining da greatest giants of futball.u will mek it i tell u.

Posted by rebecca on 08/16/2012


The Liverpool blog is closed. According to Kevin, ESPN is moving away from these types of correspondent.

If that's the case, how come other blog is still on?

Posted by Gerald Mmbughu on 08/16/2012

you are most welcome to United

Posted by getachew on 08/16/2012

now we have full team

Posted by Vikram Karve on 08/16/2012

I agree that RvP is a great player. If he plays centre forward and Rooney off him, where will Kagawa play? I think this signing will also be detrimental to the growth of Welbeck and Chica. Still RvP is proven quality!
So hopefully he brings us the title.

Posted by olakyle on 08/16/2012

welcome vanpersie

Posted by aussiered on 08/16/2012

Now all fergie needs to do is sort out his best starting 11.

A team made up from the following squad De gea, lindegaard vidic, rio, evra,smalling, raphael, jones, carrick, fletcher, kagawa, powell, cleverley,anderson,nani,valencia,young, hernandez, welbeck rooney,persie giggs scholes, berbetov. Should be able to challenge for the honours available, however closer analysis would in my mind show the defence when injuries hit to be light by .
Any views from anyone out there

Posted by cassim shearer on 08/16/2012

welcome to united RVP we really need your services.

Posted by Timmo on 08/16/2012

Encouraged by the sale of RVP’s famous ankles for £24 million, Waterford Crystal are moving HQ to Manchester where they can expect thriving business from Malcolm Glazer and Alex Ferguson!

Posted by kaisi mwakatundu on 08/16/2012

im so happy to here that robin van persie is joining to our club and i m sure iwill fulfil his dream at old trafford, welcome RVP.

Posted by hematemesis on 08/16/2012

One relatively good season does not maje RVP a great player. He is undeniably good when healthy and in form but that is just it.
Great players are ronaldo, messi, kaka was a great one, torres 2 years ago ect. RVP had one good season and to say he is great is propably too much hype and not realistic. He will really need to work hard and shoe sth for this season to be really a great player. Plsu by changing clubs at this stage of his career he will never become a legend like cantona or henry even if he wins a trophy this year with Manu.
IMO this is a misguided move by RVP. He was a God at arsenal and he will play always a second fiddle to Rooney at Manu and he will not like it.

Posted by hematemesis on 08/16/2012

Plus it seems that to be in form RVP needs to play regularly but with ferie's rotation system this may not happen and his form may not last. Plus he will not be able to replicate his last season simply because Arsenal was set up to play for him every time they got the ball. At MU there are many more selfish/independent goal scorers that will go for goal e.g. nani, valencia, rooney ect and will not pass thath last ball to RVP so he will not score 30 goals fro them this season.
Admittedly they needed only 6 to win the title so that may still happen.
Anyway from the opportunity to become a legend a one club (with or without trphies) RVP choose to have a better salary and a beter chance for throphy. The jury is out there if that is a right move.
According to the blog on this website Cesc is also finding the life eway from the emirates not so easy, though he also won some trophies..

Posted by Femi aina on 08/16/2012

Vanpasi will b grate at man u . By d special grace of GOD he has overcome his injury in Jesus name, amen.

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