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Posted by Mark Payne on 06/15/2012

Years after his retirement, Roy Keane has established himself as the most entertaining thing at Euro 2012 already. England’s performances thus far are fairly unmentionable. Here is part 2 of the player-by-player reviews for United’s season.

Rafael 7/10
Rafael still has youth on his side but 10 starts in the league is not a return he will be overjoyed with. There can’t be too many more naturally talented players around but something is missing with consistency.

Rio 7.5/10
To squeeze so many games out of Rio (96yrs old) is impressive and he finished the season particularly strongly. I feel much better when I see his name on the teamsheet and he calms all those around him with his classy distribution. He has still just about got it and it works for us at least that he didn’t go to Poland.

Fabio 6/10
Only two starts in the league and there is a real danger things could be fizzing out for Fabio. A loan spell could be the best thing for him.

Smalling 7/10
Smalling is growing into his position well and has stepped up manfully this season when required. It seems as though Fergie has relaxed into the idea that he will take over as centre-half from Rio over the next season or two. He will be up to the challenge.

Ryan Giggs 7/10
Some of Ryan’s performances were questionable towards the end of the year. His class is still undeniable and his passing is sublime at times. There are more and more occasions though, where he isn’t in the right position to make those passes anymore.

Ashley Young 7.5/10
A terrific first season from the former Aston Villa man and he has sprinkled it with some truly fabulous goals. The furore over diving would not have happened if he played for another club. I am very happy to have him aboard.

Antonio Valencia 8/10
You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone. But you are certainly reminded when it, or in this case Antonio, comes back from injury and starts stampeding through defences. No-one was ever going to successfully replace Cristiano Ronaldo, but at this stage Valencia picks himself. A monster of a player.

Nani 8/10
In a week where Ronaldo had a tantrum about comparisons to Lionel Messi, we are reminded about the man who is constantly being compared to Ronaldo. Nani is a very talented player in his own right, unplayable on his day, but he has faded as the season has worn on again. A full campaign of excellence is needed if the comparisons are to have any substance.

Anderson 6/10
A paltry eight league starts is not great news for a man in his fifth year at the club. He started the season in scintillating fashion but by January Paul Scholes, the man he was brought to replace, was coming out of retirement. If I were Anderson, I would be updating my CV.

Darren Fletcher 6.5/10
His goal against City was class, and even more remarkable when you consider his health problems. One simply hopes he can play again. A great servant of the club.

Berba 8/10
Poor old Dimitar, he is the right man at the wrong time in my eyes. In any other era he would have Manchester United stamped all over him. It is a shame things have petered out for him. He has behaved with class and dignity throughout, and I wish him the best of luck in his future endeavours.

Danny Welbeck 8/10
Welbeck sweats talent out of every pore and he seems to have grown physically over the course of the season. He has the wonderful combination of being able to score both predatory strikes and wonder goals from nowhere. This, allied with his impressive athleticism, should see him go from strength to strength. A terrific player.

Javier Hernandez 7/10
Javier is, by all accounts, an excellent human being. Unfortunately, he has been overplayed in the last three years and one suspects he is too nice to complain about being tired. His season was underwhelming after his initial barnburning campaign. A decent break and he should bounce back again next year.

Park Ji-Sung 6.5/10
American commentators call Park Ji-Sung ‘Fergie’s attack dog of war’ on account of the man-marking jobs he is given in big games. Park has played an immense role over the past few years, but the clock is ticking now. This season, he didn’t quite cut it.

Sir Alex Ferguson 9/10
Never in the history of the sport has a team invested as much money as Manchester City, and yet they won the title by only the tightest of margins. With his back against the wall Sir Alex has done an absolutely unbelievable job of managing this football club. If only we could clone him.

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Posted by revlino mazhinduka on 06/15/2012

fair and fine we will always support this team, of interest now that Redknapp has left Tottenham and Hazard has gone to Chelsea i think its time we make a move for Luka Modric and we also need a marauding defensive midfield player, well am not sure about Leighton Baines considering his age we need a younger leftback to cover for Evra and also for the departing Berba Lewandowski wuold be an ideal replacement

Posted by Herdeyberyor22 on 06/15/2012

I will always b wid my club what we need now is to focus on how we wil hold d middle next season all is not about signing

Posted by Jared on 06/15/2012

I was saying the same thing last year, so it just goes to show how unpredictable and debilitating injuries can be, but with a fully fit squad, Utd will up there challenging for the title next year. Along the same lines, its gotta be make or break for Ando. He can be a beast if healthy and in good form, but hes been so unlucky with injuries. If he can stay healthy this year and get a good run of games and dominate the midfield like we've seen that he can do, then Utd don't need Modric or another midfielder in my opinion. Kagawa, Clev, Ando, Scholes, Giggs, Carrick. I'm really hoping Ando and Clev force their way into the starting XI because of some great performances next year. I can't wait til august. even the euros dont sate my desire to watch man utd tear it up.

Posted by Wendo on 06/16/2012

I'm tired of this obvious hate you and many clueless Man Utd fans have for Anderson. You clearly ignore that Anderson has been on the treatment table longer than Cleverley yet you mention this as an excuse for Cleverley but not a good reason enough for Anderson??? Scholes wasn't brought in to address Anderson's short comings but to address our depleted central midfield options as Anderson, Fletcher and Cleverley were going to be long term absentees for the season! Get it right next time and stop your hating!

Posted by Henry Teng on 06/18/2012

I have been a red devils' fan sincce the days of Best and Charton. The present standard in premiership is much higher and every teams in the league can beat any team during their best day. While for United, as long as there are too many walking wounded, there are fine with the present crop. Renewal is must because united present crop of player getting a little grey so some fresh face is necessry. There is no need to sign players paying world record fee and salary. Sir lex has s stable of young and good plyer in the academy and reserves. These plyer shore up the future. Like in 1995 "You don't win anything with kids". The Kids became Super Stars and are now retiring in the near future. So Sir Alex use your stable of young player from the reserve and academy.Good Like 2012 - 2013

Posted by David Smith on 06/18/2012

Our chance to put things right from last season begins August 18th at Everton.

Posted by Emmanuel on 07/07/2012

I still maintain that the like of Carrick is not fit for the task ahead.

Posted by adetumininu on 07/11/2012

''to beat the best,u have to be better'' one here is talking about the champions league or wont UNITED play champions league..SAF needs to buy a midfielder and a the first place SAF should not have allowed pogba to leave cos i feel he and clevz are the future of UNITED's midfield....pls pray we have fletcher and vidic fit though out next season because their absence gifted city the title

Posted by Tapiwa Mubonderi on 07/12/2012

Rooney had another outstanding season and the team winds with no trophy. SAF should make sure that the responsibitly is spread around the squad and aim to set new performance records.

Posted by Jason on 07/14/2012

Man United have signed Kagawa & Powell that is good but in my opinion Sir Alex need 3 more players ( Lucas Moura Joao Moutinho & Leighton Baines ) to complete his team & challenge for the title next season MU forever

Posted by Areri on 07/31/2012

Attacking midfielders ang good finishers upfront is what we lacked last season. With due respect to Wayne, we are over rliant on him. We need one more predator in attack. We must also use the flanks more to open up impenetrable defences. As for SAF plese bring in game changers in good time say 15-20mins hwen we are in trouble. I look forward to a good season. I have been a Man U fan sinnce 1966.

Posted by Jason on 08/01/2012

Alex Ferguson need to sign RVP , Lucas Moura & Leighton Baines to challenge Man City for 20th EPL title

Posted by Yahaya Angwe on 08/04/2012

United re great team, if only city re able to beat with so little margin last sason, give united the bunch of signings city had and they would ve won the title with about four or five matches to go. Am so proud to be a united fan, meanwhile just some litle improvement at midfield. God bless FERGIE.

Posted by abubakar koroma on 08/05/2012

SAF needs to go in for luka modric/nuri shahin, lukas moura/ dambele and baines. That will be a bright future.

Posted by Devil on 08/06/2012

Unfair assessment of Park. Never really given a chance last season.

Posted by James on 08/20/2012

I am a Man Utd fan but the ratings of the players are not accurate. Most of our players were average at best and I think your comment about Anderson is unfair because he started the season well an ended up having a torrid time with injuries

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