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Posted by Mark Payne on 06/04/2012

David de Gea 8/10
In some ways a baptism of fire for the young Spaniard, but it was never going to be any other way. I have great confidence in his ability and he may be more naturally talented than even Van Der Sar was. There is no doubt that with backing and experience he will get better and better.

Anders Lindergaard 8/10
A confident man and a confident player. He lacks the natural talent and athleticism of De Gea but is a commanding presence in the area and was unlucky not to win the jersey full time.

Patrice Evra 7/10
A season that will be remembered for all the wrong reasons for the Frenchman. No man should have to contend with the racism he endured in the games against Liverpool. his recent interview revealed that he has had to stoically cope with a number of life’s curve balls this year. IN some ways though, the hoo-ha with Suarez almost deflected attention from some pretty average showings as a defender. He ain’t as young as he used to be.

Nemanja Vidic 6/10
If only, if only, if only. The soccernet website still cruelly shows the final league table and one can’t help but feel that our goal difference might have been a little better if we’d had the captain all season.

Owen 6/10
The end we all expected I suppose. Michael Owen barely registered on the radar this season and you may well expect his career to peter out now. He has proven people wrong before though. The highs of scoring a hat-trick in Europe and the last minute winner against City are behind us. Against my better judgment, I thank him for the memories.

Wayne Rooney 9/10
There is not a defender in world football that enjoys playing against Rooney. He is a physical menace but retains the touch of a butterfly on the ball. A formidable player who already belongs in the pantheon of United greats. There may be even more to come from him next year.

Johnny Evans 8/10
Definitely the Northern Irishman’s best campaign in the shirt and he is starting to look like a United player. Too many of us forget that you have to grow into the stature required for the top level. Evans is beginning to show that putting in the leg work, and withstanding the flak, pays off.

Phil Jones 8/10
Jones struggled to maintain his early season form and was possibly overplayed a bit in his first season. The fact remains that his early impact was astonishing and a real boon for those who keep faith with our policy of buying youth. He has all the attributes required to become a truly awesome footballer. I hope he does it with United.

Michael Carrick 8/10
A much heralded season for the Geordie and it is true he may be underappreciated. The common consensus is that he passes well but doesn’t take games by the scruff of the neck. This remains true. Nonetheless, you need some ‘Mr. Reliables’ in your team and Carrick is ours. A kind of midfield Denis Irwin.

Tom Cleverly 6/10
The jury is still out on Cleverly. His performance in the Charity Shield last August was tremendous but it was also a long time ago. The potential is there, but he will need consistency to prove he can cut it next season.

Paul Scholes 8.5/10
The signing of the season, of any season really. It does not say much for our younger midfielders that he dominated so much, but on the other hand Scholes in all time great. He was nominated for the player of the year award by the end of a season in which he played less than half the games. That says it all.

Part 2 and the rest of the squad will follow next week.

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Posted by Born A ManUnited Fan on 06/04/2012

wat abt valencia? He obviously deserves a 9...tremendous season. And I dnt agree on Phil's rating. He wasn't that solid at right back.

Posted by shakol onofowokan on 06/04/2012

I can't believe in dis rating,its only rooney dats meets up with his rating

Posted by Oz on 06/04/2012

Hey shakol onofowokan- could you please write in english not this stupid "dis" and "dats"

sick and tired of these idiots who cant be bothered writing correctly!!

Posted by Giwa olafimihan olowasheun on 06/04/2012

Wat about of harnadex i no more dan 6.9 bcus he work adjar in d front and he use to distop goalkeeper.

Posted by JACKO on 06/04/2012

Carrick gets lost in so many big games and can't shoot from distance 6/10. Evans speed and one on one defending leaves a lot to be desired 6/10
Phil Jones was well beaten by a number of left wingers and may move up to a midfield spot..good on counter attacks 6/10
Valencia9/10 great professional

Posted by Ian on 06/04/2012

'dis' is only 'da' part 1 'blud'...Read. the. title.

A bit generous in these ratings Mark... 6 for Owen?? Exactly what did he do last season? Ditto Cleverly, the lad needs to stop branding himself and play a bit more (yes, I know he was injured but he's barely played 10 games for United). I can't disagree with ratings for Carrick and Evans, they've stepped up this season, but then again, they've had to. Another summer of 'there's no value in the transfer market' and 'there's no question about that' awaits...

Posted by elijah ogbonna on 06/05/2012

Valencia,rooney,de gea,paul scoles...these are d players that deserves d thumbs up.d rest are work overs

Posted by Maxitaxi on 06/05/2012

Very generous with many of the points given. As I wrote before, only a handful of players should feel proud of the shirt they wore last season.

It's not that we have a divine right to win the title, it's the way we lost it which was most unlike the United we have known and loved for decades.

I wonder how many points SAF would get for some of the decisons he made last season.

It is a worry to see what Chelsea and City signings are being lined up and made. We really seem to be falling into the Arsenal trap of depending too much on youth and not signing exactly world class players.

Our best signing last year was Scholes who was in line for player of the year after playing half a season, says it all really.

I sincerely hope SAF has a few tricks up his sleeve in the signing department but there is a dearth of such players. Maybe the Euros will uncover a couple, although I do remember Paborsky!

No Carrick or Rio in Euros, Henderson and Kelly, shocking!

Posted by Sid on 06/05/2012

Owen, cleverly and jones definitely do not deserve their ratings. cleverly, injury hit season, but jones started strong but ended so poorly. owen didnt even play! but vidic man, if we had him for the whole season, beast mode onnnn!!!

Posted by David Smith on 06/05/2012

Player Ratings should read: Bottled it big time during squeaky bum time.

No divine right to win anything, but you sure as hell are expected to hold on to an 8 point lead in April.

If any other club would of gift wrapped the league title to Mancini's Mercenaries the way we just did, the media inquests, write ups and finger-pointing would still be going on. Fergie and Co. have been let off very, very easily.

Posted by Kripa on 06/05/2012

Hi Mark,

Is the rating an all season average or is it judged by how good they are at the end of the season?

If I'm doing the ratings I'd select the latter, because as we all know that over the years United starts slow and did tremendously starting mid season all the way towards the end while other teams falters. For me, that's the DNA of United's success, so that's how I'd judge the players.

So omitting the ones that have long term injuries and those who have less than 10 games, Rooney, De Gea, Valencia, Evans, Scholes deserve 8 or 9, while Carrick, Rafael, Fabio, Evra, Rio, Smalling, Park, Young, Hernandez and Welbeck were quite consistent all season, but towards the end only shown once or twice how good they can be, so 7 would be fair. Giggs is 7.5 for obvious reasons.

Jones, Cleverley, Nani, Anderson & Berbatov would be around 5.5 to 6.5. Most of them don't show enough motivation, (one or) two are simply not team players and overvalued themselves.

Posted by Maverick on 06/06/2012

Dear United,

I get very irritated with news of this Hazard guy who says that he has considered Man Utd and all that crab. For me just tell him to F---Off and see what he can do.

Posted by Isaac on 06/06/2012

These ratings are too generous.
Rooney played well(9/10)
De Gea started bad but ended well, many clean sheets. That's the United way.(8/10).
Lindegaard was injured but put in a solid commanding performance(8/10).
Evan has really matured this season and shouldered some of Vidic's responsibility. Hope he'll continue to improve(8/10).
Owen, nothing to say about him(1/10).
Carrick, though not world class; was really helpful this season since Sir Alex refused to sign(7/10).
Jones is still new and impressed a bit in his first season but faded towards the end(7/10).
Scholes, the best of all, commanded the midfield. A good half-season for him.(8.5/10).
Cleverley still has to improve, played well in the early part. Injured but couldn't find form afterward(6.5/10).
Evra, very bad season(6/10).
Vidic was sorely missed, we conceded many needless goals(5/10)

Posted by Siddharth on 07/17/2012

In my view some of the ratings are overrated, foe example Paul Scholes 8.5/10 is given on his legendary status, we have to agree that he is no spring chicken, Lindegard did'nt do anything exceptional to get 8,de gea getting 8 is a bit generous but i agree he has potential to become the wall of United. Carrick 7, but Rooney was exceptional throught the season. Valencia& Ashley Young are great prospects, while Rafael was sloppy & Vidic was'nt his usual best

Posted by Celestin Ngoga on 08/04/2012

If Young is to concentrate on his position, he will be very good. but what about assisting Evra all the time?
Young and Rooney play for Evra, Valencia is playing for the the right back too.
You guys do not see that Ferguson is to blame for Carrick's and Evra's mistakes. Hernandez must, must learn to check where he is positioning himself all the time, and Welbeck is sometimes lazy. The coach must keep pressure on these players, not sitting as if he is appreciating everything they do. Tell the whole team to practice shooting bellow 2 meters. They are not playing rugby.


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