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Posted by Mark Payne on 05/14/2012

One of those poor souls who was held hostage in the Middle East for several years was asked upon his release, “How did you cope?” To which he replied: “After five years in a British public school, it really wasn’t all that bad.” This is the kind of stoic attitude I will need to adopt over the coming months. To be sure, there can be no crueller way to lose a championship than the manner fate cooked up for us on Sunday. Nonetheless, after a couple of decades of Liverpool dominance at the end of the last century, we should be able to survive this.

It pays to be dignified in defeat; however, it is hard to say you have lost to a superior opponent when the margins are so tight. Whilst every United fan I know is willing to admit City’s starting XI is a tremendous collection of players, they have won the league largely because we took our eye off the ball against Everton.

Even so, I offer my congratulations to Mancini and his players, and to my blue-nosed neighbours as well. The league table does not lie and you are worthy champions.

But that is done now. My disappointment is not with Joey Barton, nor with the last ten minutes against the Toffees even. Instead, I rather naively thought we might try to really skewer Sunderland. If we had gone for a record score-line then we might just have got it. The thing that has damaged me the most is my own sense of hope - as a United fan though, that is something I will never lose.

There are still a huge number of positives to take from this season, and Manchester United will never die, and Manchester United will be back. A full season review will follow shortly. However, in the words of Greta Garbo, for now “I want to be alone.”

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Posted by theJepit on 05/14/2012

Me too,..contemplating in silent...

Posted by devilofagoel on 05/14/2012

I remember joyfully saying to my wife in the 91st minute.. "I can't believe united has won the title".. and then.. makes you love and hate this beautiful game and this great league. Congrats to city. The reds will keep marching on.

Posted by aussiered on 05/14/2012

We will never die, keep the red flag flying high, cause United will never die. Thanks for the season boys.
The acidic wrench of defeat has a longer lasting effect than the temporary taste of victory. That is why fergie and his teams have overall been so successful.
Cant wait for August 17th 2012

Believe in United

Posted by Maxitaxi on 05/14/2012

What a very cruel way to lose the title, to give us hope up until the last ninety seconds. I think the performance at Sunderland encapsulated most of season, lackluster, reliance on Rooney, defensive lapses and wasteful goal chances.

Was it really only the loss of four goals at Everton that did us in? Blackburn, both derbys, Wigan, our embarrassing performances in Europe.

In some ways, I'd rather we lost on points than goals but also proved that with all their talent, City are not so far ahead of us, in fact, we gave them seven of the goals they amassed to beat us, how ironic.

I love my team and have done for nearly half a century and when I think of our history, the players we've had, the trophies we've won, we've been blessed.

Enjoy your win City, maybe you did just about deserve your triumph and we cannot begrudge the manner they won at the last gasp, remember Barcelona '99.

Let's hope for great signings to give us what we've been missing and get our trophy back.

Posted by Stretford Dave on 05/14/2012

I reckon 2 top drawer central midfielders & a striker will do the trick. I'm gutted but 2 things stick out in my mind that make it a bit easier. One is the utter FACT that no man city fan can truly hide away from, justify or deny.. They have been given this taste of the big time on a plate by a group of generous Arabs. The bare fact is they'd still be nowhere without the donations. Secondly, despite £300 & odd million spent on some of the worlds best, despite us having our weakest squad for 20 years, despite us losing the experience of Gary Neville to a retirement of Sky punditry, despite us losing one of the best centre backs in the world very early season, despite our midfield hope being back from a good loan spell at Wigan only to be injured virtually all season, despite Fletcher being ruled out for most of the season with illness, we lost it on goal difference one minute from the end of extra time on the last day of the season. Fergie was needing a challenge. He's got one now.

Posted by Rahul on 05/14/2012

Sad that we lost.

What I'm really sad about though is what was happening in Sunderland. Leading 1-0 and just passing the ball around trying to hang on to 1-0. I have never seen United put up such a meek fight. Where is the swagger? Where is the relentless attacking that got me hooked to United's brand of football? Too many players are slacking off and deserve a swift kick up their backsides.

So, what I really want to see next season is fearless attacking football, and then let the trophies and awards fall where they may.

Posted by Philip on 05/14/2012

I hope and pray he get us two classy midfilders, a striker so as to give rooney some rest and also get fletcher back cos we missed him. God bless united.

Posted by Mike on 05/14/2012

I'm not a city or united fan by any means, and at the end of the game it went from "man, this is cruel way to lose the title, getting Chelsea'd by a crap team parking the bus all game" to "oh man, that is cruel to lose the title by your opponent sinking 2 goals in injury time after your game is already finished and you'd thought you won", lol, craziness. as an LFC fan I have a stock bank of empathy/sympathy for teams choking alllllll season... either way, a crazy end to the league season

Posted by Aaron Mark Hendrix on 05/14/2012

When Citeh put 2 in injury time,I just had that sense of fucked-up ness envelope me.Anywayz,QPR deserve credit for their performance.Barton gettin the red couldnt have made it any worse,he's shite anyway.Despite my views on Citeh,which I'll spare ya'll,I have to congratulate them I guess.They sit on top of us despite being level on points and at the end of the day,that's what matters I guess.Plus scoring 2 goals in 5mins kinda reminds me of what we used to be capable of back when we were still the United I knew.But still , I bet Citeh's legions were having their balls in their throats till the last 5mins and that shows what kinda fight we gave credit to both teams then for making this an exciting finish to the season.Too bad it didnt go our way but there's always next season,the one after that etc..
Oh, and at least we didnt finish 6th or 8th huh..

Posted by robat on 05/14/2012

Well, i guess city were meant to break their title duck in the most manunitedish way possible. last minute of added time no-less... i went from "give me a beer to celebrate the 20th.. to .."ohh crap cant believe the hoops let them score 2 in injury time!!!!! will be having a bad offseason till August.....

Posted by kardajo on 05/14/2012

I think if you look at our setbacks that started pretty much around game 4 or 5...
1. De Gaes poor form at the start of the season
2. Vidic's injury
3. Fletcher's injury
4. Cleverly's injury
5. Anderson's injury
6. Welbeck and Hernandez trading injury time
7. The long term consistent injuries of the twins forcing us to play our CBs at RB.
8. Rooney having to play deep due to our midfield injuries

With all that against us I'm sure most people would think we were going to struggle to qualify for Europe (even the Europa league) all the players our team was built around have been missing almost all season, so it's no wonder we had a bit of an identity crisis. While on the whole this season was a failure and we can't deny that, when you look at what we've had to overcome I'd say we were quite impressive.

Now compare that to City's injury list. Their biggest complain was the ANC. Take Kompany out for the season and give us vidic and see if the title is blue then.

Posted by Johnson chuks on 05/14/2012

It's a gr8 lost anyway,but we just need 2 cheer up an make correction against next season

Posted by mark flynn on 05/14/2012

The penalty call against rio during the newcastle game still haunts me.It was a world class tackle.So cruelly punished.

Posted by Bob D. on 05/14/2012

2 goals in injury time. You have to respect that. You also have to wonder how United will get that edge back? Vidic will be back, Jones and Smalling will be stronger, maybe Rafael will mature but will United make the investment for a Sneijder type player; that is someone of his QUALITY. Cleverly could be that player but we just don't know, you invest on what you know, not on what is still a mystery. This coming season, we'll turn the table on City and Europe. Glory, Glory Man United!!!

Posted by Bretty on 05/14/2012

Sad thing is that we have no-one to blame but ourselves. Should never have let a 4-2 lead against Everton slip and then the team and tactics against City were all wrong.
The City win in the last couple of minutes sadly shows the sort of determination that was once unique to United. With their financial dominence I think they will sadly buy the league for a few years to come and this could be the end of an era for United.

Posted by david on 05/14/2012

The experience this season has provided to the youngsters in the squad is invaluable.

Hopefully the glazers release some of those funds they keep taking from us year after year and we buy smart.The arab revolution may be here to stay,but never discount SAF's ability to build another great pack of players.

The close finish though hurtful,is a sign of how well we coped without our defensive stalwart, Vidic.And with a squad pale in comparison to city's.

The old guard are fading ever so slowly,but the youth shall grow and we shall compete,like we always do.Rest assured.

Posted by Jonathan D. Charles on 05/14/2012

As a United fan for over 20 years, I can accept this season we were not good enough. And yet to be tied on points? Wow. I said it before the game, if City won, they deserved the title as we let it slip. I agree with a couple of the post, where I supported United all these years due to their attack mindedness. We usualy try to score no matter what. This season I saw too many games where we just sat back on a lead and gave the opposition hope. It cost us against Everton and Blackburn I feel. Maybe we have lost a step due to the lack of quality in the midfield and back. But I am sure next season with Vidic back, and I am sure at least a quality midfielder and a striker, we will be back to contesting on all fronts for trophys. City can enjoy their one EPL title, as I feel they may not have what it takes to hold it for the next few years. Great EPL season. I enjoyed the excitement yesterday, not the end for us, but at least it was entertaining. At least we are not Liverpool.

Posted by Marvin Stuart on 05/14/2012

i personally, am fine because man city were the better side because they invested in through buying great players. i thank our manager for the great work he has done, but please try to convince the board to at least buy for players please sir. Stuart

Posted by chuck on 05/14/2012

Quote: "It pays to be dignified in defeat; however, it is hard to say you have lost to a superior opponent when the margins are so tight. Whilst every United fan I know is willing to admit City’s starting XI is a tremendous collection of players, they have won the league largely because we took our eye off the ball against Everton."
Huh? Uhhhh, no. You lost the title for many reasons (one of them was the Everton game). You did lose to a superior opponent. How about the two matches vs. City this year when Utd didn't even show up? And the goal difference? If you are honest with yourself, you have to admit that this was the weakest team in Utd's recent history.

Posted by Kody on 05/14/2012

Things go wrong for all sides, injuries, lack of focus, bad calls etc. The facts are that City did the double over the runners-up and had a better goal difference. To me, they are worthy champions.

Posted by Noel on 05/14/2012

If we had to rely on others in order for us to win the league then we clearly didn't deserve it. It's hard to take but City deserved it.

Posted by Chas Jones on 05/14/2012

I feel sorry for all my fellow Manchester United fans today. To have the trophy ripped away on the last kick of the season will hurt for a long, long time. It will sit like a knot in your stomach. Every time you start to feel optimistic, that feeling will be tempered by the knot of doubt. But allow me to add a little perspective – here in the US, yesterday was Mothers’ Day, and on Mothers’ Day in Philadelphia, they have a breast cancer awareness walk that goes right by my local. Thousands of women, breast cancer survivors and those fighting the disease stroll by. So I came outside after seeing the games, smoke coming out of my ears, and I ran into groups of these women, and it put the games into perspective – at least for me. Hope this helps.

Posted by Lovemore Mwavurudza on 05/14/2012

thnx guyz.dont loose hope it wasnt meant for us.but cme August i edge guyz dnt loose unnecessary and also dnt conside goals.imagine man city's win is coz of the goals they passed scored against us.Man U for nomatter what.lets go and fight and get our trophy back.

Posted by Brad Berger on 05/14/2012

I'm from the USA; and I must say I have NEVER felt the pain of watching a sporting event like I felt yesterday, while watching the last minutes of that Man City win. The worst part was watching United find out about it at the end of their match. God Bless United. Number 20 in 2012-13.

Posted by Jacob S. on 05/14/2012

This title hurts worse than any of the 39 years I've been a supporter. Why? Because, we lost it not that Citeh won it. Yes, yes...I know I'm being a bit of a sore loser. Indeed! But, we bottled it. We had it weeks ago and took our foot of the bloody gas. It just felt like it wasn't meant to be. Like some sort of divine punishment or something. The way in which we lost is also quite painful isn't it? The only way this could hurt worse would be if we lost it to the scousers. Then there is the banter from Liam and Noel. i could certainly do without that lots input! If we are to compete this next season the Glazers "MUST" give SAF the cash to do so. If not this title is the first of many to be won "BUY" Citeh. Couldn't resist the play on words mates. Any how that's my wee rant.

Posted by Warzone on 05/14/2012

Lets turn the page and keep moving ahead. It's not a big defeat by conceding the title to Man City. Just have a look at the squad of City and they should have won the title with 10-12 points ahead of us. Yet they beat us on goal average, so all credit goes to Man Utd. Lets get Hazard, Kagawa and Lewandowski on board, and we shall be unstoppable again.

Posted by ALEX UCHE on 05/14/2012

man united will always be the champions,u can take anything away from the red devils,the old trafford,the managers and the lads,SAF will always perform his magic and the glory will come back.congratulations to city and their arab billionaires,we see you guys next season and i promise we march you guy with anything.
United forever.

Posted by Don C on 05/14/2012

Everton 4 - United 4; City 6 - United 1. The cost was dear in both cases, first in loss of a critical two points; secondly, the (as it turned out) insurmountable goal difference. I will rejoice in the fact that despite multiple injuries, the kids played well and the old veterans were again cagey, leaving me hope for next term. A well placed replacement or two will see us through. As always, MU4ever.

Posted by Mike C on 05/14/2012

Even a visually-impaired squirrel can find a nut once every 44 years.

Posted by wally on 05/14/2012

hey,united fans stop the crying,bellyaching.u cant win all the time.all ur comments,a spoilt child,for gods sake,grow up.get a life and bye

Posted by dhongi on 05/14/2012

SNEIJDER PLEASE. Anyone else later.

Posted by Jee on 05/15/2012

"hey,united fans stop the crying,bellyaching.u cant win all the time.all ur comments,a spoilt child,for gods sake,grow up.get a life and bye"

You keep your F***** mouth shut...we are here to see how to improve next season and get the titile back from shity..not complaining...use your brain and read cafereully before blaming others..

Posted by Sajan on 05/15/2012

Things would have been better with a proper right back..I really believe Berbatov should have played more role in this campaign..we need a atleast 2 world class midfielders and 2 proper defenders..We will be back next year..Glory to Manchester United

Posted by oscar on 05/15/2012

sore loser, SAF. arrogant. "never in my life united underdog" what a comment, now SAF can eat back shirt. congrat to city. they deserved it. i'm chelsea fan

Posted by Roy on 05/15/2012

If Ferguson was in charge of the city side they would have won the league with 5 games to go with the available squad at city. I hope Mancini stay on as Mancity coach, it gives us Manutd fans hope for the future, also as he only won the league in Italy with Internazionale when Juventus and AC Milan were deducted points or relegated.

Posted by Kelvin on 05/15/2012

Wow...what a way to lose. Much more humane if City had just kept to the script and beat Rangers at home in an "orthodox" way...rather than tease us like they did.

But the league table doesn't lie. There are single events peppered throughout for all teams..but in the end, the all add up and even out.

Congrats to City....they have a great squad and played better football more consistently over the season.

As a United man....I have to admit....we were more negative in our approach in the end of season games than we were wont to be. Playing for a draw at City....not going all out for goals in the last 2 games...and defending 1-0 at Sunderland. All the above may be the smart thing to do.....but its not United.

The real impact of coming in second is hardly several hundred Ks in cash compared to hundreds of mils over a season.....but the culture and the attraction to the fan base is worth much more.

Strengthen for 2013 and lets get it on again!!

Posted by David Smith on 05/15/2012

Four years and hundreds of millions of quid later, Citeh pip the weakest United side in a while, on goal difference. Fergie going on about United's history and Citeh being a hundred years behind us certainly is true, but that sort of talk doesn't ease the pain or make our future any rosier. Both Fergie and the players bottled it in April. As a result, they handed a squad of fucking mercenaries, who were dead and buried and fighting with each other on the pitch, their first title since 1968. It's time to keep quiet, get some rest and come back next month and sort this squad out. The dead wood needs to be cleared out and the right United players brought in. Signing Scholes to another year is no reason to celebrate, but the timing of such an announcement is typical of the Old Trafford suits. As is the big name signing that surely will be announced very soon; they do it every time we fail to win the league. We have only ourselves to blame. I just hope these painful lessons are heeded.

Posted by Maxitaxi on 05/15/2012

Thanks Mike C, your comment "Even a visually-impaired squirrel can find a nut once every 44 years." made me smile for the first time since Sunday evening!

And Chas Jones from USA, yes I agree, there are much worse things happening out there in the world.

Come on guys, it's frustrating and I keep chanting "ninety seconds, that's all, ninety seconds" but it didn't happen so let's move on.

Hopefully next year we can learn from the mistakes and Fergie can let loose the dogs of war and not be so defensive.

How a team that puts eight past Arsenal, five past Spurs, five past Bolton, five past Wigan, three at Stamford Bridge, still looses out on goal difference, amazing, but we have to look at what happened after Christmas, usually a time we get stronger.

Good luck nest season United and red will always run through my veins!

Posted by mkakeni shaba on 05/15/2012

man utd is a great team next season we are coming with premier league cup no doubt about that

Posted by Dharnesh Raman on 05/15/2012

I support Manchester United and have praise for the manager and the team. With senior players out and new players being introduced, the development team has matched Man city on top of the league. With clever spending and further development of current players Man Utd will take back what is theirs. For Man city, well done, the richest team who have spent more than my country's budget, the trophy is needed to please the owners. Chelsea also did the same, spend a fortune and win a few. But man utd legend still lives on.
Support from beautiful Fiji.

Posted by dzul on 05/15/2012

REMEMBER 1997!!!

Yes, 1997-1998 is the season to forget for most of us, red army of manchuria! we won nothing! yet SAF gathered his troops in 1998, and then after hard fought season presents us with THE TREBEL!!!

man utd will always be there to fight for glory!

that's what i luv so much 'bout this club. Hail mufc!

Posted by Tariona on 05/15/2012

Honestly, guys Manchester United has no exceptional players except Rooney but if we compare him to Ronald and Messi...Eish, need I say more? Manchester City played better football and because of Laziness could have won the league a long time ago. Your hegemony is over. You are just an average team with boring players. Even Tottenham has better players!! Oh, you might say Young, he has better chance as actor no? Wellbeck? B-class at most!! I can't even think of 1 Man-United player that is wanted by a top clubs save Rooney..All your comments are of sore losers... Be gracious in defeat you were outplayed,outstyled,outmaneouvred....letz not forget the way you were dissembled by Athletic Bilbao...can't handle the Spanish teams eh? We beat you TWICE!!!!

Posted by Philemon on 05/15/2012

HEY TARIONA!! be careful bout what u said! in my opinion its just plain pitiful dat ur precious Man City just have won da league in 44 years..Y don't try catching up with MANCHESTER UNITED 19th throphy in another 44 years NO?!!!!!hahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Butuh D!!

Posted by obinna iphie on 05/15/2012

obinn frm nigeria it hurt 2 lose dat way,afta havin d hope in d 90th minutes:i guess we tried.we gav city a run 4 dere money wit and injury hit team.we need 2 spend wisely sxt season and reclaim our cup

Posted by revlino on 05/15/2012

pain in the ass to lose in such manner but we will be back ask abramovich you can never write us off. It was not about man city at all but we self destructed in crucial matches. I would say we handed the trophy to them, and this Tariona guy where the hell is bilbao now? in what position are they?You were embarassed & annihilated by ATL Madrid. The Europa league is for teams like yours.if Bilbao ever qualifies to play in the UCL I will quit supporting Man U. Go hang yourself loser.

Posted by Mathew Kawogo on 05/15/2012

I'm a ManU fan since 1994; City deserved because they were fighting to be above Man U - to them the best team-YES win the title, beat the best team home and away 7 goals and wait the final day to count teh goals; that was their benchmark. They deserved because the 7 goals they scored against us is the goal difference (less 1) that won them a title. Why cant we accept the critics that our team was weak against who became teh champions? Had it been that the 8 goals came fom another team, I would have said otherwise. You remember? were formerly fighting Liverpool who nowdays "walk alone" and we managed to win the challenge. Now City are fighting us; its a sign that before SAF retires, he must ensure they dont win the challenge. I cried a lot and as a man crying infront of your kids is shameful... 4 me 1 striker is not enough, buy 2 to avoid injuries and later blaming loosing the title due to injuries. Buy 2 midfields to cover Anderson & Fletcher. I dont see our richness if we dont spend

Posted by Suman on 05/15/2012

We'll be back next season.

Posted by Geoffrey Wavamunno on 05/15/2012

My humble respect to all who participated in the 2011/2012 season both on and off the pitch.Am solemnly indebted to you all.Factually we have had a season of belief;and its only by belief that we have managed to perform beyond capability.Which season have we ever been so badly debilitated with cruel injuries like the ones we've had this season?? unless its before i was born!new players,experienced ones leaving.a bought squad of our neighbours.Of course it may seem a rationalisation but its a so proud of all of you guys for the fight and spirit of MANUism you have shown.BIG up for yourselves.Just an addition of one attacking and one box to box midfielder,and a defender would strengthen the squad even amidist injury challenges.of course not forgeting the young lads in reserve team that can be called upon whever necessary.Ever and always a Red.

Posted by Abou Sallah on 05/15/2012

Watching from the Gambia in my uncles little cinema i was socked i cry all night long and did not eat at all,but all i knows is city can never match united no matter what i belive in alex and the red army and come next year we will surely win the league more ova kagawa will come ova and the oda boys

Posted by fatback on 05/15/2012

I believe it all came down to individual inexperience. We might be an experience club with an experience manager and a few experienced players in the top flights but how about the rest of the squad?

De Gea, Jones, Smalling, Rafael, Welbeck just showed that & it cost the title.

No matter how experience is Fergie, Rio, Giggs & Scholes, there are just so much they can do for the young lads. The rest are just learning curves.

We were in the driving seat; leading 4-2 to Everton & not handling the situation well gave away the title to city.

It is the most agonizing way to gave up the title last Sunday but remember we are UNITED...

We don't win the title every 44 years, we have been consistent for the past two decades and we will keep that consistency & that's why we are the true champion.

Remember the potential we had early this season?

This season we gain precious experience & we'll be back next season & reclaim the title. That's for sure. We've done that & will do it again.

Posted by ryan79710 on 05/15/2012

Congrats to City. I know how it feels when your team wins it after a very long period(we experienced that in 1993).

It is nice to see other team win the title. That will make the league more interesting. If your team was winning every year that would have been boring at a certain point?

It is not on Sunday that Utd lost the title. It happened due to our weak defense and lack of finish in front of goal.

I trust Fergie and the team. I dont think bringing big names will help us. Maybe Fergie needs to get a good foreign assistant manager if we want to perform better in the European games.

With an average team and a lot of injuries Utd nearly made it.In the league make no mistake Utd will fight back. This Utd team is young and I believe they have learned a lot in this campaign on both the domestic and european level.

Posted by Steve_86 on 05/15/2012

Hey Tariona. You are why I love Man City fans so much, they are a nice bunch of people. Congrats, you guys are worthy wieners!!! =)

Posted by golden on 05/15/2012

True champions goes down fighting. Jus think what could have happened if we had made the same investment like City,it then could have been unfair to the football fratenity as UTD would get everything on offer. City have clapped a LION come next season! I feel honoured to be a UTD fan. GGMUTD!

Posted by Sushant Kshirsagar on 05/15/2012

"We'll never die....We'll never die...We'll keep red flag flying high....cause Man Utd never Die".... by singing this for the summer we will look forward to the August...with hopefully Vida n Fletch back.... one or two additions and with the knowledge what one more group of youngsters are either winning the Reserves or doing well on loam somewhere... Utd have seen everything from Jack Walker's Blackburn to Abrhamovich's Chelsea.... and we will see The Sheikh's City..and match them!!!!

Posted by Olu Baggio on 05/15/2012

Tariona Tirades.. Whre the Hell have u been when the trophies have never stopped been won by United all these years? Do u have any of ur merceneries who could kiss d Citeh badge? Bunch of noisy no-hopers. I bet u'll soon loose ur voice. Haters! Anyways, congratulations on the trophy won 'BUY' Citeh!

Posted by georgieB on 05/15/2012

We'll keep the red flag flying high! Shitty rediscovered their balls at just the right time, just as we let slip 3 very valuable points. Next season is about 3 months away. Come on United!

Posted by munya on 05/15/2012

worry not fellow united fans. With the type of team we had this season, we did well. There is next season. We will bounce back again and roost

Posted by Robert on 05/15/2012

Amazing reaction. All you had to do was not lose to City once in the two timres the teams met. Im not even sying beat them, just not lose the game. They beat you twice and for me the true champion is the one that deserves it. Blame the Everton game or Wigan game all you want but when you had a chance to beat them (or Tie) to clinch the titel you failed. Title was decided that day, not on Sunday.

Posted by cas cas on 05/15/2012

First congratulations to citeh for winning the league. Second as man utd fan i would like to ask fergie and his players to stop talking too much in the media. The game is played on the pitch and thats where we should do the talking more. Our team selections let us down and its fergie's fault. The matches which cost us the title are the blackburn los at old traford,the wigan game where we slept,and the everton game where we stoped playing thinking the match is over before the final whistle was blown. Again fergie stop changing the team selections with js park in the team please. He spends the match falling down instead of making simple passes. Damn.

Posted by Zeid Nasser on 05/15/2012

The main problem is the league just keep getting more competitve. Last year, I savoured the win knowing we should get as many as we can while other teams with more money are in dis-array. And this year could have been the 20th which I thought will need 2 to 3 years to come because of the re-emergence of Arsenal, Chelse actually playing to their potential, Liverpool somehow finally turning a corner, or City paying their way to dominaton ..... The future looks uncertain in this crazy and highly competitive PL. but what's certainis that I'll always be a Red Devil!

Posted by Tego Mauritius on 05/15/2012

After one of our worst seasons I thought that would be the beginning of our downfall as it happened to our worst enemy (lfc) 21 years ago.
However correspondents Stretford Dave and Cardavo in their posts revived my hope for the future.
Read their post posts above, you will have the same soothing feeling that we are not yet finished!
We lost the title for only two reasons beside injuries:
1 Very Poor defending during the last 10 min against Everton; instead of marking opponents our defenders were watching the match as spectators.
2 We fail to score against City because there was not a single shot at goal during 90 min(a shame for Fergie's tactics)!
Had we stopped one of the last two goals from Everton or scored just once against City we would have still be champions again!
But Fergie has said it " we will bounce back as he likes challenges and has always taken them up in the past"-brushing away the likes of Leeds, Blackburn, Arsenal and Chelsea"
City? the toughest challenge?

Posted by Ronald on 05/15/2012

We can only blame ourselves for dropping points to Wigan and Everton. Barton was only being Barton, he can't change now !. Overall the injuries in defence over the season cost us as we could not field the same back four too often and that would have led to fewer goals conceeded and converted some lost or drawn matches to wins. As for next season we need four players, an attacking left back to cover Evra, an attacking and defensive midfielder and a forward. I expect Berbatov, Owen, Macheda and Anderson may be going but you can be sure there will be no panic, small changes and a steady hand will get us back to the top.

Posted by Plitzskin on 05/15/2012

Sorry to say this but many of your comments made me lol.. Enjoy the next 3 months of hurt cause we've been feeling it for the past 44 years.. Oh one more thing, a club's era do end at some time just look at Liverpool then and Barcelona now.. Start of the United decline perhaps? CTID!!

Posted by Khalil AR on 05/16/2012

dun worry man u fans,man u will be back next season as they always did it in the past..congrates to all man u players for the fight till the last game even the odd are against them. A good lessons for the young lads. solute SAF!!

Posted by SingaporeIsRed on 05/16/2012

The drama of this season has further cemented my love for Man United. We will never die and the red flag with continue to march on.

Our transitional team, ravaged by injuries and full of promising youngsters tied on points with the best team in the league 400million can buy, and lost out only on goal difference on the last day of the season.

Never been prouder to be a fan of this illustrious club.


Posted by Pema tenzin on 05/16/2012

Eversince i could read and understand ManUtd has been my favourite.They are just an incredible side and can challenge for any glory with just a average squad.This is a incredible job done by sir alex.We the fans owe u a lot.

Loosing title to Mancity is just another blip of the season similar to challenges by chelsea and arsenal in the recent past.manUtd will retain their title next season without doubt.

Manchester united is the best team in manchester and in UK.Sir alex is correct to say the history of the united will dwarf the city's sucess this season.Winning just one title in premier league era doesnot imply that city is the best team in manchester.This seasons title success will be the last and the final for city.City's squad is assembled through multi-million spending and cannot continue for more than three years.They cannot spend 200-300 millions for players every season. Manu's squad represent perpetuity a young squad.ManU's next season will be perfect with young guys steppin

Posted by Maxor on 05/16/2012

We lost the trophy to city because we conceded far too many goals against them over the 2 legs. City won with a goal difference of 8. The goal difference bn UNITED and City after the 2 legs is 6 of which each counted 4 2 against United and2 4 City. Meaning in all we lost 12goals 2 city.

Posted by Maxitaxi on 05/16/2012

Some nice comments and well done for your hope of glory. It seems 90% understand what a great achievement we performed this season as SingaporeIsRed so eloquently put it.

What pisses me off is watching those idiots on ESPN Press pass, especially Steve Nichol whose bias against MunU is sickening. They have all been saying this is the start of City's dominance, that they can now go on and win everything and we'll be pushed into their shadow.

What a bunch of tossers. City won the title by a whisker and against probably the weakest and injury ravaged United team in two decades. We still ended up 19 points ahead of third place!

The difference is SAF signs players who want to wear the red shirt. We don’t just sign mercenaries who are always on the look out for bigger pay packets!

Plitzskin, you're an idiot. Were you one of the City fans that was crying at 90mins or left Wastelands early because you had no faith in your team, hypocrite!

Proud to be Red and always will be.

Posted by hal on 05/16/2012

If the same amount of money is given to Arsene, Arsenal not only is champion of England but the world..

Posted by Se7en on 05/16/2012

End of an era? Now that's worthy of a lol.

There was Chelsea, they won the League twice on the trot. Everyone was talking about the 'Russian Revolution'.

Guess what team ended their run.

When Arsenal did the double and left United emptyhanded, we came back and went one better, winning the Treble.

That's one of the reasons why there're so many ABUs out there. United just keep coming back, no matter what happened before.

This United team was considered one of the weakest United lineups of all time, yet were runners-up by virtue of GD only. This was against a City team boasting a star-studded lineup and quality backup.

If I were a City fan, I'd hope to hell that the Sheikh spends some more of his money to enforce the squad still further next season, get rid of deadwood and undesirable elements within the team and try to clone Yaya Toure and Kompany, as they're pretty much indispensable to City.

Eagle better watch its back, United has a long history of birdkilling.

Posted by G. Hamilton Barlea on 05/16/2012

I don,t understand while people talking about man city. Manchester united is the best team in the world,let forget about the litle and prepare for August 17.

Posted by G. Hamilton Barlea on 05/16/2012

Watching from Liberia in a cinema in my home county Nimba (Ganta) i was socked especially the equalizing goal.My believe is MAN UNITED is the best team in the English premiership.We will make a come back in few weeks time and win the league Treble.

Posted by e.t. on 05/16/2012

Gents, seriously, scoffing at City as a blind squirrel sounds suspiciously like gooners scoffing at Chelsea circa 2004. Consider those two clubs' respective silverware hauls ever since. It's possible to love your own club without coming across as churlish, small and bitter

Posted by marbs on 05/17/2012

with all the money city had couldnt won the title by ten point or more so it shows that we are not far behind them just a few mistake we made but with the young guys who got a chance to taste how it would have being if they have won the title i bet this season coming up they would not make those same mistake they made last time that cause us the tilte i love manchester united and they will win back the league but by ten point

Posted by Maxitaxi on 05/18/2012

e.t. I really don’t think you can call United fans bitter after the twenty odd years we've had.

Disappointed about the end result, yes, but bitter, can't see that in any of the blogs. Sometimes humor helps to ease the pain and I thought the squirrel comment was very amusing and not meant to be bitter, churlish or childish.

We do love our team and I think in the main, we mostly respect other teams. The banter between City and Liverpool fans is generations old, check the web site for City and Liverpool jokes about United, are they childish and churlish.

Have a sense of humor man; we have had to this season but hopefully not for much longer!

Posted by fatback on 05/18/2012

I agree with Maxitaxi, only about 90% see the big picture, the rest of you are pretty much near sighted and don't quite understand what the real accent of football.

Especially you Tariona, with your comment that Man united is just an average team with boring players;
It's either you are complimenting us (but don't know how to put it in a nicer way) or you are just plain stupid because all you were actually saying with just an average team & ravaged by injuries and having inexperienced squad, we still managed to level on point with your Man city...

Posted by john brisbane on 05/19/2012

i prefer to think we actually shared the title as goal difference doesn't count in my book so there's a challenge to mancinity and sheikalotashite lets see how many billions you can spend in the pre season and you never know you might actually win it properly(maybe buy a point or two) next year,then again your worst nightmare may come true MAN U win the QUADRUPLE of league,F.A,carling and champions league,I'll let all you BNB's worry the rest of the off season with that thought and enjoy your half of the title.

Posted by TanKS on 05/19/2012

Yes! There is always next season. Come May 2013, we will lift the 20th title without worrying any goal difference.
City's win is just one off. Their players are not playing for glory but money.

Glory Glory Man Utd!!!

Posted by simon on 05/21/2012

Man Utd is a great club, but there must be some changes that has to be made:

1. De Geas poor performance (replace him with Lindegard)

2. Sign stronger Midfielders.

Posted by G. Hamilton Barlea on 05/21/2012

We all agreed that MAN UNITED is a great team. My questions is what SAF doing about the coming season or how many players on his list to buy? Is he going to do business as usual? Please we are tired of disappointments.

Posted by G. Hamilton Barlea on 05/22/2012

Please buy three midfielders,one attacking,two defences and ateast two strikers.

Posted by carrick the england best on 05/22/2012

Carrick was the United's Best player!
England's player selection for Euro 2012 a joke,
How can Rooney perform without Carrick in the midfield?
Hahahaha, Gerrard n Lampard can't play together, barry n parker don't have that killer pass n lack vision to defend the back four that just using their physique type of play!!

Posted by tawanda musarurwa on 05/22/2012

Come on guyz, lets buy players other clubs want. who else wants Kagawa? big names ar big 4 a reason....they hv proven th@ they can perform, which explains why they ar in demand. lets go 4 exceptional talent, say Neymar, Kaka, Sneijder....bring back Cristiano!

Posted by bobo on 05/22/2012

go go ManU

Posted by RH on 05/25/2012

Man U did not fare that bad.

QPR took their eyes off the ball during the injury time knowing they are safe.

If QPR needed the result, they would hold off Man City.

BPL should really look at the timing of their schedule.

Posted by Canadared on 05/27/2012

YOU are an utter joke, YOU are what is wrong with footy fans today!! Probably the worst blog on this site, hands down!

Posted by Alfa on 05/31/2012

Im zimbabwean staunch man u supporter was gutted with the way we handed citeh the title bt stil a great experience for the young guys for seasons to cme.Congrat citeh enjoy yo day in the sun for nite wil cme

Posted by kiran on 07/27/2012

i just love manchester this season manchester city really played well and they deserve this trophy.but we all know with great players all can win but its more honourable and great when the young players win.manchester united never loses some other world manchester may not win or may not have fans but not in this hats of for manchester united........

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