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Posted by Mark Payne on 05/01/2012

This was a rather apologetic performance from Manchester United and we got what we deserved from Eastlands. A championship team would have swashbuckled their way into East Manchester, rather than building ramparts around the goalmouth. Despite a bright start and a bright finish for United, City bossed large periods of this match and were worthy victors. They are in the driving seat now.

The result at Old Trafford earlier in the season was obviously playing on Ferguson’s mind when he selected the team for this match. Despite the fact we have beaten City at both Eastlands and Wembley this season, that 6-1 bayoneting from October is all anyone remembers.

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Park Ji-Sung is a great man but he hasn’t had much football recently and he looked off the pace in this match. His selection also sent out the message that we were set up to play defensively and happy with the draw. Our caution has cost us and one wonders if fortune may have favoured us had we been braver.

Last year’s Champions’ League final followed a similar script. Not because City are as good as Barcelona, they are not, but because we began full of intent before sitting back and asking our opponents to come forward and attack us. It is pathetically easy to criticise after the event, but I feel the game would have gone our way if we had started with the team that finished the match.

Full credit must go to our contingent of away fans who played their part in a terrific atmosphere. It was also pleasing that, in a season that has featured so much controversy with Liverpool, this derby could pass without any ugly incidents. It was indeed a credit to the city of Manchester.

And this week, the Berties will be cock of the walk about town. A friend of mine who married a City fan has not spoken to her husband all week. Personally, my only regret is being so nice to City fans over the years. We will be made to suffer over the next few days, make no mistake.

Nonetheless, whilst this is very much a case of the battle being lost, the war continues to rage. Manchester City have the momentum now, there can be no denying it, and if they win the last two games of their season they will become worthy champions of this division. The thing is, they might not.


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Posted by Fletch on 05/01/2012

The fact that United have dropped 8 points from the last four games is unbelievable and they don't deserve the title because of it. However that won't stop me from hoping they put 6 or 7 past Swansea at Old Trafford just to make the last day interesting.

Posted by David Smith on 05/01/2012

What an absolutely disgusting performance that was. Almost coward-like. It's one thing to lose a big match; it's quite another not to give yourself even a sniff of a chance. I didn't blame Fergie for the Everton debacle, but he gets most of it for this one. That lineup and those anti-United tactics will haunt us for years to come if Newcastle don't do us a favour next weekend. Dropping Rafael was a no-brainer and Phil Jones had a really good game, but the look on Smalling's face told me he was way out of his league. The lad looked scared-to-fucking death. How on earth Nani was allowed to ponce around for 83 minutes, is beyond me as well. He should of been hauled off after 60 minutes, along with Park, whose United days, fortunately, appear numbered. Carrick had a good game, but Giggs was ineffective and finally looked his age for once. How a five-man midfield allowed Zabaleta to look so good (and wide open) was shocking as well. The title will be decided at Newcastle and we need help.

Posted by maxitaxi on 05/01/2012

Fergie said before the match that he would never play for a draw, could have fooled me. We won countless titles and trophies by being cavalier and dynamic, fast on the break and solid in defense. Remember the swathe of red shirts that used to swarm forward and scare the shit out of many a famous side.

Last night United looked timid and bereft of ideas and I felt that if we wanted it, we should have gone for it. Busby's famous dressing room talk was, “Doesn't matter if they score three, we just score four!”

Sorry Fergie, you screwed up this one and to see you in front of the world fighting with Mancini was pointless and degrading. If it was meant to fire up the team, it was far too late.

What angers me more than anything is that shit Blue Moon song and that hairy twat on their blog that seems to have come out of hiding, typical!

Now we rely on the Geordies god help us or maybe Sparky's team of duds! Not over till the fat lady sings, although I hear her warming up.

Posted by Patrice- Kigali on 05/01/2012


The last three years have really roasted the gas out of me and I will tell you why.

Yes, we won the EPL title last season. yes we signed Young and Jones. Yes...(You can go on and on)but the point I want to drive home here is you look at teams through these years and they don't play football to the tune of Manchester United that I had known since 1993 when i became a proud supporter. Surely, how can you explain the fact that throughout yesterday's match, United didn't register a shot on goal!

In fairness to the game and as much as it pains to say, Man City deserves the title this year.

I am going to repeat this for the millionth time: United has no midfield and every game is won from there. Anderson(9 games a season on average for three seasons), Giggs and Scholes(They gave what they had and is over)and I appreciate, Cleverly(Treat that foot completely even if it means him staying out for a season otherwise he is another Anderson in waiting). Carrick and Fetcher, next time.

Posted by mohammed humaid on 05/01/2012

the plight of United stated when Ronaldo was sold . they have not replaced him . Sir alex is having to contend with low budget while the Glazers are stealing the money of Manchester United under a host of banners.
United have to spend heavily to have any chance of retaining some of their old glory.
If I were SAF or Rooney I would give the Glazers an ultimatum to spend or for SAF to resign and Rooney to seek a transfer. where are all MUST fans. I thopught you were going to boycott ticket buying and where are the green and Yellow scarves. Its Mancheter United's reputatiion is on line!
Giggs and Schols were brilliant a decade ago and its really on fair on them to expect them to shoulder the greed of the Glazers.

Posted by Ali on 05/01/2012

Bla-bla bla bla bla,

No Vidic no Fletcher for much of the season, Anderson & Cleverley on clutches, please stop critisising Sir Alex, a champion does not loose at Wigan (where our average score is 4-nil) and surrender 2 goals leads twice in on half at home.
83 pts level with Citey with 2 games to go, is not the worst position, and as Maxitaxi said:
It ain't over till the Fat lady starts to sing,

Posted by aussiered on 05/01/2012

Imagine this scenario five,ten fifteen or anytime past, when a local Derby is going to decide the outcome of the title. The players of the day would not allow themselves to put in such an abject performance. I would say that was a worse effort than the 6 -1 debacle. For no other reason than the stakes were obviously higher and to a majority they let themselves and the opportunity down.
Fergie is going to take some serious flack, but its still upto the player on the park to impact the game through his ability and determination. An old athletics coach used to say dont wait for the bloke in front to slow down force your prescence on him until he cracks.
This result regardless of the ultimate destination of the league,should force our Yankee owners to loosen the strings and break the bank on four if not five players.
It is unusual for Fergie to be so sentimental, but,if they stay Giggsy and Scholesy should be kept for other games allowing experience to be gain by others.
Believe in unite

Posted by Arpit Sharma on 05/01/2012

One look at the line up prior to the match made me believe that United were not here to WIN.Park Ji Sung, a man with little to no matchtime to his credit, in the starting line up ?? This horribly gone wrong approach of SAF has cost us the title. I hate to admit it, but, expecting City to drop a point against Newcastle at St.James Park,after a massive Derby & title lift, is foolhardy. Although I am BELIEVE from the bottom of my heart that I get proved wrong.


Posted by sadha on 05/01/2012

rooney apart man utd are garbage.welbeck is most overated and crap.we need a top playmaker and striker.get rid of evans,jones,smalling and get a new defence. the other alternate is for ferguson to retire.

Posted by yellowcow on 05/01/2012

i believe most of us (if not all) would agree that the moment we saw the line-up we knew we were going to lose this derby. regardless of your opinion about saf, he has got it all wrong in this match - the line up, tactics, timing of subs.... i hate to say this but city deserves to win the title because of their overall performance this season but losing the title in manner is unforgivable. saf has done enough for the club and it is time to step down.

Posted by Martin Olesen on 05/01/2012

At the end of the day it is actually quite simple: City is just the better team right now

Posted by Nuruddeen on 05/01/2012

Starting an important match without our most creative player from the flank (Valencia) is akin to suicide mission, on wonder Zabaleta looked good. For the part 2 seasons whenever Gigsy and scholesy start we always lost our speed, agility and physical presence in a match .SAF got his tactics wrong, had SHITTY took all their chances the outcome would have been more embarassing. The title is now in the hands of SHIT unless miracle happen.

Posted by sam on 05/01/2012

I love ryan giggs but i fail to see why he played the whole 90 minutes leave alone starting at the expense of an extra striker namely welbeck. Given his recent form, i fail to understand why Antonio Valencia didnt start the game. Going to eastlands to play for a draw againist a city team that is extremely hungry for a league title and the extra incentive of finally getting one over us(the noisy neighbours are getting louder banner effectively demonstrating that) was a tactical error. How does a team whose greatest strength isnt their defense play to defend. Now we have to turn to Pappise Cisse to give us a chance at the title!!

Posted by timmy red devil on 05/01/2012

Just another upsetting performance.I also expected the result when I saw the teamsheet but we all probably knew it that we don't deserve the title.Not one of the players on the field showed commitment nd passion(was lacking whole season)nd the boss boiling over just a shame.Let's keep the united spirit going the last 2 games nd then let's c what happens.What should happen for next season is the glazers should make a statement nd give fergie the funds 2 go on a shopping sphree nd hopefully he not gna waste it on bullshit players with no experience we need big names that has won championships

Posted by gal on 05/01/2012

SAF is a fighter and no doubt, he got it wrong this time but he will definitely come back strongly provided Glazers support their cause,but frankly speaking Man city will b the true winners this year cause they really deserve the title, for the team they have, and for the way they have performed in the league.

Posted by David on 05/01/2012

MU did not play well, Man City also did not play to their potential. Although Man City is currently a better team, but I really dislike Mancini as a person and hope that come the last day, MU can be crowned champion.

Posted by Sean on 05/01/2012

The league was lost against Everton. Utd almost went 5-2 up but at 4-3 the alarm bells were ringing. Fergie should have substituted forwards for midfielders/defenders to hold on to what we had. Giggs has not been a 90 mins man for the past few years and yet he has played full games in 2 Champions League Finals v Barcelona and last night against Man City and was terrible in each of those games. Utd are now paying the price for not buying a top quality midfielder last summer. Giggs and Scholes contributed this season but are now only part game players. United need major changes and the old boys Ferguson, Giggs and Scholes, who have been brilliant in their roles in the past, are now finished.

Posted by Subhash Pais on 05/01/2012

I believe Man United have bottled this one which as a Man United fan for ages now i am disappointed to see. 8 points a couple of weeks back and i think the team thought that they had it signed, sealed and delivered and had to just show up to claim the title.

I am sure this will be a kick up everyone's backside and just like in 2005 it would mean fresh faces being brought into the team. I would think Man United are now gonna fight tooth and nail for the likes of M'Villa, Kagawa and Hazzard and that will be good to see. I for one would like to look at the silver lining.

Posted by Steve_86 on 05/01/2012

It'd be easier to swallow if we went down with guns blazing. United don't always win but they always put up a hell of a fight. This game was totally uninspired. Disappointing.

Posted by samm on 05/01/2012

well,I hate to say this but we don't deserved to win the title.Early in the season when we have chance to score more goal it's seem to me that the boy always slow down after being 2 goals up and that really irritates me. And I thought we have lost it last week when we played Everton to a 4-4 draw. If we were to win the title this season we won't next season unless we make some good signning.

Posted by Kirk on 05/01/2012

Hi Mark, this really angers me.
Kompany, Lescott and Hart should call SAF and thank him for what was most probably the easiest game that they have had for the season. I blame SAF totally and feel sorry for the players especially Rooney. We have the best player for the season Valencia, to me, on the bench with whom Rafael has had telling attack performances. Wellbeck and Rooney have been linking and have scored classic goals against Everton but you play Giggs, Park and Jones, why? Nani, the least effective winger played while the other two more effective sat out.I have said it already, that the formation do not suit MU and we lost with it in the CL final, in Europe this year and the FA Cup against Liverpool. We have seen our strength when we attack but SAF went into this match showing how much he was afraid of Mancity - sad. This was not the MU that I have supported for fifty years and it hurts. SAF have blundered and do not deserve the title, sad to say and I feel it for the players.

Posted by Saiad on 05/01/2012

I have been supporting Man U for almost 4 decades and it pains every time they lose. The starting lineup did tell me that SAF is too cautious. Giving too much respect to the opposition. I expected a 5 man midfield with Rooney alone upfront. But, I did not expect Park, Nani and Giggs to be part of it. I thought Valencia, Cleverly and Rafeal (yes yes Rafeal)should do the trick in the midfield. Now, we can only hope Newcastle do a favour for us. But than again, the momentum that City got will get them the required points. Hate to say this but its time for Sir Alex Ferguson to retire.

Posted by Archangel mike on 05/01/2012

United loss at both home and away are undesrving. To me , it was all due to the decision of the manager inboth matches. United needs a younger manager. No doubt about that the SAF is a legend in Man U but for him to retain the managerial seat will cost the club a pepetual years without trophy. We need the kind of Pep Ghadiola and Jose mou in united. If we loose EPL this season, it will not be too bad than staying for years without any trophy for an unimaginable seasons. SAF should consider this and relif himself of the manager's task. All the best!

Posted by Believe on 05/01/2012

Perhaps it is the right time to lose the title and let SAF feel the need to change his own squad. The quality of his squad has been dropping consistently over the years. We weren't a match for Man City on tat day, tat's for sure.

Posted by Ray-man on 05/01/2012

Disgraceful team put together by SAF yesterday: Welbeck, Hernandez and Cole on the bench? Giggs and Scholes w-a-y past their best. No purchases during January window? SAF is tired, lost his passion, or both. He very well may have blown the season for us yesterday. Either find your passion again Fergie and get serious (and that means buy players and dump deadwood like Berba, Ferdinand, Owen, etc) or retire now. We could have won the League!

Posted by Andrew M. on 05/01/2012

I am an Arsenal fan but I come in peace to respectfully make the following observations: City have a vastly superior playing staff to United right now. Yaya Toure, Samir Nasri, Aguero, Tevez (sorry), Silva. United simply don't have the same number of quality creative talent and as City gel as a unit, United's sole comparative advantage - their organization and coherence - will be less influential.

Moreover, with all due respect to the hale warriors Scholes and Giggs, where are United's characters? Who replaced Roy Keane? Who replaced Cristiano Ronaldo? Who is Rooney's partner in crime? Manchester United's playing staff is but an emaciated skeleton compared to the beefy, boisterous viking warrior that dominated the 90s and the previous decade. Arsenal has suffered the same kind of emasculation, so I sympathize.

Posted by AnArsenalFan on 05/01/2012

Much of the critique is unfair.

Park was on the pitch to limit Yaya Youre, who showed just how dangerous he is after Park was taken off. As soon as he got more space, he started rampaging through midfield and could have had two goals.

While Park was on the pitch, Toure was far more subdued, as the South Korean forced him into back passes and didn't give him much time to look up with the ball at his feet.

Giggs ran his socks off too and did a great job coming inside to pick up Silva and then peeling back out to help out with Nasri.

Ultimately, Fergie was one headed goal away from getting the draw he wanted. So all in all I think ManU fans need to cool off for a couple of days before they go criticizing their manager for making largely correct decisions.

Posted by Carl on 05/01/2012

Mark, no real City fan will make you suffer over the next few days. It isn't over, not by a long shot. We are a pessimistic lot. Assuming we don't cough up a hairball v. Toon or QPR, Utd certainly could put 6 past Swansea and 5 by Sunderland (well, maybe) while City goes 1-0, 1-0.

Now if we win the title . . . THEN you'll be made to suffer. All summer, in fact. Maybe longer.

Posted by TJ on 05/01/2012

Chris Smalling was either rushed into the big time or he just isnt good enough. He had 2 blunders against Netherlands, that led to goals; he was at fault for Basels second goal and now he blundered the corner which led to Citys goal. How many excuses can we make for him. They all say its experience but Im starting to think he is just not up to standard. Too much faith being put in average players. Are these guy, Ashley Young, Chris Smalling , the Twins and Evans really good enough for a man utd side that wants to win ucl.

If Mancini could pick players from man utd to improve City then only Vidic ,Rooney (Scholes) and Valencia would make it into that team. Man utd is lacking quality and Fergie has been carrying this team on his back.

Posted by Harry Bracegirdle on 05/01/2012

I agree with many of the previous posts that United playing a defensive game only isn't in our character but fraught with danger as proven. We never looked like beating City nor deserved to beat em. For once, Fergie got it wrong with his starting lineup. Attacke is the best form of defence.

However, I have been wondering how many night games Unitedvhave lost this season, including European games? I suspect the win ratio is very low. Perhaps our team of you g players should be in bed after 7 pm - they certainly haven't played well in night games, particularly defensively.

City now have the pressure to remain on top now. Newcastle won't be easy . I hope they stubble with a draw at least to make the last round interesting.

Posted by nwokeji phebian on 05/02/2012

its so unfortunate city won this one. fergie lost out days before the match was played. i was shocked when i saw uniteds formation for that game. it showed united feared city a lot. i expected to see changes early in the game...say 50 mins on.
infact i am so dissapointed...but its not over yet.

Posted by revlino mazhinduka on 05/02/2012

am disappointed by the defensive line up SAF put at City he was scared of them...and the spat with Mancini a big embarrassment to all our supporters SAF was just looking for a scapegoat i believe we lost the title against Everton,we are short on quality and creative players unless we remedy this we have nothing for all our travails

Posted by Batigol on 05/02/2012

10-0 Swansea. Believe.

Posted by Alvin Loh CY on 05/02/2012

Forget about Newcastle doing us a favour to kill off Man City! Sir Alex will be beefing up his charges for a goal glutting session against Swansea and Sunderland. Anything less than a 5 goal victory in each match is totally unacceptable to us United fans. This is the ONLY way to save our season now instead of constantly feeling sorry for that disgusting performance.

I have been supporting United since the 90's because i was so inspired by their brand of attacking football and most importantly the never give up attitude that epotimise the team so regularly. But this current team does not strike any fear at all into any of their top opponents such as Barca, City or Real Madrid. Since Ronaldo and Tevez left the team of 2008, the club has been going downhill. We should have never let a player like Tevez who fights for every ball like his life depended on it left.

Players like Smalling, Wellback, Park, Anderson and even Evra hardly make you stand up or excited in the big matches.

Posted by John paygar on 05/02/2012

Our last game with Man-city was so disappointing for as fans from Africa specifically west africa Liberia. Two things i espect to be done now with the willingness of Sir Alex Fergie as well. That is, let him give chance to a new coach this year and let him served on the board or advisor to the team.Only because of his achievement with

Posted by Aaron Mark Hendrix on 05/02/2012

So right about 5.00am is when it hit me,we're NOT gonna win the league.And we'll only have ourselves to blame.But wait.Did any of you really think we would win the league this season?To be where we are now,only goal difference behind a team who spent millions on a whole squad and way above chelsea et al shows that even this most uninspiring of United squads in a long time still are good enough for a challenge.But not win it.We were handed a free gift which we returned to the sender with a kiss.They'll be laughing at us for years now,but truth is,we just lacked that cutting edge in the games where we needed it the most.The 2 games with City,FC Basel,Bilbao,FA Cup against those Scousescum were all games where something special was required,and sadly,we dont have anyone capable of providing that this season.The lads have not been consistent and when ne needed someone to step up and pull us through,we were found wanting.Inspiration has been lacking,pespiration too at times...

Posted by Capital B on 05/02/2012

The reason we lost - ANTONIO VALENCIA.
SAF can you explain how you managed to leave such a workaholic on the bench?

Park has been awesome to us in big games but that was because he was actually playing before such big games. When was the last time we saw Park playing; and then to expect him to get into his stride against City. SAF - you messed up big here, despite all the joy you have brought us before...

Posted by Ade Akula on 05/02/2012

A few points to note

1. City are much better than United, squad for squad in every part of the field. Keeper, Defense, Midfield, Attack

2. They wanted it more, see the passion Kompany, Zabaleta and Tevez brought to the games versus our players

3. City selected their best squad on the day, we selected a poor side. I am yet to be convinced about Jones and I can never understand the purpose of Carrick

4. Most games are won in the middle and this is the weakest united midrfield in years. The fans know that and have "begged" for an improvement for at least 3 years, remember the clamour for sneijder but SAF did not respond

5. It is not a money problem. United spent £60m this season buying in areas we were already strong at e.g. Young when we already had Nani, Valencia, Giggs, Park, Obertan & Bebe. £60m could have bought us 2 goodmidfielder.

I hope that we change for better next season

Posted by Kelvin on 05/02/2012

Take a few days to cool off. It was a hard loss to swallow. Playing defensive is sensible away and with a three point lead at the end of the season. There were only 2 or 3 goal scoring chances in the entire game anyway.....1 scored, 1 saved and 1 snuffed out. Unfortunately Utd had none of them........

As for the fair weather "fans" baying for blood.......don't come back with praise, if' we score a shit load in the next 2 games.....or if City mess up.

It does not look good but it's not over yet.

Posted by Maxitaxi on 05/02/2012

I read that Fergie is sending an exodus of young reds on loan spells. They won the reserve league by 13 points!

Maybe he should bring them into the first team.....Oh that's right, you don't win anything with kids!!

Posted by ivan on 05/02/2012

There's nothing left to say.If anyone still believes Fergie has it,then they, like Fergie
have lost their minds too.
To blame the players is ludicrous, Fergie chose the team.Had he played his strongest team, we would have won the game.
Wellbeck is a waste of time,Park pathetic, Giggs
past it, Nani hopeless.
We have players like Berbatov and Chico who were top scorers and now can't get a game, because Fergie wants to prove Wellbeck is a new found talent-Garbage.
Fergie talks about attack-but cant remember what it means. COME-ON RETIRE Before you embarass yourself,
Astalavista baby

Posted by mohammed humaid on 05/02/2012

I have been a fan of Uited since the time of George Best and Bobby Charlton. it hurts to see United being out played by other teams. the success in spite of bringing good players is due to the good yopuths academy that United has and good coaching of SAF.
United used to see old players to Real Marid tody they spend like Wolves who are going down this year.
it's a shame

Posted by Ahmad Syafiq on 05/03/2012

Screw you people calling for Sir Alex's retirement just because of one very bad result. It shows that he's also human and he makes mistakes like everyone else. Some of you people are just too short-sighted to see the bigger picture. Sure, our only hope lies at St James Park this Sunday, but we'll have to set our own destiny as best as possible (against Swansea at home). Even Gary Neville once said, I don't mind if Liverpool does the double over us, as long as we win the league. So, if Manchester City wins against Newcastle, I consider it game over as they will whoop QPR at the Etihad. But, anything other than a City win, it's a light of hope, and we have to make it count.

Posted by Aaron Mark Hendrix on 05/03/2012

There's no point hoping on Newcastle to do us a favour.I'd be the happiest sonbitch if they did,but honestly,if City could beat us,you'd have to think they'd be capable of beating anyone as well.But still,it aint done and dusted yet,so yeah,that match will be one I'll be paying close attention to.However I'd like to ask everyone what they think of the possibility of us winning it on goal difference is.That's in our hands.Assuming Citeh score 6 goals in their next 2 games,we'd need to score 15 goals in 2 games and we'll win it by a GD of +1.Far fetched I know,since we couldnt even muster a shot on target throughout 95mins,but at least that's still in our hands.I guess I'm clutching at straws,thinking of possibilities and scenarios where we could still win the title,but man,I'm a United fan,what'd you expect?That I'd concede defeat with 2 games left to go?I believe allright,but I hope the lads do to,coz their faith and drive is what counts,not mine(ours) alone..

Posted by Maxitaxi on 05/03/2012

I think instead of some fans (sic) forgetting the twenty five years of virtual domination and blaming Fergie for Monday's poor performance, we should be looking at Newcastle's scouting team.

Cisse, Ben Arfa, Ba, Tiote and Cabye, probably all cost less than Berbatov and their salaries collectively add up to the same.

Thank you Newcastle, after the performance at Wigan, I thought we were screwed but last night was a great match. They totally outplayed Chelsea by being brave and strong with sprinkles of lovely football, kudos to Pardue. If we had played half as well at Wastelands, we might have got a better result.

As if Cisse’s first goal wasn’t superb in execution, I’ve not seen a goal make me applaud with joy as his second goal against one of the best goalkeepers in the world, not since Rooney’s scissor kick against City last year.

Thanks Newcastle, you may have just saved our season if you play City anywhere near your performance last night.

Haway the lads!

Posted by David Smith on 05/03/2012

It's hardly surprising to see so many "United fans" on here, especially the ones from Asia and Africa, who have given up on the Boys winning the league this season. It's shocking though to see so many calling for the gaffer's head. Since the Munich Air Disaster, United have had a large worldwide appeal and following. United's domestic dominance that began in the early 1990's also meant these worldwide numbers would swell. As a result, we have to read the absolute bollocks of these self-styled United fans from every corner of the fucking earth. Everyone of them an expert. To my Asian and African brothers and sisters, Citeh have a tougher match at Newcastle than the just-played derby was ever going to be. The Geordies are battling for a Champions' League spot and are at home in front of 50,000 footballing mad nutters. If you don't realise just how likely it is that Newcastle will get something from this match and effectively hand us the title, then too bad for you. Number 20 by 2 points.

Posted by love man u on 05/03/2012

SAF should just retire... he is not going to bring Man U to the next gen level. Football will improve, games are about team play, skilled individuals(unselfish) to gel up so that playmaking is possible thru players' knowing their style and get the ball delivered to break up the def with chance.

Now recent years, Man U is only showing signs of failure. Games against other top europe teams are the best evidence. Man U is not playing class football since Eric Cantona. Even with Cantona, they had young giggs, sharp, etc.. now the current team?

Really sad to see Man U not improving for years... Thou they seems to lead BPL but its just other teams not gel up with class players till now City did it.. Sad...

Posted by Alec Beach on 05/04/2012

who cares......the prem like all other leagues is not interesting and spoiled by money. I would much rather see proper teams like Villa,Everton, Sunderland, Newcastle, Spurs etc duke it out. Top 4-5 moneybags teams can all exit stage left please and take all your glory hunting fans with you please.

Posted by Zaxx on 05/04/2012

It's funny to see that some people think United will score about 6 or 7 easily against Swansea or Sunderland. Be realistic. Swansea is tricky team. Being in mid table as promotion team is big achievement for them. They won't beaten easily. Remember United only managed to won 0-1 in first meeting this season. The also beat Arsenal and City. Manage to draw against Chelsea, Liverpool and Spurs. United will win 2-0 or 3-1 at best

Posted by cas cas on 05/04/2012

Ok i have one question for fergie.WHY THE HELL DO YOU ALWAYS FIELD J.S Park? This guy spends his time on the turf more than his feet. He falls down with the ball on his feet instead of making a pass to a teammate 2 metres from him. Always tripping over his laces like a 3 year kid in a play ground at kindergarten.
Even my wife who does not know much about football dreads it when she sees the lineup with Park in it. I would have Berbatov any day to Park honestly.
We are screwed now because noise from the neighbours is about to go up several decibels now
and it iritates no end.

Posted by Heston on 05/04/2012

Yes Alex did drop the ball with the selection of smalling,jones and Nani..Selecting scholes and giggs in the midfield was also a big mistake but we were one header away from a good result.The alarming thing is that alex chose not to play the manchester united way or felt that he could not afford to..Lets just hope that newcastle does us a favor and even if they do that we go out and get some real quality into the squad.sorry but jones and smalling are just not ready..say what you say raphael has lots more craft and gives away the ball way less than jones who seems in over his head..Either way, its man united forever.Its how we move on from this is what history will remember most..
Chin up to the true man u fans..

Posted by Joe peters on 05/04/2012

Please! my United folks, i know we have been messed up by our own beloved SAF. But lets not forget that very soon we might sing, 'GLORY!!! GLORY!!! MAN UNITED. It breaks my heart to see the highest goal scorerer of man united for last term on the bench. Secondly, lets not hope on Newcastle, but rather lets work hard and see how we can score up to 15 goals in 2 matches. After all we hold the record for most goals against crystal palace 9-1, we can do it again and then my dream of composing "WHY ALWAYS MANCHESTER UNITED may come true. I BELIEVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Posted by aussiered on 05/05/2012

I started to type out a rant a few days ago ,about many of the comments from the nouveau United fans. Somewhere between the start and finish I thought whats the point most wouldnt have a clue what I was saying, and the rest would be too fucking clue less to understand the history let alone the blind passion and belief that goes with the territory.
Anyhow not too worry Dave Smith who I have had plenty of literary joisting matches with summed it up well enough.
I have feeling the geordies are up for spoiling a party,so the comical justice of losing home and away to the bitters, and still winning the league entices me to jump on a plane and enjoy the fun to be had.

Believe in United it Will Happen

Posted by aussiered on 05/05/2012

Imagine this scenario five,ten fifteen or anytime past, when a local Derby is going to decide the outcome of the title. The players of the day would not allow themselves to put in such an abject performance. I would say that was a worse effort than the 6 -1 debacle. For no other reason than the stakes were obviously higher and to a majority they let themselves and the opportunity down.
Fergie is going to take some serious flack, but its still upto the player on the park to impact the game through his ability and determination. An old athletics coach used to say dont wait for the bloke in front to slow down force your prescence on him until he cracks.
This result regardless of the ultimate destination of the league,should force our Yankee owners to loosen the strings and break the bank on four if not five players.
It is unusual for Fergie to be so sentimental, but,if they stay Giggsy and Scholesy should be kept for other games allowing experience to be gain by others.
Believe in unite

Posted by Maxitaxi on 05/05/2012

Just watched Norwich hold Arsenal in a rip roaring game. Arsenal fighting for third spot, Norwich safe and looking forward to their holidays.

Let's not take Swansea too lightly and think they have nothing to play for.

Come on Newcastle, we gave you one point in November with a very dodgy penalty and three points in January, least we can ask for is three points back tomorrow and you can keep the extra point!

I hope City choke, although we have no divine right to win the league as some comments seem to think we do, but I would really hate to lose our crown to City.

Come on Reds, you know what you need to do and let's see some of that spirit and fight we are famous for, no nail biting one nils or coming from behind, let's have it three nil by half time.

Posted by Jeff on 05/06/2012

As a Man U fan for almost 30 years, i am disgusted by what these greedy Americans are doing to the club. To those who have not wisened up, please STOP BUYING ANY MORE MAN U MERCHANDISE!!! it does not add to the transfer budgets but to the big fat bottomline of these greedy Americans. We do not have enough quality players. Period.

Posted by Kelvin on 05/07/2012

This is an early post....on what should be our end of season blog. At this point in time, it does not look good. The lads also look they did not appear to press for goals in yesterday's game. If there is going to be a "miracle" on the last day...anyway the other team would have lost it...rather than Utd having won it.

City bought almost their entire team within the last 2 years. They have spent on transfers, and they will be spending for years to come on the salaries required to attract these players. Good luck trying to manage the challenges related to such an approach (Tevez, Balotelli et al).

United brought in a new keeper...paid for...but young and still being developed. To which category we can add Jones and Smalling....and we are developing the likes of Cleverly, Welbeck the Twins....and wait on the likes of Pogba, Macheda etc.

continue in next post.

Posted by Kelvin on 05/07/2012

cont'd from above.

I have respect for Arsenal. They also mostly buy young and/or develop they own. Their astute financial management paid for their new stadium whilst still keeping their team challenging for honours (although not winning any)and playing the kind of football tht we all admire.

Chelsea pioneered the buy a fantasy team approach...but unless their owner intends to continue to pour a billion every 2 - 3 years ...we can see in their current team the (lkely) City end game....aging stars with too much player power, a big dislocate with younger players...and a team almost impossible for a new manager to manage.

Over the last decade or so, several other teams have ebbed and flowed. Utd has been a constant. SAF has been central to this. We are not as strong this year, and we have not been dominant in England or in Europe as some of our past teams were.

Regardless of what happends next weekend....City was the better team over the season. But I am content.

Posted by Red Devils Fan on 05/07/2012

Waiting for a nail biting finish to this season's BPL. i am still expecting one last upset frm City so that United cud lift the 20th for this season...
The worrying factor is that SAF is only concentrating on Primeirship and sometimes UCL. But what abt other trophies like Carling cup and FA cup. United not concentrating on FA cup which is also important.
Loss in the UCL is very much worrying. They did not face Barca or Real Madrid as happned for Arsenal many times. They lost to rather a less-weight oponents.They cud hav easily reached semi-finals or finals again this time but lost.
Loss in UCL, loss in Carling cup, loss in FA cup..this is not acceptable. We are champions and we need to show that...another loss in BPL cannot be imagined..
As mentioned earlier, just waiting for some upset in City's game....i expected City's upset in many games but only i was upset as United faltered when City were looking for something frm United.
a month back United were 8pts clear but now??

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