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Posted by Mark Payne on 04/03/2012

Springing like a child, Fergie leapt from the bench and performed that gleeful fist pump with which we are all so familiar. There will be protestations for some weeks yet, but that goal from Tony Valencia was momentous and the Scotsman’s eyes don’t lie. It has been a significant week.

Being buoyant at the final whistle was a marked contrast from the mood throughout the game. On an almost weekly basis a round of emails will be exchanged between my pals and I with the title TMUS (they make us suffer). Because they always do. And they did tonight in Lancashire.

If truth be told, this was fairly uninspired stuff from United at Ewood Park. For the majority of the match our best performers were the travelling fans, who were in excellent voice behind the goal.

The danger lies in taking the next few weeks, and the next few games, for granted. United have not played particularly well recently but have got terrific results. The past two matches against Fulham and Blackburn have been slightly fortuitous too. The players deserve great credit for holding it together under such pressure.

Anxiety surrounded our number one jersey as recently as January, but as the year has worn on, we now look to De Gea to save us in matches. In some ways his season has been a tale of two Blackburn matches. The contrast between the home and away fixtures could not be starker. He kept us in this game.

Fergie lined the side up in a slightly strange formation that will now not be questioned. Tony Valencia plays football the way I aspire to live life. He is dogged, hard-working and has some flair. He knows his role and he performs it exceptionally well. We are darn lucky to have him and his thunderbolt of a goal came as a massive relief. As for Ashley Young, has he scored any goals for us that weren’t spectacular?

Impressive as the statistics are, we owe a debt gratitude to our rivals. City have allowed us to swing 10 points in the last month and their generosity is much appreciated. Liverpool’s slide out of the top ten is a nice bonus too.

Much of this turnaround comes from Fergie himself I think. At 83 minutes he could be seen on the touchline berating Welbeck for losing possession with a showy backheel. Nothing is ever enough for the manager, he is always pushing us on. In a few weeks, he might just have pushed us to another Championship.

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Posted by David Smith on 04/03/2012

Both Valencia and Young passionately beat their chest and club crest after scoring. Tevez went on holiday for 5 months and the cancer that is "Super" Mario continues to defy belief. That, my friends, is the difference between Manchester United and Stockport's finest. The 7,000 United fans were absolutely brilliant - hats off boys. De Gea was United's Man of the Match; without him there would of been no late heroics. Rafael had his best match as a United player and Valencia was his usual threat the entire match. Rio had a very good match and might of saved the points with that timely tackle on the Yak. Evra's decision-making was shite; Chicharito is quickly proving he's not the saviour and Jones was never in the game from the start. Rooney was played in the wrong position all night and Welbeck should be given a clip 'round the ear hole and sat for a few games. What a tit. Both goals were beauties; top drawer. No soul-searching required though Mancini...your motley mercenaries have none.

Posted by Maxitaxi on 04/03/2012

Worth staying up late in SA to see such two beautiful goals and those Schmeichelesque saves from De Gea, brilliant. I think it says it all when you see City's blog, well I like a titter or two, no update since March 15th and not one response from their so called fans for weeks.

Says it all I think! Well done United, you are an example in determination and reaching that bit further when all seems lost, what a lesson in life.

I was lucky to be at OT last year for the 19th presentation, only wish I could go home to see the 20th.

Posted by Aegean1985 on 04/03/2012

We in Asia have to wake up at 3am to watch these Monday night matches.

Normally, we hope Utd kill the game off before HT so that we can get some sleep and hopefully, get up on time for work.

But the manner of yesterday's win, especially Valencia's goal, left me sleepless.

GGMU - No more Monday night matches pls!!!!

Posted by MCapital on 04/03/2012

Hi Mark,
They make us suffer but we love them to bits.

David, Rio, Antonio, Wayne and the whole team played their hearts out. Well done boys!
Is it just me or the maturiry in Wayne's overall play is there for everybody to see? After we got the first goal, he moved into the middle of middle field to make sure that we retained possession as much as possible hence protect our lead. Wayne all sins are forgiven - we will even forget your little problems in December that caused us the heartaches against Blackburn and Newcastle.

Go on to the 20th Fergie...

Posted by Gawaya Tegulle on 04/03/2012

Hi Mark,many thanks for your stuff. Good writing as usual.
I had this nagging feeling Blackburn would do us in like they did in 2010, holding us goalless and allowing the Chelsea mercenaries to steal our cup. So I had a headache all day that stayed on even after a generous painkiller dose. It cured miraculously 86 minutes into the game. We are lifting the 20th trophy.
Thanks again!

Posted by klauq on 04/03/2012

The game yesterday has been the norm of supporting United. We spend most of our time watching our boys trying to breakdown the two lines of four in front of the opposition's goal, only to succeed at the death.

Scholes and Carrick magnificently controlled the game. It was a joy watching how Scholes opened the game left and right.

Posted by daredevil on 04/03/2012

Thanks Mark, enjoying your posts. Wonder where Mancini got that prediction of his that we were gonna draw, in Zimbabwe we watchin the games late @ night and its always good to stay up for a beautiful victory that moves us to a record setting 20th league glory, hats off to you boys.

when Valencia got injured i thot that form had gotten injured as well, thank God when he came back he has proved to be even better.

Posted by Dehlia Fredericks on 04/03/2012

hi there... 4rm South Africa

i nearly died...thought..please no...not a goal them...but how...mastermind playmaker Valencia..that guy is unreal good...please let him never leave Old our dearest is just to die for...

100000000000000% United

Posted by Sadera on 04/03/2012

I had this strange feeling, watching the match for 83 minutes with no breakthrough. Were Mancini's predictions going to prevail? For 83 minutes MANU's moves were predictable, but what Valencia did caught them off guard. Was it a cross? He said it was 50/50, but I think it was a strike at goal! Give the boy credit! For Sir, please utilize Young more! He strikes the ball well! As for MAN C fate, let's all wait and see them against Arsenal! It is a must win! I predict a draw for them!

Posted by dehlia fredericks on 04/03/2012

hi ..........

valencia the man....south africa

Posted by Samchester on 04/03/2012

I possess da sixth c'mon sense i.e da champions mind,i juz thank God for bringing Man United to da world to add value in lyf n more so to make me a Man united fan,GGMU

Posted by Les on 04/03/2012

Do you hear that? Thump....thump.....thump thump thump. The hearbeat of the winning Man United tradition. Mr Paul Scholes....enough said. Timeless, ageless maestro of the midfield.

Posted by Ali on 04/03/2012

Well done boys! this what United is all about!
And what a joy to listen for 93mn to the 7000 fantastic travelling supporters,cheering and singing "you'r gonna believe us now, we are going to win the League", you guys are the best to cheer United all the way!

Posted by johanzul on 04/03/2012

Congrat SAF, mgmt and players!

Most of all, thank you Valencia for your superb goal! Alas, rather than crossing like hell for most of the time on 1st half and 2nd half, just shoot the damn ball.

Yes, we did attack most of the time but no cigar! We got our first corner kick somewhere around 30mins played in 1st half. Imagine that for stats, meaning Blackburn back-four were tough to beat. For quite sometime Mancini prediction almost fulfill until Valencia popped the goal with a wonderful outside right foot to curled the ball into far corner. Whether he attended to cross the ball rather than score it, for me, a goal is still a goal, 3 points in the bag, effort done deserved to be praised upon. Young, your goal too is superbly delivered. Icing on the cake.

Thank you also to United back-four and De Gea for keeping a clean sheet, it's important too in order to build up confident. Lastly, stayed focus on the next game as SAF had mentioned, "all games now must be treated like big games".

Posted by lebb on 04/03/2012

thumbs up 2 all manutd players. Fergie is incredible with d way he manages dis lads... Looking forward to lifting up d trophy!

Posted by Abdullahi Ahmed on 04/03/2012

I was thrilled by Man U's result @ OT, h'ever let me quickly add that the 80 minutes b4 the goals were frightening, full of tension. I was up & down in my room praying that Mancini's prediction will not come to fruition.

Posted by Nahiyan Khadem on 04/03/2012

Well, here in Bangladesh, we have to keep awake late night to watch our dream team play Monday night games - starting at 1am.

However, it was worth the s;eep, 2 fantastic goals by Valencia & Ashley Young.

My MEN of the match are: DDG, Valencia & Rafael.

Come Sunday Man City gonna drop points SURELY.

Mancini, predict now.

Posted by Ned on 04/03/2012

Taught him how to do that at Wigan. You're welcome!

Oh, in return, can you not play him two fixtures from now at the DW? Thanks.

Posted by Adam, KL on 04/04/2012

Well done, boys! one hell of a performance to drag our title hopes up further! United till I die~

Posted by eiji on 04/04/2012

i know we are 5 points clear of city at the top, but lets not get ahead of ourselves, we still have 7 matches to go. And if city loses at the emirates, that would be a massive boost to our title chances. Well, hats off to AV25, who I believe is a legend in the making. had to watch the match around 3 am here in the philippines but it's worth it. GGMU!

Posted by Rza on 04/04/2012

A top drawer performance by David degea, and Valencia.... United for life!!!

Posted by doctor on 04/04/2012

to all Man City fans; talk is cheap "noisy neighbors". United we stand for this 20th title!

Posted by FireRed95 on 04/04/2012

A brillant play from MU, they got 6 points where they didnt play as well as they were. But City only get 1 from a possible 6, the title race has nearly coming, but they should keep up these momentum until the end of the season. The match at Etihad last saturday actually shock me. I never believe Sunderlang can salvage a draw.(where they actually can win the game.)The beauty that MC play since the start of the Premier League has crumbled, David Silva and Yaya Toure has been the sparklight for Mc,has slump down since then. Mc dressing room also broken up with Ballotelli. Mancini place as a manager also crumbled. Now, if we beat QPR, an in-form team that have recently beat Liverpool and Arsenal,United players should not keep up their toes and believe they can win big. If the gap between united and city open up to 8points(as arsenal beat Mc).Then it is really the 20th title for us. Fight until the end. ^+^

Posted by Coli M. on 04/04/2012

Glory Glory Man United! Glory Glory Man United! Glory Glory Man United--------as the Reds go marching on, on, on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by riaz khan on 04/04/2012

riaz just watch out mancini,there is only one manchester n thats is sir alex united.....wat a performance just catch us if u can

Posted by Ife on 04/04/2012

Hi Mark,
What a relief Antonio's goal brought to my fraying nerves, what a soothing sensation Young's added beauty instilled.
This is an indication of how tough d title run-in would be. Especially as we are batting teams fighting to stay afloat. Like Ferguson said, its not d points now that matter but those accrued @d end of the season.The most important game is the next one. No team can be taken for granted, each match, a cup final.
That being said, d team selection was a questionable especially when it was clear that d bite on d left wing was deficient and Jones was just an extra number in d mid-field, however,all's well that ends well.
Kudos to David DeGea, d most improved player in d squad this year, and Sir Alex for his unquestionable experience and expertise.

Posted by Daniel on 04/04/2012

hello from Mexico...
Yes Mark, they make us suffer, I agree; but I must recall this is SUPPORTING TIME (for us the fans), now more than ever; we can not lose 1 single point; be too confident in next games can make us fail "from the plate to the mouth you should drop the soup". GO RED DEVILS!!!!
Valencia deserves number 7, no question about it;

Posted by Eric Be3S on 04/05/2012

We're here in Indonesia watched the game at 2 O'clock in the morning, so it's a struggle already..

I spent 80 minutes cursing and questioning at the weird formation that SAF deployed......

But, what do I know about football tactics, bloody hell....absolutely nothing.....

SAF has turn it around with is substitution, Welbeck, Giggs and Young came in, revert the formation and break the opponent concentration...the wily old fox done it again...

With 10 minutes to go the Red Devils finally scores, and with two peach of a goal also....those two goals are beauties......

Raised my adrenalin and give me sleepless night afterwards....

I wouldn't change it for the world though....GGMU....
Mancester United is my life.....MU till I die....

Posted by @aavalanch on 04/05/2012

This is where experience counts, the #ManUtd squad just dusplayed the true grit of champions. Our performance in the last 2 games are questionable, but some how we get the job done.

DDG, Rafael, Carrick, Scholes, Valencia, Young... All played superb! Jones though on the other hand hasn't been in form lately.

I think the number 7 shirt should be taken away from Owen and given to Valencia. That guy is a beast!!!

Posted by Daniel otundo on 04/06/2012

Im from kenya i watched the at 11 pm sincely speaking we are champion men cheer up

Posted by Papi on 04/07/2012

Abdullahi, the game was not at OT, it was at Ewood park...and for those of you in Asia who have to wake up till very late, sorry about that but United is worth keeping awake for. Thank u SAF, thank u Valencia and Ashley. U guys are fantastic!

Posted by kris michel on 04/08/2012

Antonio Valencia is an excellent winger for Manchester United. This is coming from a Manchester City fan. He's a way better choice than Luis Nani and Ashley Young.

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