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Posted by Mark Payne on 10/12/2011

The capacity that some people have for hypocrisy never ceases to amaze me. In a week when the shameful England rugby team have crashed out of a World Cup in disgrace, half of the country is up in arms about Wayne Rooney misplacing one kick in anger. The lack of perspective required to endorse these standpoints boggles the mind.

The problem seems to be one of expectation. I am not entirely sure why Wayne Rooney, a talented footballer, should be required to behave with the restraint of Mother Theresa, the dignity of a monk and the patience of a saint when members of other national teams can get drunk and arrested and jump off ferries without much being said about it. If somebody can explain this, the comments section is below.

I expect Wayne Rooney to be Wayne Rooney, a talented footballer who gets frustrated when he doesn’t get things right. This seems to me a sign of somebody who is striving to have high standards for themselves. The fact that he loses his temper from time to time makes him, well, human.

The reality is, that as a player and as a man, Rooney has made exceptional progress under scrutiny most of us cannot even imagine. He has my support and respect for this. Those who castigate him for the sending off against Montenegro are invited to prove exactly why they are without sin.

There are others in football this week whose expectations don’t bear a huge resemblance to real-world goings-on. Unsurprisingly, these preposterous chirps are emerging from Liverpool football club where their new financial big-wig would like to instigate the death of the highly successful Premier League. Ian Ayre’s brilliant idea is for clubs to negotiate their own television subscriptions as opposed to the current, fair, collective agreement.

There is no doubt that football needs financial reformation, but that reformation should be borne out of the ideal of equality. Ian Ayre’s proposal is merely in the interests of improving Liverpool’s flagging finances. His position is understandable, but breathtakingly short sighted and more than a little selfish. United and Chelsea are already on the record as saying they would not back such a proposal. We need five more clubs to reject it out of hand.

The Liver Birds are our opponents this weekend and this is where my expectations get a little foggy. We have had a torrid time of late at Anfield and I feel as though it is our turn to get a result. By the same token, it is also City’s turn against us and they are next week’s adversaries. This could be an interesting week for us United fans.

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Posted by tom on 10/13/2011

I cant see liverpool winning this one. Might be at Anfield, but if you look at current form against 2 of the big four (8-2, 3-1), should be able to manage at least a narrow win

Posted by Nsisong Effiong on 10/13/2011

I have come to accept that in football there are two sets of rules, One for Wayne Rooney and another for others. We are on top form and should come out tops against a struggling Liverpool team!

Posted by PG on 10/13/2011

Well done To Dr. Sir Alex Ferguson! Honorary Doctorate for services to Manchester and Manchester United - excellent work!

Posted by Andy Walujo on 10/13/2011

United will deliver; no doubt about that. Rooney is not a perfect human and he does not have to be as nobody is, so he has my utmost support too. For Mark, a nice article, thanks.

Posted by Eric Be3S on 10/13/2011

Great article Mark. I must agree with U, all who castigates Rooney for that kick are hypocrites.

Get off his back. He's only human.

I like what John Terry said, "England would not have been in the position now (qualified through the Euro Finals) without Wayne Rooney".

As for the England chances of winning the European Cup Finals, I still doubt it even if they have Rooney at his peak.

The other members of England squad is not World Class players unfortunately. Also England still haven't got that cohesive play amongst their player (like Spain) to win the Cup.


Posted by The Real Truth on 10/13/2011

Rooney did not get sent off due to a poor referee decision.

He practically got himself sent off.

There can be no excuses.

He kicked somebody and he got what he deserved.

Posted by Kelvin on 10/13/2011

His father got arrested for alleged book making and he got himself sent off. Somebody must be betting real hard for Rooney to be sent off !!!!

Posted by Tapiwa Mubonderi on 10/13/2011

Fergie should take Liverpool to the cleaners and we dearly hope that he is the one to point to the "This is Anfield" sign. Man City will really challenge us, but if we pass the next two tests the team will then focus on creating a gap with the rest of the league. England fans should be angry with Fabio for letting the flow of the game change.

Posted by lucky on 10/13/2011

wit Rooney England would hv nt qualified cari it to anywhere

Posted by Sam on 10/13/2011

@The Real Truth
Nobody is disputing that. This column is about those who are criticizing Rooney for being capable of such an act. To be honest, if anyone were having a bad day they'd vent their frustration in some way or another. Rooney is just a human, almost the perfect footballer, but just a human.

Posted by We are united on 10/13/2011

That's what is all about England's failure. Instead of support for their own players, they disturb them with those kinds of nonsense critisms. All those critisms are useless. Forget about club football. just shut the fucking mouths and go for support what our national tem players needed.

Posted by RM on 10/13/2011

Two Words: Zinedine Zidane.

Posted by Donald Dogg on 10/13/2011

Funny old game. I see some players give others a little shove from behind on the way out the end line in frustration, the potential to do major damage to the player, and yet referees and linesmen signal for goal kick and go on about their day. No reaction on this until someone actually gets hurt. If Rooney's red is "preventive" what about those? There is no level playing field for Wayne Rooney. He is a touchstone.

Posted by Will on 10/13/2011

I understand we are all human, but if I'm having a tough day at the office, is it acceptable for me to kick someone? Didn't think so!!

Posted by Timber on 10/13/2011

Bollocks! Rooney is only dependable player we've got and yet we go talking about him as if he is God descended. Rooney haters should just hush. I got me Liverpool to beat tomorrow.

Posted by AJM on 10/13/2011

Take the cautious approach at Anfield, Fergie, that's all I ask. The last few times, we've trotted out the ol' 442 and been overrun. Play it cautious for an hour and then bring on Hernandez and/or Welbeck to take advantage of some tired legs. Yes, we should look to take it to them but we need to approach this as we would any other big match away.

Posted by Kev on 10/13/2011

Liverpool have made Anfield a fortress under Dalglish. Manchester United's defence has allowed more shots than any other Premier League team, and David de Gea is more than just a little dodgy when put under pressure. When Wayne Rooney's head is not right as it isn't at the moment with his sending off and the news about his father, his form is quite poor (see the majority of 2010 if you don't believe me). Add the fact that Gerrard is back, Liverpool have won 3 on the bounce, Manchester United have choked at Anfield for the past three years, and that Luis Suarez is in sensational form, I don't see anything less than a draw for Liverpool.

Posted by cola on 10/13/2011

United, City, Chelsea, Wigan, now we just need 3 more for the proposal to fail.

Posted by David Smith on 10/14/2011

I see it as an opportunity for Wayne to get some valuable rest; rest which will really benefit United, both this season and next.

"We all agree, United are better than England!"

Posted by emmanuel on 10/14/2011

up rooney up man u.

Posted by Dheeraj on 10/14/2011

Rooney is just a fantastic player who can score n show is outstanding performance..,i respect his game n our boss Sir Alex.,.,just knock the door n shoot liverpool n bring 3 points back.,

Posted by Mike on 10/15/2011

I feel like the media is well aware Rooney is not a saint, I don't think it's them having the wrong perception of him. Everyone knows he has a temper and lashes out from time to time. I think what has angered most people is that he did such a blatantly stupid thing in the last game of qualifying and is now banned for the entire group stages at the Euros. The English know their team is not great, and It is like he shot them in the foot... It has to be one of the worst timed red cards ever

Posted by blessings on 12/07/2011

rooney de mam

Posted by kwis pam sunday[ayash] on 12/25/2011

united started my christmas on wednesday wit a
5-0 victory win over there opponent, and i pray that our lack of form is over, i wish us a 3-1 victory over wigan. happy christmas to all united fans including united rivals

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