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Posted by Mark Payne on 08/29/2011

Manchester United's 8-2 win over Arsenal is officially the match where it became impossible to remain calm about what the team can achieve this season, and it is only the third league game. For years now it has been a stock-in trade of United fans to mock those who over-celebrate in August, “come back in May” we always say. But after a performance such as this you can only shout from the rooftops, and shout loudly.

Rooney is unplayable at the moment and that was close to a perfect performance from the number 10. He really looks like he has his head on right now and it is a pertinent reminder that even I was calling for his head just 11 months ago. Thank goodness we have a manager who takes a long term view.

So do Arsenal in fact, it seems churlish to pity the man and the club who unleashed human excrement such as Martin Keown on the world, but that is what I feel today. For all his faults, Arsene Wenger is a proper football manager and Arsenal are a proper football club. They command far more of my respect than City or Chelsea and their nouveaux riches poseurs. Yet they are deeply in the mire at the moment. For all the truth in saying that we had a particularly good day at the office and they had a particularly bad one, 8-2 is a seismic result and they must overhaul now. They have no other choice.

Apparently the neighbours did alright for themselves earlier in the afternoon, but I pay little attention to what the oil barons are up to when Ferguson is fielding youngsters who play like this. David De Gea has arrived as a Manchester United goalkeeper. If he continues to improve in the leaps and bounds he made between this game and the last we have very little to worry about. In my humble opinion Evra and Evans were at fault for the two we conceded, and it mattered little anyway.

Welbeck is a tough lad and is very unfortunate to have pulled his hamstring. His start to this year has been phenomenal and I wish him a speedy recovery. When Hernandez came on he looked a little off the pace, but that is probably just a match fitness issue for someone who has been injured and playing in America all summer.

United’s passing game already looks a lot more urgent this season, Barcelona must feel very flattered to see us so blatantly copy their style. It is not as slick as the Catalan’s yet, but it is lovely to see so much sharp interplay on the edge of the box to complement out tremendous threat from the wings. The goalscoring potential of this side is stratospheric as Arsenal found out to their horror.

They have nobody else to blame for themselves for the pub team defending though. Sanctimonious as it might sound to say it, but my sympathy for them nosedives when I recall the horrible challenges from the Russian Arse-shaving. He meant to do harm on several occasions and should have been sent off or executed in the first half.

At that point Arsenal were up for it, it was embarrassingly one sided thereafter as we dismembered our former rivals. Ashley Young looks like he has been playing with Evra and Rooney since pre-school and in addition to his two scorching goals his role in Rooney’s free-kicks was crucial too.

I feel as though there has been a real shift in the force here, how can I not be overexcited? The sky really is the limit for this team, this year. What a joy to behold. In ten incredible minutes of first half football United’s new gang made a real statement. Ladies and gentlemen you are watching Manchester united. Sit back and enjoy.

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Posted by Pete on 08/29/2011

Curb your enthusiasm. Less that 10% games played. Scoreline awesome.. But not a trophy score.. 1 nil at wastelands will be

Posted by David Smith on 08/29/2011

An incredible scoreline; an incredible match. And hardly a one-off either. We've racked up some massive scorelines against the Gunners over the years, but this tops the lot. Just when Stockport's finest were purring over a 5-1 mauling of Spurs, United once again put them firmly back in their place. Top of the league and with a better goal difference than Mercenaries F.C., De Gea has let in the same number of goals as Ingurland's number one!!! It was a typical Evans assault that led to Arsenal's penalty. Had it gone on in, I don't know what would have been more amazing; the score level at one or Arshavin still on the pitch. How that little git made it the full 96 minutes is beyond me. De Gea saved well and the rest, they say, is history. Rooney and Young were class. Jones and Smalling look United through and through. Evra and Nani played better, but Anderson never took the match by the scruff of the neck. Cleverly's had his moments, but his finishing clearly leaves a lot to be desired.

Posted by Shahdil on 08/29/2011

What more is there to say? Amazing stuff. The two goals we conceded and young Danny's injury marred the occasion. But who cares when you've scored 8 goals! Against Arsenal, nonetheless. Football, bloody hell!

Posted by theJepit on 08/29/2011

Felt pity for Arsenal,..hope that none of the supporters slit their wrist after the game.

Real battle starts when we play the the oil barons playthings, yesterday's match seems so unfair that I am glad Mr Webb ended Wenger's misery with the final whistle.

Well done to the boys for giving Arsenal's kids a footballing lesson.

Posted by antivirus on 08/29/2011

great game, and of course, great result. this is probably one of the best starts of the season in recent yrs. but let's not be complacent. i m still nervous about our new goal keeper. yes, he saved a penalty and made a couple of good saves during the game, but i think he is weak in handling low shots. nani can be frustrating. it is his charater, not his capability. i look forward to seeing valencia and young playing together.

do we still need another MF? i think the answer is yes if we want to give the UCL a serious challenge. this team is good enough to win the league, but not in europe. it is all about expectation.

so far it seems our biggest rival this year is going to be our neighbours. $$ does matter to certaine extent.

Posted by JoeyP on 08/29/2011

DeGea's penalty save will be recalled as a turning point in his career. Remember, Van Der Sar stunk up Ajax in the beginning... Ashley Young is the most electrifying addition in years... When Oct. 22 arrives and City is in town (across town?), just have Smalling mark Dzeko and everything will be fine...

Posted by AARON MARK HENDRIX on 08/29/2011

Yeah I agree.This was nothing.I mean,one look at Arsenal's lineup and I knew(assuming both teams played to their 100% capability)we would beat them.Yes scoring 8 made us look good,and made Arsenal look like clowns,but the real barometer this season wont be Arsenal.A few more results like this one against Chelsea,City and for good measure the Scousers(I would have loved an 8-2 against them!!)and then we can start talkin about championships etc.What I do agree with though is that these kids do look like a unit,a formidable one at that.One thing Arsenal cant hide behind is the lack of first team regular's.Both teams played the kids,and one set really beat the other.Just FFS, I still feel that we need someone who can dictate the game,and also a tough as nails defensive mid.That should sort us out in Europe hopefully.And was it only me,or did anyone else notice the many saves that De Gea made yesterday?The boy is one heck of a shot stopper i tell you.Just need to bulk up and work on crosses

Posted by ste. on 08/29/2011

Dear Mark,

You need to learn how to spell Danny's last name correctly before I can take your blog seriously....

Mark's Response

On today of all days, you choose to be a pedant. It would be impossible to take you as seriously as you take yourself sir.

Posted by NK on 08/29/2011

Give us all a break ste!

@Mark: I don't think you should have even noticed the idiot. I can't stop gloating and the adrenalin rush the game gave me, I couldn't sleep till about 3 am in the night (the game finished at 10:30 pm in my time zone)

Posted by JB on 08/29/2011

Arsenal's lineup was sub-standard and their play was awful. We had a good day, but who wouldn't against them in that form.
The day wasn't so much about how well we played but more about the lack of depth in the Arsenal camp. Without major changes at the club, they can no longer be considered contenders.
Yeah, we're still up there, but the season is long. Lets give it a couple of months before getting overly excited.

Posted by Farah on 08/29/2011

i am pleased with our teams performance but i don't want to get carried away with is result.. it is a reflection of how poor our old rivals have become since their era of the i would love a similar scoreline against our noisy neighbors. United for life

Posted by Liamo on 08/29/2011

United were fantastic yesterday and a real pleasure to watch. It's great to see some pace back in utds play and long may it continue cos chelsea or city wont be able to cope with it.

Posted by JJ on 08/29/2011

I do not understand why some of us are so negative abt Anderson. Anderson may have his own mistakes but he certainly makes MU midfield stable. He is one of the reasons why the other youngsters are able to fit in so well. He can pass the ball around well and can recover the ball quickly. That's why we do not see Carrick and Fletcher these days and we do not miss them. Suprisingly, we are not saying much abt Evans yet that is the only MISFIT in this team at present. After so much time with MU, Evans does not improve and is very much accident prone pretty much the opposite of Smalling and Jones who have had shorter time and are already giving serious warning messages to Rio and Vidic. They are improving by the day and that's what we want to see.

Posted by Bertrand on 08/29/2011

Great result that game was!

However, we shouldn't get carried away. I remember a season when we went the first five matches without conceding a goal, yet we didn't win the championship.

Not many teams will have such an aberration of a defence as Arsenal had yesterday. Their defensive wall didn't jump for either freekick-goal by Rooney, Jenkinson was a thug who looked more like a hooligan than a player, and yes, that evil little Arshavin!, and Wellbeck scoring despite being sandwiched between two defenders. Serious aberrations, won't happen again.

I predict a next game with one or two goals at most, as the team we face next decide to close shop and park the bus, given our fearsome hailstorm of goals. The kids will need to learn to grind out 1-0s, not all games are a goal/minute.

Posted by James P on 08/29/2011

Wenger, sorry is NOT enough.

6 years without a trophy is painful.

The biggest defeat in 100 years is worse.

No talented leaders in ourside is painful.

Thanks for everything Arsene but now we need you to go...Arsenal need a new manager, new ideas, better motivation and BIG PLAYERS who will work hard 24-7 to fight, die and live breath Arsenal success.

But no one is brave enough to get rid of Wenger! It's like a dead-end-marriage that's everyone is afraid to say it's broken ...its all too comfortable for him and the board to leave things as it is...and hope for the best. He is comfortable, the baord are comfortable....the fans are dying.

Even if we win the next 10 games, the pain wont go away. Time is up!!!

Please, please, please... time for a fundamental change ans start with a fresh new manager.

But Arsenal will alwasy just ignore the fans...sad.

Posted by Kartik Vashisth on 08/29/2011

But there is still a cause of worry.... Barcelona are the team to beat if we want to win CL... donnon if this team can do that when time comes... on the other hand Real Madrid has become stronger and the noisy neighbours are also formidable. While finishing second in the league at the end of the season could do, seeing city top it up will be very painful. These youngsters have to grow by leaps and bounds to compete against these three teams in Europe and home...

Posted by ocandythemba on 08/29/2011

i feel sorry 4 Aserne, WELL DONE UNITED

Posted by Ken on 08/29/2011

I simply love your thoughts. They matched mine, especially the part on "They command far more of my respect than City or Chelsea and their nouveaux riches poseurs."

Great writing, keep it up! :)

Posted by Surendran K on 08/29/2011

Yes it was a good performance by ONE UNITED. but i wanted them to carry the same form and win the 20th title yet this is too early to predict.
Real challenges are with City and Liverpool.They seem to be the real threat for title challenge.If they manage to beat them then title is our's. Also we need to face UCL and we need to think of beating Barca.
But the sad part is same team is playing for the last 3 games and chances for other players are not there.SAF need to adopt rotational policy and need to give every player a chance.I am really afraid on Berbatov,Gibson,Macheda,Diouf. All these players are class players and they have to be given chance. See Welbeck has injured. We cannot have the same team playing all the matches.

Posted by harrison on 08/29/2011

I think chicharito presence provided some goals as he has much threat to opponents defence than much credits to welbeck he got what it takes to play for united.

Posted by neville4444 on 08/29/2011

i thought they were absolutely phenominal, even though it was a weaker arsenal side than we seen, it shows how much young talent united have with smart buys. im still a little worried about de gea and low balls though, even though they were poor to defend walcott, thats the third goal hes let in that was low and had a good shot at saving, but it will come in time. id also rather see carrick than anderson because it is clear cleverly is a very good attacking middle midfielder and carrick sitting a little back and feed it in. but it was a great game for united

Posted by obus on 08/29/2011

i always v fun watching united game, united is a club 2 watch.....

Posted by Benny Zulu on 08/29/2011

Knowing that we beat the "paper gunners" with a younger team than theirs just goes to show that we are building another generation of players under SAF! There is no need for arsenal to cry that they were missing their best players because every team has their squads and they can pick any player for any game. We also did not have key players like; Vidic, Rio, Rafael, to name but a few. We just outplayed them; PERIOD!!! ManU for life!

Posted by One Puzzle Piece Short on 08/29/2011

I'm not sure what the English equivalent of Child Protective Services is, but they need to be sent 'round the Emirates ASAP. Poor Carl Jenkinson has locked himself in the bathroom with a flask of Scotch, a bottle of painkillers and an iPod full of Morrissey songs.

Posted by simon on 08/29/2011

"...pretty much the opposite of Smalling and Jones who have had shorter time and are already giving serious warning messages to Rio and Vidic. They are improving by the day and that's what we want to see."

Smalling looks like he's been playing right back all his life, when he's supposed to be a CB. He's putting the twins on notice more than Rio and Vidic.

Posted by Mark - in Canada on 08/29/2011

anyone think we could sign Wilshire?

Posted by Stan on 08/29/2011

Arsenal looked like it fielded a Carling Cup B team at OT, and ManU dutifully (and delightedly) punished the Gunners for it.

8-2 aside, fans of the Red Devils should be thrilled that the club is maintaining such a high level of performance during what is clearly a transitional phase.

But ManCity looks formidable and Chelsea and Liverpool can't be taken lightly. They'll test this young squad. I suspect ManU's speed may be more than their challengers can handle, though.

Unless Wenger strengthens dramatically before the window closes, Arsenal looks mid-table at best. Amazing to say that.

Posted by greg harris on 08/29/2011

I too thought anderson was one of our better players. One thing we are lacking right now is a true ball winner in the middle of the park. i only wonder if SAF will go with a two man midfield or if he would try a trio, something i think we should do against teams that play 3 in the middle.

Posted by waz on 08/29/2011

evans is the new o'shea (even got the number to prove it), good at fillin in, just not good enough in any one position. although as a centre half he's better than o'shea. personally i'd prefer smalling to play wit jones in the centre and give fabio a runout at RB, can't ignore the fact that their partnership is the future of England's defence. if it were up to me, i'd play evans as cover on left/right of def or even as a def mid - he's a squad player pure and simple. then again, i'm no way near qualified to b makin such calls.

the gooners need to trust their manager, we just need to sit back and enjoy the show. Utd for life.

Posted by Ayegba on 08/29/2011

it should not be a 'thing' when we beat arsenal!
whatever the margin.
it should be 'something' when we play draw with them.
water will always find its level.

Posted by Kamau on 08/29/2011

I've seen a great perfomance by our lads so far but am still convinced that if we can add Wesley in our squard then I would welcome Barcelona at anytime in either a group stage or at the final with no wories to lift the cup

Posted by AR on 08/29/2011

Evans is the new O'Shea - spot on, though i'd say its more along the lines of O'Shea Mark II. Slightly improved, but still more of the same. The guy really needs a hose up his jacksie to wake him up.

I'm thinking perhaps when Vidic comes back, Jones goes into the DMF role for the tougher games. The boy's a cracking tackler, and superb in aerial tussles too. Just my 2 cents though, SAF will undoubtedly come up with a plan. He always does.

One thing about the match though, I wish Roy Keane was in the team during the eightathon. He'd lie in wait until the game's nearly wrapped up, call it around the 89 minute mark, then he gets sent off for breaking Mr. Arse-Shavings in twain. I'd even chip in to pay the fine he'd inevitably get slapped with.

That piece of armpit dingleberries was out for blood with his studs up, straight-legged, bone-breaking tackling. Keano would have shown him what a 'career-ending tackle' really feels like.

Posted by geoff on 08/29/2011

so arsenals youth team took a beating,but im sure other teams will look at that game and hope to play united before their defence stops leaking.arsenals reserves could have got 4 or 5 1n this game..vp missed a penalty,it wasent a save,and this was the turning point, and mr f wont b happy with his defence.dont judge either team on this game...

Posted by keepyourpantsonfaggot on 08/29/2011

Congrats Arsenal sucks ass, we all know it

Posted by shaq on 08/30/2011

Wenger ought tu b sacked.

Posted by King Darius. on 08/30/2011

Marvelous,absolutely marvelous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Gapchris on 08/30/2011

Congratulations. Man Utd's 'youngsters' (the only thing young about Young is his name) beat a weak Arsenal team. It is galling to lose by a big score to the team that will finish second this season, but we'll see what happens at the Emirates. Arsenal will learn from this, but Utd will become complacent.

Posted by louis p jnr on 08/30/2011

wayne rooney with th level of performances he is showing he is second only 2 messi in my opinion at this point.the passing th vision th goals his footballing brain, guile hunger and passion is top of th pile i thnk wayne rooney is abt 2unleash th best of his abilty as he enters his prime nd with tht said young,cleverly,jones and smalling have given world class performances in all 3 games nd with valencia berbatov,fletcher carrick yet 2 kick a ball this season i cn only fear 4 th rest of th league , de gea needs tym evra is 1 of th best in his positon nd with th twins also available ths z th best squad i cn remmba nd letz nt forget abt th korean bloque park with his tirelss energy nd neat finishing only sneijder in my opinion wld really put us a cut above barcelona nd in my opinion he is th missing piece to th puzzle bt evn without him cleverly looks lyk he cn do th business nd th new adopted free flowing passing champagne football is reminiscent of barca. if u cnt beat them join the

Posted by Fire Red on 08/30/2011

An interesting match, it prove that what Mc did,we United can did even better.Cleverley,Welbeck,Evans,Jones,Smalling,Anderson has created an impact upon their three matches. Rooney and Young is even better, they thrashed Arsenal defence. Nani is causing problems at the wing,De Gea saves the penalty,Giggs and park also can score. We united has started to pass like Barcelona,has already breaking through every defence. As Valencia, Fletcher and Hernandez are nearly returned,we are ready to reclaim our title.
For Arsenal, they need some time in regroup, they only have 48 Hours left till the window shut. I feel sympathy for Wenger, but let hope that Arsenal can regain their confident and catch up.

Posted by Zachery Stephenson on 08/30/2011

I support United but I am actually quite staggered that a supposedly reputable broadcaster such as ESPN can provide a platform for someone to refer to Martin Keown as 'human excrement'. Should be ashamed of themselves.

Posted by Stupadad on 08/30/2011

Rooney second to Messi??? That's laughable! I'm a Utd fan but even I know Rooney still has miles to catch up on Ronaldo before he can get close to Messi. Ronaldo scored a hatrick too by the way, and it wasn't from the penalty spot. Rooney has improved indeed and he is looking really really good for us at the moment. I'd like to see more consistency in his performance throughout the season though. That is something Messi and Ronaldo have always had over him. As Anderson, I totally agree that he has been excellent for us. His box to box game is better than Cleverley and I believe he has more pedigree. He already has one goal more than Cleverley this season and his passing, tackling, dribbling stats are better. English fans should stop getting to excited by all the hype in your media. Anderson is the real deal in our midfield not Cleverley

Posted by A.J on 08/30/2011

Well done, fantastic, but the true test lie ahead.the test of character of this team,when they are chasing a game....old head needs to look for the youngsters,to grind out results,the manutd way of coming back

Posted by Gregory Conran on 08/31/2011

I think the most important thing to note this year.. is by far... our depth .. some clubs have stars in certain positions and the back up player for that role knows he is not getting a look in - other than right full back we have competitive cover everywhere

RB - Rafael - Smalling
CB - Rio, Jones, Vidic, Smalling etc etc
LB - Fabio - Evra
DM - Carrick, Fletcher, Jones
CM - Carrick, Giggs, Cleverley, Anderson etc
RW - Valencia, Nani
LW - Young, Nani
ST - Rooney, Wellbeck, Berbatov, Chicarito

Posted by Andrew Mc. on 08/31/2011


As an Arsenal fan I appreciate your sense of history. I also agree with your disdain for "oil barons." I take a similarly dim view of City and to a lesser extent Chelsea.

One point of disagreement: Manchester United's passing may be more urgent compared with last season but they are still far, far behind Barcelona and probably Real Madrid as well. United may beat one or both at some point this season but when it comes to the simple artistry of possession, they will always be also-rans.

Posted by Stanley,Nairobi on 08/31/2011

A footballing lesson.I pity Arsenal buthtop of the table.Forever Young...4 assists and two goal!

Posted by 傲曼联 on 08/31/2011

Sir alex, u r drawing envy from yr Neighbour & arch rivals! Yr new troop is unbelievably brilliant. As they are generally still very young pls remind them not to get carried away as the journey to success is still far far ahead. Also, u ve to have a word with nani not to be selfish in passing the ball at times as he may have squandered many goalscoring chances albeit he he's a good player. Cleverly is doing great, if he could do some decent scorchers would be even better!

Posted by LKP on 08/31/2011

MU youngster n those new signing looks gd. i miss mu wing play cos we only hv nani n valencia(speedy winger)n if 1 get injured or not fully fit mu wing look crippled but after addition of young it solve the problem, hopefully those youngster energy will carry on to the end of the seson cos i like the style current mu is playing, the style that they used to play years ago, keep pressing the ball n fast counter attack keep attacking non stop to extra time. this is the MU i use to know.

Posted by Ste Botting on 08/31/2011

Do you really think an 8-2 win over a severly depleted Arsenal side, at home, 2 or 3 of the goals scored against 10 men is much (if at all) better than Citys result?
5-1 against a less albeit slightly depleted Spurs side, away from home.

Also, I find it slightly sad that you have to troll your own column by being deliberately confrontational towards other teams to elicit any kind of response. Sadly for you it just comes accross as jealousy or a desperate attempt for some feedback worth reading.

Posted by VeryRed on 08/31/2011

My sincere hope is that Mrs. Carrick doesnt make it back into the team. He would be hard pressed to keep pace with his own team mates..!

Posted by balotelli_45 on 08/31/2011

fans who say anderson did well must have been watching some other match. anderson can pass, sure we know. but he doesn't move on the pitch. he has no clue what positioning is. the number of times he and cleverley were caught flat in midfield with a free arsenal man between the defence and them was sheer frustrating to watch. please. someone needs to tell him where to stand.

Posted by zbh on 08/31/2011

I'm sure City, Chelsea, etc stay up late at night worrying about how much respect they command from *you*. See, here's the thing: *you* would have to command respect for anyone to care. *You* don't. To a degree the club you support does (unless they're playing Barca). But *you*? Why should anyone care? You're a smug fanboy with a bloated sense of entitlement.

Posted by Franklyn Anya on 08/31/2011

Nice article Payne. But I still think Man Utd need Sneidjer. There wil come a time this season when we will surely need a player the calibre of Sneidjer. The champions league is just about a week from now and we surely surely must need the services of the Dutch playmaker. Glory glory Man Utd!Nice article Payne. But I still think Man Utd need Sneidjer. There wil come a time this season when we will surely need a player the calibre of Sneidjer. The champions league is just about a week from now and we surely surely must need the services of the Dutch playmaker. Glory glory Man Utd!

Posted by RedAsia on 08/31/2011

@Ste - how much more hypocritical can one get? - United's starting line up was missing - Rio, Vidic, DaSilvas, Berba, Hernandez, Valencia, Giggs, Park, Carrick, Fletcher ... If Arsenal lost some players through transfers, United too lost players due to retirement or free transfers.

And the words you used - confrontational, elicit any kind of response, jealousy, etc etc.... try showing these posts to a neutral and find out for yourself.... about who is all that?

Posted by d on 08/31/2011

arent u getting ahead of urselves here??..fine u scored 8 against arsenal, but u dont seriously consider them rivals this season??. if u can go to chelsea or man city or liverpool and get 3 points then evrybody will sit up and take notice of ur so called "new gang". otherwise just sit back nd lets all see who ends up top eh??

Posted by Dave on 09/01/2011

Man U are nothing but local champions in the EPL, when you can cpmfortably beat Barcelona, then you get excited. For now, Arsene Wenger made it all too easy for you guys, wakeup to the reality that it was a terrible team madeup of guys with little or no talents at all.

Like you would say, come back in May and write the same story!

Posted by Martin Sarnecki on 09/01/2011

I got to "human excrement", then skim-read up to "Arse-shaving" and stopped reading. Come back when you've grown up, Mark.

Posted by Ste on 09/01/2011

@ RedAsia - Oh I completely understand that you had some players out yourselves, but I think that only proves to show what we have all known for a long while - United have a decent squad. And indeed it has been generally proven in the past few seasons that Arsenals downfall has been the exact opposite, one injury and their season can become redundant.

Posted by David Smith on 09/01/2011

I'm not quite sure why you post the repetitive and childish rants on here from the ABU Brigade, Mark. When you read such asanine comments like United are "nothing but local champions in the EPL" or do we REALLY think our 8-2 pasting of Arsenal was better than the Mercenaries 5-1 win against Spurs, it's time to censor the morons. This blog, home of the Champions', should be for the 330,000,000 worldwide Reds, not a stage for pimply, trophy-starved, Billy-no-mates'. If we want their opinion or input, I'll call upon them. Until then....fuck off.

Posted by David Bmith on 09/01/2011

@David Smith - You are wondering why your team (MU) is gonna lose this season and not even make the top 4. Its because of this match, getting over-excited of a victory against a second-string is gonna be your downfall. MU have to practice a century if they are ever gonna reach the likes of Barca and RM.

Posted by theJepit on 09/02/2011

@David Smith,

With you on that mate! Spot on..

Posted by ojewale olawale emmanuel on 09/02/2011

its a pity for a team like arsenal to be -beaten like reading f c my shout out to all united fans up RED DEVILS FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by TheSeventh Eagle on 09/03/2011

Hi Alex, I sincerely wanna see Smalling-Jones taking on central roles. Smalling is huge, really wasted to let running up the right flank. While Evans-Jones has left a big hole in front of goal, leaving Dea Gea exposed. Jones shouldn't have made too many back pass to Dea Gea. I would rate Ashley Young the biggest bargain of the summer. As for Cleverley, he needs physical work-ups, building some muscle. All the best!

Posted by Otim Thomas Rays on 09/05/2011

I just love the passing game MUtd have adopted.Let's not get carried away & become complacent.Remember the ''the oil barons '' will do anything to stop MUtd. Only when Utd overcome these ''blue''enemies do we celebrate not to mention the much hated reds to the west.

Posted by Gawaya Tegulle on 09/05/2011

Great piece Mark; you must be congratulated once again. I agree with you completely. Great insight, splendid style. Keep the ink flowing...!!!!

Posted by johanzul on 09/06/2011

To compare heads-to-heads between these 3 world star footballers, Rooney, Messi and Ronaldo, will definitely bring much arguments. Each of them have their own speciality and ability, thus, it depends on the Manager to identify this speciality and ability and for the Coaches to leverage 'em on the field.

As a United fans, I'm glad that Rooney is still remains at OT and as a United player. He certainly had grown confidence, learn to control his temperament and basically can do everything on the field as a football player, passing especially his long passes (superb!), dribbling, shooting, heading, the list goes on but more importantly this early season and hopefully thru out the season, "dead ball" situation such as corners, penalties, throw in, free kicks had been more accurately executed.

As for the Gunners, well, you had been "gun down" by a better team, even if Arsenal had Fabregas and Nasri, I still feels that Arsenal will loose the game but not by 8. My condolence to Arsenal fans.

Posted by Nasiru isma'il a.k.a Baba karami on 09/08/2011

It was a great perfomance from all utd players.But i think Evra need a rest because for months, he had cost us so many games including the champions league final at wembley stadium

Posted by dl on 09/09/2011

you guys must be joking. i have been waiting for cleverley to make his impact since his pre-season exploits last season. we all know what anderson and young can do, but cleverley is the player i am loving to watch right now. watch him shine!! even a fit darren fletcher will find it hard to break into the team. tom can pass, tackle and score! and we got pogba comin up too...

Posted by dr sly on 09/10/2011

man u is simply the best

Posted by AR on 09/11/2011

Haters. Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em. Accusations of 'smug fanboys', 'practice to reach the heights of Barca and RM', etc only serves to remind the OT faithful of just *how* good United is. If this wasn't the case, then what can possibly explain the existence of the ABU brigade?

For the life of me, I can't seem to find any hints of the existence of an ABC brigade, or an ABA brigade (ABBA, perhaps?) or an ABL brigade.

But I thank the individuals of ABU anyway for their meaningless and quite sad existence. Their presence, along with those who share their sentiments quite adroitly whilst never admitting affiliation, would only serve to quantify United.

Mark, keep writing what you feel like writing, mispellings and all. The Army marches on spewings of hatred, and we'd have it no other way.

Posted by Andrew on 09/15/2011

MU needs a defensive MF for sure. See how they got exposed by LMessi in the ucl final. Cleveley still not the tough guy. Maybe AFurgie should try Jones as defensive MF. Carrick good but lacks pace. Fleacher not that skillful. Ando can work better OMF. What else can i say. Pogba still a kid. Rafael could have worked for that role but is not that smart in terms of tackles.

Posted by ISAAC ADEDAYO on 11/15/2011

Up united right now man united is playing good football but united stil need 1 midfielder Rooney is playing much midfield than his striking SLF should give other player opportunity to proof themselfs.....pls when is RAFAEL coming back from his injure....

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