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Manchester United
May 28, 2011
Posted by Mark Payne on 05/28/2011

Within every fanatic there is someone who genuinely likes football and appreciates the game at its highest level. Barcelona are simply sensational and it is a pleasure to watch them play. There is nobody to blame for United’s defeat at the hands of the Spanish giants and we have no choice but to be humble, magnanimous and respectful of what is a truly great team.

May 26, 2011
Posted by Mark Payne on 05/26/2011

The months leading up to the European Cup Final in 1968 were filled with more idealistic sentiments than those we are faced with today. The Beatles launched Apple Records and the musical Hair! (no connection to Bobby Charlton) opened on Broadway. Students were protesting against the Vietnam war and everybody in Manchester knew that Busby was walking towards his defining moment.

May 17, 2011
Posted by Mark Payne on 05/17/2011

Manchester United are champions of England for the nineteenth time and, like a broken pregnancy test kit, the city glowed both red and blue on Saturday night. One of my friends made the appalling decision to marry a City fan and neither of them can remember who trashed the house at the weekend. Who cares?

May 8, 2011
Posted by Mark Payne on 05/08/2011

One of the best atmosphere's Old Trafford has produced in a while saw our most dominant display over Chelsea in living memory. And now the secret is out. This title, the nineteenth, is one hell of a big deal for this football club, and it is unthinkable that we won't claim it now.

May 5, 2011
Posted by Mark Payne on 05/05/2011

If Navy Seals had stormed my home last week Darron Gibson would have been the first person I used as a human shield. What a difference a week makes. We have long said that United tend to make us suffer, but Fergie’s team-sheet for this game was nothing short of terrifying. Anyone who rocked up to Old Trafford expecting a light evening’s entertainment would have been in for a rude shock. Fortunately, the surprises were all positive in the end.