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Posted by Mark Payne on 01/26/2011

It is lovely to be able to write the words “late Manchester United comeback”. Even better when I can attach them to the words “five points clear” and “season defining victory.” This was a hefty win and no mistake.

A tough result against the biggest ‘Pool’ in the division, such a shame Sky’s big two couldn’t report on it for us. I have a few suggestions for them over the coming weeks

Potential New Careers for Andy Gray and Richard Keys:

Somebody better go down to Skysports and explain the 21st Century to them…

Richard: Bingo Announcer
The question really is whether or not he has actually been doing anything else all these years, it certainly suits his talent level. “Number 45 Richard. Number P45 please.”

Andy: Michael Jackson Impersonator
That crotch-grab in Andy Gray’s youtube video was highly reminiscent of the king of pop himself. Perhaps it is unfair of me to associate Michael Jackson with Gray though. I apologise to fans.

Andy: Rab C Nesbitt
There is a raft of retro television on our screens now including Hawaii 5-0 and a redux Doctor Who. BBC producers might be put off by the fact Gray is likely to be less articulate than the original.

Richard: Dart Board
A bit wistful this one, but I have never been a great darts player and have been known to often hit the outer edges of the circle. This needs testing of course, but I reckon if the board featured Richard Keys’ face then many of us would hit dead centre every time. Perhaps even go through the wall.

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Posted by Bogstomper on 01/26/2011

Great Win, keep it going and we have #19
Players like Gibson and Fletcher are just not up to the mark. I reckon Wayne should take over the mantle of Scholes, he certainly has his energy and passing skills and then Hernandez could get more time.

Posted by Kane on 01/26/2011

Only united fans would pathetically brag about an unfair win, and call it an amazing comeback.

United have gotten away with three penalty calls since NEW YEARS, and counting. This year is riddled with refereeing mistakes favoring united. but ofcourse, 'great comeback', when you should have conceded a penalty and it would have probably been 3-0. Delusional united fans, typical.

Posted by Nash on 01/26/2011

@Kane...are u serious mate...Man Utd have a never say die attitude which many teams lack....maybe you are jealous bcoz Man Utd is flying high...and no the refs arent favouring i.e. West Brom game...the ref gave West Brom a penalty and Man Utd shud have got a penalty...Manchester Utd is the best team in England right doubt about that....i think u might be jealous bcoz they r doing well

Posted by Arafat on 01/26/2011

Only a Pool(not the better one, I mean Liverpool here) fan would pathetically live his life to comment on a United blog calling it an unfair win... When there was a comeback of 3 goals and the penalty didn't really favor the team which was leading at that point.

United have never "gotten away" with anything this year. If you want to pour your bitter remarks on something, blame the refs or the 4th officials. And please, while you're at it, please don't forget to mention how our debt-ridden club has "bought" all the FA officials. Pathetic Liverpool fans, typical.

Posted by ahmedyakub on 01/26/2011

pls alex sell carrick owen flecher

Posted by Jonno on 01/26/2011

Marcus, you are being too kind to the dinosaurs from Sky.

It was a great comeback whatever others might think. Winning when 2-0 down with 18 minutes to go is fighting stuff by any yardstick. But they do Make Us Suffer!

Posted by Albert on 01/26/2011

Arafat.. hmm.. why would you say Liverpool fans.. because they were cheated out of a game in the FA cup, by an unfair penalty call and a controversial red card against Man U..
It is very obvious Man U has been getting the favours from the officials this season, there are number of reasons why anyone following the EPL would say that..
How can you say that the penalty would not favour the leading team.. it builds up the lead and also frustrates the opponent.. Blackpool were cheated out of this game. Man U fans seem fail to see when there is injustice done to other teams..

Posted by Aegean on 01/26/2011

@ Kane

Oh man, crap scouser yapping about here. It's just a 3-0 victory over wolves, a 19th-placed team. No biggie.

And in case you forgot, liverfool could not beat Blackpool home and away.

Troubled times not over for Liverpool I am sure of this.

Posted by oz on 01/26/2011

why are all these people against fletcher, sure hes not in the best form at present, but over the last couple of years hes been one of the most consistent players- remember how much united missed him in the CL final against Barcelona when we got spanked.

all united needs is a creative midfielder (as previously mentioned in the last post by many)to partner fletcher and/or Anderson

Im sorry to say that although Gibson seems like a decent player at times, hes not really grabbing his chances, so maybe hes the one that needs to move on to get regular game time somewhere else.

also, maybe Rooney needs a bit of bench time- well either play him up front or bench him, its not helping his cause playing out wide.

thank god for Giggs

Posted by betty on 01/26/2011

Ps. the best news all week is that we dont have to listen to that idiot Andy Grey any more, what a plonker!!

so long fair well and good riddance Andy

long live Martin Tyler, now thats a commentator with class

Posted by David on 01/26/2011

Hysterical alternate professions for those two chowderheads, Mark. Incredible win, United.
@kane: You're a moron. The first goal was off a corner caused by Evra's absence after Adam put an ice hockey check on him and avoided a foul, let alone booking. The penalty shout was contentious, but no more. Rafael closed in, but Varney also moved laterally into Rafael shoulder to shoulder. If he wants to do that to shield, ok. But he did so and then promptly fell over. Plus, United went ahead in the 88th minute. The way they were going, I don't think anyone would have bet against them to add one more in the 10 minutes of injury time. You take one moment of a game in which United created double the chances of Blackpool, had more possession and overcame multiple players having been bloodied and one stretchered off to win with indomitable and use that to stake an absurd claim that they only won because of a call.

Posted by Brett on 01/26/2011

Stunning win, United. That's why they are the best. All credit to Blackpool, though. They gave a skilled, attacking, gritty, and superb performance. The prem is enriched by their presence and they are an inspiration to smaller clubs everywhere. What a game rich with teaching points though. Nani was great, destroying Baptiste. His close control was superb, but still doesn't always have the delivery. Anderson is much better than Gibson or Fletcher, more skilled, athletic, and hungry. Get Rooney off the wing. If you're trying to coax a player back into form, don't play him out of position. Chicharito makes great through runs and complements them with composed finishing. Start him against slow defenders or teams who hold a high line trap instead of giving him 15-30 min. Berbatov rolls on. He looked a little slow, but who cares as long as he continues this scoring run. Scholes passing is phenomenal, but in 18 years still hasn't learned how to tackle subtly and is a liability when carded.

Posted by RM on 01/26/2011

I'm sorry, but one off game by Fletcher does not warrant the Please Sell pleas from the "fans".

Need I remind everyone that had Fletcher been available, there's a good chance we would have defended the CL trophy against Barcelona??

Fletcher has become a great United player. Maybe not as skilled as a Xavi or Sneijder, but equally as important. Anyone notice what a monster of a game he had for us at right back after Rafa had to leave the field??

Posted by Nick on 01/26/2011

Great comeback indeed.

I disagree with the disses on Fletcher. He is no Giggs or Scholes but he is a nonstop work horse. He hasn't looked great as of late but he is a step above Gibson and I would much rather see him in the midfield than Anderson.

Posted by Mindleftnumb on 01/26/2011

An amazing game yesterday. What a stud Giggs is. What a difference Chicharito can make as a sub. And Berba? Wow. When he is on...he is ON.

I've come up with a concept called United's clinching number which now stands at 40. Would love to hear your thoughts:

Posted by David Smith on 01/26/2011

United fans pathetically bragging about an unfair United win on our Manchester United blog? How dare we. Two words of advice for you Kane: **** off. You and the millions of other ABU's were sat there at halftime in your armchairs, feverishly rubbing your hands with glee, gloating that you were just 45 minutes away from giving it the big one on here. Enter Ryan Giggs and Chicharito and 55 minutes later, you're about ready to eat your gun. Lovely!!! Massive win last night. Fletcher, Smalling and Berbatov certainly redeemed themselves in that second half. Rooney, Gibson and Nani were absolute pants. I don't see how Gibson gets a game. I thought Scholes was non-existent in that first half, but he's been out 8 weeks and gets a pass. Until he went off injured, Rafael was our man of the match. Let's hope he makes a full recovery and fast. Giggs, Berba and Hernandez changed the game for us, as did Charlie Adam fading babdly for the Pool. A five point lead now and no. 19 looms large!

Posted by TheJepit on 01/26/2011


Spot on...well done to the boys...

Posted by Winn on 01/27/2011

I thought Fletcher redeemed himself in the second half. He provided a goal and did well stepping in for Rafael at right back.

Posted by Bryan on 01/27/2011

Well there are somethings common in all the posts here. Gibson must go and blackpool is the best "Pool". Lol

Posted by Max on 01/27/2011

it wasn't a penalty to start with
even if it was - this is football. win some, and lose some. it happens to EVERY football club FFS

Posted by BTM on 01/27/2011

Bad signs for Man U and Arsenal have the easier run in. Worrying times for Sir Alex I reckon.

Posted by Steven Chong on 01/27/2011

With such bias refereeing, it is now wonder that Manchester has 18 English League titles under their belt.

It is uncommon to see such bias refereeing decisions in matches involving Manchester United. "Invincibility" earned via their own means is commendable and admired but attained through the assistance of the match officials is despicable.

At the current stage, we have a penalty at West Brom waived off and Gary Neville not sent off, you have the most ridiculous goal awarded to Nani at Spurs. As of the most current, the penalty not awarded to Blackpool at 2-0 up.

How much more assistance Manchester United needs from the officials to make them Champions again? The 19th Premeir League title which also surpass Liverpool. Glory! Glory! United.

Posted by Steven Chong on 01/27/2011

Glory! Glory! Manchester United, the greatest cheat of all times.

We can probably celebrate the predetermined 19th EPL Title to name of Alex Fergurson and Manchester United without playing out the remaining 16 games or so. The alarming rate that the match officials are assisting Manchester United given existing quality of the team, there is no way any team can catch them.

From my perspective, the difference on the table tally between Manchster United and their close rivals is nothing but the match officials. 3 big penalty decsions has not only ridiculously merited Manchester United with a minimum of 4 points, Not mentioning the winning mentality after each successive victory.

How can such help be rendered and the English FA can dare boast that the English EPL is the best league in the world.

Posted by Mike on 01/27/2011

For those of you who are not United fans, just go and hang your posts somewhere else. Recently if someone watched the game between Sunderland and Liverpool, Steve Bruce was annoyed with the way match officials were favoring Liverpool, during Hodgson's reign. Nobody talked about it and Liverpool didn't even win the game, they drew at Anfield.Man united got their goals in open play, their was no penalty awarded. So scousers just shut up and assess your teams weakness, and question your manager's ambition rather than cry over other peoples success story.

Posted by Trevor on 01/27/2011

I love how all the United haters sound like a broken record..."refs, refs, refs, refs, refs, penalty, penalty, penalty, refs...." Get over it! We get bad calls and good calls just the same. We win because we have good players, an excellent manager and we play with fire and passion. Do we always look like world beaters? Nope. But we certainly do fight til the last minute of every damn game. We have the right mix of youth and experience at the moment that allows us to grind out wins or draws when we play less than sterling football. The rest of the League would do well to pay attention. Arsenal don't know how to switch the strategy when the "Diet-Barca" rout doesn't work. I'm not exactly sure how to explain what's wrong with Chelsea, City has never had a winning culture and thus don't know how to win, yet. Tottenham only looks good going forward. Liverpool, well, hahaha they're just dreadful you only have 2 world class players maybe 3. So relax gentlemen, you can try again next year.

Posted by trevor on 01/27/2011

@ Bogstomper.....Gibson is rubbish but Fletcher is good for us. He doesn't do anything pretty but he never stops running he breaks up attacks and he plays simple passes to the creative players. He doesn't get enough credit because he hasn't quite hit his best form like spring of last year. Also, he is sometimes asked to do things in a 4-4-2 that he really isn't built for in my opinion. He isn't a true box to box player. I would bet you anything though that if he were playing in at the base of a 4-4-2 diamond or as the base of a 4-3-3 he much more appreciated. If you remember his best performances came last year when we played with just Rooney up top in either a 4-2-3-1/4-5-1 that Fergie favored last year. I don't think Rooney would enjoy dropping to midfield. More interesting would be Chicharito, Berba and Rooney playing as an attacking trident. Fletcher as the base in midfield with Giggs on the left but drifting inside and Nani on the right. Evra on the overlap would provide width

Posted by xpool on 01/27/2011

The crybaby pools dont see that fulham were denied penalties when the entire liverpool defence was cringing in their own penalty area(of course home ground of lowerpool)... not only did the liverpool players used their bodies... but also handled the ball at times at least on 4 occasions in that match.

And of course the spectators were are also playing their part in wasting time.... the ball goes out into the crowd and they dont return it. another ball is given to continue play.... and then in pops the old ball to stop the game... very funny... very smart... I cant believe such smart asses chose liverpool to support.

Posted by marcus on 01/27/2011

your streak will end when you visit Anfield pals. sorry about that but after that loss, you will go on to lose the title race as well.

Posted by Adrian Lee on 01/27/2011

With Man United still to play Chelsea twice, Arsenal away, Liverpool away and City at home, I remain keen to avoid saying we're champions-elect as those tough games make up one-third of our remaining fixtures. Still, nice comeback win which will hopefully improve our away record from now onwards.

Posted by ALBEEEE on 01/27/2011

They whinge, they cry, they accuse the ref, the pitch, the beach ball and anything but their rubbish players

Posted by Nwankwo jonah on 01/27/2011

I pray dat man.u will incline the JESUS CHRIST i pray AMEN

Posted by fletch on 01/27/2011

Why do so many supporters of other clubs(seems like lots of liverpool) read this blog? I never think of reading the blogs of other clubs. Poor decisions go against all teams in all sports so get over it.

That said I think Fergie needs to take some responsibility for the poor 1st half. United have looked poor all season in the 4-3-3, especially with Rooney stuck out on the left. That's not going to help him get back on the scoring track. Anytime they get width there is no one in the box to cross to. 4-4-2 is the way to go, even though they are a little thin on the wings at the moment.

Posted by Ram on 01/27/2011

People calling for fletcher to be sold should seriously get a new brain. He has not played well in many games this seasons but when he is on song( like the whole of last season) he is incredible. He has a unique style of play which i have other than himself only seen in Sergio Busquets of Barca.

Posted by Ivan on 01/27/2011

Just watched the match. Unbelievable the stuff United got away with.

Posted by ohis on 01/27/2011

great united! they've done it again in that last match, but i'll suggest Ronney should be rested for now and made to sub for chicharito. Giggs was superb, but Nani need a team-mentality. His always-wants-to-score attitude, robs other better positioned team mate and the club some good goals.

Posted by chris on 01/27/2011

Sorry but i want to say united would have their 19th title already if it wasn't for two bias refereed matches against chelski. Stupid idiots who think we get the most bias refereeing on our side.

Posted by Naresh on 01/27/2011

Yes, it is a great comeback after being behind 2-0, they way they payed in 2nd half of the match it truly amazing, I think mike is not aware/ forgot what MANU can do.

@Mike please remmember 1999 UEFA final, you will know what is MANU...

Posted by av on 01/27/2011

I generally enjoy reading insights from fans but the first comment by bogstomper really irritated me and is symbolic of the kind of 'fan' I hate to have associated with the club. Generally I have noticed that Utd fans have a great understanding of the game, and especially an educated take on formations, tactics etc. But really bogstomper...sell Feltcher? I dont even need to address that as many before me have pointed out how stupid the idea is. But the real gem in there was playing rooney in midfield. Really huh? Maybe we should put VDS upfront to pull a crouch?
Please, ffs..understand the game and maybe play a real game every now and then to get your head out of your @**. And I dont count FIFA 11 as playing a game.

Posted by Link on 01/27/2011

Disappointing column, no substantive comment or analysis about United or the game. The title certainly left more to be desired.

Posted by TheJepit on 01/28/2011

To all the Liverpool fans who read and commented here,...

Get a life....

Posted by bryan on 01/28/2011

you got to forgive liverfool fans. Since they adore a man who could say things like "Liquid in a bottle is milk" or "priest on a mountain of sugar", how normal can they be. they're probably still harping on the beach ball. lol

Posted by David Smith on 01/28/2011

I don't think it's just the bin dippers who come on here whinging. I think we get all sorts of ABU's giving it the big one. Funny though how not one of these Billy No Mates has bothered to mention the 10 minutes of injury time in the match. If it was United getting beat 3-2 though, there'd be a national outcry from these losers that the ref was in on the conspiracy. Ah, but that wasn't the case was it lads. Berbatov saw to it that your idiotic, childish and tired rants had to be focused elsewhere. When will you doorknobs realise that Manchester United is going to keep breaking your little black hearts? You may win the odd battle, but what's the point when you can't win the war. Up next: the Saints. I can see Rooney being rested and Hernandez given a start. I'd also rest Nani and Giggs as we have an exciting fixture list ahead in the coming months. Don't want Ryan too exhausted to lift that Premiership trophy come May, which, by the way, will be our 19th. One more than LFC. Wink.

Posted by soloakon on 01/28/2011

when you re top,they watch evry move,the ref,the coach,even his gum,if he talks or if reacts,if its a penalty,if its a fowl,they watch u like a cinema,....but they neva watch themselves,or stupid desions that hv gone for them,only united they keep watching,.....keep watching we lift the no19 in style.....

Posted by johanzul on 01/28/2011

Congrat SAF, management staff and players! Well done indeed, that's the United I know! A display of never say die fighting spirits and control of emotions (my highest respect for Vidic and Evra for showing how a professional footballer should act, not getting into unnecessary 'fights' with Blackpool players even they had threw their fist, elbow, etc at your face, Rafael you better learn fast how-to). For remarks concerning penalty or not and others "what if", sorry irrelevant to be discussed. That's the beauty of football, live with it if you're really a football fans, it's part of the game. My congrat to Blackpool too for being a tough opponent and made the game most exciting to watch. Hope this success continue onwards.

Posted by David Smith on 01/29/2011

So the bin dippers have rejected the transfer request of Girl/Boy Torres, who told Liverpool F.C. that he no longer wants to play for their Comedy Club and instead wants to ply his trade down south with the Rent Boys. LOL. I'd like to invite back all the bitter Scousers, who have found the time recently to comment on everything United, to hear how they feel about their no. 9 Judas now? The "Dalglish Revival" includes massive victories against powerhouses Wolves and Fulham, so I'm as perplexed as anyone why F.T. would want to leave at this point. Perhaps he can't understand a word Kenny ever says to him? You know how annoying those red-nosed Scottish managers can be when they open their traps, eh lads. LOL. Speaking of another Scouse-hater, I reckon Gary Neville's in line for a start on Saturday at St. Mary's, if he's healthy. I can see Fergie making 7 or 8 changes at Southampton and if he does, expect a rocky first half from United. It's usually how it pans out when Fergie does that.

Posted by collins ganira on 01/29/2011

Rooney should play with schole at the center.barbertove en Hernandez to strike,beside Manchester is a difficult side to beat now

Posted by David Smith on 01/30/2011

Well, that was an unbelievable travesty of a performance. Once again, why does Ferguson insist on trotting out Darron Gibson? Sell him to Citeh for 25 million already and throw in Obertan while you're at it. My god. O'Shea was hardly any better. Can this trio pass a football? Anderson looked as enthused to be at St. Mary's as Torres is at Anfield. Scholes looks like he's made up his mind to retire and Nani was pants yet again. Evans was in no-man's land for their goal, but did alright considering how shite he's been all season. Lindegaard's distribution looked very good and the Saints barely tested him, but an encouraging debut nontheless. Both Owen and Javier took their goals well, but it's so discouraging that 80 year old Ryan Giggs is our constant saviour. It's a good job he's stayed relatively healthy and that Berba's scoring for fun or else we'd be in a right pickle. A summer clearout of this dead weight is well in order. Just an awful performance....time to get the finger out.

Posted by Urmstonian on 02/01/2011

Great idea to drop the Roonster back into the Scholesey role. We should remember that the Ginger Prince was originally a striker. Could Berbatov and Hernandez play as well together as Cole and York used to, I wonder? And we've got Danny Welbeck coming back next season I think.

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