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Manchester United
September 20, 2010
Posted by Mark Payne on 09/20/2010

I struggle to remember a more one sided game against Liverpool. In the first half in particular, United were all over them and an unfamiliar feeling struck my chest. It took some time but I eventually realised it was empathy. The Merseysider's deterioration since they finished second two seasons ago has been dramatic. Although they were still able to score two here, it had far more to do with our failings than the renaissance of their season.

September 16, 2010
Posted by Mark Payne on 09/16/2010

Amid all of the hyperbole, there are several men with a point to prove this Sunday at Old Trafford. We look at the competitors whose work so far this season has not been up to scratch.

September 12, 2010
Posted by Mark Payne on 09/12/2010

Goodison is not an easy ground for anyone to visit. You have to earn the right to play there and Everton were all over us in the opening exchanges. Nice as it was to defeat Newcastle and West Ham, this was always going to be an entirely different test.

September 10, 2010
Posted by Mark Payne on 09/10/2010

It can't be easy playing against the club you supported as a boy in a must-win encounter early on in the season. My feeling is though, that Phil Neville can handle it.

September 7, 2010
Posted by Mark Payne on 09/07/2010

So, surprise surprise, Wayne Rooney can add his name to the list of men that have cheated on their wives. I have absolutely no doubt that this is none of my business. Yet this story is being waved in my face as if it is conclusive proof of this existence of God.

In no way can I condone the actions of Mr. Rooney etc., but this really is not of grand importance in terms of what happens at our football club. What is crucial to Manchester United isn't it the papers this week.