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Manchester United
July 23, 2010
Posted by Mark Payne on 07/23/2010

There comes a time in every correspondent's life when he must place his hand in the fire. When he, or she!, feels the urge to go against everything he knows and make some predictions. For me, that time is now and with the way this season is shaping up I have very little chance of making accurate guesses. Anyway, here goes.

July 15, 2010
Posted by Mark Payne on 07/15/2010

It has only taken four days but the last remnants of the World Cup drug are leaking out my system. Time then, to turn the focus back to United, the coming season and an appraisal of how things may unfold. Currently our newly-kitted out lads are touring around the US and it is always interesting hear the murmurs from Sir Alex at this time of the year.

July 4, 2010
Posted by Mark Payne on 07/04/2010

Fergie must be absolutely delighted. The first rays of sunshine have only just fallen on July and all of his playing squad are now on holiday. No longer subject to the pressures of a major tournament's taxing final stages, on the surface this is wonderful news for Manchester United, but is it a double-edged sword? Have United’s players all gone home early because they are not actually all that marvellous? Here I cast my eye over the performances of Old Trafford's representatives in South Africa.

July 2, 2010
Posted by Mark Payne on 07/02/2010

The World Cup is the perfect time for the football world to congregate and share its talents for all to see. Every four years the rules get a tweak and the game is introduced to new types of technology, for example the Jubilani ball, that help improve the speed and fluidity of the sport.