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June 24, 2010
Posted by Mark Payne on 06/24/2010

The World Cup is the perfect time for the football world to congregate and share its talents for all to see. Every four years the rules get a tweak and the game is introduced to new types of technology, for example the Jubilani ball, that help improve the speed and fluidity of the sport.

June 17, 2010
Posted by Mark Payne on 06/17/2010

To those who are interested. Here is a link to some of the coverage I'm doing for this World Cup:

What are your thoughts on the tournament so far?

June 11, 2010
Posted by Mark Payne on 06/11/2010

Panorama used to be the pinnacle of investigative news reporting. We did not see those giddy heights scaled in this week’s program on the Glazers. Although I very much liked the allusion that our American owners look somewhat like garden gnomes, it was definitely cheap television. Richard Dimbleby must be spinning in his grave.