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Posted by Mark Payne on 01/23/2010

It took a while but I found it. Rifling through bags of my old stuff I finally got my hands on the thing I was looking for. The green and gold 3rd strip from 93-94 double campaign. Still one of my favourite seasons of all time and one our best for kits too. I think our away kit that year was all black and we looked demon when playing in it. This was the kit United wore when Hughsie and Ince scored an absolute peach of a goal with about 600 little passes between the two of them. It's the kit I'll be wearing to games from now on.

I have harped on before about the division that has appeared in our fanbase. With the recently published horror show of our economic plight, we seem to be united again around hatred of the Glazers and a desire to have them leave.

A campaign is underway to encourage all United fans to wear green and gold, our original Newton Heath colours, until they go. It's a good protest being done in the right way and will draw attention to how unpopular the present owners are. Let's get it together and show we are still, well, united.


Posted by dennis on 01/23/2010

lets wear an kick them out.united forever glory glory man united rules.shall remain in our hearts till we die.

Posted by olamigoke adetola on 01/23/2010

i think what the fans are trying to do is that glazer's family are not expected to lead man united,going back to the former jersey will definetly chase the popularity of the club away and the rival club would have their chance of campaign that they are far better than manchester united,i think the glazer family should give a breathing space for the fans to operate,meanwhile all this protest would soon be over and the club would have their peace.the old jersey is the best way to protest to the glazer's family.

Posted by Net_Coach on 01/23/2010

Finally, the Hull match where ManU does what's needed to win the Premier League Championship: SCORE GOALS....and lots of them....

Rooney has finally found his striker's lethal touch and put the ball in the back of the net instead of those irritating "unselfish" passes in the box....

Nani has shown how much skill and imagination he has with the ball.... reminds me of a C.Ronaldo but is less of a show-off and may one day even be better! He should take all those free kicks within range. He should be played more often than Valencia, etc. etc.

Apart from Rooney's header, still not much aerial threat in ManU. They do much better with low crosses.

Hate to say this but ManU needs more goals to cover up for the really shaky defense now that Rio's past his prime, Vidic is injured and gets too many yellow cards, and Rafael still uses his arms too much.

Goals, goals, goals....good luck in the Carling Cup return leg!

Posted by Wala on 01/23/2010

cheers. and for the four goals by Rooney as well.

I must say Nani was excellent. If only he could be more consistent.

cheers for Rio's return as well. and for the punch to the rude hull player gesturing to VDS.

I still find it absolutely worrying that we couldn't find the back of the net for most of the game.

Posted by vishwa lalit on 01/23/2010

well cant manu try a loan deal for Robhino??

Posted by alex on 01/24/2010

nani was likely to be sold. Look who is turning back for him.

SAF a hypocrit.

Posted by admin on 01/25/2010

for those interested in joining the facebook campaign -

Posted by Jonno on 01/25/2010

On a trip to OT a few weeks ago I met a bloke on the train who was ahead of his time - he was wearing the green and gold away shirt with Giggs' name on the back. Hadn't seen one for years but I've always liked it and wondered if the club might revive it some time.

Somehow I don't think they will now! It's a great idea to use it as a symbol of opposition to the Glazers and it could be in for a bit of a revival. Will the ladies be wearing green and gold lipstick though??

Posted by Real Red on 01/25/2010

All this nonsense about wearing green and gold is gonna do nothing more than make Old Trafford look like a haven for canaries and delight the Norwich City microstore in increased scarf sales.

The only sensible action is to work and secure the funding amongst genuine true reds to takeover the club.

What really bothers me is than in the long term how can we guarantee that a small number will not contrive to do the self-same as previous owners and run the club to their own ends ? It’s human nature.

Posted by Peter on 01/25/2010

where can i buy the green nd gold jersey??

Posted by todd on 01/26/2010

We need to follow the gaffer's advice and keep Manchester "united". Some fans choices are doing more damage to the club than any group of fans from Chelsea or Arsenal could do. We need to stop the stupidity of wearing the green and gold and support our team...who no longer wears those colors!

Posted by Sepp on 01/27/2010

Glazier should be name that they should be called. And that is how our financial look like right now eversince they came in and take over this club management and ownership. Bleak.. They should be well OFF by now. by hook or by crook....


Posted by Jeff on 01/28/2010

I want them out as much as the next guy, but I don't really know how much we can do. We can protest all we like, and we should, but its not like they're a chairman who can just stand aside and let someone else in. The Glazers are invested, and therefore, can't just pull out. They were in it for the money, and now there's so much flying around and too much debt to pay off, that if they pull out, we could be even more screwed than if they stayed. Think about it. For someone to get the Glazers out, they need to buy them out, which effectively means paying them the 700 mill debt that they/us carry. Plus, probably a buy-out fee, which knowing the Glazers, would prob be another 100 or 200 mill. Who's got a spare 1 billion lying around? This really scares me. We are a strong club, and even in the not-so-popular PLC movement, we at least were in profit. We have everything we need to be the most richest club in the world. Can't believe they've f#cked us so badly!

Posted by Claude on 01/28/2010

I can't stand these idiotic fans who own zero stock in the team but want to make financial decisions for it. Put your money where your gaping mouths are, or just shut up.

Posted by Midfield General on 01/30/2010

Fan ownership is the long term aim. But we'll probably need help from wealthy fans (we're lucky to have a big fan base) and maybe external investors. 51% fan ownership would do for most people, written in club statute. Most fans accept that any owner will want some return - 25% or so in the PLC days was reasonable but 75-100% as under the Glazers is not acceptable or sustainable. Also set against the fact that our overall debt is steadily growing and even with that level of money taken out of the club we are barely just able to service the interest on our debt. Join MUST and together we can force change. It may take years, or even decades, but the pillaging of our profits must be stopped sooner or later so the campaign stars in earnest. We are burning around £250k of our profits, per day on debt interest and "fees". The fans are waking up, slowly, and as each piece of financial information trickles out, more and more will realise how much money we're losing and join the fight tostop it

Posted by Midfield General on 01/30/2010

Claude - no need for such hostility.

MUST are proposing exactly what you say.

Who's up for it? Put in 2k or more and get share in your club and rid of these parasites for ever?
They have a commitment for 10k from already, along with many others. We are mobilizing but it takes time in such numbers. MUST are now at 41k members 0 the largest supporter trust in the world. And we increase in numbers has really picked up these last few weeks.

Posted by Tony Buckingham on 01/30/2010

United We Stand - Divided We Fall - there is definitely a division between those who attend matches and have felt disenfranchised from the club for years and the armchair watchers whose contribution cannot be underestimated and they are the people who need to be convinced about the campaign. The bond issue has let the cat out of the bag, don't what and if we can do but we've gotta try, its a self fulfilling prophecy that United will go bust from the figures the Glazers have provided

Posted by Midfield General on 02/02/2010

Keith Harris was on TalkSport this morning. Based on what he said, I think he is definitely on the right track. Here's a summary of his main points (please correct me if I got anything wrong!)

1) £ 1 billion can be raised no doubt.
2) The investors he is talking to are fans of the club who would take a long term view, and would not look for an annual cash return - the return would be over 10years+ because of the appreciation of the club value. Another motivation of these as yet unamed people would be to secure the financial stability of the club.
3) The Glazers may not accept that figure of £1billion
4) Militant/violent/aggresive protests are totally off the agenda. (Lets make sure we keep it that way please)
5) No criticism of the playing staff/mgmt or the commercial staff who have done a good job - the problem is the financial structure and debt burden.

Posted by Midfield General on 02/02/2010

6) He believes that fans have the right to withdraw their support and finances if they do not like how the company is being run. As a customer, it is your right to vote with your feet. He mentioned how Barca had protested 10 yrs ago about how the club was being run (massive debts one of several problems) forced elections and voted out the inept leaders. (Laporta took charge, who is not perfect but has stabilised their finances, restored their integrity and pride, and of course have won 2 CLs and a few league titles playing probably the best football in the world. )
So if the Glazers refuse to take a fair price for United and leave, withdrawing support en masse may be needed to force the issue and make them reconsider or face the prospect of defaulting on their debts. It would work if done at the right time - but that is not now.

Posted by steve mccall on 03/26/2010

Wonder how the travelling contingent from Ulster like the green and gold?GTF YOB"S

Posted by groucho on 04/05/2010

new premierleague sucks and is going opera-league like mls. soon it will be single entity, because investors will save their money.


Posted by Peter Lim on 04/23/2010

I wonder if there is any way I can buy this gorgeous green and gold 93/94 kit. And support morally and financially the Red Knight campaign.

Posted by Keith Harris on 10/11/2010

Fuck off Lim ya cunt

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