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Manchester United
January 30, 2010
Posted by Mark Payne on 01/30/2010

History is littered with examples of people making matters worse by being involved in something they don’t really understand. Nobody regards America’s involvement in Vietnam as a triumph, Madonna should never have acted and this week Gary Cook gave us this little beauty. His humungous stupidity acting as the perfect aphrodisiac for all victory celebrations far, wide and right in your face.

January 23, 2010
Posted by Mark Payne on 01/23/2010

It took a while but I found it. Rifling through bags of my old stuff I finally got my hands on the thing I was looking for. The green and gold 3rd strip from 93-94 double campaign. Still one of my favourite seasons of all time and one our best for kits too. I think our away kit that year was all black and we looked demon when playing in it. This was the kit United wore when Hughsie and Ince scored an absolute peach of a goal with about 600 little passes between the two of them. It's the kit I'll be wearing to games from now on.

January 21, 2010
Posted by Mark Payne on 01/21/2010

City must have been delighted to draw United in the Carling Cup semi-final as it means the council house will have a capacity crowd twice this season. This may be a strange set of circumstances for them to deal with, but getting into an almighty tizz over Gary Neville’s middle finger is a bit silly.

January 16, 2010
Posted by Mark Payne on 01/16/2010

All United fans are to perform the following procedure. Place both hands over your ears, clasp your fingers together at the top of your cranium and gently but firmly lift your head out of the sand.

January 5, 2010
Posted by Mark Payne on 01/05/2010

On the 3rd of January 1777 American general George Washington defeated the British general Charles Cornwallis at the Battle of Princeton. The Americans are still going on about this. On the 3rd of January 2010 Leeds beat Manchester United in FA Cup at Old Trafford. You fill in the blank.