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Manchester United
February 25, 2009
Posted by Mark Payne on 02/25/2009

What a cracking game. The season is really starting to come alive now and everything that happened in the last six months was just practice. Some of United’s movement tonight was wonderful and our boys in the stands of the San Siro did us proud too. Several times during the first half the Red Army out-sang their Italian counterparts and that is no mean feat in a stadium that size.

February 23, 2009
Posted by Mark Payne on 02/23/2009

Having come through an incredibly challenging run with flying colours, we now face an even more daunting series of fixtures that will shape how our season will finish.

United’s defence, as is widely reported, has reached record-breaking levels of accomplishment in the period between November and February. But, if we are to keep in the running for major prizes then matchwinners need to start appearing further up the pitch.

February 22, 2009
Posted by Mark Payne on 02/22/2009

Clint Eastwood is grumbling across our cinema screens at the moment drawling “get off my lawn” in the slightly overrated Gran Torino. Here at Old Trafford this slightly overrated Manchester United team served up a helping of the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

February 21, 2009
Posted by Mark Payne on 02/21/2009

This week Federica Capitanio, 24, from Milan talks us through the Italian perspective.

February 14, 2009
Posted by Mark Payne on 02/14/2009

Could all United fans please take the time to read Daniel Harris's superb and poignant tribute to Mike Dobbin.

February 10, 2009
Posted by Mark Payne on 02/10/2009

How do you say ..thank you.. in Russian? How do you sack a man who has won a World Cup before the paint has even dried around his parking space? Were Chelsea really incapable of turning around a bad month under Big Phil?

There is only one man who could honestly claim to know the answer to all of those questions and that is everybody..s favourite billionaire Roman Abramovich.

Posted by Mark Payne on 02/10/2009

With number of hairs on Homer Simpson..s head outnumbering the amount of points separating key parts of the league this year the January transfer window could be more influential than ever. Of course, other factors, such as fixture congestion and injuries, will have their say on where the trophies and places in Europe go but it would be nice to think that the fresh impact of new signings could be crucial too. Having a look at the business done by the teams at the top indicates that the second half of the season will do anything but mirror the first few months.

Posted by Mark Payne on 02/10/2009

I was not confident going into this fixture at all. There is absolutely no way United will finish the league season having lost only two games and our recent record against West Ham has been dismal. Added to this, we have only won once in our last eleven visits to London and the Hammers were in a pretty rich vein of form.

February 7, 2009
Posted by Mark Payne on 02/07/2009

This is the first installment of a new section in which I shall be interviewing football fans from around the world about United.

This week: