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April 4, 2011
Posted by ESPNsoccernet Staff on 04/04/2011

AC Milan president Silvio Berlusconi has said that he is not keen to sign Mario Balotelli due to the forward's behaviour.

Balotelli, a Milan supporter, has been strongly linked with a move to the Rossoneri since leaving Inter for Manchester City in the summer.

However, Balotelli has continued to attract negative headlines for his antics on and off the field and he was recently dropped from the Italy squad for breaking Cesare Prandelli's code of conduct.

November 30, 2010
Posted by Wallace Poulter on 11/30/2010

July 8th 2010. An ordinary Thursday except for one small matter. Howard Webb was selected to referee the World Cup final the following Sunday between Spain and the Netherlands. I've been convinced from that moment that Russia will win the 2018 bid for the World Cup.

September 8, 2010
Posted by Wallace Poulter on 09/08/2010

Teamwork, especially on the football field, is an over looked factor. Players take time to gel. Sometimes an understanding develops quickly, but usually this is not the case. It was therefore gratifying to see England Manager Fabio Capello make the decision to partner Joleon Lescott with Phil Jagielka in the Euro 2012 game against Switzerland in Basel. I'll freely admit that Bolton's Gary Cahill is probably a better player individually, but Capello took into account that Lescott and Jagielka had played together at Everton and would be more likely to combine effectively.

June 17, 2010
Posted by Wallace Poulter on 06/17/2010

I'll be surprised in either Germany or Argentina win the World Cup. A strange statement I know. There isn't a team in the world that can sustain excellent football for seven games in a row. There will always be at least one game where the team isn't clicking in their play. When would you rather have that off game? During the group stage when you only have to generate enough points to get through to the next phase or in the knockout stage where one bad game gets you sent home?

January 13, 2010
Posted by Wallace Poulter on 01/13/2010

Today's non story finds various press outlets trying to make hay out of Adebayor wearing an Arsenal polo shirt while giving an interview in Togo. Most disappointingly is that some City fans are ripping the former Arsenal player in posts around the internet. For crying out loud, the man was just in a terrorist incident where colleagues were killed and others seriously injured. I'd give him slack if he was wearing a United shirt at this point never mind an Arsenal one.

January 10, 2010
Posted by Wallace Poulter on 01/10/2010

As suggested we were treated to numerous rumours and misinformation concerning the Togo African Cup of Nations attack. Now that the tournament has started there seems to be a final accounting of the base facts. Togo, after what must have been rough internal discussions, have left the tournament. As much as the players will have wanted to honour their fallen colleagues the team was on a hiding to nothing if they had stayed. Two members of the Togo party were killed in the attack along with their Angolan driver. Reserve goalkeeper Dodo Obilale is at last word seriously injured and in a South African hospital.

Wallace Poulter Wallace Poulter is an award winning video game producer, designer, industry consultant and writer. He has been a football fanatic since the day he moved in next door to Brian Clough. "Cloughie" being the acknowledged genius that he was promptly moved out and went to manage Derby. A serviceable senior school left-back in his youth, Poulter played one season of Sunday league football as a striker proving conclusively that he was a serviceable senior school left-back! Today Poulter remains involved with football as a licensed referee and most recently as a consultant on a Football MMO.

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