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Posted by Wallace Poulter on 05/02/2012

The news that West Brom manager Roy Hodgson has been appointed England manager has been met by luke warm praise at best and out right derision at worst.

In an echo back to the time the people's favourite, Brian Clough, was overlooked by the FA who preferred Ron Greenwood, those asleep at the wheel of English football have done it again by taking note of the public's desire for Harry Redknapp and pointedly declaring that they know better than the unwashed masses. Typical FA arrogance and stupidity that we have come to expect over the years.

Yet for the Premier League this is excellent news. A strong, vibrant Tottenham side is good for football. The Premier League now has eight quality teams; City, United, Arsenal, Spurs, Newcastle, Chelsea, Everton and Liverpool. Give Mark Hughes time at QPR and also Martin O'Neill at Sunderland and ultimately you start to have the basis for an independent Premier League. One not withholding to FIFA, UEFA or anyone else, but one that thrives outside of the current bureaucracy and makes all the clubs money.

This is coming. Maybe not next year or even a couple of years from now, but you'll see a monumental break in football. The Premier League will not worry about international dates as their players will no longer play those games. There will be a salary cap, one that the clubs can live with and top level wages for the players, but all the UEFA nonsense will go away. The English clubs survived and thrived just fine without European football when they were banned for winning too many competitions in Europe - known technically as a ban for football hooliganism - and it will thrive again by itself.

Ultimately a self contained league, like the sports leagues in the US, will be the standard. The Premier League contains too many owners who understand the value of their club as a franchise (yes that dreaded F word) for this not to occur.

City will be one of those clubs at the forefront. A true global brand as Sheikh Mansour turns his City investment into a profitable venture.

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Posted by Hari on 05/02/2012

interesting take....
but given the cash cow that is the champions league, do you think clubs would be able to cope without it??? and would players from other countries want to give up their chance of european football and come and play in a self contained league which wouldnt allow them to play for their countries???

Wallace Reply It worked while there were four big clubs and four champions league places. Well worked is an interesting choice of words. It created a case of the haves and the have nots where Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal and United picked up significant money which was then used to maintain their domination over the rest of the league. That's one of the reasons I have so little time for the comments from clubs of those teams about City buying success because, one, it isn't true and two it's more accurate for their own clubs.

As a lot of the value is the CL are the English clubs, the money would go with the English clubs ultimately.

Posted by Bryce on 05/02/2012

Normally I think your articles are pretty well done, but this week I'm not so sure. I hope your article isn't serious; I honestly can't tell. But I think England suffer from over-hype before every major competition, and after everything that has happened, Hodgson has a decent chance of grounding England and giving them a more realistic target. England's only hope in Euro 2012 is playing an organized defensive game, and Hodgson is certainly better than Redknapp for that.

Wallace Reply Hodgson is a pretty good manager but he is also an establishment figure. Harry's biggest sin is that he is popular.

Posted by Rod on 05/02/2012

QPR!!!!!!! Are you nuts? An independent EPL would kill the game in this country. Most fans are already fed up with the City, United, Chelsea brand of 'corporate football'; actually, maybe 'getting rid' of these 'rich kids' would be a good idea and then the VAST MAJORITY of fans can take their game back!

Wallace Reply QPR has serious money behind them and that's what the future is about.

Posted by Avumile Dube on 05/02/2012

Once again, British pride has gone ahead of common purpose. you would think the British have learnt a lesson, witnessing Roy Hodgson at Liverpool. When he was appointed as manager there, i had similar feelings as rite now.I am no psychic or anything like that, but common sense should dictate that if one fails to overcome a smaller hurdle, you would be foolish to expect them to conquer something 10 times bigger. Sentimentally, Roy may be the man for the job, but at a point where England needs results, sentiments should be put aside. The biggest problem is that the English pridefully feel they have to be coached by their own. in recent years how many English managers have brought the premier league home. A few years ago, Steve Mcclaren was cast into the deep end. The consequences were catastrophic. I respect Ron a lot, but he is definitely not the man for the job. A certain Pep Guardiola, with an impeccable track record will be jobless very soon. Take the hint.

Wallace Reply Hodgson was never given the opportunity to be successful at Liverpool. The knives were out because of how beloved Rafa was on Merseyside. Pep wouldn't have lasted either in that environment.

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