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Posted by Wallace Poulter on 07/05/2011

In other news, the sky is blue, the grass is green and Andy Murray didn't win Wimbledon. One word.... Whatever.

Seriously. Couldn't give the proverbial rodent's rump on this one. Regular readers of this column have known that I believed Tevez would leave this summer and I have been saying so for over a year. Not even a slight surprise.

City will be a better team without Tevez, and Balotelli and Dzeko will form an excellent partnership. Certainly the club will miss the little Argentinian's goals, at least at first, but his departure will allow David Silva to prosper even more in the attacking midfield (AMC) role. No more will Silva have to deal with Tevez always coming back for the ball and frankly not being in the correct position to make a run or take a pass.

At this point Roberto Mancini should slap a £50 million price tag on Tevez and drop the player from the first team. Work under the presumption that the Inter diamond will be the base formation for the year and start working Balotelli and Dzeko in the dual striker role.

I like Tevez, and as I've stated in the past the club would not be where it is today without his play. But time to move on, not least because Tevez is the equivalent of Hughes. Someone who was able to take City to a level, but it now requires more to move further.

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Posted by Hooman on 07/05/2011

will anyone take his salary for another player trade with manchester city at this time? Is Carlos willing to take a salary hit to move given his immediate desire? Would like Man City to get a quality player ; e.g. maybe a midfield playmaker in return but carlos salary is an issue for a trade.

Wallace Reply Given the UEFA Status Quo rules City will look to get maximum value from the sale of Tevez to help bring income into the club

Posted by Tawin on 07/05/2011

I still never got around the idea of why Tevez can not bring his family to live with him in Manchester, but I guess it is what it is.

Wallace, how do you see the Dzeko/Balotelli partnership work? Do their styles complement each other? You talked about Keane and Balotelli potentially forming well, but is Dzeko the blue-collar worker type? I always found him to be rather slow.

Also, if Tevez leaves, I don't think we'll have enough competent strikers to fill in once either Dzeko or Balotelli gets injured or needs a rest.

Wallace Reply In an Inter diamond the strikers play together in the channels between the full backs and the central defenders. They should work fine. A Balotelli-Keane partnership would be a different way of setting up the fron two. You are correct thought that City need quality back ups behind Balotelli and Dzeko.

Posted by Rat on 07/05/2011

If he goes algood we'll just get Kun Aguero..

Posted by cragsy on 07/05/2011

Seriously, which team has got the 40+ million needed? Barca? Not too sure there. Real Madrid? They'll need to offload more players than we do before they can afford him. The Italians? Well Juve are flush but Inter have already squirmed at his wages. Looks like we'll see how much his family really mean to him when he's got to take a 50% plus pay cut to go somewhere else. As for City, we'll survive without Tevez. It's a case of "thanks for the memories (the day he signed for us was worth the entertainment value alone) and now off you go". It's a shame yes, but I'd honestly be more gutted if DeJong, Kompany or Silva were doing what Tevez is doing.

Wallace Reply Completely agree that those three are more important to City despite the "obvious" factor of the goals that Tevez has scored.

Posted by Jonny on 07/05/2011

Fantastic comment as usual, and brilliant to see a football fan give a leaving player his dues. So Tevez's absence is one you believe should be addressed through squad players? I think Tevez's versatility (sometimes to a fault) does leave a gap in world class in the forward two thirds. In your opinion is it more important that City covers his finishing around the goal or his work-rate in the midfield?

Wallace Reply Finishing around goal. I feel strongly that Tevez was actually a detriment to the "flow" of midfield.

Posted by Humo on 07/05/2011

What about a straight up Tevez for Sanchez Trade? Tevez gets to be in Italy and the Champions League.

Posted by Soo on 07/05/2011

Who would you like to see instead of tevez? There has to be a replacement.. I'm sure if tevez leaves city will spend on another striker.. Eto'o would be more than welcome that's for sure.. I would love to see cavani coming but I doubt that's gonna happen, or even hulk!

Wallace Reply I'm quite happy with watching the Balotelli-Dzeko partnership start to build.

Posted by JPS on 07/05/2011

A touch off topic, but will you be watching much of Copa America? You've mentioned before that Brazilians don't traditionally transfer well into the EPL but it would be great to hear some of your opinions and thoughts on the talents and style of play on display.

Wallace Reply Not something I've been planning on doing. Trying more to get myself digging down a layer in Italy and Germany (and the occasional Under 17 tournament game - Raheem Sterling is going to be a very useful player for Liverpool...)

Posted by Matt on 07/05/2011

Nice piece again Wally. Sad to see the man go but at the same time glad all the "will he/won't he" BS will finally be over with. It also gives a better idea of how many players we need to get in this window. I would be nervous if we didn't bring in two forward players now.

What are your thoughts on Clichy and Savic? I like that we've gone for economical purchases to sure up the defense but I still think we need to buy a quality centre back.

With Nasri being touted strongly that could take care of the oft discussed back-up for Silva and maybe give us more options tactically.

What are your thoughts on Nigel Reo-Coker? I think he could be an ideal squad player for us. Could back-up De Jong and play more centrally, has PL experience, is home-grown and he's free! Worth a shot I say.

Wallace Reply My biggest concern with Clichy is that he can't, according to my Arsenal pals, cross a ball to save his life. You need full backs with such a skill to make an Inter diamond work perfectly so not sure what is going on there.

Savic, the general consensus seems to be, is capable of walking into most Premier League teams and starting from day one. This may turn out to be a very smart pick up.

I doubt a player of Nasri's stature would be happy with a back up role, although as you suggest Nasri and Silva would give the club some interesting tactical options. A 4-5-1 might work rather well for example.

Reo-Coker is an interesting idea. As you say he's free from a transfer perspective which in the days of the UEFA Status Quo rules is going to be a consideration. He's about the same size as de Jong who also started as a creative midfielder.

Alan Pardew made him captain at West Ham although Pardew was later sacked, but I did wonder if he'd endup at Newcastle.

Posted by yussif_nofight2003 on 07/05/2011

i wish tevez tojoin barcelona because he is a skill full player i like how he plays

Posted by Steve on 07/05/2011

Tevez, as good as he is on the field, is nothing more than a mercenary.That is why he is not welcomed back to Old Trafford by United fans, and the same will apply at Eastlands.
Only a couple of months ago he was saying that he was happy to stay on as captain of City. Now we hear (once again) how he misses his family and wants to move closer to them.
Unless my geography is screwed up, Italy is not closer to Argentina.
Only if he insists on moving back to his homeland will he earn my respect.
Tevez is very much the symbol of the modern player driven by money not loyalty.. the complete opposite of a true City legend, Mike Doyle

Wallace Reply The issue is not one of geography, but rather that his wife did not settle in the north-west. The inference is that she would prefer to live in a more Latin style city in Italy or Spain.

Posted by DarkDefender on 07/05/2011

Well who will want to pay top money for a player who has sworn to return to Argentina when he is 30?
He has vetoed to his children and wife and all that but I dont buy it!
First mistake is that he didnt learn the language and I blame City to be part of it cause they should have put him in school to learn proper English. That would have helped him to get friends and setle in England.
Savic seems to be in his way so probably no more defensive signings?
In midfield I would try to sign Hamsik (better option than Nasri)! He is into his final year of contract and City should take advantage (I know he wants to go to AC but his head can be turned). Also we need a pacy winger.
Also we need 4 good strikers! Right now we have 2 so there is something to do.

Posted by Adam on 07/05/2011

Tevez for kaka swap? Have the inter diamond of Kaka and Silva with De Jong under neath them both

Lets Barry be a back up to basically all three of them.

and then they can spend money on getting another forward to be in the mix with Bal Dzeko and Adebayor(cause it seems like we wont get rid of him)

Posted by Steephen on 07/06/2011

One more quality forward, another Silva type, and some more pace and work rate on the wings. This would bring success. As good as Balotelli may be, you can't count on him in the clutch....he's a wild card. The biggest problem is pace on the outside with an ability to cross. If we don't score more from the corner's we'll be no better next year!

Wallace Reply Crossing from open play and the ability to be successful when Nigel de Jong isn't in the starting 11 are the two biggest issues.

Posted by Wilbur on 07/06/2011

Two things need to happen for Tevez to be able to leave. 1. Tevez has to accept a pay cut to move anywhere (including Madrid or Milan). 2. Some kind of player exchange must be involved as no club wants to spend that amount of money especially with UEFA financial fiar play on the horizon.

So with those two conditions in mind there are several options to move Tevez if the other clubs are willing: 1. Inter (some combination of Lucio, Schneider, Eto, Maicon, and/or cash), 2.Atletico Madrid (Sergio Aguero, and cash) 3. Real Madrid (some combination of Higuain, Kaka, Gago, and/or cash), 4. Napoli (some combination of Lavezzi, Hamsik, Cavani, and/or cash).

While I know we are all sick of Tevez now much like Arsenal is with Fabregas. What are your thoughts on the possible deals above? Or who would you like to see brought in when Tevez leaves.

Wallace Reply If Kaka would come to City I see that as a real. for once no pun intended, possibility. Otherwise my money is on Juventus.

Posted by Jonny on 07/06/2011

Does Adebayor still have a role at City? I think minus his ego he would be an ideal player to work into our striker rotation.

Wallace Reply Funny you say that as I completely agree. Moreover a player such as Silva may well be able to play the passes before Adebayor wanders offside...

Adebayor is the ultimate confidence player. When a team is playing well and he is happy then he is one of the more lethal strikers in the world. The problem is that occurs maybe 20% of the time and the rest of the time he mopes on the field.

Posted by Jonny on 07/07/2011

Yeah Adebayor's an interesting one. Just emphasizes how valuable Silva is, brilliant player without the off field issues. Who is your ideal centerback to fill City's needs?

Wallace Reply Giorgio Chiellini

Posted by MCFCBoy on 07/07/2011


What news of Nedum Onuoha? Do you think he will stay with City or will they ship him out on loan again / sell him ? He had a good season with Sunderland and he seems capable enough to be a regular at CB and he can even operate as a RB. I would not want to see him leave the club.

Secondly, what do you think of grooming either Gai Assulin or Abdul Razak as possible successors for Silva. They have both impressed me in the past and these next few seasons could be ideal for them to work their way into the team.

Wallace Reply I'm looking forward to seeing both Assulin and Razak. Hopefully we don't have to worry about successors for Silva for many years, but having good quality youth in the first team squad pushing for playing time is a good thing.

I'd like to see Onuoha sent out on loan to a club that will only play him at centre back for the entire year and see how he does. He may well be a solution for City.

Posted by Martin Nazimek on 07/07/2011


We need quality backups for our squad. Our starting 11 is one of the best in the prem. Its depth that wins and its exactly what we need. Look at Liverpool when they lost the title to United, they had the better starting 11, but their bench players were not very good. Either young striking talent or some experience to back up our strikers is what we need. Sturridge was the perfect young player that would fit that need. Also, is there any way we can get Elano back? Loved watching him at city and would be a great player to work with/backup silva? CTID

Wallace Reply There's no way we'll ever get Elano back which is a shame. He's at Santos these days and surprise, surprise, they are winning.

City need five strikers. Two starters, one quality back up, one veteran and a youngster.

Posted by John on 07/07/2011

Wallace, How about Marcos Senna from Villareal? I always like him and he could be a good cover up for De Jong. Another player I like is Scott Parker. Either of them do not need to start and can be good DMs with a wealth of experience.

Wallace Reply I believe that Parker's wife was unable to settle in the north when Parker played for Newcastle. Senna is an interesting choice.

Posted by Winstoncity on 07/07/2011

"City need five strikers. Two starters, one quality back up, one veteran and a youngster".

Do we already have this in your opinion (assuming Tevez is gone)? Starters - Dzeko & Balotelli; Back Up - Adebayor; Veteran - Bellamy; Youngster - Felipe Caicedo.


Wallace Reply Within the context of the discussion I don't consider Bellamy a striker even if he was to return to the fold. Caicedo I'd like to see being given an opportunity.

Posted by Sean on 07/07/2011

We hav a back up for de Jong. Kompany has said that cdm is his favorite position and he played there before being moved back. He can be cover as long as the cbs are sorted. Kolo lescott kompany Pablo Micah Jerome kolarov clichy savic nedum and can even put boyota in there. There's going to be alot of unhappy defenders

Wallace Reply Would be interesting to see Yaya Tourne play in the back on occasion with say Savic or Lescott and play Kompany as you suggest with maybe Barry and Milner in midfield.

Posted by Seam on 07/07/2011

Hey Wallace,
I am in the US so I can't stay in the loop of rumors and such, you mentioned Giorgio Chiellini, is that a wish or is there an actual link to him?

Wallace Reply Just a wish. City need a world class central defender...

Posted by Hari on 07/08/2011

after tevez leaves-if balo/dzeko start,and also considering adebayor bellamy and jo gone,who wud u like as the quality backup?And also the veteran?I think we have enough youngsters like caicedo nimely etc?
So who wud u see as the veteran and the quality backuP?

Wallace Reply I thought the suggestion of Dempsey by others previously was a really good one.

Posted by Sean on 07/08/2011

Question Wallace..wats happening with viera ? I like Mancini mentioning di natale he could be the veteran forward you want. Couple of years left in him and great mentor for balotelli. I think we only need a big signing if a big star leaves the squads feeling pretty good but after past few days adebayor gone Bellamy gone and who knows with tevez.. Swap with benzene/higuan ??

Wallace Reply I'm pretty sure Vieira is going to join the coaching staff. Personally I think he should be a player-coach and the 25th man on the squad only used in emergencies, but nonetheless still available. Something that United should have done with Scholes...

Posted by Wilbur on 07/08/2011

What about Owen Hargreaves on a pay as you play deal for the back up midfielder position? What are your thoughts on him?

Wallace Reply or Jonathan Woodgate in a similar deal. Can't do both because of squad limitations but yes City have the opportunity to try those kind of deals.

Posted by Ste on 07/08/2011

Hey Wallace,

I agree with the sentiment above that someone like Caicedo could be used as the younger striking option in the squad or even perhaps Guidetti if he stays and has a good pre-season.
If Tevez does leave though I think that we will definitely need another attacking option. Either we go the more expensive route (and I would rather someone like Aguero over the Napoli boys) or we go for a more considered option. With Mancini having experience in Italy I wonder if perhaps he would go for someone like Iaquinta or Quagliarella, especially if Aguero ends up at the Old Lady like I believe. We could then use some of the money we would potentially get from a Tevez sale on another midfielder to bolster ranks like say Palombo who just got relegated with Sampdoria but has a good mix of craft and battling qualities.

Wallace Reply Don't be quick to dismiss Balotelli and Dzeko. It usually takes 18 months for a foreign player to settle so those labeling the players as failures are off base. I believe the partnership will come good... and quickly.

Posted by Patrick on 07/08/2011

Heard Tevez's wife refused to live in Manchester and that's the biggest problem. If he were to go to a Spansih side they could cut his wages without detriment to him because their top tax bracket is 25%, whereas in England it is 50%, so that shoud come into play if any type of deal is to be done I should think. What of Bellamy and Ade? The players are there but Mancini seems to hate both of them and the feelings seem to be mutual at this point. In other news, City seem to be linked with every high priced striker available on the market, and half of those that may not be for sale.
Woody wouldn't accept pay as you play at Spurs so I can't see him doing the same for City, unless it is a pay a lot as you play type deal.

Ahhh the silly season.

Excellent stuff as usual, Wallace.

Wallace Reply If Bellamy's tale of how he was dealt with is even close to the truth then Mancini has a lot to answer for. It was common knowledge that Bellamy had a specific training regime because of ongoing injury concerns and his play had warranted so treatment.

And yes, the issue with Tevez is that his wife does not want to be in Manchester.

Posted by Radicallyspeakin on 07/08/2011

Wallace i must agree with you that ManCity will be better without Tevez. His presence at City has hampered many of the other stars from performing at there peak. To me Tevez can be termed as a very selfish player. Many a times with see Tevez taking the ball from City's end of the field to the opponents end without even raising his head to look for his players. He only persues self glory. City should have let him go since last year. This will result in the teams upliftment.

Posted by Sean on 07/09/2011

Just read on goal that Madrid are prepared to offer city 28mill and choice of benzema or higuian, for tevez...thoughts? Who would you rather, higuian is a great talent but his injury history does scare me, and benzema broke out this season, which better suits the mancini style of play, cause the deal seems like a no brainer to me, if it is true, money, young top forward and offloading tevez

Wallace Reply I don't out much stock in the wild rumours floating around although it's a good one...

Posted by James W. on 07/10/2011

Hey Wallace, great post as always. This is out of topic but, do you believe City will ever be able to buy Mesut Oezil(my favorite player) from Real Madrid?

Wallace Reply Real will have a clear out when Mourinho leaves so all of their players will remain in play...

Posted by MCFCBoy on 07/10/2011

With Tevez on his way out, who do you think will replace him as team captain. I read somewhere that Kompany was Mancini's first choice, however I don't think he is inspiring enough to be captain right now. I was thinking either Yaya or Barry and Micah Richards to take over a few years in the future once he becomes more of a voice on the team.

Wallace Reply I suspect most would say Kompany, but I would prefer Gareth Barry because he has the experience of being the Aston Villa captain and so is unlikely to feel additional pressure taking it on for City.

Posted by me on 07/11/2011

Just a quick thought Wallace- I keep hearing talk the need for City to get new strikers of considerable ability (in my mind better than good but just short of world class) we have someone of this mold in Adebayor. Why not keep him on as a impact sub to the Balloteli-Dzeko partnership? your thoughts?

Wallace Reply I think Adebayor is too hot and cold for Mancini. When's he's on Adebayor is pretty lethal...

Posted by Jonathan Smith on 07/11/2011

I feel a captain should be in the starting lineup more often that not. Barry will likely be fighting for his starting spot all season. I think this makes Kompany the logical choice, he seems to have the support of the team too.

Wallace Reply Barry shouldn't be. If or when Tevez leaves then I think Mancini uses the proper Inter diamond at which point you will see Barry play much more in the style that made him successful at Villa

Posted by Sean on 07/12/2011

Corianthians bid 40million euros for tevez.. Thorts ? When he does go do we replace him and who with

Wallace Reply City will push for a few million Euro and then do the deal. And I know I may be in the minority, but I feel City have the replacements, and the formation, available already with Balotelli and Dzeko...

Posted by Jonny on 07/13/2011

What is it about Balotelli and Dzeko's style of play that you believe means they will succeed in England?

Wallace Reply Balotelli is so talented it's not funny... he could be a world beater should he decide to. Dzeko is useful with both feet and in the air. But what will make them a success is playing down the channels in an Inter diamond formation.

Posted by Justin on 07/14/2011

I'll throw this on here just to comment, but it looks like the two potential biggest signings this year will be to keep two players. Looks like Patrick Vieira is staying on with the club, another steal from Arsenal. And what I believe to be most important is keeping John Guidetti. I believe this kid is world class and we need to keep him and get him into some games. I'm headed to San Fran tomorrow to catch the team for my first ever live experience with CITY.......BLUE MOON!

Wallace Reply I'm very happy that Guidetti is staying and I'd like to see him given some opportunities this year.

Posted by Sean on 07/14/2011

So it looks like we have lost boeteng, thoughts? I was excited about signing him last year and thought he had plenty of potential to be a key regular on the team, I don't know much about savic but do you feel mancini saw boeteng expendable with the signing, or was more pressured to sell him cause of the players desire to return to Germany

Wallace Reply I'm disappointed that City gave up on him so quickly when he seemed like a strong candidate to play somewhere along the back. I'm hoping we get to see Savic on Saturday

Posted by Mike on 07/15/2011


Why are you so confident that Mancini will revert to the diamond. I saw little hint of it last year, even when we seemed to have the right personnel. Seems like he is dead set on a 4-2-3-1 with the three attacking Midfielders swapping positions constantly. I see Dzeko up front by himself with Mario out wide paired with Silva and another yet to be named attacker.

Wallace Reply That's possible, but it's unlikely to win the Premier League. Tevez precludes an Inter diamond. When Tevez leaves then we'll see Mancini's true stripes.

Posted by Matt on 07/16/2011

You keep talking about a needing a back up for silva and I was wondering how the singing of denis suarez could possibly fill in that role? I have yet to see him play but from what the other players are saying it seems like his play style is similar to silva's.

Wallace Reply Suarez is one of those signings that had flown under the radar but the youngster is very well thought of. I was hoping to see him yesterday against Club America, but alas neither he or Silva played.

Posted by Evan on 07/17/2011

So I wAtched the game agains club America last night I thought guidetti was awful..... He wasn't working for the team seemed like he was on his own agenda however I was very Impressed with weis who I've always like also cliché and sabic were class and McGivern looked to be a possible answer to a left winger yay a was a beast as always

Wallace Reply Guidetti was hampered by a lack of a passing midfielder and a strike partner in Andrea Mancini who was so-so at best.

Posted by Jon on 07/17/2011

Yes I concur; at this point I'm ready for City to just sell Tevez already because the whole ordeal is just getting annoying. On another note, do you think we absolutely need to go out and sign a top quality center back or do you think given more time playing together between Lescott/Toure/Kompany we can come up with at least one solid defensive partnership? It usually just takes some time for a strong center back partnership to develop and although we've seen Lescott/Toure, Kompany/Toure, Kompany/Lescott we've never seen any of them for long periods of time due to injuries and suspension. I agree that the heart of our defense was a weakness last year, but I think maybe given a little more time some combination of these three will be able to get their act together.

Wallace reply It's not the partnership in the middle of the defence that is the problem, but the fact that Kompany, Lescott, Toure and co are just not good enough when it comes to playing a straight back four without Nigel de Jong in front of them.

Posted by Timothy on 08/19/2011

I think Tevez must go. He thinks the club can not do well without him. Remember he was with Man U and the allowed him to go because of pretty issue's now its city bcoz of his family. If indeed he loves his family so much then we will see him go on a low pay,if not that means he is just making stories

Wallace Reply Yes Tevez needs to go, but the club would do well to take the high ground and treat the situation with class.

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