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Manchester City
May 30, 2011
Posted by Wallace Poulter on 05/30/2011

Funny how things turn out. This next season is shaping up to be a very interesting one and the spectre of Jose Mourinho is going to hover over the Premier League for the entire season.

May 28, 2011
Posted by Wallace Poulter on 05/28/2011

Watched the game, made some tea, kicked around the odd thought and I'm just not seeing the same game that apparently everyone else is.

May 22, 2011
Posted by Wallace Poulter on 05/22/2011

Carlos Tevez played his last game for Manchester City on Sunday. Fact? No, at least not yet. But I'd be stunned if the Argentinian is in English football by the start of the next campaign. Tevez is a fabulous football player; he's been part of a magical season, helped City tweak United when it was useful to do so and would be welcome on any team in the world. I'm also convinced that he's done with City.

May 14, 2011
Posted by Wallace Poulter on 05/14/2011

Think back, if you will, to another weekend in May. The time is 4.42pm on Sunday May 30th 1999 and Robert Taylor has just put Gillingham, managed by Tony Pulis, 2-0 ahead against Manchester City in the Football League Second Division play-off final. If I told you right there, right then, that 12 years later City would win the FA Cup, against another Tony Pulis side, would qualify for the Champions League and be the richest club in the world? Well... I think I'd have been locked up!

Wallace Poulter Wallace Poulter is an award winning video game producer, designer, industry consultant and writer. He has been a football fanatic since the day he moved in next door to Brian Clough. "Cloughie" being the acknowledged genius that he was promptly moved out and went to manage Derby. A serviceable senior school left-back in his youth, Poulter played one season of Sunday league football as a striker proving conclusively that he was a serviceable senior school left-back! Today Poulter remains involved with football as a licensed referee and most recently as a consultant on a Football MMO.

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