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July 31, 2010
Posted by Wallace Poulter on 07/31/2010

Former City manager Mark Hughes has returned to the Premier League taking the place of Roy Hodgson who departed Craven Cottage for the "warmer" climes of Merseyside. I'm pleased; I think it's an excellent fit for the former Blackburn and Wales manager and the current Fulham squad has enough quality to survive the first season of the Hughes Revolution.

July 30, 2010
Posted by Wallace Poulter on 07/30/2010

Elano has left the building. In football a player never goes back once a new manager joins. To do so would be for administrators to admit a mistake. Well a mistake was made and City should seriously consider making a move of historical precedent.

July 22, 2010
Posted by Wallace Poulter on 07/22/2010

Welcome to Manchester City, James Milner. No deal has been agreed, but that's the only reasonable expected outcome after Aston Villa manager Martin O'Neill essentially threw Milner under the proverbial bus with a statement on the official Aston Villa website - so no possible claim that the former Celtic boss was misquoted.

July 21, 2010
Posted by Wallace Poulter on 07/21/2010

There are times when you look at a club, any club, and ask the question 'what on earth are you thinking?' City fans are entitled to ask that of City management in the wake of the England international signing for City's primary challenger for a Champions League place.

July 20, 2010
Posted by Wallace Poulter on 07/20/2010

Following yesterday's Part one here's the follow up of the final thoughts from last season. My old Gran, bless her soul, used to use the phrase "your eyes are bigger than your stomach." I think a similar sentiment could be applied to City when the club thought 4th was in the offing. 6th the Chairman said and I thought 5th with players still learning to play as a team was a commendable job. The utter destruction of eventual champions Chelsea at Stamford Bridge shows just how good this team can be. However you are a team when you add no more than a couple of players in a summer transfer window. Until then it's a collection of talented individuals. Onward with part two of my end of season thoughts.

July 19, 2010
Posted by Wallace Poulter on 07/19/2010

With the conclusion of the World Cup and the start of pre season friendlies we can finally consign last year to the history book. Invariably there are year-end in reviews, but I've found that waiting and mulling over a season gives a little bit more perspective. First I should give kudos to the team at the Guardian. Everyone and their dog had Liverpool winning the league in last year's pre season predictions including the Guardian, but it was only the Manchester based national paper that I saw stepping up to the plate at the end of the season and commenting on how they missed with their prediction. However their analysis of why Wenger would fail to lift the title was spot on. Liverpool flattered to deceive many but I'll be looking for the Guardian's analysis in August. Here are the first five observations in my ten thoughts from the season past.

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