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November 28, 2009
Posted by Wallace Poulter on 11/28/2009

Dear Chairman
Hello there, haven't had the pleasure of meeting you yet.

Just wanted to say what a fabulous job Mark Hughes is doing. Sixth you said and by golly Hughes has got the team playing at that level. Yes, yes, of course we could quibble about a result or two or three... well technically seven, but the point is the team is not losing and is only one of a handful of clubs in the entire five tiers of English Football that have only lost one game so far this season in the league.

November 12, 2009
Posted by Wallace Poulter on 11/12/2009

Once more the issue of the Old Firm, Celtic and Rangers for the uninitiated, joining the Premier League has been raised and subsequently shot down. Not surprising really as it is not exactly in the self interest of the majority of the Premier League clubs to add two more clubs into the mix that could divert revenue even if this time the idea was broached in the context of adding a Premier League 2.

November 11, 2009
Posted by Wallace Poulter on 11/11/2009

Today I'm going to step away from the subject of City and talk about the death of German national keeper Robert Enke. As is now well known the Hannover 96 net minder was killed by a train near his home on Tuesday evening. All indications are that the 32 year old committed suicide having left a note to that effect.

November 10, 2009
Posted by Wallace Poulter on 11/10/2009

I've received a couple of polite enquires from long time readers about recent results and my thoughts. My infrequent posting is not a lack of opinion, far from it, but just an overwhelming sense of frustration. I'd much rather post positive thoughts about the team winning and players playing well than harp on the negative issues which have seemed so obvious to me for so long.

Wallace Poulter Wallace Poulter is an award winning video game producer, designer, industry consultant and writer. He has been a football fanatic since the day he moved in next door to Brian Clough. "Cloughie" being the acknowledged genius that he was promptly moved out and went to manage Derby. A serviceable senior school left-back in his youth, Poulter played one season of Sunday league football as a striker proving conclusively that he was a serviceable senior school left-back! Today Poulter remains involved with football as a licensed referee and most recently as a consultant on a Football MMO.

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