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March 31, 2009
Posted by Wallace Poulter on 03/31/2009

There are good April Fool's Day jokes and funny April Fool's Day jokes and then there are stupid ones. And already we are seeing those latter ones with the "announcement" that Garry Cook is supposedly out at City. Please ignore all the crap you are going to be reading today.

March 30, 2009
Posted by Wallace Poulter on 03/30/2009

I had to smile this morning. No manager in the world wants his players playing international football with the chance of injury but there was Mark Hughes talking up Zabaleta for Argentina. Nice example of man management in supporting the player while knowing that he is not going to lose him for this round of international call ups.

March 20, 2009
Posted by Wallace Poulter on 03/20/2009

I know, I know; most of you are scratching your head asking where this came from? I was certainly one of the first to call for the ouster of the City manager when he played Vassell as a starter. I have grumbled, loudly at times, about the tactics and base formations.

March 17, 2009
Posted by Wallace Poulter on 03/17/2009

Three interesting results for City; home victories against a faltering Aston Villa, and yet another Danish club in the UEFA Cup before the expected loss to Chelsea away.

If you read the papers after the Villa game, City were brilliant. Best half of football by City all year and there should have been a hatful of goals. All good stuff and a great read. Now I'm pleased with this because I get to use one of my old Gran's favourite words. As in complete and utter twaddle!

March 3, 2009
Posted by Wallace Poulter on 03/03/2009

I'm bored. Last three games; a rather credible draw against Liverpool, an efficient win against the Danes and a predictable loss against the Hammers. And I'm bored.

With any kind of decent away form the club could end the season with its best Premier League finish ever. But I don't see it. City could win the UEFA Cup, somewhat bizarrely we are both the only English club left in the competition and now considered the favourites.

Personally I happen to think Werder Bremen are the best team left in the competition but yes City on their day, and let me repeat that phrase, on their day are capable of winning the UEFA Cup. But do you have confidence that the best City team will show up for each game that is left in the competition? No, neither do I.

Wallace Poulter Wallace Poulter is an award winning video game producer, designer, industry consultant and writer. He has been a football fanatic since the day he moved in next door to Brian Clough. "Cloughie" being the acknowledged genius that he was promptly moved out and went to manage Derby. A serviceable senior school left-back in his youth, Poulter played one season of Sunday league football as a striker proving conclusively that he was a serviceable senior school left-back! Today Poulter remains involved with football as a licensed referee and most recently as a consultant on a Football MMO.

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