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August 14, 2012
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 08/14/2012

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I understand, after hearing from ESPN, that this is my last blog. Sorry to tell you that I did not get sacked as I know many of you were hoping for that...first of all I can't get sacked for something I was not paid for! second of all, espn is moving away from these types of correspondent pages so it wasn't about me (at least that is what I'm telling myself).

May 22, 2012
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 05/22/2012

Whether you agree with the decision to part company with Kenny Dalglish or not, I'm pleased with how Liverpool owners FSG are going about the business of finding a replacement manager and new director of football.

Ayre did the required (some not required) interviews after the decision was made and said that big managers still fancy us, which I believe to be true. After that it has gone all quiet from FSG, which is the way Liverpool should go about doing this.

Ayre said "It's absolutely critical that we get it right and we move forward" before going all quiet.

May 17, 2012
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 05/17/2012

When Kenny Dalglish got the call from FSG on his holiday he knew he was the only man who could save Liverpool. Of course, Kenny being Kenny he dropped whatever he was doing and jumped at the chance to manage the club that as meant everything to him since 1977. Liverpool's favorite adopted son walked out at Old Trafford a day later knowing that he had to galvanize a squad that had completely lost their way.

April 15, 2012
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 04/15/2012

Today my post does not focus on football, but rather please take a moment to remember that in 1989 96 supporters of Liverpool Football Club went to watch a match and never came home. My heart goes out to their families. YNWA

November 2, 2011
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 11/02/2011

Lucas Leiva. Who, besides me and Rafa Benitez, thought that his name would be the first one on the team sheet every week in 2012? Of course, Suarez get the press, and the songs, and rightly so, as he is the kind of player supporters pay to see. At times however, Lucas has me on the edge of my seat, clapping or laughing out loud at his tackling and ability to read the game.

He is simply a joy to watch. Lucas was at his best again during Saturday's late kick off against West Brom. Had Lucas been in the side the previous week against Norwich, we would have won... in my opinion.

August 8, 2011
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 08/08/2011

Finally less than a week to go before the season starts. Time for me to put pen to paper. I have watched all of our pre-season games. Now that our previous owners have left I'm comfortable handing over £44 to this new regime for an e-season ticket.

I kind of miss the old days when you would only see a line or two in the paper about Liverpool's pre-season. Obviously today every pass or dribble is dissected. I was disappointed by our performance at Hull as I thought we were just terrible. The game this week in Norway was a bit better but giving up that late goal was frustrating.

June 16, 2011
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 06/16/2011

I just saw the pictures of Liverpool's third kit this morning and I feel the need to comment that The Reds should never wear white and blue as the feature colours in a kit. I understand that football is business and the need to market and sell these shirts is very important to the success of our club but surely there must be other colour schemes available to our club. We must uphold some of our traditions.

Our new owners have not put a foot wrong since saving us from the unspeakable pair but this is a decent size marketing gaffe that needs to be fixed. I'm not sure who's idea this was or who signed off on it but surely they must have understood this would be a mistake.

April 15, 2011
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 04/15/2011

22 Years ago today 96 Football Supporters lost their lives by simply attending a game. These 96 supporters are gone but they are never forgotten.

Please take a moment today to reflect on this.

February 1, 2011
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 02/01/2011

Well if you came to read this piece hoping that I was going to be ripping into Torres for leaving Liverpool you might as well stop reading. If you were one of the ones who burned his shirt (probably only four people who did this but of course the cameras love images like that) you should be ashamed of yourself.

January 11, 2011
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 01/11/2011

It was an interesting 36 hours from when Roy cancelled his press conference to Kenny walking the troops out at Old Trafford on Sunday. Once I woke up on Thursday morning, after the Blackburn debacle and Roy wasn’t gone, I thought John Henry might make us suffer a little longer. That Blackburn game was a joke as we were completely outplayed during the entire match, except for the first 5 minutes and the last 5 minutes.

I thought Johnson and Gerrard were woeful, everyone gave Gerrard plaudits because he almost dragged us back in the game but in my mind he only played for the last 8 minutes or so. In the current Liverpool set up he is not a central midfielder. He does not tackle, nor track back and only when he pushes forward (see the ball he won for the goal and when he was tripped) is he a player that other teams fear. Rafa knew this… it's time that everyone else figures it out as well, including him!

December 16, 2010
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 12/16/2010

It's been an interesting 3 games since I have had the time to write. I took a little holiday with the family over to Hawaii so I was in warm weather for both the Villa and Newcastle game.

My wife said that I should play golf with my dad during our week holiday but I turned around and said instead of golf how about 90 minutes at that pool side bar watch the Liverpool v Villa game.

October 15, 2010
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 10/15/2010

Finally. It's over. What seemed to be fantastic news on Wednesday proved a false dawn when a Texas court applied an injunction to the proceedings in the High Court. Over the next day and half the High Court in England kept using words that the Liverpool supporters have been uttering about these two muppets for 3 years; Arrogant, deceitful, lacking good judgement. Justice Floyd is a legend!

October 13, 2010
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 10/13/2010

What an odd field to be celebrating the verdict of a judge rather then hearing the full time whistle blow from the referee! This has been the story of Liverpool's plight since these Cowboys came in started the slow decline of LFC.

September 17, 2010
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 09/17/2010

Liverpool were let off yesterday by the opposition as they struggled to come to grips with their European opponents in the first. half. Joe Cole took his goal well, inside of minute 1, but after that Liverpool took the foot off the petal and Bucharest deservedly equalized after some clever play in he middle of the park.

Posted by Kevin Brodie on 09/17/2010

Liverpool were let off yesterday by the opposition as they struggled to come to grips with their European opponents in the first. half. Joe Cole took his goal well, inside of minute 1, but after that Liverpool took the foot off the petal and Bucharest deservedly equalized after some clever play in he middle of the park.

August 26, 2010
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 08/26/2010

Javier Mascherano is an enigma. He obviously has enjoyed playing for Liverpool and minus a few games at the start of last season he has always done the club proud. His performance against Arsenal was a perfect game for him to show that he is clearly one of the best defensive midfielders in the world. He had stated, prior to this game that he wanted to leave, but he still came out and performed brilliantly. As a matter of fact he was my man of the match in the game.

August 4, 2010
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 08/04/2010

Well we have more stories in the news about a possible takeover of LFC, this time it’s an investor from China. Frankly I'm somewhat numb to all of this news as we ‘ve been down this road several times before and nothing has come out of it, except that Hicks and Gillette have remained in charge.

July 22, 2010
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 07/22/2010

Joe Cole is a tidy player and if you would have asked me at the start of the summer would I take Joe Cole and 5 million pounds for Yossi I would have laughed but that is exactly what is happened this week.

The Joe Cole move to me was a good addition because it gives us a player who can go around people with tricks and flicks but also someone who can help provide goals and score them as well. He had a habit of scoring against us as well so that is one less player to worry about.!

July 6, 2010
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 07/06/2010

I think most of you know that I was totally against the sacking of Rafael Benetiz. Rafa was our best manager since Daglishsh and the media seem to forget that Liverpool were not regular participants into the Champions league before he came along. He built us back up to be one of the most feared teams in Europe again. He signed players cast offs like Mascherano who is know the captain of Argentina (and if he sold will be sold for double what we paid). Little known keepers like Reina who is now one of the best in the world. Players like Kuyt who are finally getting their just due at the World Cup, never mind players like Agger, Torres. Sure, like every manager he has made mistakes but his positives far outweigh his negatives. LFC had the most players of any team at the World Cup.

April 15, 2010
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 04/15/2010

I'm back from holiday in sunny mexico and while I have some cathing up to do regarding recent performances (B'ham, Benefica and Fulham) today is not about football but about remembering our fellow reds and their families who lost lives 21 years ago supporting their football team.

Justice for the 96!

March 4, 2010
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 03/04/2010

The Blackburn correspondent for this website chose to attack our manager in his write up, saying that he will leave us with this latest score of two red cards to five, however he overlooks the fact that two of his players should have seen red in that game.

Rafa doesn't mind a physical approach as long as it's played inside of the rules. Rafa can say whatever he wants about Allardyce and whiskey nose's insane comments after we played them off the park in last year’s fixture.

I will leave him with the only the score that matters, Liverpool 2 Blackburn 1.

January 12, 2010
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 01/12/2010

I try to keep my column about football as much as possible but this weekends events by Tom Hick Junior have forced me to speak about other matters.
His four letter email tirade to a supporter of Liverpool Football Club is a complete disgrace. Tom Hicks Junior learned from his father, which just illustrates the type of man Tom Hicks Senior is.
This email is perfect example of the lack of dignity these two custodians of our club have. They are they type of people who are used to getting everything they want in life and no one stands up to their disgraceful behavior. "Junior" believes he can get away with whatever he wants but in this case he was very wrong. What kind of businessman is sending emails back to his clients in the middle of the night with four letter words in them? I will tell you the kind, a stupid one.
Gillette and Hicks are a continued embarrassment to our club, regardless of the amount of money they spend on players. This is not about football but rather about having respect and class and knowing how to treat people. Hicks and Gillette and their entourage don't have it and never will.
Gillette and Hicks get our club. You are not Welcome at LFC.

October 21, 2009
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 10/21/2009

Liverpool played much better against Lyon than they did against Sunderland on Saturday but the outcome was still the same as it was been in the last four games; ending in defeat. This is the first time in 22 years that we have lost four games on the trot. As the song goes, this is the wind and the rain portion of following our club.

It is amazing to me how many emails I get from you so called supporters criticizing Rafa. People have short memories, or perhaps they have only started supporting Liverpool after those six minutes in 2005, but we were a very poor side and didn't expect to qualify for the knock out stages of the Champions League every season.

Rafa has raised expectations so greatly it is difficult to match them. He has made some decisions in the transfer market that have not worked out, see Ryan Babel and Dossena but in my opinion he is still the main man. If we can just stick behind him and this crop of players I think we can turn it around.

August 3, 2009
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 08/03/2009

Hello Readers, sorry that it has been such a quiet summer for me. It has also been a quiet summer for Liverpool on the transfer front. Only one name of note has come into the fray with Glen Johnson to start the season at right back. At the time of writing Liverpool have sold our right-back of two years to Madrid but no one of note has moved on. The stories are that Alonso will be gone in a few days and that Dossena looks to be on his way out as well.

Liverpool's off season should have been easy for Rafa. He should've had a squad of happy players. He should have been looking making to look to make a couple of minor tweaks/improvements. The summer has turned to be anything but easy for Rafa and Liverpool. Both Alonso and to some extent Mascherano have been ruining the summer for Liverpool.

June 22, 2009
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 06/22/2009

Well it looks like as of Monday Liverpool captured an English player in Glenn Johnson, at a fee reported to be around £17m. He should give us some nice options at the back and I have to say he had a good season last year. He likes to attack and is English, both of which are nice.

I'm not sure where this leaves Arebola for us. Perhaps he will go to Spain - Real Madrid are interested - and if we can get £10m for him I suppose that is a good bit of business.

April 15, 2009
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 04/15/2009

I was back in college in 1989. I woke up early that Saturday, as I always did when Liverpool were on. I went to turn on my short wave radio to start to listen to the match. Of course the rest of what happened was a tragedy. From San Diego I tried to find out what happened and if my family had been involved. It was not until days later that I heard thankfully that no one from my family was injured our killed when they went to watch a football match.

March 18, 2009
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 03/18/2009

Breaking news. Get in. what an 8 days.

March 7, 2009
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 03/07/2009

Well it was an interesting two games really. Torres was hurt again and Gerrard clearly not fit but we went to my least favorite ground, The Riverside in the hope of 3 points after a fantastic win against Madrid. The game went to form. Liverpool dominated early with Boro offering very little in attack. Liverpool couldn't take their chances and Boro started to get in to the match. Once they went ahead Liverpool looked flat and were outplayed in the second half. We slumped to our second league defeat of the season and we deserved to get beat.

January 29, 2009
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 01/29/2009

OK. I have not been this angry in a long time. Yes, I'm very disappointed that Liverpool had a terrible January with winning only one game and drawing four. Yes, I'm disappointed that we threw away another one goal lead on Wednesday night against a dreadful Wigan side.

Yes I can't stand the fact that our ownership remains in the hands of two people who have no concept of Liverpool football club. Yes I'm disappointed in that fact that Rick Parry can't seem to offer Agger a new deal and is the slowest moving CEO in sport.

But what disappoints me the most is the so called Liverpool supporters who send me emails saying that Rafa doesn't know what he is doing. If you are going to send me an email about that . save your time and don't bother as you wont' be getting a nice response from me.

Kevin Brodie Kevin Brodie has been fortunate enough to see some of Liverpool’s greatest teams and players in action over the last 35 years. Reds fans are spoiled for choice in trying to pick their favourite memory. The best early memory I have of watching Liverpool in person was our 7-0 thrashing of Spurs, with the 7th goal being a thing of beauty. Watching us in 89 lift the FA Cup after the terrible disaster at Hillsborough was also very special. My favourite Liverpool moment on the TV has to be the Champions League final in 2005. It was a day I will never forget.

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