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July 26, 2012
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 07/26/2012

Great to see the lads back on the pitch. It was fantastic to see the travelling kop (and some loud Roma fans) as well decorate a famous baseball stadium. The pitch looked pretty decent considering it's a baseball field, although it did look small on the TV. The Green Monster was a great backdrop for the game. I would have loved to have gone but it was just bad timing and a bit expensive and I would rather only go see games that actually matter.

May 14, 2012
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 05/14/2012

Thank god that is over. That was the worst league campaign in my lifetime (I'm 43) in terms of goals scored and our performance at home. All those supporters who wanted Rafa out, after one year of not making the champions league, should be ashamed of themselves. We were spoiled back then and didn't realize how good we had it. Well now that we have had an additional two years of inept performances we have our previous ownership, Christian Purlsow, the supporters and media who drove Rafa out to blame.

April 12, 2012
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 04/12/2012

Sacking's, 3 points and oh yeh, A semi final with the blues

Blacburn vs Liverpool wasone of the weirdest football games I have a seen in a good long. The game was not really coming to life over the first 15 minutes with both sets of players feeling the game out. Liverpool had provided the game with much live besides for some clever passes by Shelvey and lots of good running by Bellamy. Other then that this had all the makings of a tight 0-0 affair.

April 9, 2012
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 04/09/2012

If supporters want to understand why we have fallen so abruptly from one of Europe's elite to one of the Premier League’s upper mid table teams just look at our two centre midfielders on display on Saturday.

Both Henderson and Shelvey had decent games, both want the ball and have a good engine on them. One of them, Henderson, is terrified in the final third and the other one is only playing in his 5th or 6th league start. Just a few years ago Liverpool boasted about Mascherano and Alonso and now we have Shelvey and Henderson.

April 2, 2012
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 04/02/2012

I just couldn't bear to write my thoughts after the Wigan game. We played reasonably well for a period of time during that match, got the equalizer, and a goal that should have stood, which probably would have seen us go on and win. Once the ref disallowed it we lost our way. Then Wigan went ahead and we never really looked liked getting back into the match. We completely lost the fight.

Sunday’s game against Newcastle was on odd one. I thought we played quite well at times, looking more dangerous than our hosts, especially in the first half. Our passing was decent, and Shelvey was very lively. He wanted the ball, got his head up, beat a few people and we looked up for it. Gerrard was not his normal self, however it was great to have Craig Bellamy back in the side. Craig was creating problems but his final pass let him down a few times.

March 22, 2012
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 03/22/2012

It has taken me just over 24 hours to calm down enough to write this little blog. 12 kids between the ages of 4-6 had the unfortunate experience to have me as their baseball coach 2 hours after this match. It's safe to say the red mist had fully descended and those little guys did their fair share of running last night. Dinner was forced down and frankly I just couldn't wait to get to bed such was the mood that LFC's collapse had put me in.

March 19, 2012
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 03/19/2012

It was not a great game of football on Sunday but Liverpool did enough to win the match by taking their chances. We started quite brightly in this match but Stoke did so as well. At times they were passing the ball quite quickly and looked dangerous.

March 14, 2012
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 03/14/2012

After the depressing performance at Sunderland, where "Liverpool did not turn up" according to our captain this was exactly the tonic the players, staff and supporters needed. To win any game 3-0 at home was a welcome sight but to batter our neighbors from start to finish, capped up by a fantastic hatrick by one of our greatest ever players made it even sweeter.

March 12, 2012
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 03/12/2012

I watched the game against Sunderland on Saturday in utter disbelief. I just couldn't get my head around the fact that Liverpool, who passed and moved so well against Arsenal 7 days before, could come out and lose to Black Cats. We had zero energy, zero ideas and zero chances.

March 5, 2012
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 03/05/2012

Liverpool's 2-1 loss to Arsenal at Anfield had to be the most disappointing game of the season. To play like we did at Bolton and get beat is deserved. To play like we did on Saturday and lose proves that football is a funny old game.

Honestly I can't remember the last time we have played so well against Arsenal. Normally they always have lots of chances against us and we seem to chase the game. However, in this match we completely dominated from start to finish. I didn't even realize Van Persie or Yossi were even playing until about the 15th minute.

Liverpool were camped out in Arsenal’s half and we are such a better side when Carroll doesn't play. Our passing is quicker, shorter and along the ground. The big man has been better recently and has shown signs of working harder for the team but I'm just not sure he will ever be a first-team regular. Kuyt and Suarez were unplayable at times with Henderson having a fantastic bounce-back game after his disappointing League Cup final performance.

February 27, 2012
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 02/27/2012

Winning the Carling Cup is a fantastic achievement when you think of where Liverpool were 500 days ago.

We had a very difficult passage to get to Wembley and along the way we lost our best player in Lucas. It was great to see 35000 Kopites at Wembley and fantastic to see us walk up the steps to get the trophy. I hope we can build on this victory and it will give some of the new players an understanding of how hard you have to work if you want to make it LFC. Hopefully this taste of success will make them work even harder to get back to where we belong.

February 12, 2012
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 02/12/2012

I'm embarrassed by it all. I was embarrassed by the decision to have the ridiculous handshake ceremony. Embarrassed by Suarez during the handshake. Embarrassed that Kenny had said during the week that Suarez would shake hands and then he didn't.

Embarrassed that there was a confirmation between the teams on the other side of the hand shake line before kickoff. Embarrassed at the half time tunnel "bust up". Embarrassed that one of the worst United teams in recent memory passed that ball around with such ease. Embarrassed with the tactics and team selection.

Embarrassed by Downing. Embarrassed by Kenny's post match comments where he blames the media. Finally I'm embarrassed by Evra's post game reaction and Ferguson's comments afterwards about Suarez being a disgrace. He should leave those comments to himself as I don't remember anyone else calling Roy Keane a disgrace when he purposely tried to maim another player.

Overall though Liverpool need to focus on ourselves. LFC let themselves down badly at Old Trafford. United may have won the match, after I felt we shaded the first half, but football and LFC lost on Saturday.

February 7, 2012
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 02/07/2012

At some point this season we are going to have throw caution to the wind and go for it at home. Yes we dominated a very good Spurs side on Monday night and should have come away with the three points but overall we didn't create enough clear-cut chances as we failed to get men in the box in support of Andy Carroll.

The big striker was much better on Monday, his work rate, hold up play and desire to get on the end of crosses was evident, but twice when presented with chances he failed to take them. Early on Dawson made a great tackle on the big man, live I thought it was a penalty, but on the replay it was a great tackle. Late on after a Kelly cross he slashed at the ball with his right foot rather than just taking his time. But it's easy to say that watching from afar.

January 17, 2012
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 01/17/2012

I got back late on Friday night after a week in las Vegas. I managed to sneak away for a few hours, leaving the Consumer Electronics Show, to a local pub called the Crown and Anchor who always show the matches. I had a quick pint to settle the nerves and watched Liverpool completely dominate Man City for the opening 20 minutes.

January 9, 2012
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 01/09/2012

Liverpool were awful against Oldham for the first 40 minutes and it took a tactical change by Kenny Dalglish to swing the balance of the game our way. Once Bellamy moved out to the right wing, with Gerrard just behind Kuyt, Liverpool took control. Bellamy ran riot and had Liverpool been able to convert the chances from his crosses this game could have been seven or eight. He changed the game completely.

It was not a surprise to see Oldham have some chances, and take a shock lead, because our back four had not played in six weeks and Gerrard was not helping out Spearing in defence at all. I thought Martin Kelly had a good game throughout and is really unlucky to find himself on the bench lately.

January 1, 2012
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 01/01/2012

Martin Skrtel kept the very good Ba in his pocked for the better part of 90 minutes on Friday night and for this he is man of the match. It would be easy to look at the excellent Craig Bellamy as well but Skrtel made the play of tr game at 2-1 to make one of the best goal line clearances I have ever seen. Went it left Ba's foot I couldn't believe we had let Newcastle back in the game. They had only one shot at this point (on target) at that had gone in. Otherwise it was complete dominance by the men in red. When Skrtel somehow cleared the ball I thought maybe we would do enough to actually get three points at home.

December 23, 2011
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 12/23/2011

I hate when Liverpool play Wigan. We always expect the 3 points and rarely get them. I was at the match last year, we started well, got an early Torres goal and then went home. Woy never let any of our players into their side of the half and the invetable equalizer came and Wigan should have won it at the end. This year was totally different, but the outcome still as frustrating.

December 20, 2011
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 12/20/2011

I have not had time to put my fingers on the keyboard over the last few games but we did have two nice wins, with two very solid clean sheets. The Aston Villa game was extremely odd because we normally find that a tough ground to go to but it was actually the easiest three points we have had in a good while. Perhaps they got us confused with Man United, as they usually lay down for them. With Darren Bent out of the line up they were devoid of any real attacking threat so I was hopeful we would go at them from the start.

December 9, 2011
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 12/09/2011

The game on Monday was very frustrating. I was a bit disappointed to see Maxi on the bench but I was pleased to see that Bellamy had kept his place in the team. I understand why Kenny picked Carroll to lead the line but at some point the temptation to select him must be resisted.

November 30, 2011
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 11/30/2011

These last two games have finished so quickly that I barely had time to even open the computer up to write about City. The City game was a bit of a weird one for me. During the game, I just wanted it to end and I kept saying we would take a point from this game. After the game, and after the anxiety had died down, I was quite disappointed in the result.

November 23, 2011
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 11/23/2011

Well that was very sweet was it not? I'm not sure which picture of the match was the most enjoyable. The sight of Glenn Johnson looking back at his team-mates after the goal, the sight of big John Terry sliding on his bum as the ball rolled into the side netting or perhaps the sight of Torres smiling to his ex-Liverpool team-mates after the game, which must have incensed the Chelsea faithful.

I have to say I was really pleased to see both Maxi and Bells put into the starting 11 at the expense of Downing and Carroll. It seemed Downing knew the chop was coming as he was in the papers a great deal this week talking about how his time had come. Of course, I still think he will be playing more than not, but it was nice to see Kenny go with the players who been playing well when given a chance.

November 9, 2011
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 11/09/2011

I have read a few match reports after Liverpool's frustrating draw on Saturday and the majority of them say that Andy Carroll did ok besides for missing a sitter in the 7th minute. They said that he put in a decent shift and won some good headers when the ball was in the box, but no one was on hand to score.

October 24, 2011
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 10/24/2011

I'm not quite sure what happened on Saturday. The commentators were saying that Norwich deserved a share of the spoils and I suppose the 1-1 score-line agrees with them but Liverpool completely dominated that game from start to finish and could and should have scored nine goals. We created chance after chance but our finishing has been woeful this season and this was the case again Saturday.

October 15, 2011
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 10/15/2011

Liverpool were very unlucky on Saturday but we need to do a better job of taking the chances that are given to us if we want to climb the table. United had two chances to score, a Phil Jones header and the goal by the Little Pea or whatever nickname that fella has. In typical United fashion they scored from one of those two chances to steal a point at Anfield.

October 3, 2011
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 10/03/2011

Regular readers of my column will know that I dislike Martin Atkinson, the ref for the derby this weekend. He never gives Liverpool anything. He never protected Torres when he was with us and he's just an accident waiting to happen. So it was no surprise when he got the decision to send off Rodwell totally wrong after a foul on Suarez.

September 19, 2011
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 09/19/2011

It's times like this when it's very difficult being the Liverpool Correspondant. I was very excited for this match as we had to wait 8 days since we were so unlucky at Stoke so even though the game started at 530 am on a Sunday I was chomping at the bit and couldn't sleep.

September 14, 2011
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 09/14/2011

Diabolical is the only word that comes to mind when I think of Liverpool's recent trips to Stoke. Last year I witnessed the worst Liverpool display (in person) at the Britannia Stadium. Last year we were out-managed, out fought, out thought and totally out played by Stoke. This year the word diabolical is saved for the man in the middle who cost us all three points on Sunday. He was a disgrace.

August 31, 2011
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 08/31/2011

I'm truly sorry about the delay in writing this post match summary of the Bolton game. I'm just not sure what I can say that has not been said in the press already. This was a special treat for me as I was able to watch the game with my dad. For regular readers of my stuff over the years you will know that I often drive the 20 miles to sit with him and watch the match together. It's something we enjoy tremendously. I have two kids that are getting bigger so my schedule does not always permit the drive time however Saturday was a perfect for me as I headed to San Mateo to watch the match.

August 22, 2011
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 08/22/2011

I think Liverpool just about deserved to win on Saturday. My Friday evening was spent getting to bed early so I could try and get some sleep before the alarm went off at 430 am (kick off is at 445 for me). I was able to be in bed by 10am but once I looked at the clock at 3:50am I knew at that point I had no chance of going back to sleep as the nervous excitement of a Liverpool game was in the blood.

So I'm up checking the team news and making coffee while hoping that I don't disturb the kids or my wife. Finally 555 minutes later we kicked off and I was quite surprised to see Henderson in the line-up at the expense of Suarez but I understood the logic behind it. Nice to see Kelly returning to the right back role, he had a heck of game.

August 15, 2011
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 08/15/2011

Needless to say the last few opening games of the season have been a big disappointment. After getting five consecutive away days under Rafa the fixture computer handed us two consecutive home games that we have failed to win. Last year against Arsenal, in which somehow we played quite well, even down to ten men, but still managed to only come away with a point. This year, against Sunderland, with four new faces in the squad, we again only managed a draw. It was an extremely disappointing result.

May 16, 2011
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 05/16/2011

Since Kenny Dalglish took over this was the first game we have played under heavy expectations and it did not go well for us. As Kenny said, we did not start well and frankly I think he made a mistake by restoring Andy Carroll to the starting line up. I don't think Carroll had that bad of a game but by having him in the team stopped Maxi from getting forward and left Lucas and Spearing very isolated.

May 9, 2011
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 05/09/2011

My dad and I back in the UK in November for some games and were unlucky enough to watch Wigan away (played well for 10 minutes then Roy told us to defend for 80) and Stoke away (got hammered 2-0 and it should have been more).

May 2, 2011
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 05/02/2011

Liverpool got the early start they required as Dalglish only made one change to the team that destroyed Birmingham with Johnson coming in for Robinson at left back. Johnson looked very good coming down that left side an much of our early play involved him and Max. Maxi was picked ahead of Andy Carroll after his hat trick last week.

April 23, 2011
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 04/23/2011

Liverpool were given the perfect start to the match after some bad goal keeping by Ben Foster after a Spearing shot fell to the recalled Maxii Maxi had not choice but to place in the ball in the back of the net net. This was just the start that Liverpool needed and it came after a frantic opening 7 minutes when we looked very lively. This team is full of runners and every time Birmingham had the ball two or three red shirts were on hand to close them down.

April 18, 2011
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 04/18/2011

What a battling performance by the men in black at the Emirates. Liverpool ended the game without captain, vice-captain and big target man. We also had two "kids" at the outside full backs yet if there was any team that looked liked scoring in the last 20 minutes it was us.

April 12, 2011
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 04/12/2011

I don't know how Liverpool can look like relegation fodder one week and Champions the next. Last week against West Brom we were just brutal to watch and this week against one of the Top Guns in the Premier league we were scintillating.

April 3, 2011
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 04/03/2011

That was Liverpool's worst performance under Kenny Dalglish and the most disappointing by far. West Brom played us off the park at times, which is quite unbelievable considering who they are managed by. Their second goal came from a typical Roy Hodgson long-ball but with Sotirios Kyrgiakos struggling it was a wise plan.

March 21, 2011
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 03/21/2011

Steve Bruce said, "these things happen in football" after the Sunderland v Liverpool game last year when the ball hit a beach ball and went in the goal. He also said at that time that if you know that the game should have been started by a drop ball after hitting the beach ball you are a saddo.

Well Steve, it was ironic then to watch you rant and rave on the sidelines on Sunday after a somewhat dubious penalty in the 33rd minute. Liverpool need to get about eight more dubious penalties at the Stadium of light for that complete lack of understanding of the rules to even out. At least the decision on Sunday was close to being correct!

March 18, 2011
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 03/18/2011

I thought Liverpool were just awful on Thursday. We didn't have one single player on the pitch that had any invention or creativity. We also didn't have a player on the field that could actually go around a man with a bit of pace or creativity. If Joe Cole never plays for Liverpool again that is fine with me, he is totally over-rated and is a complete bust. I have given up on him.

March 8, 2011
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 03/08/2011

Liverpool battered Manchester United on Sunday. Truth be told the score-line was not a fair reflection of the balance of play. United had many nearly-men on the pitch while Liverpool had 11 warriors. Liverpool actually dominated the game much more than in their 1-4 thrashing of United at Old Trafford.

March 1, 2011
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 03/01/2011

Well Liverpool were awful over the 90 minutes and deserved to get beaten against West Ham. This was our worst showing since Kenny took over as the players lacked imagination and looked very jaded.

It's very worrying that Lucas, Liverpool's best outfield player this season, has now had a run of a two games were he has looked very tired. He was getting caught in possession during the match and our entire passing display was just not quick enough.

February 15, 2011
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 02/15/2011

Wigan are baffling to me. I just don't see how a team with that much pace and confidence on the ball can be in the Premier League drop zone. I was actually at the game in person at Wigan and they deserved their draw on that day. As a matter of fact they were the better team and should have won. Liverpool found the home fixture a very hard game but with a little bit of luck over injuries and with a linesman paying attention Liverpool would have captured all three points. We greatly missed both Agger and Gerrard and sick Meireles did not help matters as Liverpool were forced into making too many changes.

February 7, 2011
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 02/07/2011

Liverpool were simply marvellous at Stamford Bridge on Sunday. We actually out fought Chelsea and out matched them tactically. I'm not sure if Carlo Ancelotti or Roman Abramovich decided to go with three strikers up front but in hindsight it was a mistake.

Liverpool's 3-5-2 formation dominated Chelsea's midfield and we had all the better chances in the match. Of course Chelsea did have one decent penalty shout turned down at the death but it would have been very harsh on this Liverpool side who should have been two up at this point.

January 25, 2011
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 01/25/2011

Finally. Finally not just a win but an away win and a pretty convincing one at that. Liverpool were not perfect and at the start of the second half we were under pressure but my goodness we were 10 times better then against Wolves at Anfield. They team actually looked like they wanted to pass the ball up the field rather then boot it up the pitch.

January 19, 2011
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 01/19/2011

I thought Liverpool were very unlucky not to claim all three points in the derby. Just as we used to do when Rafa was in charge, we played Everton off the pitch in the first half.

It should have been more then one at half-time as Torres was very unlucky when his shot crashed against the post with Howard beaten. The tone was also set when Phil Dowd missed an obvious penalty as Torres was fouled in an off the ball incident. How the ref didn't blow for that I will never understand.

December 1, 2010
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 12/01/2010

This was the most disappointed I have been after a match under our current manager’s reign. I thought this was our best performance by a country mile and had we had taken our chances, and the referee not been Martin Atkinson, we would have at least got a share of the spoils, if not all three points.

November 23, 2010
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 11/23/2010

Liverpool dominated the first 45 minutes against West Ham on Sunday and scored 3 goals, none of which came from the body of Torres and Gerrard! It was our best display of the season by far. In saying that West Ham are theworst team to come to Anfield in some time and if I'm being greedy we should have scored a lot more. We did create lots of chances however and once the match started I always felt we were going to score and win, it was just a question of how money they were that bad!

Posted by Kevin Brodie on 11/23/2010

Liverpool dominated the first 45 minutes against West Ham on Sunday and scored 3 goals, none of which came from the body of Torres and Gerrard! It was our best display of the season by far. In saying that West Ham have been the worst team to come to Anfield in some time and if I'm being greedy we should have scored a lot more. We did create lots of chances however and once the match started I always felt we were going to score.

November 19, 2010
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 11/19/2010

I saw our current manager on the way back home to California last Sunday, the day after attending the Stoke gmae. Once I got over deciding it was really him I just shook my head and walked away from him. It was just me and him as it was early hours in the Manchester airport.

November 8, 2010
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 11/08/2010

Liverpool's first half display was the best of the season, without a shadow of a doubt. I was really pleased with the line-up when I saw that Kelly was being given a game at right back. I still have not heard if Johnson was dropped or injured but either way the kid stuck to his job and put in an excellent display. I was surprised not to see our big Greek in the middle but I did think he picked up knock in midweek so he was probably injured. In hindsight not having him was not as much as a problem with Drogba on the bench for the first 45 minutes.

October 19, 2010
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 10/19/2010

Well another inept performance by the men in red and one in a suit on Sunday. For the first time in many seasons we were totally outplayed at Everton. I know they beat us 3-0 at their place a few years ago but Reina didn't have one of his best days on that occasion. At least then we showed some spirit and fight but as soon as Cahill scored the game was up.

September 29, 2010
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 09/29/2010

I thought Liverpool were very good for the first 15 minutes of this match and once they went ahead they were very poor, until the last 15 minutes.

I would have much rather had Torres chested down and volley goal had stood, which I thought was incorrectly ruled out for offside. Then the "backpass" goal. Both goals were legitimate, however Sunderland's sense of injustice seemed to shake them from their slumber and they dominated the game from that point on.

September 21, 2010
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 09/21/2010

Liverpool were poor in the first half with the cheating Nani causing our new boy Paul Konchesky problems throughout. However, how Alex Ferguson can have the nerve to say that Torres was trying to get O'Shea sent off by diving is a joke.

September 14, 2010
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 09/14/2010

Liverpool were lucky to draw at St. Andrews on Sunday afternoon. Our goalkeeper was fantastic and was clearly the man of the match. When you goal keeper is man of the match you know it has been a bad day at the office.

August 24, 2010
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 08/24/2010

Liverpool were hammered on Monday by a clearly better side. Man City were better than Liverpool in every department (quicker, stronger, more agile and tactically). Our ridiculous idea to play a 4-4-2 with Ngog and Torres clearly did not work.

The gap between Man City and Liverpool has never been more evident than it was on Monday. I would expect them to be better than us after all the money they have spent in the last two transfer windows, however I thought we could and would still compete with them.

April 29, 2010
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 04/29/2010

That was is a great game tonight and once again showed Rafa Benetiz is the man to lead us. He somehow managed to get out best 11 players left on the field tonight in a line up that surprised everyone. I know we didn't do it in the end but my gooness we were close.
In the first I thought we marvelous, some of the best passing and movement I have seen out of us all season.

April 19, 2010
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 04/19/2010

I watched that game on my dad's new 47 inch flat panel TV, in HD and for once we actually looked good on it.
The news and results this weekend were particularly poor. I just couldn't believe Scholes scored that goal with his head in the dying minutes which started off a bad weekend of football results. Once United won I felt Chelsea would slip up and they did, providing spurs 3 more vital points. Both Everton and Villa won so the weekend was quite poor. Then the news on Sunday that Torres will miss 6 weeks and end his season. All I did was simply shake my head and say out loud, what is next?

April 2, 2010
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 04/02/2010

Liverpool were robbed of a foothold in the last four of the Europa League by some absolutely shocking officiating in Portugal on Thursday night.

A fantastic cheeky back heel by Agger provided the Reds the away goal they needed. Benefica, when it was 11 v 11, looked a very good side but I always felt we had another goal left in us such was the intent that Gerrard and Torres started with.

March 10, 2010
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 03/10/2010

I had to wait 24 hours after watching Wigan v Liverpool to put "pen to paper". I have only ever walked out of a game once (and that only lasted two minutes before I came back in) -the game was an FA Cup match against Chelsea when we were winning 2-0 and lost 4-2. Our second half display was dreadful that day!

March 1, 2010
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 03/01/2010

So nice to see Liverpool’s number 9 back in action against Blackburn on Sunday. He was marvellous in the first half, tired in the second, but was still excellent overall. He just gives us a totally new dimension and we desperately need him to stay healthy in the run in.

Liverpool played very well at times but for some reason in the second half we just couldn’t seem to get a hold of the ball and were guilty of giving the ball away up front. This allowed Blackburn to pump ball after ball into our box, and with the ref giving Reina almost zero protection it was a sound tactic.

February 8, 2010
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 02/08/2010

Liverpool came up trumps with their gritty, hard working and physical display as they fully deserved all the three points. David Moyes might feel the gap has closed between Liverpool and Everton but Everton had a very difficult time dealing with their man advantage.

Let me know start off by saying that I thought the referee was awful. Fellaini should have been off well before the tackle with Kyrgiakos. He Rugby tackled Kyrgiakos in the box during a corner kick and then he purposely slid into the face of Kuyt, after the whistle had gone. Both of these actions were completely ignored/missed by this referee. Then unbelievably, the major talking point of the match between Fellaini and Kyrgiakos saw the referee completely ignore the big haired thug as he showed a straight red to the greek letting Fellaini away with assault. Some justice was served as Fellaini was not able to return to action as his further participation in the match would have been a joke.

February 2, 2010
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 02/02/2010

So Liverpool gained a valuable 3 points at home to Bolton on Saturday. The performance in the first half was not great as Bolton had two very good chances to score but this was a much better performance then midweek against Wolves.

Steven Gerrard was our most improved player as he was being man marked for most of the match but his work rate and movement was much better. Our defense also looked pretty strong, the big greek in the middle doing very well.

January 28, 2010
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 01/28/2010

Liverpool were bloody awful against Wolves. Rafa and Gerrard can spin it any way they but the honest truth is that if you'd swapped kits before the match you could not have been able tell which team was Wolves and which team was Liverpool.

The Reds had one shot on target and that was a fluke more than anything. Who knew that Liverpool's best chance would happen in the opening minute when Alberto Riera flashed a header wide.

January 21, 2010
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 01/21/2010

Well that was a bit more like it. This was never going to be a night when we out passed Spurs but what we did do was out run and out hustle them, from the first whistle to the last whistle. In speaking of whistles we even had a bit of help from the man in the middle. This made for a nice change after some of the awful decision that have come our way this season.

Aquilani was much better in his advanced role last night and Dirk Kuyt must have ran a marathon. Typically I don't think he is a good selection for the lone striker role, but last night he excelled at it. He actually probably took the hardest chance of the lot when he slotted in Liverpool's opening goal after 6 minutes. He went on to miss 3 easier chances to finish the game off, but kept his nerve with two well taken penalties in minute 90.

December 17, 2009
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 12/17/2009

Liverpool got a much needed 3 points in their home match with Wigan last night. Much of the attention around this match was celebrating that has been 50 years since the great Bill Shankly walked through the Anfield doors.
Many famous players of the two FA Cup winning teams during Shankly's era were on the field for a celebration of the great man.

November 23, 2009
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 11/23/2009

In bed early on Friday night as it has been two long weeks with out a Liverpool game. The alarm was set at 430 am so I could get up and make a cup of coffee for the 4:45 am. kick off. People think I'm crazy but on a completely personal level I enjoy the early kick off's as I can watch the game with out feeling like I'm taking time away from the kids. The downside of the early games is that if we don't win it makes for an awfully long day of stewing on the result.

2-2 was a fair result. City played well for about 20 minutes which was enough to share the spoils at Anfield.

November 2, 2009
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 11/02/2009

This is getting old. I'm not sure what Liverpool did to upset off the soccer gods but whatever it was it must have been bad. I couldn't' believe the team sheet on Saturday morning. Missing from the squad was Skrtel, Agger, Rierra, Gerrard, Auerilo and Ngog. I just couldn't believe how many forced changes we had.

Everyone knows that I'm a huge Rafa supporter. We need Rafa more then he needs us but this was not one of his better games. I have no problem with him taking off Torres after 60 minutes but his decision to remove Yossi was a surprise. Surely Kuyt was the better option, Kuyt had a very poor game and looked tired. The other beef I have with this team was that Vornonin was in it. He was terrible and is simply not good enough to start an away league match. I would have rather seen Yossi behind Torres and even Babel out left. Babel was awful again by the way.

Liverpool actually dominated the first 25 minutes of this match. Fulham barely got out of their own half. For all possession we didn't have that many clear chances at goal. Although Degen was finding some joy down the right, his final ball was not great. Finally an opening did arrive as Yossi took the ball down well but his shot hit the post. Of course, the way the games are going for us we found ourselves a goal behind from Fulhams first attack. Poor marketing from our Greek center back and a lazy Insua allowed Zamora to tap it in.

October 26, 2009
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 10/26/2009

The Liverpool players seemed to play with a real belief from the first whistle to the last, although the last 15 minutes of normal time and the 5 minutes of injury time(not sure where the ref got 5 minutes from,) was very nerve racking. Every time a United player went to ground the decision seemed to go for them. They had quite free kicks in dangerous positions and I was happy that certain number #7 was playing in Spain.

Liverpool seemed to have a balance in the team that was missing in recent weeks and our Brazilian left sided midfielder really helped the side. His dead balls and work rate were very good all day long. Yossi was popping up everywhere and really running at the United defense. Of course, Kuyt worked so hard but the battle was won the middle of the park. Our pair of Lucas and Masch dominated their central midfielders. Glen Johnson was a solid right back with Agger and Carragher doing a job on Rooney and Berbatov

September 22, 2009
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 09/22/2009

Liverpool’s game was a thriller for the neutral supporter but as a Liverpool fan I felt it was taking time off of my life. A team that was so comfortable at the back last year looks ragged at times this year. Both of our centre-backs were guility of poor play in the first half. Carragher almost gifting West Ham the lead inside of the first few minutes.

September 18, 2009
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 09/18/2009

Liverpool won two games on the trot, the Burnley game was a stroll in the park after a shaky first 10 minutes. Once Liverpool got going Gerrard excelled in a center midfield role and dictated the game well. Of course, Yossi will get all the headlines and deservedly so. He was fantastic and deserved all of the plaudits after completing his hat trick. Liverpool scored four, even though Torres looked well of the pace. How we did not make it more is a surprise but Voronin should have done much better when he was put clear through on goal.

September 4, 2009
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 09/04/2009

Well thank you to Sean Davies for getting sent off in this match after two avoidable incidents. Had he not been sent off I’m afraid Liverpool might be in looking at a very different international break. Liverpool dominated the game but found themselves behind twice.

August 25, 2009
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 08/25/2009

Liverpool's performance against Villa was awful. We had a good twenty minutes but after that we seemed to lose our way and I just felt things might go against us as the game started to settle. Villa were working hard to get us out of our rhythm and it was working well as many of our steady performers were having a hard time keeping hold of the ball.

Torres was given a torrid time by the defence and how the ref missed three clear fouls on him is beyond understanding. One of these was a clear elbow to the back of the head which was missed. These things change football matches and we have not been on the receiving end of much luck so far this season.

May 27, 2009
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 05/27/2009

This was the first time in a long time that I can remember a Liverpool league game not being on the TV. On the final day of the season all of the Premier league games start at the same time so Setanta and Fox Sports had some deciding to do. I can understand showing the relegation struggles first, Hull v United, Villa v Newcastle and Boro v West Ham but how Stoke v Arsenal, Everton v Fulham, even Blackburn v West Brom was shown over Liverpool. I resorted to watching it on a streaming feed and for what I could see of the match Liverpool dominated from start to finish. The only blemish on the match was that Robbie Keane prevented Reina from claiming his third golden glove awards with a late goal. To Keane's credit he did not celebrate on bit. It's to bad that it didnt' work out for Keane, but we were clearly a better team after he went back to Spurs.

May 11, 2009
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 05/11/2009

Gerrard and Torres combined well for Liverpool to ease the nerves of the traveling supporters (and those watching on TV). Gerrard took his goal so well but his movement to create the space is what created the goal.

Give West Ham credit, they actually played much better in this game then the previous game at Anfield where they took a point from us.

March 24, 2009
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 03/24/2009

Well the last few weeks have been pretty decent to say the least. I was so pleased when Rafa had his contract extended for another 4 years plus the 1 left to work with us to 2013. It was great news during a non-football week.

After Fulham beat United on Saturday Liverpool's game against Villa was even more nerve racking. Liverpool started out well and were rewarded with an early goal. Gerrard could have added a second after a deflected cross. Once Villa got past that early pressure they were the better side for the next 20 minutes. Carew was causing us all kind of problems and Reina was forced into making a couple of fine saves.

March 16, 2009
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 03/16/2009

Not much you can say after you thrash your old rivals 4-1 on their patch. It was an odd game really as I through both teams were sloppy in possession .Liverpool suffered two early blows with Alonso and Arbeloa ruled out over muscle injuries. Up stepped Hyypia and Lucas who both filled in very well. Hyypia was a rock at the back and Lucas was much more careful with the ball then he has been in previous weeks.

February 27, 2009
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 02/27/2009

Once again Liverpool continue to astound me and show me just how far we've come under Rafael Benetiz. A team that played with an injured Torres for 60 minutes and with out our skipper somehow beat a Real Madrid team that was going very well.

To a player they all did well. Alonso just shading the man of the match display for me, but really it could go any of them (bar Riera who didn't have one of his better days).

February 24, 2009
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 02/24/2009

Same old story for Liverpool at "fortress" Anfield as another two points slipped away by the worst away team in the league, Man City.

Liverpool's lack of creativity in the middle of the park cost us on this occassion. With Alonso suspended and Gerrard hurt the pairing of Mascherano and Lucas just didnt' work. Neither one of them as much creativity in them so we did well at snuffing out much of City's attacking play but we really struggled to create much in their box. Of course, if we had players that gambled more in the box, like Riera we would have been a couple of goals up at the break. As it was they scoreline at half-time was a very typical 0-0.

February 10, 2009
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 02/10/2009

Well I apologize to all of you in the media who had your knives out ready to carve Rafa and Liverpool open on Saturday evening. Rafa seems to be public enemy number 1 with whatever he says being reported with a negative spin. Soccernet even had an article with Rafa's rants, which was a bit of a farce really, but I suppose they got what they wanted as I read the article

February 3, 2009
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 02/03/2009

Liverpool put in an excellent display on Wednesday with Rafa picking his strongest current 11. Liverpool seemed intent to shoot more often with Riera, Alonso and Mascherano all having early efforts. I don't remember Reina having a save to make all afternoon.

Chelsea's goalie didn't look all that comfortable and Liverpool let a couple of follow up opportunities go missing. Of course the talking point of the contest was Lampard's straight red. At the time I thought it was a foul on Lampard. After watching replays I think the outcome was a drop ball. I didn't think it was foul on either player.

Lampard's foot was high and Alonso's follow through caught him. Mike Riley is a terrible ref and he proved so again on this occasion. He missed the tackle four years ago involving the same players that Lampard got away with. He blew this call as well.

January 26, 2009
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 01/26/2009

The score-line might have been the same but this was a very different game. Everton deserved their draw on Monday as we didn't play well and they had a few good chances in the first half of that match.

In this game, minus a shot that went well wide in the early stages, their only other real attack of note, resulted in a goal from another set piece. The annoying Cahill again found space with Alonso ball watching. Skirtel then left Lescott who had little problems glancing his header past Reina.

January 13, 2009
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 01/13/2009

I was recently on a trip to Las Vegas for work and attended the Consumer Electronic show (CES). As always when I travel for work and Liverpool are playing I always hunt down the a pub that is showing the match. Finding the Crown and Anchor in Vegas was not hard as I been there a few times in years past, the most memorable of which was Liverpool's League Cup Victory over United. Unfortunately this visit was not as memorable. Joined by a few reds from Wigan we settled in to watch what was Liverpool..s' worst performance of the season.

Posted by Kevin Brodie on 01/13/2009

Liverpool were very impressive against Bolton and played with a desire to get that early goal. I was really impressed with everyone on the pitch that day but especially Alonso in the center of the park. He made things look so easy and pulled all the strings. It is crazy to think that we were going to sell him in the summer and hopefully any of the rumour that he still might leave are just that, rumors.

Once Riera used the bottom of his boot to score Liverpool looked to be in charge. Bolton's only real chance of the game was inside of the first minute. Once that chance went begging we rarely looked to be in trouble. Keane capped off an excellent 90 minute display with two fine goals, the first was a great strike after a fantastic through ball by Gerrard and the third was a fantastic Liverpool move that started with our keeper. Gerrrard was even afforded the luxury of a rest. Special praise must go to our young left back Insua. I have been hoping he would get a few chances this season and the illness to the Doss at Arsenal might have been the best thing to happen to Insua's career. He has taken his opportunity with both hands and was excellent all day against Bolton.

Kevin Brodie Kevin Brodie has been fortunate enough to see some of Liverpool’s greatest teams and players in action over the last 35 years. Reds fans are spoiled for choice in trying to pick their favourite memory. The best early memory I have of watching Liverpool in person was our 7-0 thrashing of Spurs, with the 7th goal being a thing of beauty. Watching us in 89 lift the FA Cup after the terrible disaster at Hillsborough was also very special. My favourite Liverpool moment on the TV has to be the Champions League final in 2005. It was a day I will never forget.

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