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Posted by Kevin Brodie on 05/22/2012

Whether you agree with the decision to part company with Kenny Dalglish or not, I'm pleased with how Liverpool owners FSG are going about the business of finding a replacement manager and new director of football.

Ayre did the required (some not required) interviews after the decision was made and said that big managers still fancy us, which I believe to be true. After that it has gone all quiet from FSG, which is the way Liverpool should go about doing this.

Ayre said "It's absolutely critical that we get it right and we move forward" before going all quiet.

Of course, we made the news when Rodgers turned down the opportunity to be interviewed but that was more him looking for the positive feedback he would get from the Swansea supporters by making this known. Also, Whelan from Wigan went to the papers saying that Martinez was given permission to talk to Liverpool, which is his choice. Other reports have come out and said we are interested in this manager and that manager but it's all wild speculation at this point. As supporters we don't know if it's a shortlist or a long list and whose names are on that list. All we can do is hope that they are being advised well and that they pick the right candidates for the high profile jobs we have open.

FSG can't just hire the first man they speak with (unless his name happened to be Rafa Benitez) as they would seem to be acting too quickly. I think they have about ten days to get this right as we need someone in charge prior to June 1, 2012. So let's just put some faith and trust in the owners that they will do a good job of finding the right people.

While trust didn't' work out so well the last time with Hicks and company I think FSG have showed they have more sense than the last two cowboys.

My wish list from 1-9 in order of who I would like for the job (even if they are not available)

1. Rafa
2. Rafa
3. Rafa
4. Benitez
5. Rafael Benitez
6. The Special one (can't believe I'm saying that but at this point why not)
7. Bob Martinez
8. AVB
9 Laudrup

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Posted by Gladian on 05/22/2012

I dont understand the interview process, seriously. What are they gonna do? Ask questions?

John Henry: Please introduce yourself and tell us about your background

Roberto Martinez: Hello everyone. My name is Roberto Martinez, some called me "Robbie". I am currently working with Wigan Athletic as a manager but I have been given permission to pursue this position in Liverpool. My track record is holding up Wigan for 3 seasons in spite of financial difficulty. I think I am good. If I have the speculated 30 million pounds transfer fund, I can guarantee Liverpool wont be relegated.

John Henry: But our ambition is to be at the top four!

Roberto Martinez: That I dont know. I have never reach top 4 with Wigan. Relegation is a no-no. Top four? Maybe! Let me buy a few Diame for you & we will see.

John Henry: Where do you see yourself in 2 years' time?

Roberto Martinez: 2 years? Wow. Er..If I am still here, that means I am very near to becoming a legend, if not, the compensation is good.

Posted by Ken on 05/22/2012

You're correct in saying that FSG haven't publicly said a word - however you're being naive if you think they're not the ones leaking the list of 12 names to the media. They have history with this - if you recall them leaking the proposed peace talks with Utd, prior to even having the courtesy to invite Utd to talks in the first place.

With the likes of Brendan Rogers 'turning down' Liverpool (when everyone knows he has zero chance of landing the job) its causing embarrassment for the club, which is being further perpetuated by the ever growing list of managers who don't want to come close to LFC, and the continued linking of Martinez to the job.

Posted by TheMobious on 05/22/2012

I agree with your top 9 apart from 6-9 which should be Rafa

Good article non the less

Better than the hyperbole from some taw-ts

Posted by Ab on 05/22/2012

Loved the article and the choices...I second your thoughts....Rafa Benitez the Man who loves Liverpool and the best manager out there....His reputation has been marred by media and especially the fired duo of keys and grey.....Its time for him to step in and continue the 'RAFALUTION'

Posted by Kevin on 05/22/2012

Was starting to commend your article until I saw Bob Martinez......

Posted by nyeh2 on 05/22/2012

bring Hamann on!

Posted by Abdulski on 05/22/2012

It rafa

Posted by Benitaur on 05/22/2012

If you change rankings between 1 and 2, and between 5 and 3, I would agree with you

Posted by slim on 05/22/2012

Agree with the first five choices on your list ;)

Posted by RichardNomso on 05/22/2012


Posted by lukimart on 05/22/2012

Rafa was sucked prematurely. His last season with us was just a little blip in a great project that he was implementing. He had sorted the academy and brought in the right people including the King in his rightful role. Please FSG, let the man return to finish the project.

Posted by Steven on 05/22/2012

My wish list:
1. Guardiola
2. Low
Then there is a gap...
Rafa, Rijkaard, Van Basten, Van Gaal
1&2 are a stand out but likely not to happen!
The rest I see are available and would be good!
Rafa and Van Gasl are proven winners re youth set up!

Posted by Bacha Khedarnath on 05/22/2012

Liverpool fc needs a man of character, atrue leader to change things. Someone who has the capability of challenging status co and even if he may be expensive i personally the rigth person in the right place will undoubtedly be Fabio Capello.

Posted by on 05/22/2012

Thank you for being one of the first people to write something positive about how the new owners are handling the situation. They deserve more credit than a lot of fans have given them. I was gutted to see Kenny go but we finished 8th for heavens sake. We can't blame them for making a tough decision and now they are doing the right thing by looking at a long-term appointment.

Posted by jb on 05/22/2012

I think in the most difficult and nervewracking situation in which we (fans) are now, you contribution makes a lot of sense although it is not helping my anxiety. I am sure the FSG have looked at the work of RAFA in its completeness from day one to the last day and how through his limited pocket and most challenging conditions he brought LFC to the level to be noticed in Europe and elsewhere...I trust they are using the silence and the delay to avoid to be seen they have jump too soon to appoint Rafa and want to reflect that they havelooked far and wide enough before bringing RAFA back....

Posted by festus on 05/22/2012

I would welcome RAFA BENITEZ back to Anfield. He is a more better choice than the others listed.

I believe Rafa Benitez has learned his lessons , if there is any.

Rafa Benitez is better than others records/achievement wise.

Thank you

Posted by Branca_22 on 05/22/2012

Totally agree with 1-3,4-5 I wouldn't mind as well :)

Posted by Aaron Itodo on 05/22/2012

i think i really prefer rafa benitez coz he actually made it yours without good support and funds while daglish had the best support of the owners.he can always get good and quality players if he is given the chance.

Posted by Armando Lim on 05/22/2012

My wish list from 1-10 in order of who I would like for the job (even if they are not available)

1 Jose Mourinho
2 Guus Hiddink
3 Fabio Capello
4 Andre Villas Boas
5 Martin O'Neill
6 Terry Venables
7 Pep Guardiola
8 Vincente Del Bosque
9 Juergen Klopp
10 Bert Van Marwijk

Posted by Steve on 05/22/2012

This is going out on a limb but what about pep guardiola? Any thoughts on that? I know it sounds stupid but hey why not give it a try, right?

Posted by rednickle on 05/22/2012

In as much as i believe in Benitez's history and achievement as a manager, i don't believe is the right person to take over the job and make Liverpool the powerful team they once were. True he understood the core of the Liverpool team he had at his disposal but the fact remains that things have really changed since he last took over. The will to be a team to reckon with has really left this Liverpool side

Posted by samuel on 05/22/2012

we need our coach back or you get a nice coach we need to win trophy, but the problem is not coach we need midfield that is all we need and front coach is not the problem , but now day have send our coach away , now the own of the club have to do his best and get a nice coach
that we help and get mindfield

Posted by Raja on 05/22/2012

i would like to have AVB in charge of liverpool

Posted by cuzz on 05/22/2012

Good list, What about Rafael Benitez?

Posted by Gazdabez on 05/22/2012

Totally agree! Felt that if he had the necessary resources, he would have taken us to some level of greatness. And he's always has Liverpool in his heart!

Posted by Link on 05/22/2012

Agree with you that FSG are conducting themselves properly here and hopefully they make a great choice to complete the vision they have for the club, although this may still be a different path than supporters are thinking but the end results are the same I'm sure, league and CL titles.

P.S. Who is the special one?

Posted by Mwansa on 05/22/2012

i am not too sure about Benitez, even if Gillett & Hicks never helped him at the end of his tenure.
i recall Rafa was alright in European competitions but got his tactics wrong in the Premiership, the long outstanding problem of Liverpool failing to break down smaller teams which Dalglish tried to adress unsuccessssfully by buying some mediocre British players.
i would rather not go down the Rafa path and i think Martinez is too raw, AVB is still in shock from his Chelsea sacking.
Leaving who? am nor sure since Rogers and de Boer have turned us down. Moyes maybe?

Posted by Guest on 05/22/2012

Good article, but I can't believe that you barely mentioned Rafa Benitez :(

Posted by Blaise on 05/22/2012

This is the time FSG will proof if they are really serious about LFC.Selecting the right manager will go a long way in repositioning the club, help the club as well to regain its lost glory.This is LIVERPOOL football club we are talking about,the pride of England and Europe.Any wrong appointment will take the club ten steps backward while a good appointment will put the club at the right level.Please help us fans as our emotions has being traumatized.WE CAN GET IT RIGHT AGAIN!DONT WANT TO WORK ALONE THIS SEASON.

Posted by David Aris-Sutton on 05/22/2012

Cant agree more with your shortlist and you're right in saying that the way they are going about the process shows they are taking the decision very seriously, that in turn suggested to me that they are planning to provide a decent budget and want to make sure it will be in good hands

Posted by Peter adeyemi on 05/22/2012

I think matinez is not better then kenny delglish only he could be more ambicious but he as not been tried under d pressure of managing big clud like liverpool where u most win all matche either home or away.we've seen AVB in this condition and he as won a league as to be giving to AVB or at lest RAFA. Wait what is attaching or attracting FSG to matinez?

Posted by Denis Nume on 05/22/2012

it was very wrong to part ways with Rafa he was very good at sporting talent that did fit in and all the players he recruited for LFC are winning trophies else where as matter of fact given the right resources no manager understands LFC than Rafa

Posted by drew on 05/22/2012

Let's look at the Rafa signings of the past and see who were pretty good.

Xabi Alonso
Glen Johnson
Daniel Agger
Martin Skrtl
Dirk Kuyt
Pepe Reina

All of these players are either legends, our best current players, or were sold for large profits. He has a great eye for talent and wanted to get Dani Alves before Barcelona snatched him, except he wasn't given the funds.


Posted by aniekan on 05/22/2012

benitex, the right man

Posted by Hasan Taiwo on 05/22/2012

I think we did not need ,Matinez,Avb,and co. lets go for among those three coaches Rafa Benitez,Vincente Del Bosque and Bert Van Marwijk. if we sign anyone from those 3 we would back to top 4 and we might win the Premiership.FSG should please sign whom can win trophies for us and get us a good we can enjoy fantastic Gerrald and Suarez talent.

Posted by jega on 05/23/2012

RAFA BENITEZ is the best to bring up lfc.

Posted by Willie on 05/23/2012

Not sure what the fascination is on Rafa. Don't people remember his inability to connect with the players and the 'fantastic' job he did at Inter after Mourinho gave him a Champs League winning team??? I for one hope they stay away from Rafa as we should never go back...remember Stevie G playing as a winger and the manner in how Alonso left the club. New vision is needed for the team and I think FSG are doing a solid job so far in making sure they find the right manager and not a quick-fix which is all we've had since Benitez left.

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