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Posted by Kevin Brodie on 05/17/2012

When Kenny Dalglish got the call from FSG on his holiday he knew he was the only man who could save Liverpool. Of course, Kenny being Kenny he dropped whatever he was doing and jumped at the chance to manage the club that as meant everything to him since 1977. Liverpool's favorite adopted son walked out at Old Trafford a day later knowing that he had to galvanize a squad that had completely lost their way.

4 Transfer windows of not being able to add quality players to the team (while losing good ones) meant that Liverpool were playing horrible football and not getting results. We were only 3 months removed from near bankruptcy and our manager had shown his lack of understanding of Liverpool FC (smiling with Moyes, wine with Ferguson, famous victories in places we have never heard of etc, etc). We were in the middle of a possible regulation fight had Hodgson stayed. Kenny came in and not only righted the shrinking ship he has us playing some lovely football and winning more games then we were losing. The same players that had been woefully underperforming under the Owl started to perform. We were beaten that day by a another dodgy Old Trafford pk but Liverpool were on the up with Kenny in charge.

Kenny also inherited a world class but unhappy striker and he got rid of him (and Babbel) for about 60 million pounds. He quickly added to the strike force in getting Carroll and Suarez for 57 million pound which when you look at them together is not bad business! Things went wrong for Kenny in the summer with the policy of buying British. We overpaid for Henderson and Downing and paid fairly for Adam and Enrique, but they are just that in terms of ability, mediocre players at best. Coates looks to be the best purchase but will have to wait and find out on that one.

Kenny took us back to Wembley, not once but 3 times, winning the Cardiff cup which was a great day out for the supporters. All that matters is that you get your name on the cup but the manner of victory was very poor. The sem-final victory over Everton was indeed a great one and we had some fantastic victories in the cup's last season! Our league results were dreadful, however at times our football was good. Losses at home to Fulham and West Brom and our performance at Bolton was horrific.

The signs of a decent team are evident but many players did not have great seasons while the loss of Lucas was devastating. Kenny at times was very stubborn with his use of the 3 subs and his always picking Downing and Henderson over Kuyt and Maxi was frustrating.

I was disappointed to hear the Kenny had been sacked by Liverpool but he came in and did a job for us that we desperately needed. Once again, Liverpool supporters owe him a great deal for the work he accomplished here. This does not change one single feeling I have towards the man, if anything it only raises him up another notch in my eyes. Kenny will always be King Kenny to me.

As a stated a few days ago I didn't know what the right decision was for FSG in regards to Kenny but either way we have to support the new manager. In any walk of life if you make a change you better have a better replacement lined up. This was the crucial mistake Purslow made when he got rid of Benetiz. I trust that FSG have been speaking with other managers and they will have someone with a very strong CV interviewing for the position for the manager of LFC

Perhaps if I could just ask them to take a look at the CV of man that includes 2 La Liga titles, a European Cup, a FA Cup, a UEFA cup and a Super cup I would be most appreciative.

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Posted by rick on 05/17/2012

Good business mate. I'm not fully convinced that Hendo is an useless player. They guy obviously showed glimpses of class but He lacks of some experience but He's definitely one for the future in my view. We'll see in the days to come If Hendo will be a nice testamente to Kenny's skills on transfer but I've no doubt about it. If The New Manager will develop Hendo's offensive attitude, I'm sure We 'll be gratefuil towards Kenny next season.

Posted by ian kelso on 05/17/2012

Thanks Sir Kenny for your loyalty to Liverpool FC and its fans (me included),I hope you would consider a job within the organization if its offered, as I know how much we and you love Liverpool FC. FSG listen up here, you must consider Rafa Benetaz as a manager, especially with his track record with Liverpool and the respect he gets from fans and players as was seen in his first time at the club.
Ian Kelso.

Posted by Akash on 05/17/2012

Appoint Luis Van Gaal as DIRECTOR OF FOOTBALL.
Appoint Frank Rijkaard as LIVERPOOL MANAGER.

Higuain (Striker)
Ibrahim Affaley (Right Winger).
Eden Hazard (Playmaker).
Kagawa (Left Winger).
Lucas Biglia (Defensive Midfielder).

Posted by Adam Brafield on 05/17/2012

Agree, I felt that Rafa had no choice but to leave under Hicks and Gillett. He was, as we all know fighting a losing battle. He has been arguably rightfully waiting for this moment.

King Kenny will always be just that. He is Mr LFC through and through. He has/had nothing to prove to anyone. The way he has maintained such dignity, (and LFC's best interests at heart) at a time when he must feel such personal injustice speaks volumes of the man.

Kenny Dalglish has been the bearer of LFC's most difficult post war challenges during his managerial appointments.

Although I am certain, his recent managerial stint would of been a walk in the park for him, when compared with the challenges he successfully negotiated after Hillsborough. His achievements as a player are legendary, as a manager they possibly go beyond that.

Posted by realist on 05/17/2012

deluded scally

Posted by Poyo on 05/17/2012

What a poorly written article. Not only was the content misguided, but it is awfully written and full of grammatical and spelling errors. Not really helping the 'all scousers are thick' stereotype are we?

Posted by Dante on 05/18/2012

I think all LFC fans owe KK a debt of gratitude for coming in at a dark time and steering us away from the abyss, however, I'm not surprised he was sacked after the worst domestic season in 50 years. My only wish is that he was not sacked in vain, and to grant that wish FSG have to hire a manager that can not only command respect within the dressing room but also in the boardroom when it's time to recruit the kind of players LFC needs to compete with the best in the world.

Posted by Jeremy on 05/18/2012

Thanks Kenny. You helped the club out of a very sticky situation.

I agree - I would like us to bring back Rafa now that we have stable ownership.

Posted by charles on 05/18/2012

i am a Liverpool fan and it pains me to see that liverpool can consider Martinez, or Rogers for the Club...managers that cannot compare to Kenny just shows that the club does not know what they want.....they should learn from Blackburn,Bolton and WEST HAM.
They have good coaches out their and yet they are going for small fries that will take them to the championship.
As far as am concern Rafael Benitez was the best Coach they ever had...and i dont see why they can not employ him back.

Posted by Dre on 05/18/2012

Kenny Dalglish should be upstairs in the directors Box at Anfield. I'll give him the respect he's due for prior work done, and stepping in when Hodgson made a mess of the club. However that should have been the extent of his second stint as manager; the decision to extended that contract was one based on emotions rather than cold hard facts.

Ashka I agree with your list of purchases except for Kagawa ( he's Man U bound )

Rijkard as coach is a no no, same goes for Van Gaal.

Hiddink or that guy from from Spain who just went on sabatical, what his name again, oh yeah PEP. We need a center back, and I say we sell, henderson, downing, carrol and Adams, then use that money to Buy Higuain or Pato and the most brilliant young attacking midfielder in the world Mario Gotze from Dortmund. and for the like of god, use Streling, Kelly and Flano more as they have proven themselves worthy. Spearing and Shelvy should be told they are released from football all together

Posted by bogdan on 05/18/2012

You still do not get it...Suarez was not bought by KK, the deal was done before. You do not look at Suarez+Carroll as a "pair deal"..Suarez, who has nothing to do with KK is a fab buy both quality and decent price, Carroll who is KK's buy is neither. Not one player brought in under KK can be called a success or serious promise, none, wasted a fortune, which now, guaranteed, will force us to buy on the cheap perpetuating the rut.. on top of that KKs tactical acumen is way behind the terribly sorry but a total failure. He rightfully deserves his place in the Director's box, he is a legend and a great guy, but we should have appointed a strong manager after last year when things were still decent.. Im affraid that even now we will not be able to get any real manager and even less world class players we desperately need..could be a long road down for us...dangerous times at Pool..

Posted by clemmyabbey on 05/18/2012

i'm not suprised seing king kenny sacked no doubt he remained a gem, but as coach he made great mistakes by not being aggresive 2wards result,inrespect of d amount spent in buyin fine boys, average player dat supposed 2 be playing in sunderland nd westham.i say good bye 2 kk,i look 4wards 2 see rafa, pep, as future manager.God willing.

Posted by ral on 05/19/2012

hi kevin, i know you are a fan of rafa & i respect that, but i personally wouldnt want him back. there is talk that we are looking for a younger manager. just wanted to know if you had to choose someone other than rafa, who would it be. personally, i wouldnt mind deschamps or maybe someone like laudrup. thoughts. thanks

Posted by Leevy on 05/19/2012

I am dissapointed that Keeny was sacked but he was told at the beginning that we should finished atleast at 4th but we made a dissapointed 8th league position. But to consider Martinez, Rodgers or even AVB is awful from a club that has more trophies than any other teams in England. You cannot win the league or a championship place with guys like Spearing and I would stun many but even Reina has to leave now, Carragher as well. I will ask the owners to sign a good manager, like Capello aned sign some eastern european players in countries like Romania and some chinese and korean guys as wella Hugo Loris of Lyon as our next number one keeper

Posted by mike on 05/20/2012

Maybe this is the time to go for the long-term manager who can build a TEAM for the time, make the 'THIS IS ANFIELD' sign pump pride and invincibility to those dressed in Red, fear and butterflies in the stomachs of the away teams, and pick players who would rather cut their own arm off rather than lose a home game. Maybe AVB is the man for this, not going back to Benitez. Certainly not second-rate relegation battlers either. Can't see PEP going for it either. Whoever it is, PLEASE build some pride and desire back in the boot-room and don't make hero Kenny's demise a waste. Most importantly, lets move out the players like Adam, Shelvey, Johnson, and the others who couldn't give a toss whether they keep the ball or give it away. Can you seriously believe that Downing and Henderson are going to bleed for the badge?
Hopefully someone like AVB can come in and build the foundations for a new era like the 70s and 80s to make the Reds be feared again.

Posted by matt on 05/20/2012

no way!

Posted by Karl on 05/22/2012

As a Liverpool fan of close on 40 years, I was saddened to see KK go and believed he should have got another year. Although we finished 8th, at the end of the season we had the 3rd best defensive record in the league and created the second most chances in the league. Unfortunately, we too many players who found the post :( I dont think rectifying that was impossible for KK.
I can only say that I am very grateful to KK for stepping in and saving Liverpool at a very dark period in our history, for doing Ian Ayres job in unifying the club while at the same time performing your role as manager.
As for your signings, every former Liverpool player that I have read have indicated that it takes 2 years for players to settle.Carroll was starting to settle, and I think Henderson is for the future. Downing has been dismal and Enrique inconsistent. But I'll leave my judgement on them till next year.
To me, you always will be the King.
Thank you for giving your all for LFC and the fans.

Posted by Lim PH on 05/23/2012

Thank you King Kenny. Thank you for taking up the challenge to stabilize the club during its problematic period. You have done a wonderful job in showing what YNWA is all about. Despite the rough patch, your reputation has not been faltered, in our eyes, you are still the king of Liverpool.

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