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Posted by Kevin Brodie on 05/14/2012

Thank god that is over. That was the worst league campaign in my lifetime (I'm 43) in terms of goals scored and our performance at home. All those supporters who wanted Rafa out, after one year of not making the champions league, should be ashamed of themselves. We were spoiled back then and didn't realize how good we had it. Well now that we have had an additional two years of inept performances we have our previous ownership, Christian Purlsow, the supporters and media who drove Rafa out to blame.

Of course, we have spent a great deal of money last summer in the last transfer window and it must be said that all of the major signings did not perform as expected this year. Our January transfer window of last year, which included the sale of Torres and Babbel and the purchase of Suarez and Carroll was a good one. Carroll has shown signs of life in the last month but last summer might be compared to Gerard Houllier's summer of Diof, Diao and Cheryou. Downing, Henderson Adam and Enrique have been extremely disappointing as a group. Henderson is young and certainly has some promise but he is very inconsistent (as are many young players). Enrique started well but fell off towards the second half of the season. Adam was pretty poor all season and Downing might just be the worst piece of business this club has ever done. I have never seen a player take so little pride in their game as him. He doesn't ever seem to want the ball and is always passing the buck. If I never see him in Liverpool shirt again I would be totally fine with that. Today was no different for him, he was shocking and how he was not dragged off at half time I will never know.

Liverpool were out passed and out thought at Swansea and luck played no part.t. We had two fowards playing very high up the pitch and then the next bank of 4 was some 30 yards behind them. I'm not sure what the point of that was, either we drop off completely or we press high up the pitch. We did neither and we allowed Swansea to play their game. Shelvey and Henderson were just chasing shadows for most of the first half I suppose the second half was a bit better but I'm not just not understanding why we didn't take off a defender with 15 minutes to go to bring on Sterling. What harm would that have done? At a minimum once we went a goal down we should have taken off a defender and brought him on.

Honestly I just don't know what the answer is and what FSG do from here. Our league performances have not been good enough while we had some great wins in the cup; beating Man City, Man United, Chelsea and Everton. We have also played some decent football at times but failed to get our just rewards (see Arsenal game for the prime example). We also had some tremendous bad luck with the woodwork and some scandalous referee decisions this season. The injury to Lucas and losing Suarez for 8 games dented our season but at the end we only have to take a long hard look in the mirror after this terrible season.

I would not want to be in FSG's shoes at the moment as I don't have the answers. Should they stick with Kenny and give the opportunity to get things right as that is the "Liverpool Way" Or do FSG bring in their own man and back him to the hilt as finishing in eight place is not the Liverpool Way?

I know that some supporters believe that questioning our manager is scandalous and I understand where the are coming from. Kenny is my idol. I love the man to bits for what he did on and off the field but no man is more important then the club.lub. If FSG back Kenny I will back Kenny 100%. If they don't I will back the new manager, they just need to make sure he is better then Kenny, as the last reign showed what happens when we do replace a Legend with a incompetent manager. If we dont' get this summer right we could end up in a regulation fight next year.

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Posted by J on 05/14/2012

Shame the way you treated Roy Hodgson from the off, he walked alone from day 1. You get what you deserve when you sign cheats like Suarez and Carrol, and thugs like Charlie Adam.

Posted by Mike on 05/14/2012

I agree 100%, and I'm a bit torn. I want Liverpool to start out next season hot, but also part of me wants them to suck so there might be a chance of bring Rafa back before January. What's frustrating is I like a lot about Kenny, the way he protects his players & fosters positive vibes, but the man is clearly no tactician and his rose colored glasses towards certain players is way too obvious. How many games did we watch us blowing it all game, pan to the manager just watching the game basically, and then in the 83rd min make a 1st sub. He just seems like too much of a fan to be manager.

Watching Henderson continually start game after game after game is embarassing. He is ALWAYS the most anonymous player on the pitch every game, the fans dislike his ineptitude and almost feel sorry for him. Sending Aquilani & Meireles out was crazy, but there is still Kuyt & Maxi to start over him. The rate these 2, esp Maxi, have been disrespected all season angers me the most I think

Posted by Dre on 05/14/2012


pick a side and get off the fence, either you back Kenny or you don't. Personally, I don't. I believe he has the best of intentions, but is long abscence is having an adverse effect, not only in his tactical setup, but also his purchases. the game has changed vastly since Kenny last managed and as a result he is struggling, most big clubs accross the globe have gone away from the traditional old style forward and are now using smaller, fast, extremely good ball handlers upfront as the game is now played on the floor instead of thru the air. Even though I don't back Kenny I'm willing to give him another season, with his evaluation starting with his first piece of business in the August transfer window be it a sale or purchase. we also need to improve our scouting network how did ( Demba Ba, Papiss Cisse, Jelavic ) not make LFC's Radar. Arsenal has already gotten better ( Podolski ) Manu U is in for Kagawa and lewandoski, city and chelsea will buy what will we do?

Posted by bogdan on 05/14/2012

Kevin, without a doubt Kenny needs to go, with dignity, as he is one the greatest all times for us but there is no way we can start again with him in charge, he was terrible in every way, the game has passed him by and we can not put another 50 mil in his hands. Worst part to me is that to the bitter end he did not recognize his shortcomings and kept blaming it on bad luck,injuires, etc..sad..he brought in mediocre players, overpaid for them, insisted with them beyond the obvious lack of quality, no tactical acumen, no half time reactions, no media skills, a disaster all around. I agree with you though that we can not just name another light weight..we need a Hiddink type who has European acumen, vast experience, commands respect from players, etc.
We need to cull the squad and add at least 50 mil and buy 5 top players who will make an immediate impact, no more "prospects", hopefuls, etc. We need skill, pace and desire.

Posted by John Watt on 05/14/2012

Living in Canada for the last 50 years, I can only watch the games on TV, and since Liverpool have slipped badly over the last few years, their games on TV are getting fewer and fewer. Being a fan of Liverpool all my life (I was born and raised in Everton) this is a big disappointment, but one of the most notable things I notice watching a game is the ease with which the opposing side score goals on Reina. A lot of criticism has gone on about the rest of the team, but no-one mentions the goalkeeper. I think its time to find another goalie.

Posted by coley on 05/15/2012

we need to sell Downing, Henderson Adam and Enrique if we are to have a chance next season they are the worst 4 signing of the season as far as i know, Enrique don't cross the ball into the box instead he cuts back an lose the ball Adam needs to go back to Blackpool that's where he belongs Henderson needs to be sent on loan to a side to get some more experience. we need someone who can create goal scoring opportunity as well as distributing the ball along with stevie G

Posted by Gilbert on 05/15/2012

It's sad to think that with the money we spent on Downing, Henderson, Adam, Enrique and Carroll we could have bought Newcastle (or Everton twice over). Both teams, of course, finished above us.

Kenny is clearly out of touch and out of his depth. Liverpool has clearly regressed since he took over the reigns. His tactics are dire and predictable. Enthusiasm alone (which itself is clearly on the wane)simply could not win you titles. Time for Kenny to move on (whilst retaining whatever remaining dignity there is). To the owners, it's time to cut your losses and find someone else (with a clue).

As for this blog, Kevin, this is the only piece that has been current and to-the-point. Most of your match reports are always late (especially with the team's yo-yoing form this season). Reading a glowing report on the team's win 2 weeks late (especially if followed by a depressing loss in the following week) does not make your readers feel any better.

Things can only get better, I suppose.

Posted by naresh on 05/15/2012

Ditto to bogdan. This is LFC - yes we should plan for the future but not at the expense of the present. we need a few top class players immediately and not prospects - with amazing players the others get better and those will be your prospects. And once we show intent and are challenging for the top honours regularly the top players will want to come to Anfield. any top pro today will probably look at LFC and seriously think of his silverware chances and most likely pass us by. I think every true LFC fan loves Kenny, but that does not mean LFC suffers. However as Kevin said - if he stays I will support him as I support everyone at LFC.

Posted by paul on 05/15/2012

So if you believe the finances behind the FSG when buying LFC you would of thought that they got the deal at least 200 million below a reasonable price, not quite a swindle, but epic nevertheless.As promised FSG have shared the dividend and really have done their part, huge shirt sponsor, huge shirt deal...great transfer cash...all very good business.

So we have wasted 50 million of that windfall we can all agree on that, and someone needs to put his hand up and cop one. Looking forward - for christ sake lets get simply someone who has been in the modern game successfully at the highest level. Enough of this fairytale BS, we must modernise.

Posted by uche on 05/15/2012

King Kenny has to go, henderson and downing have to go, pepe reina has to go, spearing should be thrown to the dogs for all i care...carrol should be supported suarez must be convinced to still believe in the project....bring back aquilani, bring back Rafa or brendan rodgers from swansea

Posted by Chris on 05/15/2012

With all due respect to the comments already posted, there are plenty of teams that play Route 1 football - Peter Crouch has had 3 careers it seems like and is a very good player for Stoke.

Also, I don't beleive the game has passed Kenny by. By that same logic, Sir Alex should be let go after the side he put out against Man City. He is older than Kenny - does anyone believe the game has passed him by.

Rafa coming back would be a disaster - Torres is gone and the team now doesn't fit his style. It would be a total gut job again.

What Kenny needs to learn is humility. I feel the club has this arrogance about them now - that they just except the likes of Wigan and Swansea to fall over because "mighty" Liverpool are on the pitch. The team's apathetic attitude this year is attributed to him. If he can change his attitue and approach, then I beleive this can work. If he continues to feel it's him against the world, it will not.

Posted by Chris on 05/15/2012

I would also like to say that our transfer policy needs to change. Everyone makes bad buys, that's the game of football today.

Everyone knows we had to overpay for Carroll b/c Torres handed in his transfer request with 24 hours left. Stuff like tht happens.

But I am sick and tired of these mid-to-bottom level teams holding us hostage and inflating prices on players we are interested in.

Even worse, we cotinue to pay, instead of saying no thanks and finding another alternative. Nothing says that Henderson can't be a good player. But 20mil was ridiculous before he even set foot on the pitch. But Sunderland wanted to get paid and we said OK. That has to stop.

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