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Posted by Kevin Brodie on 04/02/2012

I just couldn't bear to write my thoughts after the Wigan game. We played reasonably well for a period of time during that match, got the equalizer, and a goal that should have stood, which probably would have seen us go on and win. Once the ref disallowed it we lost our way. Then Wigan went ahead and we never really looked liked getting back into the match. We completely lost the fight.

Sunday’s game against Newcastle was on odd one. I thought we played quite well at times, looking more dangerous than our hosts, especially in the first half. Our passing was decent, and Shelvey was very lively. He wanted the ball, got his head up, beat a few people and we looked up for it. Gerrard was not his normal self, however it was great to have Craig Bellamy back in the side. Craig was creating problems but his final pass let him down a few times.

We had some great chances in the early stages. Carroll was wrestled to the ground on a cross that was a clear penalty, Shelvey had a shot that was barely deflected over. Bellamy had a great cross that Krul tipped onto the post and over. Then Carroll went on a great run, headed the ball to himself, skipped past a defender, went round the keeper and then for some reason went to ground. This was the only decision Martin Atkinson got correct all day as Carroll was booked for diving.

Then Carroll bundled the ball towards their goal and the man on the line had his arm outstretched holding the post. The ball clearly struck his arm clearly and it should have been a red card and a penalty (which we probably would have missed) but we should have been playing against ten men for 75 minutes. Newcastle scored from their first chance of the match and we were chasing the game.

Liverpool continued to look lively, again with Shelvey pulling the strings effectively. We went into the break trailing 1-0 but that was harsh on us. In the second half we did not play very well, Carroll was left alone and the only lively player was Suarez. Gerrard was worse in the second half, our record since he has come back into the side is quite alarming. I have said it before and I will say it again. He is not a centre midfielder. He might think he is... and in certain games he can do the job for us in that position, but his best position has and will continue to be playing off the front striker. The only manager who has figured that is gone.

To his credit, he didn't have a good game but he did play on the right in a three man midfield, in the centre in a two, back out on the right in a four and then at right back so he probably struggled to find any rhythm in the match.

Newcastle secured the three points with a second goal that was a mile off-side. I have watched the replay and regardless of whether it was touched (passed) by a second Newcastle player he was still off-side, from the first pass he was a mile offside, from the second pass he was a yard offside. Another huge decision that went against us. Suarez should have pulled one back about 3 minutes later but with only out players to beat he hit the shot to close to them and they cleared the danger.

The game was then over for sure when Martin Atkinson sealed the game for the home side. Perch kicked out as Reina went by him after he caught a ball. Reina stupidly went back and confronted him. Reina motioned his head towards Perch, Perch went to ground without being touched. Straight red for Reina because regardless of contact was made the intent was there. Two yellows for Perch, first for the kick out, second for the dive. So the ref chose to ignore one of them...Then fast forward to the 92 minute, game over at this point. Perch gives the ball to Suarez and Perch clearly grabs him back and Atkinson gives the foul. In any day of the week in any game that is a clear second yellow. While it would have no bearing on the outcome of the match it just shows how bad he was (and always is).

The inept referee performance and poor second half display have now placed us in our worst run of results since 1953. Our confidence and form is all but gone. We can't score goals, we are having trouble defending and every decision and the posts are going against us. At times the football is decent, miles better then under our previous manger, but at the end of the day this is a results business and we are not getting them. Our new buys look to be a major disappointment, even Enrique is starting to get on my nerves for failing to pass the ball quicker, We are just in a complete rut at the moment and Kenny needs to get us out of it. I would start by going back to basics. Play Gerrard behind the striker (Suarez) and play Spearing in the middle with Shelvey with Downing and Belamy or Kuyt on the sides. The back is pretty solid with what we have been doing but since the league is over for us it might be a good time to give Coates a game. I would certainly have Sterling on the bench for all of our home games.

We should appeal Reina's red card regardless of what we think about the decision. What does it matter 3 or 4 or 5 games. Makes no difference. Perhaps they will only give him two games, after all that was not violent conduct. He didn't touch him!

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Posted by azhar on 04/02/2012

Andy Carrol is a bad buy for Liverpool.
Until now he has not perform as
an efficient and effetive striker.

Does not know how to beat the defenders and always trip and fall when the ball is at his feet.

Time to put a sale tag for him. Let him go @ 10 million pounds.Any team interested at this price?

Posted by Jeffrey on 04/02/2012

100% agree with you that Reina's red card MUST be appealed! The handball and Perch's deceitful act should also be made known and Atkinson's should apologize for his poor judgement. How often people are quit to condemn Suarez but when it is not a Liverpool's player, people sees it as part of the game. Although I condole none of it, this is clearly another example of a double standard!

Posted by Costasy on 04/02/2012

We should all have to start wondering:
1. Are John W. Henry, Thomas Werner, Ian Ayre, and Damiel Comolli possessed with the same feelings of humiliation and embarrassment as most of LFC’s fans are by watching one of the most historic teams to be humiliated by all of its opponents in 2012?
2. Do they really have the pure intentions, as they are trumpeting, to turn around the fortunes of this team?
3. When will they finally realize that as long as they do not act decisively and immediately to appoint a world class manager and sack Kenny Dalglish this team will always be on the red alert zone?
4. Will John W. Henry and Thomas Werner start eventually protecting their investment and the sponsors who are heavily investing in LFC’s world-recognized brand name?
5. Will John W. Henry and Thomas Werner eventually and finally be consulted honestly by the football experts and informed that what it is happening to LFC in 2012 is not a normal and healthy condition/development?

Posted by Chad on 04/02/2012

Perch should feel downright embarrassed for grabbing his nose and going down. He acted like he just got sucker punched by Mike Tyson. The only basis for appeal I can think of would be a comparison of moments in game where Bacary Sagna and Mario Balotelli both have done the head nudge/in-one's-face and get waved on or a yellow. I want to say Sagna got in someone's face early this season(I don't think it was, but it mighta been when LFC went to Emirates and he got in a scrap with Downing but I forget), very similar to how Reina was and got waved on or yellow'd. Either way we gotta play our young guns, we have nothing to lose at this point, might as well help em out.

Posted by Dre on 04/02/2012


I am convinced that you know very little about the game of football, "Shelvy looked good" are you on crack? Shelvy, Henderson, Carroll, Downing, and Chralie Adams, all need to be put in a barrel, sealed shut and dumped into the English Channel. neither of those guys have proven themselves to be better that ( Kuyt, Maxi, Raul Mireles or even Ryan Babel ).

Kenny's spending policy is one of a idealist instead of someone who is realistic. he Spent almost 80 million pounds on the midfield, which was the strongest area of the team, neglecting the Defense and failing to address the need for a true Striker.

Also the team is not being used correctly, given the lack of pace on the flanks and upfront. this is what I'd like to see aureilio and flanno/ Kelly in the outside back positions, spearing deep Gerrard ahead of him, falnked by Enrique and Johnson, Suarez and Bellamy striking and Agger, Skertel in the center of defence. this should be the setup until the next window

Posted by TL on 04/02/2012

Thanks for your sharing Kevin! It was a disaster! Let's stick together and hope they will come back as a team! We still have a few more league games and FA cup semi to go. YNWA!!!!

Posted by willis on 04/02/2012

If LFC are to succeed we need to emulate what works. Man U continue to succeed because they have a big squad full of quality wingers and a couple of strikers that can score goals.Unfortunately Downing in not in that class and never will be and I agree DRE cant fathom how Meireles was dropped from the team in favour of Henderson and Adams. Kenny need some quality buys in the off season cant see this team going anywhere unless things change.

Posted by Mike on 04/02/2012

What have Maxi and Kuyt done to deserve being behind Henderson(!), Adam, Jonjo, Spearing..?? It is getting ridiculous. Like you said, Gerrard is being played out of position, Carroll is good for about 30 min usually, then he gets tired and/or lazy, comes back to the halfline for the ball, passes it, and then walks.

I feel like all season we've been saying "we played so well, how did we not win? so unlucky" and at this point it's not just unlucky, it is systematic because it happens EVERY game. We dominate, rip teams apart until we get to the box and no one wants to be there (Carroll needs to learn how to run to the near post!). Kenny, satisfied w/ the play, watches the game until the 78th min, then decides "oh yea, I should probably sub someone, right?", nah, I'll wait until the 85th min...

What has happened to Gerrard?? He gets injured, comes back, gets man of the match for 2 games, then disappears until he gets injured again, repeat. and I agree w/ you on Enrique

Posted by wcps on 04/03/2012



You, like so many other one eyed Liverpool fans are the very reason why the current Liverpool side are the laughing stock of world football. Big club, big history, small minded management and fans! Honestly, how many other clubs would put up with this disgrace of a team/managemnt? Look how Arsenal fans were ready to crucify the best manager they have ever had (currently 4th EPL - only Blackburn have spent less on players in the past 10 years in the EPL than Arsenal). It's time to wake up and smell the coffee - ironically most Liverpool fans know what I am talking about but are just too scared to voice an opinion. How much longer are you going to blame bad refs, dodgy decisions, bad pitch etc etc....and talk of 'we played well for 80 minutes....such and such was never offside....he played well in the first half....' We have heard this BS all season!

From a Gooner who gets no pleasure from watching the train wreck that is LFC.

Posted by Abhi on 04/03/2012

1) luis should never has used his hand to push the ball over and once he did should not have been a goal and rightly was not given.

2) Liverpool have to get the shape right. play 2 out and out wingers and pref play carrol,luis then downing,spearing/Shelvey , gerard, and that kid who came on during the wigan game. there rest ok the team is ok. I think would be far better than what they are playing right now with 433

3) Perch's handball should have been given and Reina was rightly sent off. he did make contact with perch's face.

Posted by bogdan on 04/03/2012

Seriously Kevin, at this point no one should comment on this or that minor even during our games, the bigger picture is that we are a complete disaster, shambolic as John Aldridge called it, absolutely agree. He was polite enough not to blast Kenny but no one in their right mind can continue to defend is entirely down to him. This time we had lots of money and good will and he squandered all. No one expected us to win the CL or the Premiership first year but we wanted to see good soccer, progress, challenging for 4th at the very least. Where r we? lost 6 of 7!! including against minnows, 33 points away from ManU!!! 16 points away from 4th, in fact we are closer to relegation!! Geordies are 11 p above us, can anyone fathom that?? Everton for God's sake are above??? R u kidding me? This is not a bad 2-3 game run, etc, this is a manager who lost the players, made terrible purchasing decisions, is way over his head, simply must go at the end of the season. Love KK..must go, sorry!

Posted by Saladinbob on 04/03/2012

Agree with Gerrard playing off Suarez but not with the apparent blame or our result with the referee. The blame is solely with Kenny and his persistance in playing his poor performances. Even at 2-0 down, Maxi, last season's highest scorer, is overlooked again for Downing, who hasn't got a single assist this year, let alone a goal, and Henderson, who runs around like a headless chicken looking out of his depth.

Yes, neither Newcastle goal should have stood but that's meaningless when we failed to score again. Everything was set up for Carrol whose only contributation was to fall over in the box and recieve an unnecessary booking instead of slotting the ball in the back of the net.

At the end of the day, Liverpool are doing badly because Daglish refuses to acknowledge his poor buys. Say what you will about Rafa's success in the market but at least when he did buy bad, he quickly dropped the player.

Posted by Dante on 04/03/2012

I agree with you on shelvey, to an extent. It was not one of his best games, the early yellow card was clearly the mistake of an inexperienced player and at times he held the ball too long, but for everyone saying he was terrible at least he takes on people, has an eye and the ability for a good through ball and is unafraid to play with confidence. Everyone defends Henderson but I hope you all saw that first pass he played, right out of bounds. I say continue playing Shelvey in a midfield attacking role and move Gerrard to his "Torres" position.

Posted by Jason on 04/03/2012

Firstly, being a Liverpool fan we have to defend for our team. However, our form at the turn of the year is relegation form and king Kenny knows it. The players that he bought was just not good enough. In fact its crap!! Downing henderson and Adam will not get into any of the top teams midfield. Since the league is a forgone conclusion now. Bring in some youngster and give them the experiences. Continue playing Carroll though. We are not playing to his strength and that's why he is not scoring. Playing right footed on left and vice versa is not helping when u have such a threat in the air. Play more direct !

Posted by SH on 04/07/2012

Been a red fan for over 40 years and this is the worst spell i can recall!
That being said we rely too heavily on Gerrard and Suarez. The rest of the midfield and attack are not delivering. Henderson is mediocre and Shelvey is miles ahead. Downing is erratic but has a few brilliant streaks of play. How we miss the like of Mascherano, Alonso and Meireles......S

Posted by Rebecca on 04/09/2012

Hi Kevin

You are not as good-looking as I thought.


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