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Posted by Kevin Brodie on 03/12/2012

I watched the game against Sunderland on Saturday in utter disbelief. I just couldn't get my head around the fact that Liverpool, who passed and moved so well against Arsenal 7 days before, could come out and lose to Black Cats. We had zero energy, zero ideas and zero chances.

The nearest we came to scoring was a one overhit free kick by Charlie Adam. Make no mistake about it, Sunderland didn't deserve to win the match as 0-0 would have been the perfect score line for this dreadful match, but at the Stadium of Light nothing seems to go our way. We were diabolical.

The facts about this current Liverpool squad is that we are simply not good enough. We have so many problems I don't even know where to start. We have lost 3 league games on the bounce for the first time in 10 years and the Carling Cup victory has not proved to be a "springboard:" to success.. I'm also very tired of players and staff at the club speaking to the media when it's not required. From our chief scout's very cringe worthy post Carling Cup comments which were along the lines of "this will make the big names want to come sign for us" to Charlie Adam's, " we don't need to add any more firepower up-front." All players and staff, except for Dalglish and Gerrard need to keep their gob quiet. The rest of the players need to just stop talking and start playing. I tip my hat to the club captain who laid it all out on the table this morning by saying it's simply not good enough. Dalglish post match comments saying that luck was not on our side was rubbish.

Liverpool spent an awful lot of money last January and this summer and at this point you would have to say it's been a disappointment. Suarez was great business for the club but he doesn't' have a strike to partner to help him and the Evra issue has left a mark on him. Carroll is young and might come good but we seem to play better football with him out of the team than in it. In saying that he should have been playing as Sunderland have given up more headed goals than anyone in the league. Henderson has one good game, one mediocre game and then he is awful the next.. He has no consistency and is being played horribly out of position. I do think he will be a very good player for us, but he is just not ready to do it week in and week out.
Charlie Adam has been very poor. Because of the injuries to Lucas and Gerrard this fella has been on the pitch way too much. His shooting is awful his tactical awareness poor and his free kicks and corner kicks are not worth a 10 million pounds. The only way he fits in the side is a 4 3 3 which Kenny doesn't want to seem to play. I can't understand why he is still being selected week in and week out. Personally I would rather have Shelvey given a go.
Bellers has been solid for us although he was not involved in the match this week against Sunderland. He had a good start to the match but faded . I'm not sure why he was not put up-front with Suarez rather than on the wing. Enrique has been very good for us but lately he is not giving the ball quickly enough and seems devoid of ideas in the final third. His defending for the most part has been excellent. Coates had a good game yesterday minus one moment where he is misjudged the ball. Overall though looks to be a bright player with a future. Downing has had a good few games lately but overall he has been a big disappointment. I still believe he can do for us but he seriously needs to contribute at the right end of the pitch.

So as you can see from some of my comments above that I'm not happy at all with the team and the selection and this boils down to the manager and his tactics. I really want Kenny to succeed here but he knows that no-one is above criticism and I think he picked the wrong side yesterday. He continues to play players who don't deserve their place in the team, while playing Henderson out of position. Either play Henderson in the middle of the park or don't play him at all.

I wouldn't have played Suarez, although I would have played the same back four as Kenny with Spearing and Henderson in the middle with Downing and Kuyt on the sides, with Bellamy and Carroll up front. That team would have won. I'm not saying I know more than our living legend I just think it was the wrong tactics. The players and the manager need to buck up their ideas quickly.


Posted by DerekW on 03/12/2012

I agree with virtually everything - just can't stomach another game with Henderson and Adams in the team.

Kenny D seems to have a fixation with the new boys, seeming to ignore their weaknesses. He also seems to comes to decisions about substitutes then waits until the game is virtually over.

Posted by Graham on 03/12/2012

I agree with a lot of what is written here, I am tired of hearing all about "the emporers new clothes". How good we are how far we have come. The bottom line here is that we are unlikely to finish any higher in the premiership that we did last season, having spent a large fortune. Kenny et al will say its work in progress, and of course they are right, and I really hope it comes to fruition. But surely given the problems that have beset Arsenal and Chelsea this season we should be able to finish above them, lets face it they are not likely to have such poor seasons next season and therefore our task will be even harder, since we will only be tinkering with the squad according to Comoli.

Obviously I am a bit disillusioned as I am sure many others are also, but I will keep the faith, and I will pray for the minor miracle we need to be top 4.


Posted by Fehintola on 03/12/2012

Dalglish is our legend with an old school local football tactics. This season to me isn't a sucess with over £100m wasted on all his inferior british players.Every single lose 4 us this season is based on we are not lucky. British players are unlucky stars and to much of them brings bad luck 2 our club. Goodluck to dalglish next season if our owners stil retains him as our coach but should never make the mistake of over pricing bad luck british players.YWNWA!!!

Posted by vince richardson on 03/12/2012

As a SAFC fan I sympathise with your frustration.We have had mant tough years watching some terrible football and having to read what every players from No 1 through to 11 thought in the local press/programmes....maddening.You would just rather they do it on the pitch and just shut up.

That said after watching thne game on Saturday,Liverpool were as poor a team as I have ever seen in the red shirts(funny sort of grey actually).Don't know where you have gone wrong,but do not take too much away from losing to a Sunderland team much improved under O Niell.We defend well and though do not attack well we do get the odd chance and have the players to take advantage of the few chnaces we create...its not title winning stuff but it is effective.

Positives,I thought Adams played with some effort actually,unlike the rest,Kelly did well to keep McClean very quiet,Gerrard still looks class.

Posted by Mike on 03/12/2012

couldn't agree more, except that I think Henderson is just trash in general (as is Adam), and I'd have kept Suarez on still.

Also, Stuart Downing has to play, for me, not because he's super clinical providing chance after chance (which is like the opposite) but because he actually has pace to at least run into wide open space. It seemed Liverpool would get past the half line, and then looking around like "hopefully something clever presents itself". They just cannot get the ball up top fast enough

I haven't been a KD supporter since the beginning, in that I don't get the impression he actually teaches players anything or has a set game plan like "move right and target this player, go in between these 2, at the half line step up on your man" etc, i think it's more like "ok, go forward and score some goals somehow"

Watching Llorente at Man U made me think they should ship Andy Carroll to Bilbao to watch him for a year. Him and Suarez together would be unbelievable, stylistically

Posted by Rob on 03/12/2012

Couldnt agree more Kevin we played two holding midfielders too release the two fullbacks but we got absolutely zero from the right hand side. I agree with Kenny regarding the bad luck Sunderland had one chance and scored one goal.

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