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Posted by Kevin Brodie on 03/22/2012

It has taken me just over 24 hours to calm down enough to write this little blog. 12 kids between the ages of 4-6 had the unfortunate experience to have me as their baseball coach 2 hours after this match. It's safe to say the red mist had fully descended and those little guys did their fair share of running last night. Dinner was forced down and frankly I just couldn't wait to get to bed such was the mood that LFC's collapse had put me in.

The only explanation I can come up with is that we are not a fit team. We have not scored many late goals this year (not many goals in general) and we do seem to be under pressure towards the end of games. Somehow after a game we completely dominated for 75 minutes we found ourselves only a goal up. Of course it came from a free-kick that wasn't and then from a corner that wasn't but either Henderson, Carragher or Reina should have done more to prevent the goal from going in. At 2-1 we still looked dangerous on the attack but we seemed exhausted In particular Downing and Gerrard seemed to be completely out on their feet and were not tracking back at all to help, especially Downing. Downing had a decent game but he didn't really ever take anyone on, except for our 2nd goal. His movement was better going forward but he still needs to do more. The second goal was shambolic defending by Carragher and I don't know where Reina was. The third goal a complete joke by Enrique.

Kenny was hampered by injuries yesterday as I think he would have preferred to take a tired player like Downing or Gerrard but was forced to take off Adam with an injury at Half-time. Kelly was also forced off and was replaced with Coates who scored our goal of the season but it counts for nothing. The Suarez for Carroll sub was a mistake. At 2-1 Gerrard or Downing should have come off for Shelvey to give us some energy in the middle of the park. Liverpool were brilliant for 75 minutes however my criticism is that at times I felt we over passed the ball. One time I can remember in the second half the ball fell to Gerrard on the edge of the box and for some reason he tried a clever flick into the middle instead of going for goal. The quick passing looks great but you have to shoot the ball to score and at times we over did it yesterday.

A final note, perhaps its just me but when most of our subs come on they seem to really want to get involved and show a hunger and desire to prove themselves. If you go back and look at the video of the match yesterday and watch Andy Carrolls performance he barely runs. The fastest I saw him move was to get back into our box when they were taking a free kick. At one point he makes a pass about 35 yards from goal down the left side and starts to walk/ jog into the box. It's just not acceptable.

Yesterday's loss was not about Carroll or Adam but about a sheer lack of fitness. It has nothing to do with the amount of games we have played as when you are at a team near the bottom and you are up 2-0 you should never lose if you have the players of Liverpool's standard. I think we need to go back to the days of Pako and get much much fitter.

Also it's time to play the kids. I would not mind giving Reina and Carragher a break. Here is how I would line up for Saturday.

Doni in goal
across the back from right to left flannigan coates martin enrique
across the middle kuyt spearing shelvey downing with
gerrard and suarez up top my first sub would be sterling on for either kuyt or downing.

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Posted by Mitchell on 03/22/2012

Nicely put....Like you, I couldn't bear to read the news of the loss for a good 24 hours after watching the game. To lose from a position of strength is unacceptable. Kenny, all due respect, needs to marshall the playing resources more prudently...Andy Carroll is not good enough and is lazy. It does nothing for a manager of KD's calibre to state 'it was luck (or the absence of it!)' that cost us the game...luck had nothing to do with. Slackness, lack of professionalism and silliness ruled the last 20 minutes.
Yes, LFC is a work-in-progress but this definitely was not it !

Posted by Steve on 03/22/2012

Agree to some extent. Carragher should simply retire. He has given great service to the club but age and injury have robbed him of his former ability.

He struggled against QPR and non-existent against Van Persie when Liverpool should not have lost to Arsenal. Van Persie is on form this year but on both occasion he would not have had a clear path to the ball with proper marking.

There seems to be too much of struggle recently on late game corners. (see Cardiff) I don't know about fitness (they looked pretty fit against Everton) but the lads woes against teams they should beat has cost them a spot in the top four.

Posted by John on 03/22/2012

Unfortunately, this Liverpool team keeps talking about fixing their glaring deficiencies but the results show they have learnt nothing. It's very frustrating watching that much talent producing so very little week in and week out. Kenny's substitutions seem out of whack at times. You can't have that much of the ball and not score.At times this team look like a 2nd rate rabble. Where has the pride gone in those Liverpool jerseys? All too often the ball is overplayed. Shoot the damn ball - you never know, we might score a few more goals!! Very frustrated LFC supporter!!

Posted by Dj Alex on 03/23/2012

"Yesterday's loss was not about Carroll or Adam but about a sheer lack of fitness. It has nothing to do with the amount of games we have played as when you are at a team near the bottom and you are up 2-0 you should never lose if you have the players of Liverpool's standard."

Isn't it funny how it's always about some factor in your own team's performance? It's like the opposing team isn't even present. They should never lose in situations like this? Haven't you watched team sports before this season? I mean, yeah sure, most of the time the favourites win, sometimes the underdogs, particularly at home when they're battling for their top flight status. Don't take this rant personally, it's more about this kind of writing annoying me. It's like, you didn't even mention anything QPR themselves did during the match, the loss is always down to some shortcoming of the writer's own fave team's players or tactics or whatever - otherwise they'd "always win a lower placed team", right?

Posted by Dan on 03/23/2012

Couldn't agree with you more! The team does not seem motivated against teams that are not in the top 6 and watching Andy jog around the field is painful. Its now impossible I'd say to get into the top 4 so I think its important to develop the youth of the team and get fit for the FA cup...might as well have a good run at a second trophy for this disappointing season

Posted by Mike on 03/23/2012

I feel like Kenny just watches the game on the sidelines and hopes for the best a lot of the time. I too have noticed start a move at the half line and then just stop and walk, like "wtf? are you serious? get on the end of it, jesus, guy!" but someone needs to be yelling at them, and I don't see it at all.

And at the end of games, every game, the team sits back and invites pressure every time, and this cannot continue. Just watch the Carling Cup final. We go ahead, and then we continue to dare the other team to get closer and closer, and I don't really get the sense that this is some grand counterattack strategy, just chronic naivety..

sick goal by coates, glen johnson style! I like him

I fear for Suarez' health at this point, because the amount of breakaways missed and posts hit is making him visibly furious at himself, he's gonna have a heart attack soon. Some of his misses and post hits will be even better than what eventually wins goal of the season, lol

Posted by TL on 03/23/2012

Very good analysis and I feel the same after the game - very sad.

I particularly like your line up for the upcoming Saturday game. Don't forget we have Maxi - the opportunist available.

I do agree that it is about time to let our young guns play.

Go Reds Go!!! YNWA!

Posted by strazzaque on 03/23/2012

We may have bigger problems if Sterling leaves, with Spurs ready to pounce. This is the problem with bringing legends back- things CAN start to sour and, with Liverpool fans being the most self-righteous,self policing bunch around, ANY criticism is rounded on as betraying "the Liverpool way".

Posted by Trust Malambo on 03/23/2012

Iam heartened to see and watch Liverpool after leading 2 - 0 going down to 2 - 3. I think the coach is to blame because he has taken these small teams casually. Look at the chances made without scoring power. I feel it is better to look for good goal getters. It is now the coach and the team to look for strikers who can score.
last year the same position, is the coach comfortable on this position?
Let him wake up and focus not just standing holding his hands. Let him think or else pave way for some one more capable. We are tired of this nonsense of not playing in compititive games. Iam not happy at all.

Posted by jim c on 03/23/2012

How many millions do they spend and still its "bad luck ..........." the purchaser of Henderson (who was comical for the first goal) and Carrol (enough said) should stand up and take responsibility and go. He usually does when it gets too tough
Or will the owners cough up another 60 million to buy mediocrity at best. That must rank as the worst performances from one of the most costly squads in the world. One step forward two back.

Posted by Stu on 03/23/2012

I agree with you on needing to play the younger players, Spearing and Shelvey in particular. The Champions League is no longer attainable and we aren't in danger of the drop, so not playing them is pointless. On another note, I think it becomes more apparent each season how badly we miss Alonso in the middle of the pitch. He was a leader and a playmaker game after game and right now LFC is lacking that guidance BADLY.

Posted by Macheath on 03/23/2012

Carragher has, sadly, become a real liability. He was responsible for both goals against Arsenal, and his years of dedicated service to the club can't disguise his lack of pace or his sometimes inexplicable blunder in basic positioning and defending. Carroll is a spectator through most matches when he's on the pitch. Sad--I was infuriated too at this result. What a waste of money by Kenny to buy many of these players. We are stuck at midtable for several years until these bad investments can be written off.

Posted by Kevin on 03/23/2012

The performance in the last 15 minutes was a disgrace to the shirt. The effort was not there and bordering on unprofessional. The manager must take responsibility - if a striker who just came on can't run then he should be in the team at all, even on the bench. Regardless what we wasted on the players bought in the past year (only Suarez and Enrique were worth anything), we need to field a strong side that will put in 100% - we don't have that now. I remain a lifelong LFC fan, but it sure has been difficult of late.

Posted by Rashaad on 03/23/2012

I agree with you to an extent. First of all, it probably does come down to fitness and our players not being fully committed. And yes, passing the ball may have caused further problems as well because we end up loosing it and giving our opponents a chance to attack. I feel its quite simple, we needed to hold the ball and sustain the pressure of players running at us. Every team that wins games consistently knows that they need to hold the ball and not give it away. The most important point to raise though is one of the players that we signed last summer and in January last year. I think we should recognise that Andy Carroll was a complete waste of money and time! I reckon we didn't need 2 midfielders in Adam and Henderson. I believe Henderson needs more time and Adam is good but needs to learn how to hold onto the ball better. I think KD really needs to think about his options for this summer and his strategies employed with the team. Hopefully we can finish the season well.

Posted by Joab on 03/23/2012

LFC technical bench should save us the stress of collapsing when they are on the driving seat. Why should Carrol be allowed to play in the first place? He is not delivering and even if he's given another 5years he is not likely to deliver. Alot is expected of him as an expensive key striker. The sooner he is off loaded the better for LFC and the faithfulls across the globe. Joab, Nairobi Kenya

Posted by dj on 03/23/2012

yeah the players are to blame, but kd also is at fault coz he keeps trusting the players who underperform just because we purchased them at high price. top 4 finish is over now, kd must give the kids from the academy a run to play in the league and let the senior n experienced players to play the fa cup. only winning the fa cup will save our season, coz after spending 100m and selling our best players finishing 7th and winning carling cup is a complete disaster. even swansea might leapfrog us

Posted by solles on 03/23/2012

Its a shame the table never does justice to how good Liverpool, truly are, isn't it? /sarcasm

Posted by Bogdan on 03/26/2012

So Kevin, a few days ago I was making the points that sadly KD must go and u were all bent out of shape because of it. Since then we collapsed at QPR and now Wigan at home... This is becoming a disgrace. Here should be the clue for all about KD at this moment. Not only is he clueless tactically, has a big part in the sub par players brought in for big money, etc but read his statements... He does not evem realize what planet he is on now.. Bad luck, injuries, unfair criticism.. Seriously ??? Wants to play more direct?? Yes, we were really burning up the passing game... Hr truly needs to go, he must not be allowed to spend one more penny in the summer. Thank u for ur great service as player and true red but we need a solid manager.TOP caliber, sell off all the dead wood at cut prices and start fresh, this summer.
Only chance.

Posted by sam on 03/28/2012


Posted by bogdan on 03/29/2012

Now, after an even bigger disaster (1-2 against Wigan @ home..) and some asinine comments about how we are unlucky, inquiries, bla bla bla from KK, are we finally clear that he simply is way over his head managing Pool? Do we need to get to relegation level before we understand that KK simply must go? Our collective respect for what he has done as a player and Red glory, but he is hurting Pool now, as simple as that. Under no circumstances are the owners going to trust him with similar investments in the, if KK stays, all you can expect is some marginal tinkering and eternal hope.. We need a world class manager, someone who can atract caliber players, plus another 100 mil (let's hope so..), cut our losses quickly on Carroll, Hendo, Adam plus a few more marginals and rebuild. No othger way around it. At this stage, against my own heart, I am hoping that we do not pass semis in FA Cup to use that as an excuse that the season was not so bad.Injuries? ALL teams deal them..

Posted by Peter Moran on 03/30/2012

Sadly, I fear that the time has come to offload the non-productive players on the team roster AND perhaps the manager. Kenny, after all, was responsible for bringing many of the non-performers into the squad. What may be worse, however, is that Kenny continues to play the high priced non-performers versus players who produce on a much more consistent basis.

Sure, Kuyt misses many chances (as does the entire squad), but his work rate also produces many chances. Why does Kenny continue to start Henderson when Henderson has been AWFUL the entire season?

Why does Maxi remain on the bench? He has 4 goals in significantly fewer appearances than anyone else (note: I am not a Maxi fan...but it's hard to argue with production).

LFC has a history of being a meritocracy. Alas, that aspect of team management has all but disappeared this season...which leads me to believe that Kenny Dalglish is a big part of the problem (note: I AM a fan of Kenny Dalglish).

Posted by max on 04/02/2012

LFC has been a mediocre team for the past two seasons and now they a joke. If KK wants to be remembered as a legend he should quit right now because there is no midfield, hence no cohesion. Suarez and Gerrard can only do so much in a team that has youngsters that have to develop more. Carragher MUST quit.KK brought in Carroll, Henderson and Adam and all have been unable to play for this club. They will drag the club into further mediocrity as Lucas is coming back. W.T.F anybody at LFC sees in him is a joke. He's useless just like the trio and we'll have FOUR USELESS midfielders to pick from in the starting 11. The back four (excluding Carragher) is strong because they have had little or no midfield to cover them. Teams usually build from defense, so I hope for next season that is where we start the rebuilding again...

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