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Posted by Kevin Brodie on 02/07/2012

At some point this season we are going to have throw caution to the wind and go for it at home. Yes we dominated a very good Spurs side on Monday night and should have come away with the three points but overall we didn't create enough clear-cut chances as we failed to get men in the box in support of Andy Carroll.

The big striker was much better on Monday, his work rate, hold up play and desire to get on the end of crosses was evident, but twice when presented with chances he failed to take them. Early on Dawson made a great tackle on the big man, live I thought it was a penalty, but on the replay it was a great tackle. Late on after a Kelly cross he slashed at the ball with his right foot rather than just taking his time. But it's easy to say that watching from afar.

Gerrard was very impressive in a more advanced role, clearly it's his best position and he was the best player on the pitch until he tired late on. I also thought Johnson had a fine game on the left side of the defence as we didn't miss Enrique all that much (which is saying something). During the match I was hoping Kuyt would switch flanks with Bellamy as this was Bellamy's least effective game for us in some time as Walker matched him for pace. It did keep Walker from ending up in our half however, which was a nice benefit.

When Suarez came on the mood of the game changed and we really were on top. We had the best chances to score when the little man was on and it's nice to have him back (as Kenny rightly said he should not have been gone anyway). Right away he was annoying them and twisting and turning in the box. Somehow the referee failed to spot the ball striking the Spurs player’s arm... yet the ball rebounded back to Suarez’s arm and he gave it. How is one a freekick and the other not?

Overall though the ref did a decent a job, although he completely lost it on one occasion as Bale should have seen red. Bale goes charging down the wing and completely dives. Ref gives a freekick for diving which is a yellow card. Same player gets up and shoves Agger in the chest, another yellow card. So two yellow's equals a red and good bye. Agger should have also seen a yellow card brandished at him as you can't stand over a player and yell at them but the ref didn't book either Agger or Bale for the post dive incident. If that would have Suarez rather than the Welsh superstar it would have been on the back pages.

Kenny's changes were positive although I did feel he waited a bit too long to bring on Downing. who once again had a great chance to shoot from long distance but his shot was way over the top. His lack of shots on targets are starting to really get on my nerves.

Eight home draws out of twelve is really shocking but hopefully we can start to turn some of these draws into wins.

By the way, I was on holiday during the United and Wolves game but did manage to watch both of them. I thought United should have been smacked around but it made even sweeter that we waited until the end to win with Evra switching off.

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Posted by stuart senior on 02/07/2012

who wrote this tosh no mention of the bum who kicked parker got what you deserved scouse

Kevin Brodie says,

Again, should have mentioned this incident.The ref got this correct by giving Suarez a yellow card

Posted by stuart senir on 02/07/2012

football is like boxing you have to defend as well as atack something spurs are just learning all the big teams can do it

Posted by David on 02/07/2012

The chances were there. Suarez's free header especially.

I would have preferred to see Suarez come in for Spearing or Adam, and to really go for it. A draw isn't that much better than a loss right now.

Posted by andrew kiken on 02/07/2012

Talk about fan bias, how can you not mention suarez kicking parker which really did deserve red?. Suarez kicked him right in the stomach. Obviously, suarez lacks jood judgement. Even though, he is liverpool's best player.

Kevin Brodie says:

Your right I should have spoke about this. It was the correct decision. he deserved the yellow card he received for this challenge.

Posted by santiago on 02/07/2012

How long must we suffer the sight of Carroll on the pitch? Even Ngog would have been better. The chance to bring a good striker to help Suarez has gone, but it surely must be adressed for next season, otherwise i can see Suarez leaving for greener pastures.

And for the love of god, while we are sending Carroll to whatever team wants him for as much as we can give them to take him, send Downing as a good will souvenir as well.

Posted by Mike on 02/08/2012

Suarez accidentally kicked Parker in the stomach, but give me a break, red? Pretend that was Gerrard and then tell me he deserved red..which you won't, because it didn't. Another "reputation proceeds me" moment. I thought he was unlucky to even get a yellow as he apologized to Parker for like 10 minutes...

That game was so boring, but it seems to be so against any team at Anfield who plays moderate-to-good defense. I was disappointed to see Downing on the bench, and I'm still confused why Adam is on the field at all. They make him play almost defensive midfielder negating his only skills which are going forward, and accentuating his poorer traits (namely defense). He's not Pirlo, I feel like either he should play attacking mid, or be on the bench.

Gerrard was ok, but he's not like Gerrard of Gerrard-Torres fame anymore. And everyone feels like they have to lay it off to him to do whatever. And if he's in, he will never go in the box, so it's only 1 person in the box ever

Posted by Deven on 02/08/2012

Carroll is 23 years old... And people want to just send him away? Santiago, have you forgotten how horrible N'Gog was? Look at his scoring form for Bolton this year for proof. What do you expect Carroll to do when he receives two decent crosses a game, with no support in the box?

How often do we attack and get one or two players in the box, six outside? Carroll is routinely double teamed, since the defense doesn't have to worry about him having someone to knock the ball down to. Give the kid a chance to work into the team. Remember, Crouch didn't score for his first 18 games with us, and he turned out to be a pretty decent player.

Posted by Joe Jordan on 02/08/2012

Saurez should have been off you one eyed bin dipping knob.

Kevin Brodie responds with:
Thanks for the kind words. Have a nice day.

Posted by santiago on 02/08/2012

Deven, i know Ngog was poor, but at least he wasn't expensive. Carroll cannot seem to be able to hold the ball, and only works with long balls to send someone forward (Granted it worked like magic against the Mancs) and i may be wrong, but i can't see him playing anything like what Suarez needs, Suarez needs a striker that can take his defenders on, you say he is doubled marked, but before Suarez was banned defenders actually piled on on Suarez, and leaving Carroll pretty much to himself
Another thing, but that's on Kenny, is why can't someone put a decent cross? also, have you noticed that in games when Carroll is off, we actually send more crosses from the corners than when he is on?
All aside, i don't care for Carroll (And it's been a year proving every doubter right), but even if he started scoring headers left and right i'll still dislike the way we play when he is on. I'll always prefer strikers who can outrun and dribble a defender. Crouch BTW did play very well from the go

Posted by rob on 02/09/2012

The top 3 are scoring goals from half chances and we cant score from full ones.
Thats why we are struggling should of bought a noted goalscorer in the transfer window

We have the best defense in the league but titles are won with attacking football.

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