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Posted by Kevin Brodie on 02/27/2012

Winning the Carling Cup is a fantastic achievement when you think of where Liverpool were 500 days ago.

We had a very difficult passage to get to Wembley and along the way we lost our best player in Lucas. It was great to see 35000 Kopites at Wembley and fantastic to see us walk up the steps to get the trophy. I hope we can build on this victory and it will give some of the new players an understanding of how hard you have to work if you want to make it LFC. Hopefully this taste of success will make them work even harder to get back to where we belong.

I'm also very happy for our King. He deserved win on Sunday as he was the only man for the job after Rafa was sacked. It was fantastic to see how emotional he was and it was obvious how much the club, city and supporters mean to him. The performance by the team was thoroughly frustrating however. The worst we have played under Kenny was at Bolton when Gerrard and Adam were in the centre of the park together, and for some reason this formation was repeated at Wembley and I don't think it worked.

While Liverpool had most of the possession and had a ridiculous amount of shots and corners we did not have a good balance in the side. Henderson is not a right-sided player and should not be asked to play in that role. He should either play in the middle or not at all.

Cardiff always looked dangerous to me as they were getting in behind our four midfielders and in front of the back four, the position that Lucas normally plays. We missed him a great deal. Neither Suarez or Carroll had very good games but with Luis I always felt he was going to do something positive.

Carroll's biggest contribution was winning the header from the corner which led to our first goal and his defensive efforts from Cardiff's long throw-ins and the block he put in late in the game on Kenny Miller. Perhaps the big man should go and play centre-back. It would surely ease the burden on goal scoring expectations. At times Carroll was really frustrating on Sunday. I just don't know why he was just strolling into the box when Suarez’s shot was parried in the front of the goal. Had he been going full tilt he would have slid the ball into an empty net.

Gerrard started well but as the game wore on he seemed to tire and his shooting boots were left at home. How he failed to work the keeper from some of the positions he was in was unbelievable. I thought Agger, The Terminator, and Carragher had good games, while Johnson also impressed at times. Jose Enrique was quite poor though. His marking on the first goal by Cardiff was not good but overall his play was sloppy with the ball. He needs to give the ball quicker and stop turning into trouble as this is a part of his game that has been worrying in recent weeks.

Downing was excellent all day, even when he went over the right. I felt our King used the subs wisely as Bells and Kuyt did very well when they came on (not sure why Bells was drifting inside so much however).

When Kuyt made it 2-1 I thought we would be able to pass out the last few minutes of the match, but just like the last few minutes of normal time we seemed to fall apart. We couldn't pass the ball and were inviting Cardiff on. It was no surprise they scored given that Kuyt had just cleared a ball off the line.

The penalties were a joke but someone had to win and I'm pleased it was us, but fair play to Cardiff. They gave a very good performance and if they are promoted it would be nice to welcome them to Anfield next year.

Now onto to Arsenal.

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Posted by KRoberts on 02/28/2012

I think you are spot on here. I'll add a couple of things. Henderson simply gives the ball away far too often. It's not a mystery we did well when he went off. Ditto when Kuyt came on for Carroll.
I don't think Kuyt will put up with this treatment and will be gone from Anfield next year. I wouldn't blame him for wanting to leave and I think it would be a great loss.
I have to say, Charlie Adam continues to disappoint. The penalty he took was laughably bad and after his miss I was almost rooting for Cardiff City.
I kept thinking while watching the game wind on... Liverpool would be harshly punished by a better quality team and they were quite fortunate to back in to the win.

Posted by Paultunapa on 02/28/2012

Liverpool really play dat match i really gbadun there parrol.

Posted by adee on 02/28/2012

i luv ya gerrard.. hw cud ya miss !!! ;)

Posted by Rebecca on 02/28/2012

Kenny wants to justify his buys. That's the reason Adam and Gerrard were in the center.

Henderson was on the right. Absolutely nonesense.

However you want to defend Kenny, Kevin. He just want to look good on Sunday. That's the only reason for the team selection.

Thanks to Kenny. The performance was an embarrassment.

If Kenny picked the best team, there would be no extra time, let alone penalties shoot out.

Posted by bogdan on 02/28/2012

While the win makes me happy I have to say that this game has confirmed for me that the team is not on the right track. Not only have we clearly wasted lots of money on mediocre players who should be subs at best but KK really has no tactical acumen for modern soccer. His team selection is shocking and subs are always late..we were truly lucky to pool this one off..when a second div team who lost 5 of their last 6 and whose players in the last minutes could not even stand let alone run comes all over u in the last minutes..u know that u have major problems, the lack of skills and goal scoring abilities in the team are glaring. To insist with a raw hope like Hendo, particularly as winger when he has no speed is criminal. To continue to push Caroll when he is a liabilty upfront is irresponsible, it destroys whatever balance the team has w/o him..he simply has no flair in front of goal, no poacher's instinct whatsoever. Adam has no business being in the team either..Too many holes..sad..

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