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August 31, 2011
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 08/31/2011

I'm truly sorry about the delay in writing this post match summary of the Bolton game. I'm just not sure what I can say that has not been said in the press already. This was a special treat for me as I was able to watch the game with my dad. For regular readers of my stuff over the years you will know that I often drive the 20 miles to sit with him and watch the match together. It's something we enjoy tremendously. I have two kids that are getting bigger so my schedule does not always permit the drive time however Saturday was a perfect for me as I headed to San Mateo to watch the match.

August 22, 2011
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 08/22/2011

I think Liverpool just about deserved to win on Saturday. My Friday evening was spent getting to bed early so I could try and get some sleep before the alarm went off at 430 am (kick off is at 445 for me). I was able to be in bed by 10am but once I looked at the clock at 3:50am I knew at that point I had no chance of going back to sleep as the nervous excitement of a Liverpool game was in the blood.

So I'm up checking the team news and making coffee while hoping that I don't disturb the kids or my wife. Finally 555 minutes later we kicked off and I was quite surprised to see Henderson in the line-up at the expense of Suarez but I understood the logic behind it. Nice to see Kelly returning to the right back role, he had a heck of game.

August 15, 2011
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 08/15/2011

Needless to say the last few opening games of the season have been a big disappointment. After getting five consecutive away days under Rafa the fixture computer handed us two consecutive home games that we have failed to win. Last year against Arsenal, in which somehow we played quite well, even down to ten men, but still managed to only come away with a point. This year, against Sunderland, with four new faces in the squad, we again only managed a draw. It was an extremely disappointing result.

August 8, 2011
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 08/08/2011

Finally less than a week to go before the season starts. Time for me to put pen to paper. I have watched all of our pre-season games. Now that our previous owners have left I'm comfortable handing over £44 to this new regime for an e-season ticket.

I kind of miss the old days when you would only see a line or two in the paper about Liverpool's pre-season. Obviously today every pass or dribble is dissected. I was disappointed by our performance at Hull as I thought we were just terrible. The game this week in Norway was a bit better but giving up that late goal was frustrating.

Kevin Brodie Kevin Brodie has been fortunate enough to see some of Liverpool’s greatest teams and players in action over the last 35 years. Reds fans are spoiled for choice in trying to pick their favourite memory. The best early memory I have of watching Liverpool in person was our 7-0 thrashing of Spurs, with the 7th goal being a thing of beauty. Watching us in 89 lift the FA Cup after the terrible disaster at Hillsborough was also very special. My favourite Liverpool moment on the TV has to be the Champions League final in 2005. It was a day I will never forget.

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