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Posted by Kevin Brodie on 04/03/2011

That was Liverpool's worst performance under Kenny Dalglish and the most disappointing by far. West Brom played us off the park at times, which is quite unbelievable considering who they are managed by. Their second goal came from a typical Roy Hodgson long-ball but with Sotirios Kyrgiakos struggling it was a wise plan.

Liverpool had two very good chances to score in the early minutes of the match, one after a Carroll knockdown to Suarez and the other after a corner which Carroll headed towards Kuyt. Kuyt's header was blocked and his shot was hit way over the top. Kuyt had a shocking game for us and looked knackered.

Liverpool's chances were not helped when the increasingly impressive Johnson went down with a hamstring problem and was then followed by our most accomplished defender in Agger. If Agger had stayed on the pitch we would not have lost but as Kenny said, we need to be able to overcome these injuries and we could not. Danny Wilson is not a left back at all. He looks nervous on the ball, doesn't jump well and can't really pass the ball properly. Carragher gets criticized for hoofing the ball up the park, which I think is un-deserved, but Wilson was guilty of this style of play on Saturday. Carragher made some great tackles and threw himself in front of shots; I wish some of our players would play with his commitment to the cause.

Our mid-field was awful, with only Lucas putting in a good display. Suarez was our danger man with Andy Carroll going home after he was forced to go into a shell because of the inept display by the referee. Liverpool were denied a clear penalty when Carroll was rugby tackled to the ground but anytime our big man jumped he was called for a foul. It's probably the only thing I have agreed with Alex Ferguson about; Martin Atkinson is incompetent.

I know Carroll has not played much so I will give him the benefit of the doubt but he sure does look rusty. He had a great snap shot on Saturday and won a few headers but other than that I thought he was very poor. Personally I would have taken him off with 20 minutes to go and changed our style. I thought Kenny waited much too long to bring on our final sub. I also think that when Agger was forced off we should have not brought on Wilson but rather gone with 3 at the back and made a change to grab hold of the middle of the park. I think Kenny got that wrong as well.

Overall it was very bad day at the office, Liverpool's number 1 priority, like has been for the last 12 years is to find a left sided winger. We are just woeful in that spot. Further bad news with Gerrard and Kelly suffering setbacks in training.

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Posted by IJ on 04/03/2011

One of Danny Wilson's strengths is his passing and composure on the ball. I kind of yelled at the tv when Kenny Dalglish decided to put Kyriakos in when Johnons got injured. Wilson should have been put in instead. Wilson's a lot better at left back then Agger and we will run into big problems when playing with Carragher, Skrtel and Kyriakos in a back four. Jamie is really terrible at right back and has always been and we can't really play from the back if these three guys are playing together in defence. Also, we lacked energy in midfield with Lucas the only one who really showed up. Kuyt probably shouldn't have started because he didn't look like his usual energetic self from the 1st minute.
I also can not believe that Joe Cole is getting games and instead of playing Pacheco we have shipped him on loan. I don't care how much we are paying Joe Cole, we should drop him because he has never looked like he's a better player then Dani, or Maxi for that matter...

Posted by Alan on 04/03/2011

No mate, Lucas didn't put in a good display. He was awful like the rest of them. Kuyt and Lucas are squad players. Their usual 1 good game and 3 bad ones isn't enough for a team that wants trophies.

We need two quality centre midfielders to replace Alonso and Masch. We never had great wingers under Benitez but with great players in centre midfield we were still strong. Now we have only 2nd rate players in centre midfield when Gerrard is out and often get over-run.

Posted by paul on 04/04/2011

Replace Agger at around 10 mil loss, ok with that, Outright left mid, absolutely spend 25 mil.Two Large elephants in the room are Stevie and Jamie, love them but we need to buy off season to replace them. So lets do the sums for FSG.

An LFC in the CL with a 65,000 seater value? - about 650 million pounds, redevelop Annie about 175 mil (forget the new stadia - it's a business not a pipe dream) spend 150 mil on the squad over 3 years and sell the players that just will not fit in - probably get 30 mil? or so. So that leaves FSG with a small book loss in 3 years time, but we will have CL revenue/great gate receipts and a stonkin good team to sell shirts. At this point the club will be worth 650 mil plus. They just have to invest no excuses FSG, you got it for a song, it was a epic swindle that needed to happen. Now get the job done AND make some money, if you ain't got 250 mil sell it to somebody who does, cos if you don't do this then you will lose face and money. Come on!!

Posted by Mohamed on 04/04/2011

I think kenny should learn that the greek defender is not good at all. He should have brought carragher as the centre back partnering skirtel and lucas should have been shifted to the right back as where mascherano has been doing in the past where the right back are not fit to play.
he should have brought in an attacking option of ngog partnering carroll and suarez going to the left.The only player posing threats was suarez and i praise him for the hard work and would like to say to suarez 'KEEP IT UP". We had a good chance of reducing the gap to 2 points aginst TOTENHAM for a chance in europe but now it seems that we will never have a chance. I would just say the king kenny should pull up his socks. He should have thought of getting a cetre back or right/left back instead of the carroll.

Posted by Bryan on 04/04/2011

Well said.... but I think the fact of the matter is even if there were subs we had to make, if only we had a decent defender and not the clown like Soto Kyrgiakos, we would not have been in that predicament...... This is NOT the first time and the last that when he appeared we were VERY shaky at the back!!!

Posted by James on 04/04/2011

Very disappointing result, but for a number of games now we've been dominated by teams weaker than us (west brom, sunderland, west ham etc). Without gerrard in the middle, coupled with the lack of quality on the left means meireles has had to play there, which leaves us with no penetration in the middle of the park because both lucas and spearing tend to just sit and not make runs beyond the forwards like gerrard and meireles do. honestly cant see us winning against man city, i do think a draw will be a good result.

Posted by Raz on 04/04/2011

I thought the ref was funny whilst the Reds played their worst game in 2011. All players looked like they were rested too long, or rather tired after international duties. But that should not be the excuse. It was rather likely a battle of the 2 managers. Kenny was outplayed.

Posted by Nelson on 04/04/2011

Kenny is a good coach but sometims he get everything wrong.why is he always putin lucas in dat midle &kyagiakos in dat defence & he knws we re strugling wit europa.

Posted by faiz on 04/05/2011

i strongly agree with you mate.
the back just looked awful after glen and agger injuries.
the only time out team play real football is the last 5 minute ..the SUAREZ 2 EFFORT ..

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