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Posted by Kevin Brodie on 09/21/2010

Liverpool were poor in the first half with the cheating Nani causing our new boy Paul Konchesky problems throughout. However, how Alex Ferguson can have the nerve to say that Torres was trying to get O'Shea sent off by diving is a joke.

The man should be well respected, just like United fans used to respect Paisley, but because of the garbage he spouts no Liverpool fan in their right mind can grant the man any respect. He is a complete hypocrite. Nani was rolling around that field like he was a pig in mud, the worst offence being when Agger did nothing to him in the box and he went down. I counted three other times that he tried to con the referee. Yet Ferguson comes on the TV and says that Torres was a cheat.

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Of course, Ferguson said the lino got us back into the game, completely ignoring that Torres was fouled in the box and was fouled outside of it, both decisions were correct. How is that the lino's fault?

On the day, United deserved the three points but of course I was very disappointed once we had dragged ourselves back into the game. We did play better in the second half and while we saw a lot of the ball we never really looked dangerous in possession. Maxi was a big disappointment and just shows you how much confidence our manager has in Ryan Babel when Maxi is being picked over him. I thought we did a good job of keeping Rooney quiet but if you keep one United striker down the other one always seems to pop up. This is a luxury, that we just don't have thanks to our owners.

Berbatov's hat trick was superb, Oddly enough he didn't beat us doing what he is normally good at, getting the ball down and playing a pass. On Sunday he was a more conventional centre forward and he made us pay, the second goal was fantastic bit of skill.

I thought Joe Cole was bright in the second half and that Poulsen and Gerrard had good games in the middle of the park. I thought our entire right side was poor, minus one good shot that Johnson hit in the first half. Some will blame Jamie for the third goal but not me. The ball was whipped in early and Jamie was always struggling to catch up with Berbatov and he does have a good 4 inches on him. We simply don't have a centre back, except for the Greek, that can deal with a crossed ball.

Personally I think that Hodgson went with his strongest 11 and we showed United way too much respect in the first 45 minutes. We were defending so deep at times as we seemed to scared to get hit on the break. Once we made it 2-2 we had one decent chance when I thought Raul was unlucky to not get his header on target. After that we sat back and their goal always looked like coming. We needed someone to put their foot on the ball and with Raul looking exhausted we lost a very creative player.

I wish our manager had stood up for Torres after the game. I'm not a big fan of his "Mr. Nice Guy" approach after the game when the other manager directly accuses one of your players of cheating, especially when he wasn't!

It's another bad result, one point out of 9 away from home but the schedule maker has not been kind to us. At some point we will have to beat a team above us however.


Posted by Steve on 09/20/2010

Torres was trying to get O'Shea sent off. It was clear for all to see with his pathetic bleating to the ref. What a sportsman!

Posted by ibrahim on 09/21/2010

fergie needs some glasses over that bag filled eyes of his, it was very clear for all (except fergie of course) that torres was bundled, it was a clear RED.
Am just not comfortable with the MUTE old man at the other end. It further proves that he should be with an average team and not a team like ours.

Posted by Dan on 09/21/2010

Get your facts right before posting. O'Shea's the last man and he committed an outright foul on Torres. Who needs him to cheat. Rightfully he should have been sent off.

Posted by red on 09/21/2010

SPOT on with the Mr. nice guy approach. i hate this, its more like a defeatist attitude, roy should have stood up for his striker rather than cower and say what he said. fergie was disrespectful with his comments and he above all should mind his business. the rule book says a tackle from behind and last defender so that is a clear red card, if this had happened to liverpool it would've been a sending off, double standards!!! man. u deserve the win, clearly woy is not a winner and we will suffer under his management.

Posted by Jeremy on 09/21/2010

He was just getting justice done on a legitimate foul. That's what you call a real sportsman!

Posted by Matt on 09/21/2010

I'm a United fan, and the first to admit that Nani's antics in the second half were terrible.

Is what Fergie said hypocritical? Yes. Is it untrue? Well, the penalty was without doubt a penalty, but you can easily compare the way Torres fell at the slightest bit of contact to the way that Nani did when Agger held his shirt for all of one second. The only difference was that Torres sold it better.

Posted by Jeff on 09/21/2010

Yeah cos he was the last man and he fouled him!
Thats the rule. Even the commentators were saying that. You award a foul and the guilty party is the last man then it's an automatic red.

Posted by Phillie on 09/21/2010

Torres did the same dive in the world cup against Chile!

Posted by rvind on 09/21/2010

"once we had dragged ourselves back into the game"??

i thought man utd gifted liverpool 2 goals.. liverpool provided no threat at al.. the comeback was more like man utd giving u the goals

Posted by Evan on 09/21/2010

If O'Shea had been in position to begin with it wouldn't have been an issue. He hauled him back, that's on him. He's lucky the ball was played into Torres' path or he would have been off. I'm surprised Nani was able to even continue playing in the match with how many times he apparently was hit in the face by a brick. I'm assuming that's what happened from the way he was rolling around on the floor each time. Let's not go pointing the finger shall we?

Posted by Nilay Shah on 09/21/2010

Liverpool are on self destruct mode!!!
I do not see them anywhere close to the top four this season. They just dont have the quality of players. There is too much dependence on Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres. The defense needs a new talisman as Carragher is not going to be able to keep up, considering his age, dont get me wrong here, i think hes a world class defender, but he needs some better company out there. Konchesky, the greek dude, agger - they are not Liverpool standard.
Coming to the midfield - MAXI RODRIGUEZ should not play, he needs to improve before he gets a first team start, he should be sent to the reserves to understand English football better! Although Mascherano and Alonso are irreplaceable, Poulsen and Miereles are good buys but its still a gamble as the midfield is completely new and needs time, which unfortunately Liverpool dont have. I feel Kuyt, Jovanovic and Cole play very similar positions and Hodgson is going to have to use them well.

Posted by Brett Ski on 09/21/2010

Yeah Steve, and Nani was class through and through. The guy is a diving diva whinging little cheat and you want to call Number 9 on something? Please, save it for your scum supporter message boards.

Posted by Dizza on 09/21/2010

If any of you Scousers actually shut up an stop whinning -maybe then you will actually hear properly!!! He did not accuse anyone of diving or neither did he imply that it was not a foul... he complained about Torres theatrics after the Foul was awarded!!!

Posted by bluetev on 09/21/2010

As Steve just highlighted, its the whole club that lacks class, not just the manager

Posted by bogdan on 09/21/2010

I agree with your blog, but the bigger point for me is that we are sinking deeper and deeper into mediocrity, all games against the good teams are played from a small team approach, fearful, holed in, opportunistic, we are unable any longer to impose our style, our will on the game and force the opposition to block us, the reason for this is not the manager (even the dreaded Rafa understood this..) it is the lack of quality throughout the team and bench. We are paying now the price for costly Rafa mistakes..Johnson is a major liability, no adequate replacement for Carra at the back, no real left back, no creativity in the middle, no second striker, wasted money on Babel, Maxi, etc. Anybody makes some mistakes, for us though, there are just too many holes. Too many average players do not a great team make, this is where we are and no quick fixes. Moreover if the ownership saga continues past Oct we will certainly lose Torres, Reina and possibly SG, then we can seriously talk about Leeds

Posted by bob on 09/21/2010

Oh come on... Torres has been terribly out of form for liverpool this season. The only thing Torres was looking for were those 2 fouls. I didnt see no goal from him. Not even a half-decent attempt at it. Nothing from liverpool either.

Whereas Nani actually contributed much to United's game with his blazing runs, dribbling and especially that unlucky shot that hit the post.

Don't even bother criticising him when your player does not look one bit like he has the desire to play for the club, let alone win it.

And to top it off, you call that liverpool's strongest 11? well then seriously, good luck to you. You have my sympathies.

Posted by Sam, Abuja on 09/21/2010

O'shea survived the referee matching order just b'cos the match was being played at Old Trafford. Howard Web should always try to be consistent and match his reputation of being the best umpire in the EPL.

Posted by yuwaji on 09/21/2010

hey, wat about nani's theaterical acts? what shocking me is we, the liverpool fans aren't complaining even after we lost, but man united ppl, especially the manager for god's sake, talking bout torres trying to get o'shea sent off.. as if man u players are pure angels who don't do any dirty tricks on field... c'mon... grow up... nani is just an apprentice to the great diver ronaldo...

Posted by Seun on 09/21/2010

As a united fan, i kinda agree with you about 70%. Roy should have stood up for Torres and Nani hit the deck far too often, however ... Jaime was totally at fault for the third goal mate.

Posted by Innocent on 09/21/2010


Posted by Ed Gomes on 09/21/2010

Can Liverpool fans please stop blaming the owners.
Rafa spent more than plenty without results.
Rafa allowing this bunch uusing the owners financial strain as an excuse to failure continues today.
If Rafa had done his job last season, there might have been Champions League money available, but due to his and the players failures there's nothing.
Don't get me wrong, Hicks & Gillett are a disgrace and should sell even at a loss. The problem is that losing is now acceptable due to the off the field stuff. Not in my book.

As for the diving/acting to get a call, it's horrible. Nani, Torres, everybody does it. It's apparently become a necessary evil.

Posted by Riki on 09/21/2010

And he was supposed to be sent off what are you saying? It was a clear violation and O'Shea was the last man to prevent Torres's goal scoring opportunity. Do you understand the rules of the game? Typical Manc Fan. Never able to see fault in their own players. I mean for god's sake look at Nani. Can you honestly tell me that he did not cheat?

Posted by red2death on 09/21/2010

Well, it was a textbook red card offence and Torres was asking for the right decision to be made. I'm sure he'd rather be through on goal doing what he does best.

Is it wrong to ask for fair refereeing at OT? The Utd outrage when refs aren't biased is almost amusing!

Posted by Tyler McCollum on 09/21/2010

I agree with you Kevin in regards to Nani's incessant flopping. It appeared as though someone had greased his boots which is odd considering he was giving Konchesky enough trouble without his Golden Globe Performances (he isn't Academy Material yet like his compatriot Ronaldo).

As far as the foul on Gerrard I think a sending off would have been harsh considering the circumstances. You can argue the last man rule until you are blue in the face, but it was obviously a professional foul with no intent to injure.

I would say Liverpool's performance was very "average". They were able to keep the ball and agree that Paulson and Meireles played well but there wasn't any spark of creation or belief in the attack. Liverpool would do well to get a winger with pace to stretch out defenses a bit to allow creative play in the holes.

Respect goes to United though for another consistent performance. If nothing else, United are always consistent in their approach.

Posted by iwc on 09/21/2010

Hey kevin,
maybe its just my computer, but i think your link for your previous blog is broken

Posted by Venkatesh on 09/21/2010

that was a clear foul on el nino ... its fergusons old way of having fights off the field with liverpool...ferguson is getting old..i think he shud retire...and i gess liverpool made decent signings this season...u probably shud give them time 2 adjust together...nani was diving more than ronaldo does

Posted by Simon on 09/21/2010

Steve, sportsmen play to win. O'Shea was the last defender and the ref should've pulled out a red regardless of Torres's actions.

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