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April 27, 2009
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 04/27/2009

Football is a funny game. Arsenal had 6 shots last week, only 4 of which I actually remember, and those 4 all went in. 3 were directly the result of defensive errors. People say it was a classic. I say it is only a classic if we had won 5-4, other then that it was a game we should have won.

April 15, 2009
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 04/15/2009

I was back in college in 1989. I woke up early that Saturday, as I always did when Liverpool were on. I went to turn on my short wave radio to start to listen to the match. Of course the rest of what happened was a tragedy. From San Diego I tried to find out what happened and if my family had been involved. It was not until days later that I heard thankfully that no one from my family was injured our killed when they went to watch a football match.

April 13, 2009
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 04/13/2009

I don't think we could have hand picked a better game to come on the heels of our most disappointing display of the season. Home to a struggling Blackburn team was an ideal game. Once Big Sam decided to play Samba up front and leave his only striker on the bench the advantage was with us. Once the Liverpool starting 11 was produced I was relieved to see Gerrard not in the team. Personally I would have him on the bench again on Tuesday night.

April 9, 2009
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 04/09/2009

It has been quite a few weeks for the club. The pounding of Real Madrid, United and Villa combined with the late show at Fulham put us back into the title race and into the quarter finals of the champions league. Rafa signed on. Stevie G signed on. Kuyt signed on..even our owners were quiet for a while. Things were going so well, the only hiccup that late United winner last Sunday. All of that good feeling came a cropper last night in the Champions League against Chelsea.

April 6, 2009
Posted by Kevin Brodie on 04/06/2009

As anyone who has been reading my "blog" on Soccernet knows I dislike international football. Sure when the summer rolls around and the World Cup or European Championship's are on TV it's something to watch but the qualification games are a bore. So it was nice to have our players back at Melwood on Thursday preparing for a league game against Fulham.

Kevin Brodie Kevin Brodie has been fortunate enough to see some of Liverpool’s greatest teams and players in action over the last 35 years. Reds fans are spoiled for choice in trying to pick their favourite memory. The best early memory I have of watching Liverpool in person was our 7-0 thrashing of Spurs, with the 7th goal being a thing of beauty. Watching us in 89 lift the FA Cup after the terrible disaster at Hillsborough was also very special. My favourite Liverpool moment on the TV has to be the Champions League final in 2005. It was a day I will never forget.

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