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April 18, 2011
Posted by Sumeet Paul on 04/18/2011

Juventini, gather round and take note. I have a prediction to make. Now I’m no Nostradamus, and I certainly do not have a crystal ball, but I predict that Juventus will begin a cycle of domination in Italian football from the 2012/2013 season onwards. While I can hear you all let out a collective groan and cry out in unison ‘yeah that’s great but that’s two seasons away’, I personally believe as of that season, there will be a shift in power. And here’s why…

April 6, 2011
Posted by Sumeet Paul on 04/06/2011

After conquering the Stadio Olimpico last weekend, Juve ensured they still have a chance of safeguarding their reservation on the bus for Europe next year. Goals from Milos Krasic and Alessandro Matri silenced the Romanisti on Sunday night, but before anyone starts booking their ticket to Lisbon or the like, let’s remember this is Juventus – the team that ‘lacks consistency in their DNA’.

David Young After watching his first Serie A game as a youngster, Sumeet Paul has been an avid fan of Italian football ever since. Offering in-depth and opinionated views, coupled with a humourous element, he has a strong desire to become involved in sports writing. Pairing up his life's two greatest loves; football and talking, he would appreciate any feedback and general football conversation, you can email him at or you can follow him on twitter @italiafooty

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