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Posted by Sumeet Paul on 03/07/2011

As Gennaro Gattuso wheeled away in celebration on Saturday night, the AC Milan midfielder inflicted a third consecutive defeat for Juventus, making it seven losses in the last thirteen games for the Bianconeri. It's very easy to blame it all on the coach, but when you fail to record a single shot on goal, is that just bad tactics or a bitterly poor performance from the players? The question everyone is asking is: 'Should Del Neri go?'

I simply could not make the call. For fans who have never been pro-Del Neri, calls for his head were predictable. However, those who look back to the wins against Inter not so long ago, and victory at San Siro against Milan earlier in the season, will point to signs of promise which are unfortunately pushed to the background by a lack of consistency.

What strike's as most peculiar is the view the Juventus hierarchy takes on the performances. Both Del Neri and director Beppe Marotta labelled the performance against Milan as 'an improvement'. This leaves me with two options. 1. They are watching a different Juventus to us all or 2. They are in fact Torino fans in disguise. My 2 year-old nephew could tell you that there was no improvement in what could only be described as a Monday morning Milan training session at times with the ease the likes of Mark Van Bommel dictated the play. Granted, Milan possess a much stronger squad than Juve, but arguably so do Inter who fell to defeat in Turin, so what's the problem? 'Consistency is not our DNA' says Del Neri. Well Signor Del Neri, I would recommend speaking to a scientific genius pretty sharpish to rectify the problem otherwise you may find yourself out of a job.

Nevertheless, it appears for the time being that Del Neri will continue to sit in the managerial hotseat, but with former Juve heroes such as Antonio Conte and Gianluca Vialli being linked with a return to Turin, how much longer can the former Sampdoria coach hold on? He appears to have the support of the club and the players, whether the same can be said for the fans, is up for debate.

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Posted by Sam on 03/07/2011

Juve were awful. It was overall an awful match but Juve were definitely terrible, The strikers couldnt hit a barn door from 5 yards and the midfield had about as much control as a two year old riding a bike for the first time. The problem at Juve is simple. Too many average players. No more needed to be said. Milan had that problem last year, what did they do? Bought Zlatan, Cassano, Robinho and Boateng amongst others. Quality players. Who do Juve bring in Matri? Seriously?
It is one thing to beat Inter in what can only be described as a worse match that Juve-Milan and where the primary Juve tactic was try and fit as many black and white shirts in their own goal box, it is another to expect consistancy from a team whose sole ambition against other top sides seems to be to defend.
If Juve buy some quality they may yet again fight for the title, if they dont they will be fighting with Sampdoria and co for the glory of the Europe Cup for years to come.

Posted by rudy on 03/08/2011


Posted by Bernard on 03/08/2011

I still say the board should apologise to Deschamps and get him back. He's 42 and has accomplished a lot in his short career and is a coach for the long run. Del Neri has done nothing in his career and has achieved very little for a 60 year old. I'm still confused as to why Del Piero doesnt retire (he has no speed and as such we have no fast counter attack)Plus it's unfair to depend on him for everything.Also the sale/loan of Giovinco? Amauri as well can not be blamed either.. He's scoring for Parma.. And why has Pepe been on the bench for the past few games? Why is Chiellini a left back winger when in the current squad he's our only rock solid defender. In future, move him across but now, when we have few options? Poor tactics and no creativity. Del Neri must go. Esp when Ciro had more points last season than Del Neri.

Posted by Austin on 03/08/2011

i liked ferrara tactics...juve always had a powerful trequarista....the sale of diego was the worst management decision ever....i would of sold all of the the 30 year-old usless playes that juve had before letting him go plus 14 million euro loss...wht juve need are players that make a difference...all they need are goal scorers...not no matri iaquinta amauri toni first choice bull... The first thing that needs to be done is invest in the teams foward cant win games if you dont score goals...the rest of the team i think is decent...theyre not losing horribly...its the strikers they juve need to stop buying players to bolster lines...we need to buy first team all-stars....not subs of other teams....but i dont believe this del neri's fault

Posted by Malik on 03/09/2011

Ever since we re-emerged from being relegated to Serie B, we have had little to cheer! It seems we start well to a season but cannot carry it through? Ranieri, good start, Ferrara, Great start! Del Neri, Fairly good Start, it Looked like we were gathering momentum until Quagliarella got injured. Juve had a clear out in the summer but it wasn't big enough. Sissoko, Grygera, Grosso should have all gone. As for the signings, Martinez .. Really? Even Bonucci, he has not got a defenders brain. Krasic needs to stop diving. As for the attack. Del Piero should retire, I agree with you Bernard! We let Giovinco go, why?! Amauri needed the right partner upfront. Matri I think is a good signing, Luca toni on the other hand, just a joke! Finally the manager. Luigi Del Neri, Tactically awful! Bring back Lippi, even Capello! Big powerful names! Sometimes I think maybe the Olimpico is cursed. Sooner nxt season comes the better. We are Juventus! We are a mighty and we will be back Im sure! Forza JUVE!

Posted by bellio on 03/10/2011

Del Neri's tactics may not be helping, but hes not the problem...Agnelli can appoint Lippi or Capello, or even Conte or Vialli if he'd like, but he cannot honestly expect better results until Juve spends the money necessary to get the players we want. He also cant wait half a decade of poor Serie A results until players want nothing to do with Juventus. This certainly was an interesting season, with a 8/10 preformance in the summer transfer window...Krasic was an excellent pickup, Pepe, Quag, and Aquilani as well. But once we lost Quag the strength of our squad dominished, our 13 game unbeaten streak ended and have now stared a new kind of streak.

The winter transfer window was garbage..Barzagli is the answer to our LB/RB problems? Toni is going to score us goals? Matri was not a bad move...but notice all Italian. Is the fortune of Juventus going to rely on the pleasure and pain of the nazionale? Will we choose to be provincial rather than good? Be patient its gonna be a long wait

Posted by WestCoastFootballer on 03/10/2011

A shake up certainly seems like it would not hurt Juve, but Del Neri could certainly improve efforts with some decent ST/MID's to control the pitch on the attack more thoroughly ( or in the case of AC MIlan at all).

Posted by Daniel Duncan on 03/11/2011


Juve need to get rid of some of there striker ( keep only Matri, Del Pero & Quagliarella) some of their mid fielder just can't cut it ( keep Krasic, Aqualani,Marchisio,Melo,Pepe, and Sissoko) and for the rest of the strikers and mid fielder sell them and get some young aspiring creative mid fielders and strikers who can build a Juve for the future not some old dead horse like when they brought back Canavaro ("traitor")Truly the coaching is a small part, the Juve need players who cant "run" at the opposition with the ball it was a bad idea when they sent away Giovinco we actually need more players like him stature and ability on the ball rather that a big tall player who can hardly move far-less to run with the ball

Posted by Chriz on 03/12/2011

1st problem.. the president.. OMG !! what were they thinking on selling and buying players to the team ?? screw things up !! bought old sack of quality player n sold off young quality....the previous management was way better despite their match fixing.. they brought good quality player young n exps.2nd problem. once again transfer talk.. keeping shit players like Melo,Martinez,Grosso and buying players like Toni n Barzagli...where are the youngest?? oh wait, yeah we loan them out...for what ?? this is the time to use them and get them settle in top flight games.WHY the hell we sold Diego?? why...he was given 1 season to prove himself, what nonsense!! he is the missing link in the midfield role...Aqualani is good but his not a playmaker.. why didnt we sign cassano? NO MONEY?? why we loan out giovinco? STUPID MANAGEMENT MISTAKES !!
3rd problem.. MONEY... we spent a lot of money bringing in shit players.. we spend more then Milan n Inter but we are at shit position. Forza Juve.

Posted by salawe on 03/12/2011

i really still cant understand how long we will continue changing manager? lets allow del neri do his job and we give him the right support he needed as a manager.the major problem we really need to look into are the players,even if the manager's tactics does not suit the players,that does not mean we cant win matches...if you don't like a manager or coach but at least you play your part as player and win match, imagine matches that we are suppose to use and get points we lose like parma,palermo,udinese bologna, will the coach players on the pitch? lets get rid of quantity players and get the quality players that knows what they are doing and are ready to win matches not player that are just here for our money. JUVENTUS is a big name in european football so i dont see the reason why we cant buy big name players that will win matches for us not team making players only get rid of most of the strikers but keep matri, quidriella only and get rid of defenders like grosso,grygerra d midf ok

Posted by Alex on 03/12/2011

I agree, it's been a disappointing season for Juve. I think what I'm most disappointed has been the lack of spirit all season and the ridiculous decisions the board have been making.

Deschamps? He was a true champion yet they let him go. Ferrara? Although he had his difficulties, he was a new coach, a man for the future yet they let him go. Del Neri? A man past his prime, who employs a poor 4-4-2 formation in what they say is the formation for the future. pfft.

I don't understand where's the wisdom behind Juve's transfer policy. We have been buying so many fowards, we could make another team altogether. And Del Piero? Yes, he has been a hero but if he is not careful enough, he may drop down to being a zero. And I honestly find Sissoko a joke. He's misplaced more passes than a schoolboy.

Poor Juve, when will they ever learn

Posted by James on 03/12/2011

On a different note, I just finished watching the Juve vs Cesena match. Wow. It was an emotional rollarcoaster. I loved the 4-4-1-1 mainly because Del Piero was striking with matri behind which by the way was working with great success. Until that red card by Motta which for the most part was his fault due to his carelessness. Over all having to play 50 mins with 10 men Juve improved. Take note that there was no Melo or Toni. Matri shows signs of a good player just needs to be set up. Krasic looks more tired at the start of the match than anyone looks at the end of a match. Give the guy a day or two off. Del Neri finally did something other than the 4-4-2 and it worked. Duh! No lie I could manage this team better.
Forza Juve.

Posted by Adeniran Oluwatobi on 03/14/2011

Juventus is a big club in european football but they are killing their fame..the problem will hv now is togetherness.we hv good and quality players but we dont give dem chance..why let diego go why let Amauri andf Giovinco go,this are good and quality players..players like salihamizic, Gygera,Grosso,Sissoko,and Toni should go ..they dont have anything to offer again, they are just old cargos,we need young and quality players so that we can go back to tho real old ladies..Pls bring Amauri and Giovinco back...I Still luv my Juveeeeeee..Forza juvee.

Posted by chriz on 03/17/2011

Beppe Moratta should go & get lost !!

latest news i read about juve is bring A.Pirlo to juve !! OMG !!... is juve seeing something that i dont see?? Y another OLD FART !! no offense to Pirlo.. he good player n best at what he does... but his AGE !! too many old farts in Juve !!

Revolution of Juve/ the rise of Juve will happen if we let these ppl go :- 1.Moratta 2.Melo 3.Sissoko 4.Grosso 5.Toni 6.Amauri.... A WASTE OF MONEY !! honestly... i still cant accept the fact that we let Deigo go... we need players like him to drive the midfield. Marchiso is good midfield but his good as DM not AM...Aqualani is good but i think he suits a CM/DM role. Pepe needs to shut his mouth and start playing good wing football. bring back giovinco and buy 1 good Attacking Midfield and a good striker. The Old Lady will be back on track !!

Posted by Jose P on 03/20/2011

what would a new manager do? if we get a new manager he'd have to be a big name to motivate the big names at the club. walter mazzari can't do that, he'd be another del neri. i say keep this guy for another season since the injuries didn't help obviously. hopefully we get some fresh faces that can bring some movement to our lackluster club. oh and Adeniran Oluwatobi:
are you effin' crazy "Pls bring Amauri back". i don't want this guy anywhere near vinovo, let alone turin.

Posted by Anth on 03/22/2011

Although Del Neri is not a bad coach, he cannot live up to the expectations of a big club like Juventus. He doesnt have the experience or know how to motivate the team in a way where they can win. The players dont even look like they try to win a game on the field. Although it is not entirely his fault, I say he has to go! Juve cannot buy players just to say they bought them..they have to get some quality players into the team. Martinez, Grygera, and "old" players like Grosso and Toni are not Juventus material. Get some quality players and a big name coach and the team will be able to compete for titles..

Posted by Anonymous on 03/24/2011

i guess the mistake in juve bad seasone is the players we did very bad transfer e shouldnt by traore and toni and barzagli for example also we shouldnt lend giovinco and we shouldnt sell diego and candreva because they are future players who could run we need young players for the future to regaine the glory for juve i dont think the mistake is del nari we should keep del nari the problem is the players we need many young playes

Posted by Bazic on 04/21/2011

I think juve should get a new manager, person like Frank Rijkaard.

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