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Posted by Sumeet Paul on 01/12/2011

As the dust settles on what can only be described as a nightmare start to 2011, there is widespread talk that Juve have entered another crisis. Two games played, two losses, seven goals conceded and a very unhappy bunch of Juventini.

The end of 2010 marked a very surprising change for me in my role as Juventus correspondent. From the depressive doldrums of the Ferrara and Zaccheroni eras, I suddenly found myself in a more positive and up-beat mood ahead of my latest instalments. However, fast forward a fortnight and I find myself returning to the dark days of yester-year, surrounded by talk of ‘crisis’ and ‘false dawns’.

Pair up ‘Juventus’ and ‘defence’ in the Oxford dictionary and you would quite simply find ‘ha-ha what a joke’ written underneath it. Quite what has happened these past two games to our previously solid back-line has bemused most. Of course the cause is not aided by a certain Brazilian (surprisingly not Amauri), Felipe Melo, who gave us all a sneak peak into what he has learned in his karate lessons as part of his new year resolution after kicking Parma’s Massimo Paci in the face. Despite a remarkable improvement in his performances, he has that ‘Titus Bramble-esque’ nature about him, whereby he will play quite superbly at times but you know there is a clumsy mistake or act of stupidity on its way whether it be a mis-placed pass or silly sending off. (For those of you who don’t know of Mr. Bramble, I urge you to watch the YouTube clip below...Sorry Titus.)

All the more painful was the first of the two embarrassing defeats, to see our beloved Seba Giovinco net twice. The little magician has been in sparkling form this year, but having treated him like an unwanted Christmas present for the past few years, I highly doubt we shall see the ‘Atomic Ant’ in the black and white jersey in the future. Of course, why keep one of the most promising youngsters in the country when you can snap up Luca Toni? Sure, anything is better than Amauri ‘I still can’t remember how to score’ Carvalho de Oliveira, but Luca hardly set the world alight in his first six months at Genoa.

So, what do you make of the start of the year? Any major talking points or potential transfer targets that you would like to see snapped up by Signor Marotta and Co? Keep your posts coming, Forza Juve!

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Posted by cheech on 01/12/2011

Melo is nothing like titus bramble. Seba giovinco is yet to prove this year that he is good enough for juve, maybe if he can stay injury free but i doubt it. juventus desperately needs a prima punta who scores like trezegol used to.

Posted by Jose on 01/12/2011

if it's any consolation i think giovinco spoke volumes regarding his attitude toward juve by not celebrating either time he scored. the napoli game was a mess, i still don't know why gigi del neri allowed traore to start. but i understand that as manager of samp this time last season he was off to a slow start as well, and has a history of doing this in his career. marotta is doing what he can and luca toni actually tried to do something. but forget a striker, bring in a defender!

Posted by rudy on 01/12/2011

im telling u amuri is a good player hes just always injured if we sell him 2 liverpool hes gonna do great and he'll never wanna come back to juve again

Posted by tommy on 01/14/2011

okay first off giovinco is better as of now than i'd say 70 to 80 percent of what Juve currently has on their roster so he doesn't need to prove anything. The fact that Juve let him go speaks volumes to how far they've lost it. Secondly, with the total lack of loyalty or sportsmanship in football i'd say that Giovinco's only reason for not celebrating after his two goals was simply not to insult his friends still on the squad and just because del neri got off to a slow start last year with a COMPLETELY different team what exactly does that have to do with this years team? surely he's not doing it on purpose heck the goal of every game on earth is to win it why else play? he has no reason to hold anything back what is there to hold back??? any history is pure coincidence and/or lack of skill/job suitability. last but not least Amauri is not a good player whoever signed him should be sacked and i can assure you no team that actually wants to win anything will ever sign Amauri! I promise!

Posted by Professor Lembach on 01/16/2011

It has to be said: name one transfer that has worked out for Juve in the last several years. Diego should have become the team's lynchpin, but he was on his way after one indifferent season. Melo, as you've said, flatters to deceive. Amauri fails to deliver, and even if that's because of his injury problems, well, that's still money badly spent. Like any amount spent on the donkey named Luca.

Posted by Jay on 01/16/2011

To Professor Lembach...Are you serious, this year has be filled with great transfers...first off Krasic is hands down one of the best outside midfielders we've had for a while, then you have Bonucci who partnered with Chiellini on both fronts (italy and juve) will make one of the best center back tandems in the world...that's just this year, not including the loanees,(Aquilani, Quag, Pepe)...Diego could've should've would've however everyone knew Del Piero and Diego couldn't play together, and there was no way the golden boy was leaving...PLUS too bad Luca was a FREE transfer...and everyone is complaining about Melo after this one incident, however the whole first half of the season everyone was praising him? Everyone needs to calm down...two bad games and people freak out...have some faith...we can't get top class players if we're not in the Champions League so lets work with what we can get until we get back to the promise land...

Posted by Muteto "Dino" Mwangelwa on 01/17/2011

Juve has gone through a lot of bad years, from the relegation to seria B to failing to get a Champion's League spot last year.But this team has always been great, it just needs better defending, and playing with the heart.Remember Birindelli, Thuram, Conte, Ferrara and the like? I wish those days were here but they will be back.believe me.Forza Juve!

Posted by Muteto "Dino" Mwangelwa on 01/17/2011

Juve has gone through a lot of bad years, from the relegation to seria B to failing to get a Champion's League spot last year.But this team has always been great, it just needs better defending, and playing with the heart.Remember Birindelli, Thuram, Conte, Ferrara and the like? I wish those days were here but they will be back.believe me.Forza Juve!

Posted by Roberto on 01/18/2011

No disrepect intended towards Rudy but Amauri is horrible and I have been saying that since Juve signed him. Most overrated player in all of Serie A and he is not that highly rated either. Giovinco has the chance to be a brilliant player in Serie A but the stereotype towards his size still holds him back. Sadly our Juve are an incomplete team. They have shown flashes of solid play in the back but need more from our left back and stick with Motta on the right. A true holding midfielder would make a huge diff. Melo has never been good for us. He has improved but it would be hard to play worse than he did last year. With Quagriella injured and lack of scoring the focus is on the forwards but equal to that need is a true holding midfielder to calm play down through the center.

Posted by Andy Barnes on 01/18/2011

I too was mightily ticked at Melo's seeming reversion to last year's form when he got himself sent off, but then I saw the replay. How the ref failed to immediately show red to the Parma player who saw fit to stomp on Melo's leg is beyond me. Total rubbish that only Melo was sent off. Last year, Melo might well have been compared to Titus Barmble, but after having had his epiphany in the World Cup, he's been generally excellent this year.

I just watched the Bari match, hopefully the most painful three points I ever have to watch. I was happy to see Gigi back between the sticks, but his movement did not seem good at all. I hope it is my imagination and that he actually is back to full fitness, but he seemed rather stilted and in some discomfort.

Posted by JPDelPiero on 01/20/2011

How can you say that Gio hasnt proved he good enough to play for Juve when he Scored two brilliant goals against us?

Posted by rudy on 01/21/2011

Robert i know amauri has been kinda stupid in the past few games bur over the summer he was scoring goals like crazy

Posted by diego on 01/22/2011

giovinco was unable to earn a spot in probably one of the worst juventus teams that i can remember. del piero had to fight baggio to get into the team and he did it. this guy is not at that kind of level and is nothing more than a good player. its probably true that he is better than some of the players on the squad at the moment but giovinco is not good enough to lead us to the scudetto or CL which is the way he is made out to be.

Posted by Roberto on 01/25/2011

Rudy, Are you talking about the same Amauri as the rest of us? He has not scored all season. Had only 7 goals in all competitions last year. Did you watch the game against Sampdoria? He did a better job defending for Sampdoria then their own players. He fouled players left and right had no purpose to his movement. Was never a target and can't even hold up the ball. His play speaks for itself. Amauri is absolute rubbish.

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