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May 30, 2010
Posted by Kentaro Matsuura on 05/30/2010

Unfortunately Japan scored two of them into their own net. Japan lost 2-1 against England today after building a 1-0 lead into the 7th minute and holding on deep into the second half. A brilliant early goal from Tulio Tanaka gave hope to the beleaguered Japanese side, but two unlucky own goals allowed England to escape with a victory.

May 29, 2010
Posted by Kentaro Matsuura on 05/29/2010

Japan have another tough test as they face England in a pre-World Cup friendly this Sunday. Pessimistic fans are probably already betting on how many goals Japan will lose by, and perhaps they are well justified to do so. But instead of doing the easy thing and focusing on all the negatives, I want to stay positive and consider why Japan might have some hope against England. Continue reading for three reasons why Japan might surprise you on Sunday.

May 25, 2010
Posted by Kentaro Matsuura on 05/25/2010

In a press conference today head coach Okada made an about-face and claimed that his comments made after Japan’s defeat to Korea about potentially resigning from the team was a joke. In case you missed it, following the humiliating defeat to rivals Korea, Okada asked the JFA chief, “Is it really OK for me to continue like this?” and then later told the media "As the president told me ‘keep doing it’, I guess I have no choice but to continue.” In today’s press conference, Okada was all smiles and told the media that his comments about resigning were in jest.

May 24, 2010
Posted by Kentaro Matsuura on 05/24/2010

Boos reigned downed onto the pitch at Saitama Stadium as Japan failed to impress in a 2-0 loss to its main rival Korea. Park Ji-Sung opened the scoring in the 6th minute with a brilliant goal in which he held off a defender and slotted the shot nicely past the outstretched hands of goalkeeper Narazaki. Japan were never able to create any realistic chances and Korea was able to seal the game with a penalty in the 90th minute.

May 23, 2010
Posted by Kentaro Matsuura on 05/23/2010

There’s nothing better to get the blood flowing than a nice rivalry match between Japan and Korea to kick-start preparations for the World Cup. The teams will clash at Saitama Stadium tomorrow in what will be Japan’s first match since the roster was revealed. There really never is a true “friendly” between these two sides and with players competing for starting positions and country pride, play should be fierce.

May 13, 2010
Posted by Kentaro Matsuura on 05/13/2010

Japan coach Takeshi Okada has named his 23-man squad for the World Cup finals with no surprise selections.

"I had a hard time making up my mind regarding all areas of the team, but I selected those players in order to win and achieve our objective,'' he said.

"I haven't changed the objective. In order to make that come true, however, we first have to get through the group stage and our first match against Cameroon will be the most important to us."

"With those 23 players, I believe that we can achieve our objective.''


Kentaro Matsuura was born in Japan and following a move to the USA resorted to following the national team by renting video tapes in Chinatown. Most recently, Kentaro played for and ran the football club at his graduate school, where he studied business. He will join a consulting firm upon graduation.

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