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July 7, 2012
Posted by Gianni Serra on 07/07/2012

After the last two seasons a change was inevitable. Long overdue, some might say. But there are many ways to part company with your many falling stars and Inter didn't choose the most graceful.

May 16, 2012
Posted by Gianni Serra on 05/16/2012

Inter lost 3-1 at Lazio and missed the chance to reach the Group stage of the Europa League 2012-13. Lazio will, whereas Nerazzurri will be involved in the Preliminary rounds. A fitting end to a very disappointing season.

May 4, 2012
Posted by Gianni Serra on 05/04/2012

Some thoughts about last weekend and the next. Inter lost 3-1 at Parma. Now third place is highly unlikely but still possibile. Three points away. Quite incredible to say after such a negative season.

March 27, 2012
Posted by Gianni Serra on 03/27/2012

Claudio Ranieri is no more Inter coach. Sacked. Replaced with Andrea Stramaccioni, who last Sunday led Inter Primavera to win the inaugural NextGen Series, after a penalty shoot-out against Ajax. Inter are out of the UEFA Champions League, out of the Coppa Italia, 8th placed in serie A with 12 defeats - one less than the club's negative record of 13 reached in 1947/48. Not what you'd call a successful season.

February 9, 2012
Posted by Gianni Serra on 02/09/2012

Fabio Capello next Inter manager. Full stop.

February 1, 2012
Posted by Gianni Serra on 02/01/2012

Let's start from the end: Inter's activeties in the transfer market can get no more than four out of ten. Why? The youngster Juan is the only permanent acquisition; Thiago Motta and Viviano the only two players sold for good. The rest are just loanees coming and going: Palombo and Guarin came on loan, Jonathan was sent to Parma on loan, just like Coutinho to Espanol and Muntari to AC Milan. Too many loans mean two things: lack of funds and no plans for the future.

January 20, 2012
Posted by Gianni Serra on 01/20/2012

Inter beat Genoa 2-1 and reached the Coppa Italia’s quarter finals. Seventh win in a row for Nerazzurri who are facing Napoli next week. Instead of revisiting a game reduced to little more than a training session by the two coaches’ rotation choices, I have decided to make a gift to all Inter die-hard fans who read this blog: an interview I made with David Endt.

December 20, 2011
Posted by Gianni Serra on 12/20/2011

The Serie A's table certainly looks much better now for Inter, after their third win in a row, the fifth in the last six games. But that's all I can say today.

In this Inter blog we are a close family. This is how I see it. I always read with interest the comments and opinions of Aiyaz, Sam, Sia, Bellal, Nathan, Pietro... All very competent and well informed.

September 1, 2011
Posted by Gianni Serra on 09/01/2011

It seemed longer than usual but even this transfer market has finally closed. For Inter everything revolved around Gasperini's arrival and Eto'o's departure. Having sold their best player to Anzhi Makhachkala, Inter tried to compensate this huge loss with two signings - Diego Forlan and Mauro Zarate. It's quite intriguing to see how they'll fit in Gasperini's trident with Milito and/or Pazzini.

August 8, 2011
Posted by Gianni Serra on 08/08/2011

AC Milan defeated Inter 2-1 in Beijing in the Supercoppa Italiana this weekend. Bad omen? Yes, according to many Inter fans that are already complaining: "The first trophy of the season's gone. We need new signings otherwise it will be a nightmare". Right or wrong this judgement can't be based on the game played in China. A travesty.

The fact is that the Supercoppa’s worth can be overstated – it’s a friendly match dressed up as an official trophy. It's the same for all these much pumped curtain-raiser-supercups all over Europe - all introduced by a great fanfare but still technically meaningless. With Cambiasso, Milito, Maicon and Lucio still on holiday, Inter's only goal of the game came from a player [Wesley Sneijder] who's likely to leave the club within days ['I am not looking for a move but I know the club needs cash and has already fixed a price...'].

July 5, 2011
Posted by Gianni Serra on 07/05/2011

There is not even enough time to forget about the Leonardo affair or to applaud the signings of new coach Giampiero Gasperini - Jonathan and Ricky Alvarez - before Inter are again in trouble. This time in the Calciopoli II trial.

June 15, 2011
Posted by Gianni Serra on 06/15/2011

It was too quiet to be true. Now it seems that the explanation of Inter's lack of activity in the transfer market was related to the search for a new coach to replace Leonardo.

May 23, 2011
Posted by Gianni Serra on 05/23/2011

Inter's 12th home win in a row allows Leonardo and the Nerazzurri to finish the season with another record and an honorable second place, six points behind new Italian champions AC Milan and six points ahead of third placed Napoli; best attack (69 goals, 4 more than AC Milan and Udinese) and best home record (15 wins).

March 14, 2011
Posted by Gianni Serra on 03/14/2011

Inter already won 2-0 in Munich. It happened nearly 23 years ago. Season 1988-89. Those were the glory days of a rock solid team led by Giovanni Trapattoni: Zenga, Bergomi, Brehme, Matteoli, Ferri, Mandorlini, Alessandro Bianchi, Berti, Diaz, Matthaeus, Serena.

A terrific side capable to win the Italian League with 58 points [at that time in Serie A there was still the two points per win rule]. With Maradona and Careca's Napoli trailing by 11 points and Van Basten, Gullit and Rijkaard's AC Milan by 12.

Winning and breaking records in serie A wasn't the only joy of the season for Nerazzurri. One of the highlights was a 2-0 win in Munich. Zanetti and co. could find some inspiration from Serena and Berti's goals. Counterattack as a form of art.

Here's the video:

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February 23, 2011
Posted by Gianni Serra on 02/23/2011

Last May Inter-Bayern was the Champions League final and both teams were challenging for an historic treble, having both already won their domestic league and cup competitions. A Diego Milito brace gave the European crown to Inter and no one could argue that the best team won.

February 15, 2011
Posted by Gianni Serra on 02/15/2011

Ronaldo calls it a day and I think Inter owe a tribute to the best number 9 of all time.

December 30, 2010
Posted by Gianni Serra on 12/30/2010

Inter finally unveiled Leonardo. The former AC Milan player and coach introduced himself to Inter fans with his typical love-for-all messages. Summer of love rivisited. Tons of sugar poured over Nerazzurri past and present. Moratti, players, Mourinho. Nice words for Benitez too: "Rafa is a winner. He won everything with Liverpool and a lot with Valencia".

December 23, 2010
Posted by Gianni Serra on 12/23/2010

Official. Rafa Benitez is not Inter coach anymore. For him a €3 million compensation plus a one way ticket - to Anfield?

Under the Spaniard Inter won the Italian Supercup, lost the Uefa Supercup and won the Fifa Club World Cup. Benitez left the team placed 7th in the league, 13 points behind AC Milan [with two games in hand to cut the deficit].

December 19, 2010
Posted by Gianni Serra on 12/19/2010

Rafa talks. The Spanish coach had been waiting for this win for months - the FIFA Club World Cup topped the list of Massimo Moratti's requests. Rafa knows Inter got in touch with six, seven coaches and talks are still going on. After so much listening it's time for him to reply. And it's the talk of a very proud man.

December 15, 2010
Posted by Gianni Serra on 12/15/2010

You can feel mood has slightly changed in Inter's camp after Internacional were beaten by African champions TP Mazembe in the semi-finals of the FIFA Club World Cup. Everyone's final was the 'Inter derby' between Internazionale and Internacional. TP Mazembe's historic win changed everything. Asian champions Seongnam are encouraged by the African champions' achievement and will try to imitate them.

Rafa Benitez: happy and confident
©Getty Images

December 10, 2010
Posted by Gianni Serra on 12/10/2010

Rafa Benitez's tenure at Inter is likely to end next week. His days are numbered. Apparently, winning the FIFA Club World Cup won't be enough for the Spanish coach to save his job. Too many injuries, too many excuses, too many losses - this is Moratti's final verdict.

December 1, 2010
Posted by Gianni Serra on 12/01/2010

Inter's squad list for the next FIFA Club World Cup has been finally announced. It includes the still injured Julio Cesar, Chivu, Santon, and Milito. An act of faith.

November 18, 2010
Posted by Gianni Serra on 11/18/2010

Inter chairman Massimo Moratti has backed Rafa Benitez. "We have a project going on here. We can't change our minds everyday. We have full confidence in our coach," said Moratti. Despite Inter president's official vote of confidence, the Spanish entrenador has been on the verge of being sacked. And still is.

November 16, 2010
Posted by Gianni Serra on 11/16/2010

On Sunday AC Milan ended Inter's unbeaten home record after 32 months. The Champions of Italy and Europe are going backwards under Benitez. In Nerazzurri's downfall there is no trace of other teams improvement - Serie A's football has never looked so ordinary and UEFA Champions League's Group A opponents are not heavyweights. It's a mixture of errors and mismanagement that have led Inter to an unexpected low.

Joel Obi: out for a month because of a thigh strain ©Getty Images
November 10, 2010
Posted by Gianni Serra on 11/10/2010

Sliding doors. Wesley Sneijder will miss tonight's game against Lecce whereas Dejan Stankovic is likely to start. Even Esteban Cambiasso level of fitness is already acceptable but Rafa Benitez wisely put off the Argentinian come back: "He is available but he will play on Sunday against AC Milan. However, let's try to win in Lecce first".

November 9, 2010
Posted by Gianni Serra on 11/09/2010

Many Inter fans are urging Massimo Moratti to sign Gareth Bale in January. They are so disappointed with Christian Chivu on the left as he's never been able to reproduce the form he had at Ajax and AS Rome. Is Chivu so disappointing?

November 5, 2010
Posted by Gianni Serra on 11/05/2010

The first UEFA Champions League defeat can't be overrated. It was a one-off. This is Rafa Benitez before Inter-Brescia: "This team played very well away, which means that we are a strong and very determined team. Unfortunately we didn't show our good we are in the last game but our value is still there".

November 4, 2010
Posted by Gianni Serra on 11/04/2010

Inter defeat at Tottenham caused many eyebrows to raise. Last season treble is a considerable heavy legacy and Benitez is now facing the problems everyone expected when Mourinho announced he was leaving.

October 28, 2010
Posted by Gianni Serra on 10/28/2010

On Wednesday, Juventus chairman Andrea Agnelli explained his future strategies to the club shareholders: "We are keen on claiming back the 2004-05 and 2005-06 titles. I have personal admiration for Luciano Moggi and I am sure the trials in which we are involved will prove our company correctness at that time, so those titles will have to come back to the legitimate winners".

August 8, 2010
Posted by Kirby Michael on 08/08/2010

So while I’m sitting down in my house enjoying a game of FIFA with a friend of mine, I had begun to wonder how long it would take me to run for a snack. Perplexed by this thought, I decided to run into the kitchen to grab myself some chips (FYI, it took 17 seconds). After quickly grabbing a tin of Pringles went back into my room to continue whooping my buddy. Quite the opposite occurred actually. On the restart after the first half he powered past all my players with Anelka and slotted home with a “venomous strike” (according to Andy Grey that is). During the replay I decided to grab some more chips. Upon reach for the tin of Pringles, I noticed Anelka on it, staring at me, looking into the depths of my soul, while taunting me with his French eyes and sly grin. Don’t ask me how Anelka compounding my misery made me think of me neglecting my duties as a Blogger. It just did…

May 24, 2010
Posted by Kirby Michael on 05/24/2010

The UEFA Champions League… most of us (including myself) weren’t alive the last time we were able to capture this prestigious title. I remember the last time we almost made it to the final. It was back in 2002 and we had to face Ac Milan in the Semi’s. That match was most painful to watch. I could still taste the tears that started to roll down my face when I saw Javier emotionally distort. This was the game that solidified my hatred for Sheva and AC (my hatred for those 2 we only surpassed by one entity and it happened in 2006. I’ll leave you to hazard a guess as to whom or what I hate more then those 2). The emotions experienced that day is one I would not like to revisit ever during my lifetime.

The final match was a long time coming, 38 years in the making if I am not mistaken. Every Interista in the World were chomping at the bits to claim this title and with it, the Treble. I for one want the UCL just so I could finally get the haters and trolls to stop saying “you haven’t won it in so many years” and monkey off our back. At that point in life that’s the only thing others had over us.

The journey has to come to an end; we’ve won the most prestigious title there is to win. I will never forget this season and I’m sure most of you won’t either. Let's take a look back at how we got there and relive all the up's, down's and wonderful times.


April 28, 2010
Posted by Kirby Michael on 04/28/2010

See you there...


In Jose we trust
Posted by Kirby Michael on 04/28/2010

That’s what Jose coined this tie and I fully agree with him. Barcelona is the best team in the world. They are the best team I have ever seen in all my days. Their quality is second to none and they will be coming for blood tomorrow. Pique wants us to hate football and he’s part of a group that could damn well do what he said. We’ll have to wait and see if Mr. Pique and company come good on their threats (I for one, don’t think they could do it).


Someone looks a little scared to me...

April 20, 2010
Posted by Kirby Michael on 04/20/2010

Ok guys, it’s that time of year for us. You know, that time of year when you’re really nervous about something that you have absolutely no control over. That time of year that if someone were to tell you something the wrong way you would snap at them. That time of year when you sit for hours trying to figure out as to how the future is going to unfold (usually done by reading every article about Inter you could find on the interwebs). Yeah, it’s this time some of us love and some of us hate. I hate this time of year due to the police coming to my door asking if everything is alright. Apparently, the neighbors don’t know the different between domestic abuse and football fan behavior…

February 24, 2010
Posted by Kirby Michael on 02/24/2010

While Chelsea are one of the best sides in Europe, Jose Mourinho's tactical knowledge of each player they have will be Inter Milan's trump card.

John Terry and Mario Balotelli ©Getty Images

Date: 24th February 2010
Time: 3:45 p.m.
Place: Milano, Italia
Competition: Uefa Champions League
Matchday: 7
Stage: Round of 16

February 18, 2010
Posted by Kirby Michael on 02/18/2010

Recently, Chelsea played Everton. This match for an Inter fan, shows that they are human. It also made me realize that we get bombarded Premier League garbage. People couldn't shut up about it. Everything on the tele is usually Man Utd this or Chelsea that, which is kinda annoying if you really think of it...

Ok, back to business...

February 17, 2010
Posted by ESPNsoccernet Staff on 02/17/2010

Inter Milan striker Samuel Eto'o says he misses life at Barcelona but is focused on winning trophies with his new club.

Eto'o left Camp Nou and headed for San Siro as part of a €69 million transfer that saw Zlatan Ibrahimovic head in the opposite direction in the summer.

February 6, 2010
Posted by Kirby Michael on 02/06/2010


In loving memory of Leonardo...

Parma vs Inter


Date: Wednesday 10th February 2010
Time: 8:45 p.m (Italia time)
Place: Stadio Ennio Tardini
Matchday: 22 and a half? lol

February 4, 2010
Posted by Kirby Michael on 02/04/2010


Here's a recap of the happenings in the month of January. It was a busy, busy month filled with magical things. Magical? What, you don't believe me? You can't remember any magic you say? Just take another look at the picture above. Now that's just pure magic!!!

Posted by Kirby Michael on 02/04/2010


Good Morning! This is your Captain Kirby Michael speaking, and I’d like to you welcome aboard Air Kirby Flight 23 to Milan, Italia.

It looks like sunny skies all the way to Milan. This will make for a most enjoyable time.